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Eurabian Germany: Muslim Party Wins 41 Percent in Duisburg in the European Parliament Elections

What could possibly go wrong?

Sharia for everyone!

Germany: Muslim party DAVA wins 41 per cent in Duisburg in the European Parliament elections

The fact that Germany no longer looks like Germany in certain areas is evident after the EU elections in voting districts in the highly Islamized city of Duisburg, where Erdogan’s hardcore Muslim party, DAVA, was able to collect 41.10 per cent of the vote.

Voting district 1001 in the city of Duisburg – like many districts in Germany – has already been lost to Islam. There, the Muslim party founded in January, which operates under the bogus name ‘Democratic Alliance for Diversity and Awakening’ (DAVA), was able to mobilise its Islamic voters and achieve a shocking election result. With 41.10 per cent of the vote, the Muslim party did best by far. In second place was the AfD with 14.16 per cent, followed by the SPD with 10.96 per cent. The CDU achieved 8.68 per cent.

DAVA, which is considered to be Islamist and the extended arm of Erdogan, celebrated its victory in Duisburg on social media: ‘ Let’s see what we can achieve together’ was the party’s message to its Muslim voters.

What they want to achieve can be described in one word: Islamisation.

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WATCH: Muslim Mothers Walk their Children Through a Jewish Neighborhood Carrying Swastikas in Toronto

New York: Jewish Homes Destroyed, Vandalized with Bloody Jew Hating Graffiti

“NECESSARY SACRIFICES” Gaza Top Dog Brutal Admission: Civilian Deaths Helps Hamas

WATCH: Jewish Neighborhood Stormed by Pro-Hamas Terrorists in Toronto

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Germany Says It Will Arrest Netanyahu


Germany says it will arrest Netanyahu as Israeli envoy appeals to Berlin to defy ICC

Israel’s ambassador urges the German government to reject the “outrageous” ICC move.

By Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post, May 22, 2024:

Israel’s Ambassador to Berlin, Ron Prosor, was rebuffed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government on Wednesday after the envoy made a dramatic appeal on X, formerly Twitter, to the Federal government to reject the ICC’s legitimacy fully.

Scholz’s spokesman, Steffen Hebestreit, was asked on Wednesday if the German government would execute an ICC arrest order against Prime Minister Netanyahu for alleged war crimes during Swords of Iron.

Hebestreit said, “Of course. Yes, we abide by the law.”

On Tuesday, before Hebestreit’s announcement, Prosor wrote on X in both German and English, “This is outrageous! The German ‘Staatsräson’ is now being put to the test—no ifs or buts. This contrasts with the weak statements we hear from some institutions and political actors. The public statement that Israel has the right to self-defense loses credibility if our hands are tied as soon as we defend ourselves.”

Staatsräson is the German word that refers to Germany’s pledge to ensure Israel’s security is part of its national security and interests. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared during her 2008 Knesset speech that Israel is part of Germany’s raison d’etre—or state of being.

Staatsräson is the German word that refers to Germany’s pledge to ensure Israel’s security is part of its national security and interests. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared during her 2008 Knesset speech that Israel is part of Germany’s raison d’etre—or state of being.

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Head of Germany’s Jewish Community Fears ‘Hunt for Jews’

Antisemitic Countries REWARD TERRORISM: Ireland, Norway, and Spain to Recognize “Palestinian” Terror State on May 28th, A Day That Will Live in Infamy

One for the Ages: Sen Ted Cruz Thrashes Secretary of State Antony Blinken Over Catastrophic Foreign Policy Failures

Biden ‘Doesn’t Care about Israel. He Doesn’t Care about Peace. All He Cares about Is Staying in Power’


Watch Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck’s speech expressing unequivocal support for the Jewish people just a few months ago. Today Germany said they would arrest Netanyahu

This is video footage depicting the horrific kidnapping of 5 female Israeli hostages: Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniela Gilboa and Naama Levy

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For Hamas Supporters in Munich This May, It’s Springtime For Hitler, and Germany

Munich, where Hitler staged his attempted Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923, was his favorite city, filled early on with Nazi true believers. He would have been pleased to see the 4,000 antisemites out in force in mid-May, marching along, baying their hate in front of the city’s main synagogue, scaring the Jews worshipping inside on Shabbat. They called for the destruction of the one, very small, Jewish state and of all of its Jewish inhabitants. If you’re a Nazi, what’s not to like? More on this horrifying spectacle can be found here: “Mass antisemitic rally in front of Munich synagogue calls for Israel’s eradication,” by Benjamin Weinthali24 News, May 19, 2024:

Nearly 4,000 anti-Israel protestors turned up on Saturday in front of the main Munich synagogue demanding the obliteration of the Jewish state, according to German media reports.

A mix of German Muslim, leftist and mainstream Germans appeared at the mass rally, according to the online German news organization NIUS.

So it has come to this: “Mainstream Germans” now unembarrassedly call for the obliteration of the Jewish state. These “mainstream Germans” have convinced themselves that they no longer need feel any guilt about the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, now that they can concentrate on the Holocaust being perpetrated, so they allow themselves to believe, by the Jews of Israel on their innocent Palestinian victims in Gaza. It’s preposterous, and sickening.

Signs were on display declaring “Israel has no respect for [sic] Holocaust.”

One eyewitness told NIUS that “The noise could be heard in the prayer room” in the synagogue. NUIS wrote that according to one eyewitness, “The demonstration was perceived by the Jewish community as threatening.” The eyewitness added, “What the city of Munich has achieved by approving this demonstration is to terrify the Jewish population.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told i24NEWS, “it is beyond an outrage that the local government allowed a pro-Hamas mob to march outside Munich synagogue, especially on the holy day of Shabbat. 4,000 antisemites given government sanction to curse Israel with tropes in front of a Jewish House of prayer! SWC urges State and Federal authorities to protect the Jewish community from antisemites and government officials who approved this attack.”

The Süddeutsche Zeitung paper reported one speaker at the anti-Israel protest rejected Israel’s existence, saying, “we do not recognize the right to exist if it means displacement and oppression. We only recognize the rights of the oppressed.” Israel was termed a “terrorist state” and a “Zionist regime” at the rally.

This was not a rally about a change in Israel’s boundaries, or about what a “two-state solution” should look like.It was a call for the obliteration of the Jewish state, which according to the protesters had no moral right to exist on land the Jews “had stolen from the Palestinians.” As for the Israeli Jews, the implication was that they would all have to be expelled, or killed.

NIUS reported one of the organizers from Palestine Speaks group equated Zionism with racism. “Together against Israeli fascism,” was charged at the event and reportedly a number of participants brought large keys with them, which is recognized as a symbol for the demand of the return of Palestinians to Israeli territory….

These keys are symbolic, meant to signify the properties left behind by Arabs who in 1948-1949 fled the state of Israel. They represent, too, the “right of return” of more than five million Palestinians who are demanding to be allowed back into the area where Israel now stands, thereby overwhelming the Jewish population.

Gerald Hetzel, a 27-year-old law student from Passau in Bavaria, set up a screen across from the tent encampment to show footage of Hamas’ brutality and murder spree on October 7.He told the Bild paper that “I think the camp is massively intimidating and stressful for Jewish students.” He added “It helps the most to show what happened. In the camp there is never any talk about the fact that more than 130 Israeli hostages are still being held in the Gaza Strip.”

Hetzel also oversees the German-Israel Friendship Society (DIG) in Passau. While Hetzel and DIG-Passau engage in energetic opposition to mushrooming hatred of the Jewish state in southern Germany, observers of pro-Israel activity in German say the DIG-Stuttgart in the neighboring state of Baden-Württemberg refuses to call on the mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Nopper, to delete information on funding Hamas via the Palestine Committee Stuttgart on the city’s website….

The mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Nopper, continues to show information on the city’s website that lists ways to fund Hamas.

Israeli lawyers told i24 that Nopper can delete all postings of NGOs, including Palestine Committee Stuttgart, on the city website to ensure that the city does not enable Palestine Committee Stuttgart to finance the terrorist entities, Hamas and Samidoun [the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network]. Nopper has refused to scrub the city’s website of NGOs, a move which would make Hamas and Samidoun terror financing much more difficult.

While the neighboring state of North-Rhine-Westphalia has not hesitated to ban the pro-Hamas group Palestine Solidarity Duisburg, in Baden-Würtemburg it is a different story. There the mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Nopper, has refused to remove from the city’s website the list of NGOs that enable Hamas and Samidoun terror financing. He has refused to give an explanation for his failure to act. There needs to be pressure put on him to resign. Perhaps the Alternative für Deutschland anti-Muslim immigrant party, which is strong in Bavaria, will help remove Nopper from office.

