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Flipboard Launches 2016 Election Central: All the News and Perspectives on the Campaigns in One Place

flipboard election 2016 appPALO ALTO, CA /PRNewswire/ — Today, in time for the first presidential debate, Flipboard launched 2016 Election Central, a destination where anyone can get all of the news and perspectives left, right and center around the 2016 U.S. presidential election on a mobile device. Flipboard, along with leading publishers CNN and The Washington Post, created custom political packages for Flipboard’s 2016 Election Central that help voters go deep on the people, issues and politics of this campaign season.

In addition to working with top media sources, the Flipboard editorial team has selected Flipboard Magazines, created by enthusiasts and political organizations, that reflect the diverse points of views among the millions of people on Flipboard.

A Single Destination for Mobile Readers
Nearly 70 percent of Americans use their mobile devices to follow news events, according the Pew Research Center*. But, with an increasing field of candidates and the debates kicking off this week, keeping up with the presidential election is more challenging than ever. For those who want to stay connected to the issues and candidates, Flipboard’s 2016 Election Central is a single place for smartphone owners to get all the best election coverage.

“Mobile devices are how millions of people keep up with the news every day. But information is still spread across websites and social networks, and it’s hard to get the full picture or different points of view,” saidGabriella Schwarz, News Editor at Flipboard. “We built Election Central to bring insightful political coverage and the best campaign moments together, but more importantly we also want it to be a very personal place, where the reader can go deep on just what interests them.”

Flipboard’s Election Central organizes all the coverage into five core areas of interest: The Issues, The Candidates, The Politics, Top Stories, and Flipboard’s Political Rundown, the top 10 stories of the week. For mobile or desktop, Flipboard users can find 2016 Election Central in the “Explore tab.”

Leading Publishers Powering Politics
In the Candidates section, the Washington Post is curating Flipboard Magazines on each of the leading candidates, covering White House hopefuls in their “Contenders Revealed” series. In addition to the Washington Post’s custom candidate packages, readers can browse all the latest stories on a candidate by tapping on his or her “topic tag” (a news feed specifically dedicated to a particular candidate).

For the Politics section, CNN is covering the polling and debates of this election cycle in its Flipboard Magazine, “CNN Politics: 2016 on Tap.” Flipboard will interview a member of the CNN Politics team after each debate for a “2016 on Tap: CNN Politics Debate Recap” blog post. This unique content will only be available to Flipboard Election Central readers.

In addition, the Politics section will tell the story of the political maneuvering and advertising surrounding the race to the White House with coverage from leading news sources and Flipboard Magazines from NBC’s “Meet the Press,” CNN’s Inside Politics and the Des Moines Register.

2016 Election Central is the first destination site Flipboard has launched. It will be available until December 2016.

Flipboard gives people a single place to keep up on the topics, news, and events they care about. People use Flipboard to follow their favorite sources from around the world and then collect stories, images, and videos into their own Flipboard magazines—sharing items that reflect their interests, express their perspectives, or are simply things they want to read later. Download Flipboard in any app store or visit www.flipboard.com.


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