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The President’s Real Concerns

Once again, President Obama proves he is more concerned about appeasing terrorists and illegal immigrants than protecting our republic from enemies, both foreign and domestic.  The United States has certainly endured past presidents who were not fully up to the task of defeating our enemies.  They have also often failed when it comes to protecting our porous borders.  But I must say, that no prior commander and chief comes close to the abysmal blatant disregard for protecting our republic in any regard.  He has basically turned his back against any allied nation (like Israel) who may need our help against those seeking to kill steal and destroy.

To this day, the White House occupier has not approved, seriously proposed, or even considered one single measure that would benefit or strengthen the United States in any way.  For example, even before the Obama regime, the federal government already has an abysmal record, when it comes to negotiating and participating in so-called “Free Trade” agreements.  NAFTA and GATT quickly come to mind.  In fact, every single trade agreement officially sanctioned has led to even greater U.S. deficits with our trading partners.  There have been a very few cases where America had no trade deficit with a particular nation, but after government negotiations a huge deficit loomed on the horizon.

I would like to propose reductions in trade barriers even within our own nation. For example, Insurance companies would be free to ply their trade as far as the free market and success allows them.  The government is not a friend of free enterprise or the general growing of businesses.  The Founding Fathers understood the nature of government which is to usually be an impediment to such things as authentic free trade.

Secondly, I would propose that American based companies would be free to engage in economic activities with individuals and other companies located within any allied nation.  Trade is trade and those involved know what’s most advantageous for their bottom line and the sale of their goods and services.  Of course the government should have the resolve and power to protect the interest of American companies.  For example from nationalization and seizure threats.

I believe that the federal government must be dissuaded from negotiating, so-called Free Trade agreements.  I cannot recall any government negotiated Free Trade agreement that has benefited the United States.  Again those government agreements have almost always increased or produced American deficits with foreign trading and or business partners.

Let us now review the important issue of securing our borders.  For years, before the current disaster in the White House, America had failed to adequately secure our borders.  Thus the tide of illegal and unappreciative immigrants has been a rising tide of trauma at taxpayer expense.  Some estimates, including mine puts the possible number of illegal immigrants living off the fat of the land, at thirty million or more.

Within their ranks are possibly a substantial number of muslim terrorists who are awaiting orders to do major damage.  It is believed that between one and three major American cities could soon be ill affected by some type of terrorist activity.   Isis terrorists have already threatened to wreak havoc in the United States and to harm president Obama.  Yet the commander in Chief has done everything imaginable to reduce and weaken our beloved military.  He has refused to upgrade needed weapons systems and has drastically reduced troop numbers way too much.  In fact our troop numbers are now so small that America no longer has the capability to fight two major conflicts simultaneously.  This horrible side note, our military is damaged beyond recognition thanks or no thanks to Mr. Obama’s social engineering.  Lowering physical requirements to appease weaker women and open homosexuality come to mind as two primary examples.

So now, Russia, China and muslim terrorist groups no longer fear or respect U.S. military might.  In fact, China now has more influence in South America than the United States, because the obamanomics economy and policies inhibit a powerful forward thrust of American influence.  Combine that with President Obama’s disdain for our republic’s power and influence in the world and you have a recipe for utter disaster.

The late president Ronald Reagan said it best concerning world peace. “We can have peace through strength.”   Have you noticed that as America weakens and diminishes, the world continues to seemingly unravel politically, economically and relationally amongst many of the world’s nations?  To sum it up, we must not only change directions politically and morally in the upcoming days, years and elections ahead.  Unfortunately, republicans in the legislative branch have not been holding up their end of the bargain when it comes to governing.  Often they have allowed the activist in chief to continue almost unchallenged in his quest to drastically diminish the United States on all fronts.  If America is to be rescued from utter demotion to the lower ranks amongst nations, the current state of affairs will have to be dramatically reversed.  The status quo will not suffice for our survival as a constitutionally limited republic.

There must a spiritual rebirth and a recognition with a recognition of the presence of God.