Meanwhile, in Munich, 4,000 Muslims, leftists, and “mainstream Germans” have had a high old time trying to terrify Jews inside the city’s main synagogue. In front of the synagogue, they screamed “from the river to the sea/Palestine will be free,” which means, if rightly understood, that the Jewish state must be obliterated, and a 23rd Arab state be created in its stead. The Jewish inhabitants would, of course, have to be expelled or killed. Another slogan of the rioters was “No To Genocide,” which refers, of course, to the non-existent “genocide” supposedly carried out by the IDF on the people of Gaza. Never mind the 15 million text messages, the 16 million robocalls, the 100,000 telephone calls, and the 9 million leaflets that the IDF has sent or made or dropped in order to warn civilians in Gaza away from areas, and buildings, about to be targeted. Never mind the eight field hospitals that Israel has set up in Gaza to treat Gazan civilians. Never mind the civilian-to-combatant ratio of nearly 1:1 in Gaza, a figure that, according to Professor John Spencer of West Point, is lower than that of “any army in the history of warfare.” It’s all a Zionist trick to make us think well of the apartheid colonial-settler genocidal state of Israel. We’re not fooled.



Pope Francis: U.S. Should Have Open Borders Because Irish are Drunks and Italians are Mobsters

France: Muslims plot coordinated jihad massacres in different places across the country

In France, Muslim Tries to Burn Down Synagogue, is Shot Dead

YAF Announces Legal Action Against UCLA for First Amendment Violations in Canceling Robert Spencer Event

Hamas-linked CAIR organizes support for anti-Israel cafe in Philadelphia

Biden Sends Condolences to Murderer of Americans

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A Hamas Terror Network in Europe

A terror plot in Berlin shows the Islamic terror group has a bigger plan.

Hamas have been described as Nazis and recent arrests shows that the Islamic terror group tried to live up to the name by planning to kill Jews in Berlin.

The first warning that Hamas, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood known as the Islamic Resistance Movement, was preparing to deploy its international capabilities came when Sami Abu Zuhri, a senior Hamas spokesman, called for “violent acts against American and British interests everywhere, as well as the interests of all the countries that support the occupation.”

The question of whether this was anything more than empty rhetoric was settled when 7 Muslim terrorists were arrested across Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. While Islamic terrorist plots are nothing new in Europe, these arrests reveal that Hamas has built an international terrorist network across a number of nations in preparation for carrying out attacks.

The official release from Germany’s Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed that four of the Muslim men arrested “have been longstanding members of HAMAS and have participated in HAMAS operations abroad.”

It revealed that Hamas had set up “an underground weapons cache in Europe… created in the past in a conspiratorial manner.” This weapons cache had been set up well before the Oct 7 atrocities committed by the Islamic terror group and the terrorists were activated and told to search for it “no later than spring 2023” making it clear that this was not an attack planned in response to Israel’s bombing of Hamas targets in Gaza, but long before the Oct 7 attacks.

The spring 2023 timetable makes sense as Hamas had originally planned its butchery for Passover. The spring attack was aborted when Israeli intelligence learned of the plans. Hamas then became paranoid and proceeded in greater secrecy. Israeli intel viewed the Passover attack as a false alarm and then failed to take the High Holy Day attack plan seriously.

The European operation suggests that Hamas had prepared for a Passover attack beyond Israel. Its European cell tried to locate its underground weapons cache and the “weapons were due to be taken to Berlin and kept in a state of readiness in view of potential terrorist attacks against Jewish institutions in Europe.” But the terror cell had trouble finding its cache.

It is unclear why exactly the Hamas operation in Europe had lost track of its underground weapons cache leading the four terrorists to travel around searching for it, but it’s likely that Israeli attacks on the terrorist group took out vital links in the chain so that the location was lost.

An underground weapons cache also suggests that Hamas was planning something bigger than just a shooting. Despite what some Americans think, guns are not that hard to come by in Europe for criminals and terrorists. And this might have been why the trail of the Hamas cell led to Denmark and the Netherlands in search of the weapons they needed to massacre Jews.

The Copenhagen arrests were linked to Loyal to Familia. A Front Page Magazine article recently profiled the high level of Muslim gang violence in Sweden and Copenhagen which includes heavy firepower and hand grenades. These groups control drug smuggling routes and have ties to Islamic terrorism. They would have also had the weapons that Hamas needed.

Loyal to Familia’s Muslim thugs have terrorized Copenhagen while claiming that they’re suffering from Islamophobia. Weapons stockpiles held by the Muslim gangs in Denmark have included not only actual machine guns, but grenades and mortar shells. If anyone could get Hamas what it needed in Europe, it would have been the Loyal to Familia Muslim drug gang.

The arrests of members of Hamas and Islamic gang members links immigrant organized crime and Islamic terrorism in a way that poses a serious threat to Europe and ties it to Iran.

The European Hamas operation was being run out of Lebanon where the Islamic terror group has been able to operate safely under the protection of Hezbollah and its Iranian allies. Beyond the “political leadership”, Hamas has a terrorist operation in Lebanon which has launched raids and rocket attacks into Israel after Oct 7. But Hamas in Lebanon was also reaching into Europe.

In November, Israel took out Khalil Hamed Al Kharraz, the deputy commander of the Hamas forces in Lebanon, along with three other terrorists in an airstrike on their car. The strike was timely, but not timely enough because Al Kharraz had been talking to the European cell.

The European Hamas attacks were being run by top Hamas figures out of Lebanon.

Abdelhamid, the apparent leader of the European Hamas cell, was Lebanese born and was taking “orders from HAMAS leaders in Lebanon”. Another, Ibrahim, was also from Lebanon. A third, Mohammed, was from Egypt. While Hamas is generally portrayed as a “Palestinian” group with “ceasefire” supporters who oppose further attacks refusing to even say its name and chanting only in support of “Palestine” or “Gaza”, in reality it’s a regional terrorist group.

The Hamas members arrested in Europe reflect the reality that the “Palestinians” are a myth and that their cause is just the familiar Arab and Islamic nationalism of the regional majority.

It’s unknown exactly how far along the Hamas terror plot was, but while members frantically searched for their underground weapons cache, Ibrahim, the other Lebanese Hamas member, had taken up residence in Berlin near the Jewish Museum. Such an apartment could have been an ideal staging ground for attacks on the museum and any Jewish targets in the area.

More significant than the actual plot is the revelation of a Hamas cell operating in Europe.

The Lebanon section of Hamas closely coordinates with Hezbollah and shares a joint operations room with it. The growing Islamic influence over Hamas in the wake of the failed Syrian Civil War appears to have pushed the group toward grander schemes like the Oct 7 attack and now, under Iranian influence, apparently to expand its terror plans into Europe.

By backing Hamas, Iran not only secured a terrorist force inside Israel, but one that is capable of expanding and recruiting across Europe. Al Qaeda’s current leader is already operating out of Iran. Now the Islamic regime in Tehran wants another large scale Sunni Islamic terror group that can operate not only in Israel or the Middle East, but that will be able to strike around the world.

The international migration of Sunni Arab Muslims from Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and elsewhere has created a large ‘Palestinian’ base that Iran can use Hamas to recruit. While few Iranian immigrants actually want to support the regime and carry out attacks, the same is not true for Arab Muslims who tend to be fanatical, tribal, devout and xenophobic.

The European terror network shows that Hamas poses a threat not only to Israel, but to Europe and America. A senior Hamas spokesman has called for attacks against America and the UK. A Hamas cell was operationalized in Germany to carry out attacks there. As a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas can call on support from Brotherhood front groups, including CAIR and MPAC in America, as well as many others in Europe, giving it a solid base of allies.

The Oct 7 attacks were meant to go beyond Israel and position Hamas as a rival to ISIS: an Islamic terror group capable of achieving what ISIS and Al Qaeda had not. The European arrests show that Hamas has a network, operations and ambitions that go beyond Israel.

But this is true of all Islamic terror groups. Al Qaeda operations had brought together Jihadists in the Philippines, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Europe and America. Despite the claims of its apologists, Islamic terrorism is never truly local, it is not a response to the “oppression” of some Christian, Jewish or insufficiently Muslim government, it is aimed at a global Islamic agenda.

“The day will come, within several years, when this world will change, submitting to the Arab Islamic will, Allah willing,” former Hamas leader and co-founder Khaled Mashal had predicted.

“Tomorrow, our nation will sit on the throne of the world. This is not a figment of the imagination, but a fact. Tomorrow we will lead the world,” he warned.

Former Hamas Minister of the Interior Fathi Hammad had predicted that “Jerusalem will be the capital city of the Islamic Caliphate” that will rule the world under a “global Islamic civilization”.

“Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was,” a Hamas cleric predicted. “Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam… this capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.”

“The entire 510 million square kilometers of Planet Earth will come under [a system] where there is no injustice, no oppression, no Zionism, no treacherous Christianity,” top Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar had boasted.

