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Marxist Biden Immediately Offers To Use Tax Payer Money To Rebuild The Francis Scott Key Bridge

The “Installed Marxist” roosting in the White House Joe Biden continues his Communist manifesto assault on America by immediately offering up our tax payer money to completely fund 100% to rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge accidentally destroyed in Maryland by the container ship Dali.

Biden has no idea of the cost, he has no plan and the only way for U.S. taxpayers to cover this mess will require congressional approval to provide the funds and to also buy more ink and paper for the Treasury Department printing presses because we as a republic are broke.

Communism always uses the people’s money to fund and ultimately initiate control of all infrastructure but in the case of this bridge destroyed in its totality by a terrible accident, responsibility of funding a new bridge actually falls on the shoulders of Synergy Marine Pte Ltd and the insurance carried by the shipping company Maersk.

According to its website, Synergy Marine Pte Ltd states it is fully responsible for the maintenance and optimum condition of the container ship Dali that apparently lost all electrical power resulting in its loss of steering and thus it crashed into the bridge in Maryland totally destroying it.

The company also states on their website they always ensure sustainable best in class care of the ships they manage without mentioning that Karl Marx invented sustainability.

The company also states they offer the best practices in marine technical maintenance support and they never compromise on safety, compliance, and environmental care.

Thus any maritime attorneys will joyfully use this company’s own words to recover fully any damages to rebuild the bridge not the American tax payers.

The insurance companies and the shipping company Maersk a Danish company that cover shipping disasters and Synergy Marine Pte Ltd are fully responsible for paying for a new bridge and compensating the families of those killed who apparently are from Central America not the USA.

Hopefully the people killed have Green Cards and or Employment Authorization Documents (EADs). If they don’t, then insurance companies have no responsibility to cover this loss of life. That will fall on the state of Maryland the White House for allowing the hiring of possible illegal immigrants.

Openly Gay Homosexual U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said closure of one of the country’s busiest shipping lanes until further notice would have a “major and protracted impact to supply chains.

This of course is a false narrative coming from the mouth of an incompetent, corrupt low IQ government official trying to scare us taxpayers into bending over for this Marxist government.

The biggest supply chain problem resulting from the loss of this bridge would be transporting new cars and General Motors and Ford Motor Company already stated they will reroute affected shipments, and the disruption would be minimal.

Biden wants to ban gasoline powered cars anyway so homosexual Transportation Secretary Buttigieg is being hypocritical in his urgent call to action to fix a bridge and unblock a channel used mainly for moving new cars and parts by ship.

Marxist Joe Biden also said he will immediately visit the disaster site in the blue state of Maryland while he totally ignored the massive train derailment in Palestine Ohio on February 23rd 2023 a red state.

Hang in there ladies and gentlemen this Marxist assault on our Republic will end soon when Trump is back in the White House and the adults are back in charge representing us.

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