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Ex-Gitmo Prisoner Arrested on Terror Charges

The recidivism rate of detainees is as high as 30%. Yet Tuesday, Obama said, ‘Keeping this facility open is contrary to our values.’ He laid out closure plans.

A former inmate of the Guantanamo detention camp (Gitmo) has been arrested with four other individuals by Spanish and Moroccan police on terrorism charges.

Police said that the four – three Spaniards and one Moroccan — were “willing to commit terrorist acts on Spanish soil.” Authorities also said that they were already in the process of procuring weapons and substances to make bombs.

The four are also suspected of recruiting for the Islamic State — particularly minors.

Police said of the former Gitmo-detainee, who was not named, “The fact that this leader was trained in handling weapons, explosives and in military tactics makes this cell particularly dangerous.”

The recidivism rate of former Gitmo-detainees is high. Senator John McCain, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, put the number at 30%, although other’s claimed it was lower.

According to a September 2014 report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, of the 620 detainees transferred out of Gitmo, 107 had been “confirmed of re-engaging” and 77 were “suspected of re-engaging” in terrorist or insurgent activities.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, U.S. President Barack Obama called for a closure of the facility. “This is about closing a chapter in our history. Keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. It undermines our standing in the world. It is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law,” the president said.

The following are notable detainees at Gitmo that have been recently freed:

  • Egyptian Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al Sawah , one of al Qaeda’s most skilled explosives experts, was released in January 2016. Al Sawah was personally praised by Osama bin Laden, may have known of the original Sept. 11 plot and was the creator of the shoe-bomb with which a jihadi tried to down a commercial airplane in 2001.
  • Mohammad Al Rahman Al Shumrani, a 40-year old Saudi Arabian national, was released on January 11, 2016, even though he had vowed to kill “as many Americans as possible.” The previous August, he was listed as a “forever prisoner” – too dangerous to release.
  • Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi was released from Gitmo and transferred to Sudan in July, 2012. In December, 2015, he appeared as a spokesman in a video for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • The “Taliban Five,” all high-ranking members of the Afghan Taliban and considered “high risk” and dangerous by the U.S,  were released on June 1, 2014 in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier who was later charged with desertion.


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of the Guantanamo detention facility. Although some prisoners are kept in cells, others are described as living in ‘cottages.’ (Photo: Video screenshot)

Taxpayer Brings Lawsuit Against Governor Nikki Haley Over Muslim Refugee Plan

Walter “Brian” Bilbro, a husband and father of two, has filed a Lawsuit naming Governor Nikki Haley, The South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS), Lutheran Services and World Relief of Spartanburg as Co-Defendants. The allegations in the lawsuit seek equitable and other relief to stop the State 2016 Refugee Resettlement Plan.

Simply put, he wants to prevent the state from settling any more refugees or asylees until a full accounting of the Federal, State, and County monies being allocated for this program are fully investigated.

He alleges in pleadings filed by Attorney Lauren Martel on February 12 case #2016-CP-40- 00918, that the Defendants are placing he and his family in imminent risk, personally and economically. The placement of refugees and asylees into Richland County where he has vested interests, and in other areas in South Carolina are concerning. Those concerns are supported through documentation from several expert witnesses that give credence to Bilbro’s decisive move to bring legal action against his own Governor, State Agency, and the non-profits involved.

In addition he seeks to stop the use of Family Court being used by asylum seekers as a way to circumvent the vetting process as it encourages border smuggling of children and further criminal acts. According to an expert witness in the case, Jessica Vaughn, Center For Immigration studies, Affidavit, Page 2, states,

“Federal sources, including Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) indicate that the majority of new illegal arrival from Central America, including the unaccompanied minors, are not coming to seek safe haven from persecution or civil war (the legal definition of a refugee) but to join friends and family already here in the United States (usually without legal status).

It is widely acknowledged that the families of most, if not all, of these minors have contracted with smuggling organizations to bring minors to the United States. The smuggling organizations understand that the minors will be taken into Federal government custody and then delivered safely to their destination by federally-funded resettlement contractors. The minors are coached on what to say to U.S. authorities and how the process works.”

Vaughn continues,

“The government and its contractors do not conduct background checks on the individuals who volunteer to serve as sponsors for the minors. Claims of family or non-family relationships rarely are authenticated with verifiable documentation, such as original birth certificates, DNA testing, or other means. The establishment of relationships is essentially done through the honor system.”