Hamas, like ISIS and like every Muslim terrorist group, envisions and works for the Islamic conquest of the world. The struggle against Hamas is not just an issue for Israel, but for the entire world. Much as the struggle against Islamic terrorists in India, America, Europe, Russia, China or anywhere else is also a matter for the entire world. This is a world war. And it is probably the truest world war that there ever was with an enemy aimed at world conquest.

The Hamas terror network in Europe shows that the terror group won’t stay in Israel. And that the war against Hamas and every Islamic terror group is a fight for the survival of the world.



Austria: Arson attack on church, ‘Not only an attack on our culture, but above all on our peaceful coexistence’

Erdogan’s son: Turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque was ‘the first step towards freedom for Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa’

Sarah Idan, From Iraq to California

ISIS-K Just Dragged Iran Into Afghanistan’s Jihadist Civil War

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Demands Israel Negotiate ‘Peace’ With Hamas

Two Mohammeds, One of Them a Syrian Refugee, Rape Woman in Brooklyn

NJ authorities say no evidence of hate crime in shooting of imam, Hamas-linked CAIR says that’s ‘disingenuous’

Biden Has Already Allowed the Houthis to Win

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Life-Size Nativity Scene Figures Beheaded

On Sunday night, all the nativity figures were decapitated: Joseph, Mary, the Three Wise Men and even the donkey.

Life-size nativity figures beheaded in the migrant stronghold of Rüsselsheim, Germany

By: Medforth, December 18, 023;

Attack on the life-size nativity scene in the city of the Opel car. On Sunday night, all the nativity figures were decapitated: Joseph, Mary, the Three Wise Men and even the donkey.

The people of Rüsselsheim are shocked: the nativity scene is located at the Protestant market church in the heart of the city, right next to the town hall, during the Advent season. The figures of the Holy Family with Jesus are life-size. Surrounded by two Christmas trees. Donated by the Rüsselsheim Trade Association 1888 e.v.!

But on the morning of December 17, the nativity scene looks like a battlefield. All the figures have had their heads cut off. Joseph has been kicked over, Mary beaten away. Jesus is first missing, later found under the rubble.
The trade association tries to play down the incident: “Unknown perpetrators have obviously allowed themselves a macabre joke and cut off the heads of the figures.”

This does not necessarily make the situation any better for the trade association. The situation is beginning to flare up in Rüsselsheim. A local resident told the newspaper BILD: “A joke is when you can laugh about it. What’s funny about beheading Mary and Joseph?”

People on the Internet are also stunned by the violence directed at the nativity scene. People are angry at the perpetrator(s). One person posted on Instagram under the trade association’s publication: “It’s a barbaric act! Criminal offences must not be trivialised.”

Some figures had their heads chopped off in 2021 and 2022. There were no such incidents in the many decades before that.

The trade association comments: “Despite the regrettable incident, we would like to try to face this situation with humour (…) We see this ‘headless night’ as an opportunity to stand together and bring light into the darkness.”

The police will bring light into the darkness. A spokesperson confirmed to BILD that charges have been filed and investigations are already underway – including into a religiously motivated offence.

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Judicial Watch: FBI Records Show that the Office of General Counsel Reviewed Controversial Targeting of Traditional Catholics

Muslim in the Netherlands Urinates on Pork Section in Supermarket, ““We Don’t Eat Pork!”

Suitcases with Millions in Cash Found in Home of Senior Hamas Member

Biden Regime Is Removing ‘Reconciliation Monument’ Erected in 1914 at Arlington Cemetery in Escalation of Hostilities

MASSIVE Hamas Tunnel in Gaza Discovered, Biggest So Far

Leftist Foundations Have Forked Over Millions to Hamas-Linked CAIR

Boston Mayor Posts Picture Of Elected Officials Enjoying Racist Christmas Party That Excluded White People, Calls It A ‘Special Moment’

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Jürgen Habermas, Celebrated German Philosopher, Defends Israel’s Response to Hamas

While such deep thinkers as Susan Sarandon and Roger Waters denounce tiny Israel, for daring to defend itself so fiercely against the Hamas murderers, the noted German philosopher Jurgen Habermas has come out foursquare for the Jewish state’s military response. Among the thinking classes, his words carry weight. More on Habermas’ statement on Israel, Hamas, Germany, and antisemitism, can be found here:

Leading German Philosopher Jürgen Habermas Declares Support for Israel, Opposition to Resurgent Antisemitism 

by Ben Cohen, Algemeiner, November 15, 2023:

One of Germany’s most storied political theorists has issued a statement supporting Israel’s military response to the Hamas atrocities of Oct. 7, decrying as well the surge of antisemitism in Germany during the intervening period.

The current situation, created by the cruel attack by Hamas and Israel’s response to it, has led to a cascade of moral and political statements and demonstrations,” Jürgen Habermas observed in the statement published on Monday on the website “Normative Orders,” which is devoted to philosophy and social theory. As well as Habermas, the scholars Nicole Deitelhoff, Rainer Forst, and Klaus Guenther all endorsed the statement.

“We believe that with all the conflicting views that are expressed, there are some principles that should not be disputed. They underlie the well-understood solidarity with Israel and Jews in Germany,” the statement continued….

The statement also urged Israel to observe the “principles of proportionality” in its response. However, the authors were in no doubt that the Hamas pogrom was carried out “with the declared intention of eliminating Jewish life in general,” adding: “Despite all the concern for the fate of the Palestinian population, however, the standards of judgment slip completely when genocidal intentions are attributed to Israel’s actions.”

The statement emphasized that “Israel’s actions in no way justify antisemitic reactions, especially not in Germany. It is intolerable that Jews in Germany are once again exposed to threats to life and limb and have to fear physical violence on the streets.” Postwar Germany’s commitment to preserving both Jewish life and a secure existence for the State of Israel “is fundamental to our political life,” the statement asserted.

Commenting on the statement, the Italian columnist Ricardo Canaletti said that it was “difficult to overestimate Jürgen Habermas’ contribution to contemporary thought.”…

Canaletti noted that when “Habermas claims that the Federal Republic of Germany is also based on respect for the integrity of a state of Israel, he is saying something that in Italy, in a month of war, we haven’t heard yet.” He argued that Italy, like Germany, needed to base its postwar existence as a democratic republic on an awareness of its fascist period, which involved “racial laws, the hunt for Jews, and the political alliance with the Third Reich.”

Read more.

Canaletti reminds his readers that Italy too had its infamous “leggi razziali” (Racial Laws), its own history of persecution and murder of Jews during the Fascist period, when Jews were rounded up and sent to death camps in Poland, and yet this part of Fascist Italy’s history is often overlooked by Italians themselves, who identify murderous antisemitism only with the Nazis. Canaletti thinks that if they were made keenly aware of such events, they would place the defense of Israel among their government’s highest priorities.

In Germany, Habermas’ statement on Israel, his insistence that Israel must be supported, and that its military response has in his view been proportionate, will mean a great deal to the thinking classes.


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Witnesses Confirm Rape, Beheadings, ‘Systematic Genital Mutilation’ by Hamas

Moroccan Writer Tahar Ben Jelloun Denounces Hamas, Other Moroccans Writers Denounce Him

Meet Dr. Wahid Shaida of the NHS, Who Calls Hamas Murderers ‘Brave Mujahideen’

Lebanon: Palestinian children chant ‘martyrdom’ for Gaza kids and ‘From the River to the Sea…’

Canada: Muslim group pushes ‘Islamophobia’ education in schools, claiming anti-Muslim incidents on rise

Paris jihad murderer went by different first name until 2003, parents fled Islamic Iran, he converted to Islam

Burkina Faso: Muslims murder at least 40 civilians in jihad attack on town

India: Muslim journalist admits Muhammad’s child marriage, is praised, yet Hindu who noted it got death threats

Canadian Human Rights Commission: Day off for Christmas and Easter is ‘colonialist’ and ‘discriminatory’

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VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood Operations in Turkey and Germany

This is part of a 4 part documentary done by an Israeli investigative journalist posing as an Arab Muslim, and going through Europe networking with Ikwan, Muslim Brotherhood groups. This was in 2017. Imagine what is going on now in Europe and North America.

If there is interest I will repost the other parts. But this one is a great place to start, even though it is part IIII of the series.

Thank you Rachel for the heroic effort it took to translate and time all 4 parts of this stunning documentary

Also, PLEASE pay special attention to Daniel Greenfield in this speech. He says the thing that needs said the most.

The “Land Claims Pledge” we hear at every event from sports competitions to a class picnic is in fact setting up the exact, same, precise rationalization to exterminate all of us that the left uses to justify Hamas’ attack on Israel. Exact.

They WILL use the concept of we who built these nations as settlers and colonialists and all the other words used for Jewish Israelis to justify murdering us in our sleep. They will. This is from Oct. 26-29th this year.



