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Islamic Protesters Burn LGBT Flag calling it ‘Offensive’

HOUSTON, TX – Smoke choked the streets of the city of Houston yesterday as Islamic protesters gathered to oppose the Supreme Court’s decision upholding gay marriage. Throughout the day members of the Muslim community prowled the city streets, tearing down LGBT flags from public buildings and private residences. A large pile containing hundreds of LGBT flags was burned later during a massive anti-gay-marriage rally.

Terrified residents hid in their homes and workplaces as a giant mob of over 3,000 Muslim men and women marched through the streets while pointing their fingers in the air and shouting ‘death to the homosexuals,’ ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and other homophobic slurs mixed with praises of Allah.

Susan Griffon, an outspoken lesbian and LGBT supporter, had her nose broken with the heel of a shoe that was used like a club, as she wrestled with a group of protesters ripping an LGBT flag out of her cigar shop window. The assailants who beat her shouted, “you are not a man, stop dressing like it.” They walked off with the flag, leaving her unconscious on the sidewalk.

Muhmar Al-Sajeer, one of the organizers of the rally, welcomed attention of the media. “We have objected verbally time and again to the LGBT people,” he told reporters. “We told them we did not want to see their insensitive rainbow flag everywhere, as it offends our eyes and souls. They ignored our pleas and flaunted that filth in our faces anyway. The only way we could respond to their provocation was to take back our streets by force.”

anti-gay-activists-stepping-on-a-rainbow-flag-via-Reuters.jpg Once the Islamic protesters gathered enough flags, they proceeded to throw them to the ground and step on them, while holding more flags in the air and setting them ablaze. The crowd danced, chanted, and recited verses from the Quran, as the smoke from the fires filled the air and residents of the apartment buildings nearby hid behind locked doors and darkened windows.

The flag burning and threatening chants lasted well into the night without any intervention from local authorities who tried to avoid sparking a religious controversy. Law enforcement did not respond to the scene out of fear of being accused of denying Muslims their right to express their religious beliefs. As a result, despite multiple 911 calls begging police to stop the protesters from making threats and damaging any more property, not a single officer was seen near the angry crowds.

burnedflagX390_0.jpg It wasn’t until the following morning that residents and local LGBT community emerged from their homes to clean up the blackened remnants of rainbow flags that were either stomped into the mud or burned beyond recognition. Distraught gays and lesbians were seen crying at the sight of their symbol defaced in a belligerent and disrespectful manner.

Teams of volunteers from nearby communities continued to arrive throughout the day to assist with cleaning up the aftermath of this unimaginable disaster.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column is political satire. It was first published on The Peoples Cube.

Islamic State hoodies, flags and caps selling on Facebook, E-Bay, Twitter, Amazon.com

MEMRI reports:

Supporters of the Islamic State (IS) are now offering merchandise featuring the organization’s symbols for sale online. The items offered for sale include hats, clothing, and jewelry, all bearing the familiar black flag associated with the IS organization and its slogan – baqiyah (“will remain forever”).

One vendor, an Indonesian named Zirah Moslem, currently uses Twitter to sell his products after his Facebook page and website were shut down in June 2014. Products bearing the IS logo had also been sighted this summer in a local shop in Istanbul.

On Facebook, several pages still advertise T-shirts, baseball caps, flags etc. with the IS black flag logo, such as the “Baqiyah creation” Facebook page,  which is run by a French IS supporter based in Toulouse, France. This French salafi is a jihadi sympathizer who enjoys paintball and boxing, according to his Facebook posts. He advertises his products as being high quality and made for the true believers. He warns against wearing the clothes bearing the sacred Muslim creed of the shahada in impure places such as bathrooms. He also posts pro-IS comments and messages on his page.

Another Indonesian vendor who runs the “Al-Faruq Islamic Store” sells his products through Facebook and Ebay. One of the page’s banners on Facebook advertises: “We sell Islamic Flags, Badges, Headbands and other stuff.”

EDITORS NOTE: Screen captures courtesy of MEMRI. For a larger view click on the image.