What is chiefly being used to verify the migrants is the honor system. This vetting process for the unaccompanied minors sounds eerily similar to the one applied to refugees from Syria and other terrorist nations who will be admitted in the thousands this year, according to many legislators who are asking anywhere from 65,000 to 100,000 within the next few years.

Interestingly, Gov. Haley was quoted in August 2015, as to her reasoning behind not wanting GITMO detainees in SC. She said,

“We are absolutely drawing a line that we are not going to allow any terrorists to come into South Carolina. We are not going to allow that kind of threat. We’re not going to allow that kind of character to come in…This is a slap in the face to the people in South Carolina who have sacrificed so much for this country… To turn around and say that you are going (to) put these terrorists in our backyards.”

In my opinion, this is in essence what the Refugee Resettlement Program does. If the highest intelligence officers in the country, FBI director Coomey, and Defense Intelligence Agency director Stewart say that the Syrian refugees cannot be vetted, and that ISIS will attempt direct attacks in 2016, respectively, prudence would demand a halt to the program that settles immigrants from a country riddled with terrorists.

In addition, the refugee and asylee program of SCDSS not only potentially involves child smuggling, drug smuggling connections, and national security risks, but is unsustainable economically according to expert Paul Sutliff, author and researcher. Sutliff states in Affidavit-Sutliff, page 5,

“The South Carolina Plan does not address who pays for those who after 12 months have had their status mandatorily adjusted to Permanent Resident Alien. This cost is necessarily passed off to the South Carolina taxpayer.”

Mr. Bilbro, in my thinking, is doing the only thing left for him to do when faced with legislators who do not listen or vote in ways that would protect American citizens. In fact, after reading this lawsuit, I conclude that any legislator or elected official who isn’t actively seeking to stop the Refugee Resettlement program fails in their Constitutional duty to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for their constituents.

To see the clear and present danger it presents, as well as the economic burden placed on the backs of hard-working citizens and to continue leading Americans into harms way is grounds for a lawsuit.


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The Islamic State Issues Dabiq Magazine #13: Gitmo, Trump Not Mentioned

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has released the 13th issue of its English-language magazine, Dabiq. Here are six points that stand out:

There is not a single mention of Guantanamo Bay, which President Obama says is a recruiting poster for ISIS, or of Donald Trump, who Hillary Clinton says is the biggest recruiter for ISIS.

The terrorist group seems to disagree because  the 56-page magazine is almost entirely about complex theological arguments.

The contents of Dabiq exposes the error of assuming that the extremism of Islamists is a byproduct of anger over perceived mistreatment of Muslims by the U.S. The Islamic State does see anti-Muslim sentiment as suiting its purposes and it does cite actions by the U.S. to justify its views, but the foundation of their ideology is an Islamic interpretation. The worldview, including its political grievances, are shaped by those detailed interpretations presented inDabiq.

Jihad against the Shiites got the most focus.

 ISIS spent more time justifying the killing Shiites than any other enemy, by far. The biggest point of emphasis was that Shiites qualify as apostates and not as fellow Muslims, and therefore any and all of them can be killed. The emphasis suggests that ISIS does not agree with the many Sunnis who consider average Shiites to be Muslims or, at least, not deserving of being murdered.

Taking aim at Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir.

 This issue of Dabiq goes the extra mile to make the case that ISIS is setting up a functional state in Afghanistan and western Pakistan. A significant amount of space is dedicated to presenting the area as ISIS’ biggest opportunity for growth. A minor mention was made of “pleasant news” coming from Kashmir soon. It appears that ISIS is hoping to present itself as the Sunni shield against the Indian Hindus, much like it presents itself as the Sunni shield against the Shiites in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS repeatedly refers to the Taliban as the “nationalist Taliban” (ISIS holds that nationalism is incompatible with Islam). It also accuses the Taliban of not implementing sharia, betraying the faith by getting too cozy with Iran and being puppets of Pakistani intelligence.

This issue of Dabiq is also dismissive of Al-Qaeda’s presence in Afghanistan, saying it has only a few members there.

Assassination plots against Saudi imams. 

One of the first declarations in this issue of Dabiq is a call to assassinate Saudi clerics. the Islamic State is hoping to win over followers of the Saudi brand of Islam (often referred to as Wahhabism) by claiming that the Saudi Royal Family and its supporting religious establishment are disregarding the guidance of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab.

ISIS feels threatened by the argument that jihad is not permissible because it is counterproductive. This issue spends a noticeable amount of time deriding scholars who argue that Muslims should only wage jihad against its enemies when the time is right. The Islamic State argues for perpetual jihad against its enemies, saying that Allah will bring victory over any militarily superior enemy if the jihad is justified.