Poem In Qatari Daily Glorifies The Hamas Attack On The Jews, Who ‘Turned Into Apes And Swine Already In The Days Of Their Forefathers’; Thanks The Attackers: ‘We Were Parched And You Brought Us Abundant Rains’

Chairman Of Russian State Duma Volodin Proposes Sentencing To Forced Labor Those Russians Who Left After Invasion Of Ukraine

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GERMANY: Supporters of Hamas jihad massacre paint Star of David on Jewish homes in Berlin

Germany has been here before. It didn’t end well. But this new resurgence of violent Jew-hatred in the country is their own doing. Angela Merkel opened the doors to a flood of Muslim migrants. Now Germany is celebrating diversity.

Star of David is graffitied on Jewish homes in Berlin after Hamas attacks on Israel – in chilling echo of anti-Semitic persecution of the Jews under the Nazis

by Elena Salvoni, Daily Mail, October 15, 2023:

The Star of David has been graffitied on the doors of homes in Berlin, in a chilling echo of anti-Semitic persecution of Jewish people under the Nazis.

Pictures circulating online show the symbol was drawn on several buildings, with four cases reported to German police in recent days.

Jewish people living in the German capital have reported a rise in abuse following Hamas’s bloody attack on Israel last week.

Among those targeted by vandalism was a young Jewish woman, who said she was shocked when she returned to her apartment on Thursday evening to find a star marked on her door.

The woman, who has a mezuzah – a Jewish house blessing – outside her flat, said that the incident was a ‘huge shock’ and left her ‘scared’.

‘I speak Hebrew, talk on the phone in Hebrew, and wear a Star of David… I really thought about whether I should stay at home,’ the woman told Bild.

Police said they are now investigating ‘whether the other houses have a Jewish resident and whether the incidents are connected.’

The incidents amount to a crime under German law, and seem to be an imitation of the persecution of Jews during the 1930s.

During the Holocaust, Nazi Brownshirts painted the Star of David in white on the doors of Jewish businesses to discourage non-Jewish Germans from going into them.

It comes as a German intelligence chief claimed that ‘some Palestinians are openly and blatantly calling for a kind of Kristallnacht 2.0,’ in reference to the Nazis’ violent coordinated attacks on Jewish homes and businesses in 1938….

Read more.



Virginia: Pro-jihad school board member opposes honoring victims of Hamas jihad massacre

NYC teacher cheers Hamas murders of Israelis, claims “to support ‘Israel’ is to support white supremacist terror”


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European Author Explains the Massive Disconnect between Young and Old Americans on Capitalism

FEE recently sat down with German author Rainer Zitelmann to discuss his latest book, the global financial crisis, and the future of capitalism.

The great writer Henry Hazlitt once observed that the path to prosperity is achieved through production, and the best way to achieve production is to maximize incentives.

“And the way to do that, as the modern world has discovered, is through the system known as capitalism,” wrote Hazlitt, “the system of private property, free markets, and free enterprise.”

Despite the fruits of modern capitalism, free markets around the world find themselves under assault and in decline. I recently sat down with author and entrepreneur Rainer Zitelmann to discuss this phenomenon as chronicled in his latest book: In Defense of Capitalism.

In a wide-ranging discussion, the German author talked about central banking, the rise of planned economies, and the uncertain future of capitalism. [Editor’s note: The interview has been edited and abridged for clarity and concision.]

Q: Your book was recently released. It’s your twenty-seventh book, by my count. Who is this book targeted for?

I wrote this book for people who are pro market. Maybe more emotional or anti-socialist. To provide them with the facts and all the arguments so they can have the discussion. Whether it’s about poverty, inequality, climate change, or monopolies. It’s not a book written for anti-capitalists.

It’s written for a global audience. It was an attempt to reach people in every country. It’s an expensive process. Every country costs 14,000 Euros. No one helped me. I paid from my own pocket (laughs).

This book is published in 12 languages.

You’ve written many books. What makes this one different from your other books?

The difference is, first, I address all these arguments from anti-capitalists.

It helped to get this international approach. There will be editions in Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, the United States, the Netherlands, and many other countries. People in Albania can access it.

It includes a great deal of original research and surveys. It contains the biggest poll ever done on the image of capitalism, the most comprehensive.

What did you find?

I knew in the beginning that capitalism is a dirty word for many. I wanted to know how much. It’s not the word. Even if we don’t use the word, we still have a negative connotation. The difference is negligible.

Q: There’s a chapter in your book that breaks down attitudes about capitalism by country. But let’s first talk globally. What is the state of capitalism today?

I think it’s under attack almost everywhere in the world. When you compare the situation in the 1980s and 1990s with today it’s a huge difference. In the 80s we had Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. We shouldn’t forget Deng Xiaoping in China, he was very important. We had pro market reforms in Vietnam and Sweden and many other countries.

Today the situation is completely different. I read the last index of economic freedom from the Heritage Foundation. The US has the worst ranking since it started in 1995. There are sixteen European countries more capitalist than the US. The UK has its worst ranking ever. China has its worst ranking ever.

You see it everywhere. I don’t have to tell you about the United States. But in Europe we are heading the direction of a planned economy. It’s a total disaster right now. In China, we had these great economic reforms in the 1980s that made them so successful. Xi Jinping is now going back into the direction of more state intervention. In Latin America it’s much the same, right now in Chile, for example. One of the few exceptions, as I’ve noted, is Vietnam.

Q: I was surprised to see, from data in your book, that Americans have the second highest attitude toward economic freedom in the world. Can you explain?

Yes, it does. But it goes deeper than that though.

You see a huge difference in the perception of capitalism among Americans older than sixty and younger than thirty. Americans over 60, they are what Europeans think about Americans: pro markets, pro entrepreneurship.

They are very enthusiastic about it. We calculated this anti-capitalist and capitalist coefficient; Americans over sixty have one of the highest coefficients in the world. The younger ones, it’s slightly negative.

This is the biggest difference of all the countries we measured. There’s no other country in our survey where there’s such a large difference in age groups. In fact, in some countries you see the opposite, like in Italy. Young people in some countries are even more pro capitalist than older people. Not as a big a difference as it is in the United States, but it’s an inverse relationship.

That’s fascinating. What do you attribute this to? Why is there such a gap here in the US between younger and older generations in their perceptions on capitalism.

I’ve thought a lot about it. I don’t know if I have the answer.

Of course first you think about schools and universities. Every day they tell students about the evils of capitalism. But to be honest, this is also true in a lot of other countries. Maybe it’s worse in the United States, I don’t know. But if you go to Europe, universities are also this way.

Again, one exception is Vietnam. I was invited by four different universities, and had a lecture in Hanoi at Foreign Trade University, which is one of the best universities. They invited me to do a workshop on how to improve the image of rich people. Can you imagine a workshop like that at a university in the US (laughs)?

I have another theory as well. Take someone who is 30 today. In 2008, he was about 15 years old and paying attention to politics for the first time. The first thing he heard is there’s a financial crisis and this is caused by capitalism, and almost everything breaks down. This is the first political experience in his life!

Of course, you and I know that this was not a crisis of capitalism. This crisis was not because of a lack of regulation. But it’s not important what you and I think. Their interpretation is important. And for many young people this was the first experience in their political life.

And then there are other things like student loans and other problems. I don’t think there’s one answer but many.

You should know better than I. You live in the United States. What is your answer?

Hey, I’m asking the questions here. Just kidding. I agree that universities and schools play a big role. They have grown more naked in their anti-capitalism in recent years. I think culture plays a big role. Movies. Television …

By the way, sorry to interrupt you.

Not at all.

You mention movies. You should read a book I wrote on this. It was published by Cato: The Rich in Public Opinion. I have one chapter in this book—we had very detailed research about Hollywood movies, and how rich people are portrayed in Hollywood movies. It’s the first book about prejudice against rich people. Rich people as a minority.

There are so many books about prejudice against people. Against black people. Gay people. Overweight people, and whatever. There was not a single book on prejudice and stereotypes against wealthy people.

It was great stuff. We looked at more than 600 movies, and in the end we looked at 43 in which rich people played an important role. And you’re absolutely right…rich people were portrayed overwhelmingly negatively.

Your book is about capitalism, but it’s hard to talk about that without talking about socialism a little. I was in middle school when the Berlin Wall came down. The Soviet Union collapsed not long after. Yet Marxism seems to be thriving again in many parts of the world in various forms. Does that surprise you?

Yes and no. That was a long time ago. The younger generation hasn’t lived in a world with socialism. For them it’s only history. Of course they should learn this in school, but teachers don’t tell them about it.

I do lectures all over the world, and I have one test question I ask students when I visit them in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Latin America. I ask them, Have you heard about Mao’s Great Leap Forward at the end of the 1950s in school?

