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Triska-Deka-Islamophobia Friday

Every so often the Islamic planets align with the phobia planets and it becomes Triska-Deka-Islamophobia Friday, the perfect day for the boys at The United West to bring you another jammed packed show filled with an over abundance of smiles and tears. The smiles reflect the absurdity of the world in which we live and the tears reflect the absurdity of the world in which we live. Today we focus on the very significant and complex election situation in Israel and its ramifications for America’s national security concerns.

With us are Michael Ganoe, Hershey’s for Heroes reporting from Tel Aviv on the Obama-directed, anti-Netanyahu campaign, “V-15,” and Barry Shaw, detailing the up-to-the-moment instability of the elections. Tune in for a great, smart time!


UK: Queen’s chaplain says there are Qur’an passages that “invite people to violence”

Iranian President: Diplomacy with U.S. is an active jihad

Turkey: Teacher tells girls they “deserve to be raped” for not wearing hijab

Malaysia: Muslims enraged over pic of girl with dog, demand she be punished