“Jewish” Shiites and the mahdi-messiah.

As it almost always does, ISIS ties its jihad to the fulfillment of End Times prophecy. A major portion of this issue claims that Shiite Islam was created by Jews pretending to be Muslims as part of a plot to corrupt the faith and divide the Muslim world. It says that Christianity was corrupted the same way.

It then goes further. Not only is Shiite Islam a plot of the Jews, ISIS claims, but the Jewish messiah and Shiite Islam’s version of themahdi (the “Hidden Imam“) are the same person. This mahdi-messiah is actually the “Antichrist,” or the Dajjal.

In other words, in the minds of ISIS, never mind Israel’s worry about Iran’s pledges to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Iran and Israel—Shiites and Jews—are one. And so the Taliban and other Muslims who play nice with Shiites are complicit with the Antichrist’s agenda.

ISIS doesn’t just make this up out of thin air. They argue their points theologically and devote a significant space doing so. The magazine even ends with a map of Iran and a hadith quoting the Prophet Mohammed as saying that the Antichrist (Dajjal) will be followed by 70,000 Jews from Isfahan, a city in Iran.

In sum, the key takeaway is that jihadists like ISIS will always believe the U.S. and others are at war with Islam no matter what we do because that “fact” is considered an inarguable part of doctrine and prophecy.

Clarion Project documents the Islamic State propaganda magazine in order to expose their hateful ideology. Read every issue of Dabiq here.


Ryan Mauro is ClarionProject.org’s national security analyst, a fellow with Clarion Project and an adjunct professor of homeland security. Mauro is frequently interviewed on top-tier television and radio. Read more, contact or arrange a speaking engagement.


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is taken from a graphic from the Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine issue #13.

VIDEO: Gitmo ‘High-Risk’ Prisoner Released — Vows to Kill Americans

America released a recruiter for al-Qaeda from Guantánamo. Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Awn al-Shamrani, 40, considered a “high-risk prisoner” is on record as vowing to “kill Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan,” if he was ever let go from the prison.

Al-Shamrani, originally from Saudi Arabia, will be transferred back to the desert kingdom.

See report below:


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Over 100 freed Gitmo detainees have returned to jihad

This is not surprising, since absolutely nothing was done at Guantanamo to disabuse these men of the beliefs that led them to wage jihad in the first place. Any such action would have been “Islamophobic.” And so the Qur’an, the book that inspired the actions that landed them in Guantanamo in the first place, is treated with elaborate care and respect — only reinforcing the jihadists’ beliefs and assumptions. This policy is, of course, predicated on the assumption that Islam is a Religion of Peace, and so if the jihadis just read the Qur’an, they will become peaceful and tolerant. Reality doesn’t work that way.

“Released Gitmo prisoners return to evil ways: report,” by Geoff Earle, New York Post, March 6, 2015 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

WASHINGTON — More than 100 prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay went right back to being terrorists when they got out, according to a new report.

Out of 647 detainees who were released, 116 — or 18 percent — have been confirmed as “re-engaging” in terrorism, according to the report by the Director of National Intelligence.

Of those, 25 are dead and 23 are back behind bars.

Another 11 percent of those released are “suspected” of re-engaging in their jihadi ways, according to the annual summary that is required by Congress.

The trend is likely to continue, even as President Obama works to clear out the prison he has vowed to close.

The report predicts that prisoners still in custody will follow a similar path when they get out.

“Based on trends identified during the past eleven years, we assess that some detainees currently at GTMO will seek to reengage in terrorist or insurgent activities after they are transferred,” said the report.

Modal TriggerTransfers to countries with ongoing conflicts and internal instability as well as active recruitment by insurgent and terrorist organizations pose particular problems.”

The government also expects the Gitmo goons to keep in touch with each other after they’re freed.

“Former GTMO detainees routinely communicate with each other, families of other former detainees, and previous associates who are members of terrorist organizations,” the report found.

“The reasons for communication span from the mundane (reminiscing about shared experiences) to the nefarious (planning terrorist operations).”

Last month, US forces in Afghanistan killed a jihadi who had been released from Gitmo in 2007 and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

The recidivism rate has actually improved over time.

During the administration of President George W. Bush, who opened the facility in 2002, the rate was 21 percent.

The rate during the Obama administration has been 5 percent.

Obama in his State of the Union Address vowed to keep pushing prisoners out the door, citing incarceration costs of $3 million a year per prisoner.