Whether I’m speaking to thirty people, three hundred, or three thousand, I ask this question. Very few people say yes. They haven’t heard about it! This is the biggest socialist experiment in history. Forty-five million people died. I write about this at length in my book The Power of Capitalism. They haven’t heard about it at school. And socialism is not part of their experience, and if teachers don’t tell them at school, most are not going to learn about it.

In universities, education is very left-leaning. I saw a statistic recently about the United States. In the 1980s, the ratio of left-leaning professors to conservative professors was 3-2. Today it’s 12-1. If you look at assistant professors, it’s about 45-1, or something like that.

So this is part of the explanation.

But not all of it.

No, no.

I also have this theory. Sooner or later people in most countries simply forget why they became successful. It happens almost everywhere in the world. Look at Chile. Chile was the most successful in Latin America for a very long time. Compare them to Argentina or Brazil or wherever. It happened because they were mostly capitalist. Now they voted for a socialist. [Editor’s note: In 2021, Chileans elected Democratic Socialist Gabriel Boric.]

They forgot why they became successful. The same thing has happened in Germany. We became prosperous because of Ludwig Erhard’s market economy. People forget it, and they go more in the direction of a planned economy.

Why did the United States become successful? Because of capitalism. But people forget it.

Look at China. What happened there was amazing. In 1981, 88 percent of the Chinese people lived in extreme poverty. Today it’s less than 1 percent. This started with Deng Xiaoping’s pro market reforms, and the introduction of private property.

I have a friend in China who wrote one chapter in this book. Zhang Weiying. He’s an economist at Peking University. He always says, “we became successful not because of the state but in spite of the state.” But this is what people forget. China today is going the other direction. This happens in almost all countries.

And then there are capitalists themselves.

Capitalists? I think I see where you’re going. Can you explain?

Sometimes I think the biggests problem is not anti-capitalists. Left-leaning people are not the problem. The problem is that people who should defend capitalism often do not. I speak especially about entrepreneurs. They are silent. This is a big problem.

In my first pages in my book, I have a quote from the founder of Whole Foods.

Yes, I saw that quote. John Mackey.

John Mackey, yes. I met him last year at a Students For Liberty conference in Miami. The CEO of SFL, Wolf von Laer, is a friend. He interviewed and praised Mackey for his book on capitalism and for opposing Obamacare. But do you know what [Mackey] said during this interview?


He said, I wouldn’t do it again. Because of the sanctions from the left, and the boycotts of his company, and because he was targeted so much. And I understand it. Entrepreneurs don’t have to be heroes in politics; they have to be heroes in the economy. And it’s hard to be a hero in the economy and a hero in politics at the same time. So many are silent. Sometimes they give some money to free market think tanks. But this is a big problem: people who should defend capitalism don’t.

But you do. Is that why they call you “the big biceps of capitalism” in Germany? I notice you’re a pretty buff guy for someone in his 60s. What’s your secret?

I have been training with weights for 45 years. Always natural, no doping. I do not train long, usually only 30 minutes, but 4 to 6 times a week.

Back to business. What are the biggest threats to capitalism today? One you’ve identified already: time. People seem to forget. But what else?

It’s the development more and more of the planned economy. They don’t call it a planned economy, but of course it is. In a market economy, entrepreneurs decide what to produce; in the end, consumers decide what to produce. In a planned economy, government officials decide what to produce. And this is what we’re seeing today.

In Europe, the EU is forbidding internal combustion engines for cars. It means you as a consumer don’t decide what car to buy. Government tells you what car to buy. I think it will be a big disaster.

We have this development in Germany. They are transforming it from a market economy to a planned economy. First they banned nuclear power plants. Then they started to phase out coal power plants. They forbid fracking. Now they’re importing fracking gas from the United States. They made us dependent on Russian gas. It’s crazy. It’s an idolatry.

And what’s happening now? Our companies are leaving because of regulations and because we have the highest price for electricity in the world.

So BASF, the largest chemical company in the world, leaves Germany and goes to China. And automobile companies also say they’re leaving.

Joe Biden and others want to do similar things in the US. With the Green New Deal and so forth. They don’t call it a planned economy, but it is. This is a major threat.

And how about the global financial system?

Yes, that is of course a big problem: the crazy policies of central banks. They set themselves in a trap. We might be heading for another financial crisis, and I predicted all this in The Power of Capitalism.

You did?

Yes. Here is what I wrote (grabs his book, begins reading):

“Misdiagnosing the causes of the [2008] financial crisis means that the proposed therapies are also wrong. The financial crisis was caused by excessively low interest rates, heavy-handed market interventions and over-indebtedness. Are we seriously to believe that the right therapy involves even lower interest rates, stronger market interventions and more debt? These measures may well have a short-term impact, but markets are becoming increasingly dependent on low interest rates. Such low interest rates do nothing to solve the underlying problems — they only suppress the symptoms and push them into the future. The current combination of overly excessive regulation and interest rates of zero will cause considerable medium-term problems for many banks and is the breeding ground for new, even more severe crises.”

This is what I wrote in the book and this is what has happened. This is the next problem with central banks, not only the Federal Reserve but also the European Central Bank. They act like planning authorities.

A lot of people say we have no choice. Because climate change.

Of course that is part of the discussion. Chapter three in my book talks about this. I read a couple weeks ago the new book by Greta Thunberg (The Climate Book: The Fact), the Swedish climate change activist. The only thing I found in this book is that we should abolish capitalism (laughs). I explain in my book why that’s a bad idea.

Now, I don’t belong to the group of people who say it’s all a conspiracy. I think it’s a real threat, though maybe exaggerated. I don’t think it’s as bad as some tell us. I think there is a threat but I’m a hundred percent sure a planned economy has never solved any problem in history, particularly environmental ones. They’ve caused more environmental problems than any other system. So I think it’s foolish to believe this will be the first problem solved by a planned economy.

From our discussion, I get the feeling you are not very optimistic about the future of capitalism—at least right now. So, I guess I’ll just ask: Will we see a resurgence in free markets over the next few decades or a continued rise of statism and centralization?

If I look right now, there are more reasons to be pessimistic than optimistic. But by nature, I’m more of an optimist.

I spoke recently with Madsen Pirie, founder and president of the Adam Smith Institute in the UK. He’s older now, like 83. [Editor’s note: He’s actually 82.] He knew Hayek and Margaret Thatcher and others. He told me he believes the ideals will remain in the world, and there will always be countries that go in this capitalist direction, and they will be role models for others. Other countries will see that it works.

So, I don’t know, to be honest.

The good thing is I’m a historian, so I know you can predict some things. But history is full of surprise. Sometimes positive surprise, sometimes negative surprise. Let’s hope for positive surprise.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of FEE.org. (Follow him on Substack.)

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‘Diversity’ In German Schools Imperils Education

Diversity is not a strength in Germany’s troubled school system, but a source of great stress, according to a new report here: “‘The psychological stress is enormous’ – Diversity not a strength in Germany’s troubled school system,” by John Cody, Remix News, February 16, 2023:

One school principal says one of her schools features 23 different nationalities, many who do not speak German. The resulting chaos this produces is now being seen throughout the German school system.

It is not possible to teach students if they lack the most basic knowledge of the language of instruction. Teaching staff must now include those who can provide elementary language instruction. And since 23 different languages are spoken, teachers who speak each of those languages will be needed to provide that instruction, if they are all to benefit. A student from Libya or Syria will need a teacher who is bilingual in Arabic and German; a student from Pakistan, on the other hand, will need a teacher who can communicate with him in Urdu and German, and so on. One can weIll imagine the cost of all that extra personnel, teachers of German who can also interpret 23 different languages. And these migrant students need to learn not just the rudiments of German; they need to be brought as near as possible up to the level of their German schoolmates.

Germany has accepted millions of migrants over the last few years, and in turn, the country’s school system has been transformed into a diversified, multicultural student body. However, instead of diversity being a “strength,” the data, as well as numerous accounts from teachers and school administrators, points to the perils of increasing numbers of foreign students.

In a new interview with one of Germany’s top newspapers, principal Norma Grube, who runs two schools in Chemnitz, describes increasingly chaotic conditions where many children have difficulty speaking German, assaults are commonplace, and parent-teacher meetings routinely require interpreters. In fact, there is little Grube tells Die Welt that backs the claims by pro-migration advocates that increasing diversity will bring a brighter future to Germany.