“Since I’ve been president, we’ve worked responsibly to cut the population of Gitmo in half. Now it is time to finish the job,” he said in January.

Last month, the administration dispatched prisoners to Oman and Estonia.

An estimated 122 remain.

Last year, the administration identified 12 former detainees — six released under Bush and six under Obama — who were back fighting against the US and Western interests.

Those determined to be involved in terror activities were found to be “planning terrorist operations, conducting a terrorist or insurgent attack…conducting suicide bombing, financing terrorist operations, recruiting” and other activities.
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Former Muslim GITMO Guard Turns Traitor?

 “Seeing religion practiced the way that the detainees (al-Qaeda terrorists) practice Islam is a really life changing experience in itself” (Terry Holdbrooks)

Is Terry Holdbrooks, a.k.a. Mustafa Abdullah, a propaganda agent for the sworn enemies of the United States of America?  That is a question for you and our government to answer.

In August 2002, Terry C. Holdbrooks Jr. (19), aka Mustafa Abdullah, enlisted in the US Army.  In June of 2003, Mr. Holdbrooks first deployment was to Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp (GITMO) as a prison guard.  Mr. Holdbrooks served as a military police officer with the rank of Specialist in the US Army between 2002 and 2005, attached to the 252nd Military Police, and later assigned to the 463rd MP Company.

Is Terry Holdbrooks A Traitor?

Six months into his GITMO assignment,  Mr. Holdbrooks embraced his Sunni Muslim al-Qaeda terrorist detainees ideology by joining their ranks as a new revert/convert to Islamic doctrine and theology.  Islamic doctrine teaches that all people are born Muslim and revert back to their original state when they accept Islam, thus they are referred to as Muslim reverts.

Mr. Holdbrooks articulated an important revelation during his Dec 12, 2014 lecture at the American Muslim Community Center Mosque in Longwood, FL relating to the behavior of the al-Qaeda detainees when he accepted  Islam as his new way of life.  Muslim terrorists are taught to play dumb when they are taken captive, that was until a non-Muslim guard converted to Islam. Mr. Holdbrooks says, “Detainees came out of the woodwork and most all could speak English as they were celebrating his becoming a Muslim.”

The detainees ability to speak english is important, most detainees hide this fact from their American captors hampering interrogations and costing American lives in lost intel. Mr. Holdbrooks makes no mention of reporting this incredibly valuable intelligence to his superiors.  Mr. Holdbrooks has picked sides in our military engagement with Islamic Jihad befriending his Al Qaeda sympathetic detainees Shaker Aamer, Ahmed Errachidi, and countless other(s).

Terry Holdbrooks Hates His Fellow American Soldiers

Mr. Holdbrooks does not hold his fellow American soldiers in as high regard as he does his al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist detainees. Mr. Holdbrooks says, “I was questioning things from day one”, “I didn’t have a very high impression of my colleagues,” he says. Many of them were “ridiculous Budweiser-drinking, cornbread-fed, tobacco-chewing drunks, racists and bigots…who blindly follow orders, and within months stopped talking to them altogether…”

Mr. Holdbrooks explains his fascination with how the Muslim detainees would always appear happy embracing their Islamic way of life, under the harshest of situations.  Terry Holdbrooks couldn’t understand why he felt miserable inside, and his Al Qaeda and Taliban detainees seemed to be at peace with themselves.

The Army would later say that Mr. Holdbrooks has a personality disorder and was released before fulfilling his full commission.  In doing so – Terry Holdbrooks transformed himself into the marketable GITMO Guard Who Became a Muslim.

Mr. Holdbrooks says at the Longwood, FL Mosque that, “92% of the Gitmo detainees are innocent.”  The Director of National Intelligence released a “Summary of the Reengagement of Detainees Formerly Held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba” “Of the 603 former detainees tracked by US intelligence services, a total of 100 have now been confirmed as reengaging in “terrorism” or “insurgent” activities, while another 74 are suspected of reengaging.  This brings the total rate of recidivism to nearly 29 percent”, as reported in The Weekly Standard, 9/9/2013.

The GITMO detainees recidivism rate further exposes Mr. Holdbrooks spreading of pro Al-Qaeda propaganda in an effort to degrade our military efforts in removing and housing dangerous Islamic terrorists captured off the battlefield.  I suspect, Mr. Holdbrooks knows the false narrative of the GITMO detainees innocence provides fuel to those forces who wish to see GITMO closed forever.