When students from a dozen countries, speaking 23 languages, all share a single classroom, this is likely to lead to conflict between different ethnic linguistic, and and religious groups. Imagine a Houthi Shi’a from Yemen in the same classroom with Sunnis from the same country, or Syrian Alawites (a branch of Shi’a Islam) sitting beside Syrian Sunnis, or Azeris with Armenians, or Turks with Kurds, or Iraqi Shi’a with Iraqi Sunnis, or Iranians with Azeris, Kurds, or Baluchis. They do not leave their conflicts at the door, but bring them with them into the schools of Germany. Nor are these migrants, almost all of them Muslims allowed in since 2015, the year that former Chancellor Angela Merkel, embracing the “diversity-is-our-strength” mantra, allowed one million migrants into Germany, ready to forget their deep-dyed hostility to non-Muslims. While that figure of one million migrants has decreased somewhat, a few, hundred thousand economic migrants, posing as asylum seekers fleeing persecution, still enter Germany every year from Muslim lands. They come not to avoid an entirely factitious persecution at home, but to live on those many benefits the German government provides.

Twenty-three different nations meet in the schoolyard, some of whom cannot understand each other at all and who sometimes come from hostile regions, such as Russia and Ukraine. We need a lot of parent-teacher talks, which mostly take place with interpreters. And that brings us to one of the reasons why the teaching profession has become less and less attractive: The psychological stress is enormous and it has increased significantly,” said Grube.

The stress on teachers, trying both to teach their subjects, and to keep the peace among students who come mainly from non-Western societies where violence is much more common, is becoming unbearable. Teachers did not sign up to also serving as peacekeepers – a role which may involve physical danger to them, and takes away from the time that can be devoted to what should be the teacher’s only task – instruction.

On top of that, there is a level of “brutalization” and disrespect directed at teachers that is impossible for many of them to deal with, which leads to high teacher turnover rates.

Respect for teachers is not a given in primitive countries, where discipline is mostly maintained through corporal punishment rather than through voluntary adherence to a code of conduct.

The Muslim students know that their German teachers are Infidels, the “most vile of created beings,” while they, the Muslims, are the “best of creatures.” They do not, as a consequence, respect their teachers, and are perfectly ready to ignore their commands. There is a general coarsening of classroom behavior that can affect even non-Muslim students, who observe how the Muslim students treat their teachers with ill-concealed contempt, but say nothing, out of physical fear of the Muslims, or still worse, may even start to emulate them.

Grube’s story is far from unusual as Germany undergoes a massive demographic transformation, with critics of what is happening referring to the Great Replacement, the phenomenon of Europeans being replaced by non-Europeans across the West. In Berlin, 40 percent of students do not speak German as their native language, and in cities like Hamburg, the majority of students have a migrant background. Overall, an astounding 38 percent of all children in elementary schools in Germany have migrant backgrounds.

If roughly 40% of students in elementary schools in Germany are from migrant (and, let me repeat, overwhelmingly Muslim) backgrounds, in 20 years, 40% of 20-year-olds in Germany will be Muslims. At the same time , unless the very high Muslim fertility rate decreases and the very low fertility rate of the indigenous Germans — now well below replacement level – increases, today’s 40% of children with migrant backgrounds will rise above the tipping point of 50% by 2035. It’s simple mathematics. That dismal possibility need not, however, be set in stone. The German government can call a halt to all Muslim migration. If workers are needed to staff German factories, the German government can import those workers from Latin America, the Philippines, Ukraine, even southern Italy – all places where Christianity remains strong. Germany can also tie the receipt of welfare benefits — including housing, medical care and family allowances – to the would-be recipient’s employment history. This will mainly affect Muslim families, because while the women do not work but are breeders, the men prefer to remain unemployed, rather than work at menial jobs, which are the only ones for which they qualify. A pro-natalist advertising campaign, paid for by the government, and targeting audiences of native Germans, should be unembarrassedly undertaken. There is nothing wrong with those who would otherwise be among the first to be replaced in the Great Replacement, doing whatever it takes to avoid that fate.

The German Left, still unchastened by Germany’s experience with mass immigration, wants to continue to admit half a million immigrants each year:

Despite a push from the left, including Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) and Greens, for up to 500,000 immigrants per year, what is happening within Germany’s school system due to mass immigration raises serious questions about the benefits of diversity. In some cases, schools that were once “diverse” are now becoming homogenous, but that is due to an absence of ethnic Germans and the dominance of, for example, Middle Eastern groups. In some of these schools, antisemitism is commonplace, with Muslim students partaking in small pranks like taping “Jew” to one student’s back all the way to outright assault in other cases, according to Die Welt.

If the Left wants half a million immigrants every year from now on in Germany, the Right should not oppose them, but it must insist that those immigrants be carefully chosen, and must no longer be taken in from Muslim lands. Germany, and the rest of Europe, have now had extensive experience with Muslim economic migrants, who claimed to be asylum seekers fleeing persecution; the results of that migration have been alarming. Such immigrants turn out to be masters of soaking the generous welfare states of Western Europe for all they have — that is, for all the benefits they have on offer, including free or greatly subsidized housing, free medical care, free education, family allowances, and unemployment benefits even without any record of employment. The Muslim immigrants stand out for their very high rates of both unemployment and criminality. Muslims are incarcerated at anywhere from three to ten times the rate of non-Muslims, and are especially overrepresented in the commission of violent crimes, such as rape and murder. Unlike other migrants, Muslim migrants mostly reject integration with their host countries, for they see no reason why they, the “best of peoples,” should want to become part of a society run by Infidels, “the most vile of created beings.” They are in Europe, but not of Europe; their hope is that eventually, by inexorable demographic change, they will become dominant in the countries that so foolishly let them in.

The demographic transformation in Germany may be a “big picture” issue. However, Grube provides a view of what the situation is increasingly like on the ground for school administrators and teaching staff:

“Since the beginning of the month, I have been running two schools that are 35 kilometers apart for one simple reason: My predecessor at the Untere Luisenschule in Chemnitz has retired, and there was simply no colleague around who applied to succeed her. In addition to the shortage of teachers, there is also an increasing shortage of school principals.

My new school is not easy. There is a good social structure in the Ore Mountains, and many teachers have taught their students’ parents. There is good social control and many stable parental homes. In Chemnitz, the student body is significantly more heterogeneous. Around half of the children are not of German origin, which does something to a school.

She says that many new teachers are either reluctant to impose necessary penalties against troublesome students, or in some cases, they are even fearful to do so. In general, there is a tendency to avoid conflict among younger staff, which leads to them losing control of increasingly difficult classroom environments.

Frau Grube knows that Muslim students can be violent, and their parents and other relatives will back them in any confrontation with teachers or principals. The parents will even come to school to threaten teachers for having disciplined their children. Why would a teacher take a chance on being hurt herself, in an attempt to impose order in classrooms full of students who are so refractory that it is impossible to get them to behave? It’s simply not worth it. And the situation is just as bad for the principals, to whom those teachers complain of the situation. No wonder that teaching is no longer an attractive profession in Germany. The schools, the put-upon teachers and principles, and their indigenous German students, are all the immediate victims of this invasion by Muslims. But no officials dare to admit that Muslim behavior in classrooms has become a serious and increasing problem, lest they be accused of being “racists” and “Islamophobes.”

In general, in the eyes of young people, adults have suffered an enormous loss of authority, teachers in particular. I recently issued a disciplinary measure against a student who called a colleague an ‘asshole.’ Such insults are also part of everyday school life. It’s stressful, it’s stressful. My very first duty is to keep the school safe, so I suspended this student for a week,” she said.

While lack of respect for authority among the young may be a universal phenomenon, Muslim students are especially unwilling to be respectful of their Infidel teachers and principals. When all their lives they have been taught to despise Infidels as “the most vile of created beings,” it is only natural that they should bristle at any attempt by Infidel teachers to discipline them.

Parents are not much of a help either and often fight school staff when it comes to making changes at home or imposing discipline. In many cases, students represent a tremendous problem, but there is little that the schools can do, as there is nowhere else to send them. Teachers cannot even remove extremely violent students from the schools, according to the principal:

At the beginning of the school year, one student beat another so badly that he had to be hospitalized for two days. I would have gladly expelled him from the school, following the wishes of the staff, but that was not possible because there was no other school place for him in the area. Now, my students and colleagues have to live with him. Their great fear is always that they will not be able to protect the other children at the decisive moment….

I assume the violent boy in question is a migrant, since the effect of migrants in German schools is what Frau Grube has been discussing, and almost certainly a Muslim, because the vast majority of these new migrants in Germany are Muslim. Despite beating up another student, this Muslim boy could not be expelled from the school because, quite understandably, all the other schools in the area refused to accept him. So he remains at the school in Chemnitz, a constant worry for his fellow students, who at any moment might find themselves the object of his violence, and for the teachers who will be compelled to protect other students from him. And no one has apparently suggested that after such violent behavior, if he cannot be jailed as a juvenile, he could be expelled, along with his family, back to his country of origin. That idea is apparently too outlandish even to discuss.

The government of Germany should right now be combing the globe for potential migrants, ideally Christians who, unlike Muslims, can integrate into the larger society. Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Southern Italy, Portugal, Greece are some obvious sources of workers who can be invited to move to Germany where, after they have learned sufficient German, can be  provided with vocational training that matches the needs of their future German employers who will have sponsored that training. The will be prepared to work in such expanding fields as electric automobiles, computer technology, and solar energy. While receiving that training, they could receive government benefits, but those benefits would end as soon as they are hired. As for the Muslims still in Germany, great efforts should be made to persuade them to return to their countries of origin. Both carrots — a one-time “resettlement payment” — and sticks, by which is meant that any government benefits that they may still be receiving will be brought to an immediate end, making their continued presence in Germany very difficult indeed.



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School District Enlists ‘Black Lives Matter Task Force’ To Help Teach 7th Graders How They’re Implicitly Biased

“A Nest of Radical D.C. Activists Masquerading as Educators”: Bill to Abolish Woke Department of Education

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Today’s Anti-Capitalists Want to Regulate What You Can Eat, How Often You Drive, and the Size of Your Home

It may sound cruel to say so, but such thinking closely mirrors that of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

Planned economics is enjoying yet another revival. Climate protection advocates and anti-capitalists are demanding that capitalism be abolished and replaced with a planned economy.

Otherwise, they claim, humanity has no chance of survival.

In Germany, a book called Das Ende des Kapitalismus (English: The End of Capitalism) is a bestseller and its author, Ulrike Hermann, has become a regular guest on all the talk shows. She openly promotes a planned economy, although this has already failed once in Germany—just like everywhere else it has been tried.

Unlike under classical socialism, in a planned economy, companies are not nationalized, they are allowed to remain in private hands. But it is the state that specifies precisely what and how much is produced.

There would be no more flights and no more private motor vehicles. The state would determine almost every facet of daily life—for example, there would no longer be any single-family houses and no one would be allowed to own a second home. New construction would be banned because it is harmful to the environment. Instead, existing land would be distributed “fairly,” with the state deciding how much space is appropriate for each individual. And the consumption of meat would only be allowed as an exception because meat production is harmful to the climate.

In general, people should not eat so much: 2,500 calories a day are enough, says Herrmann, who proposes a daily intake of 500 grams of fruit and vegetables, 232 grams of whole meal cereals or rice, 13 grams of eggs, and 7 grams of pork.

“At first glance, this menu may seem a bit meager, but Germans would be much healthier if they changed their eating habits,” reassures this critic of capitalism. And since people would be equal, they would also be happy: “Rationing sounds unpleasant. But perhaps life would even be more pleasant than it is today, because justice makes people happy.”

Such ideas are by no means new. The popular Canadian critic of capitalism and globalization, Naomi Klein, admits that she initially had no particular interest in climate change. Then, in 2014, she wrote a hefty 500-page tome called This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.

Why did she suddenly become so interested?

Well, prior to writing this book, Klein’s main interest was the fight against free trade and globalization. She says quite openly: “I was propelled into a deeper engagement with it partly because I realized it could be a catalyst for forms of social and economic justice in which I already believed.” She calls for a “carefully planned economy” and government guidelines on “how often we drive, how often we fly, whether our food has to be flown to get to us, whether the goods we buy are built to last … how large our homes are.” She also embraces a suggestion that the most well-off 20 percent of the population should accept the largest cuts in order to create a fairer society.

These quotes – to which many more such statements in Klein’s book could be added – confirm that the most important goal of anti-capitalists such as Herrmann and Klein is not to improve the environment or find solutions for climate change. Their real goal is to eliminate capitalism and establish a state-run, planned economy. In reality, this would involve the abolition of private property, even if, technically, property rights continued to exist. Because all that would be left is the formal legal title of ownership. The “entrepreneur” would still own his factory, but what and how much it produces would be decided by the state alone. He would become an employed manager of the state.

The biggest mistake planned-economy advocates have always made was believing in the illusion that an economic order could be planned on paper; that an authority could sit at a desk and come up with the ideal economic order. All that would be left to do would be to convince enough politicians to implement the economic order in the real world. It may sound cruel, but the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia also thought that way.

The most radical socialist experiment in history, which took place in Cambodia in the mid to late 1970s, was originally conceived in the universities of Paris. This experiment, which the Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot (also referred to as “Brother 1”) called the “Super Great Leap Forward,” in honor of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, is most revealing because it offers an extreme demonstration of the belief that a society can be artificially constructed on the drawing board.

Today, it is often claimed that Pol Pot and his comrades wanted to implement a puritan form of “primitive communism,” and their rule is painted as a manifestation of unrestrained irrationality. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Khmer Rouge’s masterminds and leaders were intellectuals from upstanding families, who had studied in Paris and were members of the French Communist Party. Two of the masterminds, Khieu Samphan and Hu Nim, had written Marxist and Maoist dissertations in Paris. In fact, the intellectual elite who had studied in Paris occupied almost all of the government’s leading positions after the seizure of power.

They had worked out a detailed Four-Year Plan that listed all the products the country would need in exacting detail (needles, scissors, lighters, cups, combs, etc.). The level of specificity was highly unusual, even for a planned economy. For example, it said, “Eating and drinking are collectivized. Dessert is also collectively prepared. Briefly, raising the people’s living standards in our own country means doing it collectively. In 1977, there are to be two desserts per week. In 1978 there is one dessert every two days. Then in 1979, there is one dessert every day, and so on. So people live collectively with enough to eat; they are nourished with snacks. They are happy to live in this system.”

The party, the sociologist Daniel Bultmann writes in his analysis, “planned the lives of the population as if on a drawing board, fitting them into pre-determined spaces and needs.” Everywhere, gigantic irrigation systems and fields were to be built to a uniform, rectilinear model. All regions were subjected to the same targets, as the Party believed that standardized conditions in fields of exactly the same size would also produce standardized yields. With the new irrigation system and the checkerboard rice fields, nature was to be harnessed to the utopian reality of a fully-collectivist order that eliminated inequality from day one.

Yet the arrangement of irrigation dams in equal squares with equally square fields in their center led to frequent floods, because the system totally ignored natural water flows, and 80 percent of the irrigation systems did not work—in the same way that the small blast furnaces did not work in Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

Throughout history, capitalism has evolved, just as languages have evolved. Languages were not invented, constructed, and conceived, but are the result of uncontrolled spontaneous processes. Although the aptly named “planned language” Esperanto was invented as early as 1887, it has completely failed to establish itself as the world’s most widely spoken foreign language, as its inventors had expected.

Socialism has much in common with a planned language, a system devised by intellectuals. Its adherents strive to gain political power in order to then implement their chosen system. None of these systems have ever worked anywhere—but this apparently does not stop intellectuals from believing that they have found the philosopher’s stone and have finally devised the perfect economic system in their ivory tower. It is pointless to discuss ideas like Herrmann’s or Klein’s in detail because the whole constructivist approach—i.e. the idea that an author can “dream up” an economic system in their heads or on paper—is wrong.

The historian and sociologist Rainer Zitelmann is the author of the book IN DEFENCE OF CAPITALISM which is being published in 30 languages.


Dr. Rainer Zitelmann

Dr. Rainer Zitelmann is a historian and sociologist. He is also a world-renowned author, successful businessman, and real estate investor. Zitelmann has written more than 20 books. His books are successful all around the world, especially in China, India, and South Korea. His most recent books are The Rich in Public Opinion which was published in May 2020, and The Power of Capitalism which was published in 2019.

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Europe To Rely More On Coal As Natural Gas Demand Fades

Gas-to-coal switching. 

Europe is set to rely more heavily on coal production in 2022 as liquified natural gas demand decreases due to heightened tensions with Russia, according to an International Energy Agency (IEA) report published Monday.

Natural gas demand across Europe is expected to decline by 4% compared to 2021, according to the IEA report. Coal demand is expected to continue to increase even after consumption of the fossil fuel surged 11% last year.

“Gas-fired power generation is expected to decline amid the strong expansion of renewables, while high gas prices continue to weigh on its competitiveness vis-à-vis coal-fired generation,” the report said.

European gas prices hit multiple record highs over the last several months as demand increased and Russia, the largest exporter of natural gas to Europe, abruptly altered flows into the continent. Overall, European gas demand increased about 5.5% last year, the IEA report said.

The spike in demand largely resulted from declining energy output from wind farms in Germany, which has led an aggressive push toward renewables.

But the higher prices led to greater reliance on coal, from which nations have attempted to distance themselves due to its high carbon emissions when burned.

“Record-high gas prices supported gas-to-coal switching, coal-fired power plants increasing their output by 20% (year-over-year),” the IEA said.

The U.S. power sector also turned back to coal beginning in December 2020 when demand spiked 8%, the IEA report said. Between January 2021 and October 2021, demand skyrocketed 19% relative to the same period in 2020.

Coal-powered electricity generation increased for the first time since 2014 in 2021, according to the Energy Information Administration.



Energy and environment reporter. Follow Thomas on Twitter

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Did They Murder Him?

“Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power.” – James Allen

Please watch the below video of Dr. Andreas Noack, a chemist and graphene expert unlike any under in the EU. He got attacked on a livestream months ago by special police for laughable reasons.

Now, just hours after publishing this work, the forces that be decided that he hit the mark so hard with uncovering their plans, that they decided to take him out.

Was this a hit by the elite to silence this good doctor for exposing their ugly truths? You decide.

Forbidden Knowledge in a column titled “German chemist Dr. Andreas Noack was arrested by and armed police unit during YouTube live stream” reported:

On November 18, 2020, well-known German chemist and a top graphene expert in the EU, Dr Andreas Noack was arrested by an armed police unit in the middle of his YouTube livestream.

Now, just hours after publishing his latest video a few days ago, he died suddenly and mysteriously.

Best News Here in an article titled “Murder? Just Hours After Publishing the Secret of the Vax the Doctor Is Dead (Must Video)” reported:

This video is of This is Dr. Noack, a chemist and graphene expert unlike any under in the EU. He got attacked on a livestream months ago by special police for laughable reasons.

Now, just hours after publishing this work, the forces that be decided that he hit the mark so hard with uncovering their plans, that they decided to take him out.

Was this a hit by the elite to silence this good doctor for exposing their ugly truths? You decide!

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What the Murder of a Five-Year-Old Yazidi Girl by Muslims Tells Us

A judge in Munich has just sentenced a German woman, one Jennier Wenisch, a convert to Islam who was an ISIS bride, to ten years in prison for her part in the murder of a five-year-old Yazidi girl, whom she and her husband had enslaved. An earlier Jihad Watch report on this atrocity is here, and a detailed report here: “German ISIS bride who chained up five-year-old Yazidi slave girl in the sun and let her die of thirst as punishment for wetting the bed is jailed ten years for ‘war crime,’” by David Averre, MailOnline, October 25, 2021:

A German ISIS bride was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Munich court today over the war crime of letting a five-year-old Yazidi ‘slave’ girl die of thirst in the sun.

Jennifer Wenisch, 30, from Lohne in Lower Saxony, was found guilty of ‘two crimes against humanity in the form of enslavement’, as well as aiding and abetting the girl’s killing and being a member of a terrorist organisation.

Wenisch converted to Islam in 2013 and made her way to Iraq to join the Islamic State, where she and her husband ‘purchased’ a Yazidi woman and child as household slaves according to the Court.

‘After the girl fell ill and wet her mattress, the husband of the accused chained her up outside as punishment and let the child die an agonising death of thirst in the scorching heat,’ prosecutors said during the trial.

‘The accused allowed her husband to do so and did nothing to save the girl.’…

Wenisch’s husband, Taha al-Jumailly, is also facing trial in separate proceedings in Frankfurt, where the verdict is due in late November.

When asked during the trial about her failure to save the girl, Wenisch said she was ‘afraid’ that her husband would ‘push her or lock her up’.

Identified only by her first name Nora, the Yazidi girl’s mother has repeatedly testified in both Munich and Frankfurt about the torment allegedly visited on her child.

The defence had claimed the mother’s testimony is untrustworthy and said there was no proof that the girl, who was taken to hospital after the incident, actually died.

The hospital tried unsuccessfully to revive her. Isn’t her lifeless body, that had been found chained – to what? — outside, enough proof that she had died?

Wenisch’s lawyers had called for her to receive just a two-year suspended sentence for supporting a terrorist organisation.

Wenisch herself claimed she was being ‘made an example of for everything that has happened under ISIS’ at the close of the trial, according to the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung, and appeared to show remorse for the crimes for which she was found guilty….

Full of self-pity, this monstrous woman claimed she was being punished for “everything that has happened under ISIS.” Nonsense. She is being punished for exactly one thing: her role in the murder of a five-year-old girl. We are told that Wenisch “appeared” to show remorse. That’s easy to feign. But In prison isn’t it likely that Wenisch, who apparently has not turned her back on ISIS or on Islam, will continue to proselytize among the inmates?

Prominent London-based human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, who has been involved in a campaign for IS crimes against the Yazidi to be recognised as a ‘genocide’, was part of the team representing the Yazidi girl’s mother….

What do this atrocity, and Wenisch’s punishment, tell us?

First, it reminds us that in Islam it is deemed licit to hold slaves, like the little Yazidi girl whom the couple had enslaved (it’s hard to imagine what tasks she was given). Muhammad himself bought, sold, and owned slaves, which has made the practice permissible for Muslims ever since, for Muhammad was the Perfect Man (al-insan al-kamil) and Model of Conduct (uswa hasana).

Second, it reminds us that Muslims are taught in the Qur’an that while they are the “best of peoples” (3:110), Infidels are the “most vile of created beings.” (98:6) Not all Muslims accept, much less act on, that view. But fanatical Muslims such as Wenisch’s husband, Taha al-Jumailly, felt he could treat this helpless little girl, a non-Muslim, with as much cruelty as he wished. She was, after all, an Infidel, and therefore he could do anything he wanted to do with her. And his wife was too afraid to protest, or try to rescue her.

Third, Jennifer Wenisch saw her husband fasten the little girl to a chain, attaching her to something – a tree, a pole – so that she could not move about, or seek shade, but was made to endure without relief the scorching heat of the sun. She died of thirst. If Jennifer Wenisch had any qualms about this, she did not dare to express them to her husband, because she knew that he could punish her; the Qur’an gives Muslim husbands the right to “beat” their wives if they even suspect them of being disobedient (4:34); what might she expect from a man as demonstrably cruel as Taha al-Jumailly?

Fourth, the girl’s mother will obtain a kind of justice for her martyred daughter, because Germany is one of several dozen countries with laws that include aspects of universal jurisdiction, ”a legal principle that some crimes are so grave — such as genocide and war crimes — that impunity and normal territorial restraints on prosecutions should not apply.” The crime in this case – the murder of the little girl — was committed in Iraq, but was understood, properly, as part of the Islamic State’s genocidal treatment of the Yazidi people. Hence German courts believed they could invoke “universal jurisdiction” and try her murderers.

Fifth, the justice in this case might not have been obtained, had the murdered little girl’s mother not had as her lawyer Amal Clooney, who is now, for obvious reasons, the most famous human rights lawyer in the world. That led to media attention that insured the case would not disappear from view, but would be decided by German judges. Who knows how many other Yazidis have been tormented and murdered, but their families never obtained justice because they lacked the services of someone like Amal Clooney?



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Israel or Biden Admin: Who’s Telling the Truth About Terror-Linked Groups Crackdown?

Canada: Muslim convicted of plotting jihad massacres at multiple locations whines about computer restrictions

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German Journalist: Police Classify Anti-Semitic Attacks Committed by Muslims as ‘Right-Wing’

Then politicians bemoan a rise in “right-wing extremism.” It’s quite an impressive house of cards they’ve built.

German newspaper complains that crime statistics on anti-Semitic attacks are manipulated to hide Muslim perpetrators

Medforth, September 25, 2021:

German politics misses the point when it comes to anti-Semitism. Journalist Lennart Pfahler is convinced of this. As he writes in the early edition of the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” ( September 26), Muslim anti-Semitism is still taboo in Germany.

Whoever names it must fear being called a “right-winger” or a “fig leaf” if they are Muslim themselves. This is a “criminal failure of discourse”: “Apart from the police crime statistics, which have been blatantly misleading for years and which automatically classify alleged anti-Semitic crimes as ‘right-wing’ motivated if they cannot be attributed to anything else, there is little to support the convenient thesis of the marginal phenomenon.

In a survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, 41 per cent of Jews in Germany said they felt most threatened by Islamic anti-Semitism.

Conservative politicians and Jewish associations regularly pointed out the problem. Too often, the response from “left-liberal columnists and Muslim activists” was appeasing. The debate about the broadcaster Nemi El-Hassan shows how much the fight against anti-Semitism has degenerated into a political question of opinion.

Background: German public broadcaster WDR wanted to hire the journalist as a presenter. After protests – among other things because of El-Hassan’s participation in an anti-Israel Al-Quds demonstration – WDR suspended its decision. Prominent voices now wanted to stall the reappraisal of the case, Pfahler writes. Especially for those Muslims who tried to address the issue in their own community, this defensive attitude was a slap in the face….


New York Times Caught Spreading Fake News…AGAIN

Nigeria: Chief Imam for prisoners was Boko Haram jihadi, aided jailbreak with assault rifle

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Muslims murder eleven people in jihad massacre at shopping mall

Pakistan: Muslim murders his two sisters in the name of honor; they were angry at their in-laws

Iran denies IAEA access to site where cameras were damaged, after previously agreeing

India: Muslim cleric plots to murder Hindu who converted to Islam for marriage and later returned to Hinduism

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