After Mr. Holdbrooks AMCC Longwood Mosque lecture I had the opportunity to ask him if the Salafist views taught to him by detainees Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Errachidi, had influenced the Islam he was taught by his friends who were also high level al-Qaeda recruiters?

Mr. Holbrooks says, “Shaker Aamer is a brilliant and amazing man, I hate to think how his mental health has deteriorated.  However, when I first met him at Guantanamo he weighed around 250 lbs and when I left Guantanamo he dropped to around 175, obviously that was a combination of the hunger strikes.  He was a very influential individual but he could have mood swings, at times you would have to take what he said with a grain of salt and fact check if what he said was balanced and moderate.  I’ve heard of all the possibilities of his being an al-Qaeda recruiter…the first Qur’an that was given to me was the Yusuf Ali Meaning of the Holy Qur’an…what he (Rashidi) said was not always copacetic, so the answer is NO.”

Mr. Holbrooks answer is deceptive, Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Errachide are brilliant Islamic scholars according to this 2009 interview with cageprisoners.com.  Mr. Holdbrooks says this about Shaker Aamer, “…he’s a wonderful character- unbelievably intelligent, very polite, very well-mannered, great etiquette.  He is a very rational individual – if there was something he didn’t agree with, that he objected to, he’d explain it.  He’d be very polite no matter whom the guard was he was working with whether it was a very ignorant uncaring American with no recognition for his situation, or me, or Chris perhaps – he is always a very polite individual, and would explain whatever was going on in terms that anyone would be able to understand.  He is a wonderful person- I absolutely enjoyed spending time with him.”   Mr. Holdbrooks analysis of Shaker Aamer is opposite of what he told me on December 12, 2014.

Is the 2009 Terry Holdbrooks telling the truth about Al-Qaeda terrorist Shaker Aamer or what he told me on December 12, 2014 – both versions can’t be true?

So why the deception from Mr. Holdbrooks?  When I purposefully added the Salafi qualifier to the question of what was taught him by his terrorist friends, it created a psychological problem for him because Mr. Holdbrooks never denied he followed the Salafi movement – a fact which is very important. Mr. Holdbrooks knows that Salafi Islam is one of the most fundamental and violent Islamic teachings.  The Salafi Jihadist movement is described this way, ” The Salafi jihadist movement has attracted rootless and or committed internationalist militants. They fight for the jihad, seeking to re-create the Muslim ummah and shariat (Islamic Law) to build an Islamic community. Simultaneously conservatives and radical, they form a global network that has attracted Muslims from around the world to fight jihad in Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, and the Philippines.”

In a 2009 Cageprisoner.com interview,  Terry Holdbrooks is asked if he formed any kind of relationships with the detainees.  Mr. Holdbrooks responds, “A good number of them… Detainee 590; ‘the General’, as we call him.  There were rumors for most of the detainees as to how they received the nick names they had.  We’d talk for hours and hours – we’d talk about books, we’d talk about music, we’d talk about philosophy, we would talk about religion…fortunately he didn’t have anything bad to say about the US other than its most recent history…More often than not when I got the night shift I would generally stay up and talk with him throughout the night- we’d talk about the history of this war, what’s been going on, what’s taking place in the Middle East for the last two hundred, three hundred, four hundred years…590 stayed up one night and- we’d been talking about Islam for quite a while- I’d been studying Islam for quite a while at this point, and one night he stayed up with me and he transliterated how to say in English the declaration of faith, and watched me as I said it, and whatnot.  So I would say the first time I declared my faith in Islam was probably in Guantanamo- was probably that night, with him.”

Terry Holdbrooks sounds enamored with Al-Qaida detainee 590.  Based on this Al-Qaeda fighters world view on Islam as a life choice, Terry Holdbrooks chose Al-Qaida.

Things Are Not As They Appear With Mr. Holdbrooks Detainee Friends

Personal Information: Mohamad Al Ahmed Rachidi (The General) is a Moroccan national, born in 1966 (age 37) in Tangiers, Morocco. Source: The Quantanamo Docket, New York Times

“Reasons for Continued Detention: Detainee has known affiliations with several Islamic extremist groups to include a direct association with the leader of the Moroccan Islamic Fighting Group (GICM) as well as other contacts with known members of Al-Qaida.

Detainee traveled to Afghanistan to participate in Jihad against the US and is suspected of having received training at the Al-Farouq Training Camp. Although detainee is of moderate intelligence value, he has been completely uncooperative and not forthcoming with information. Other more cooperative Moroccan detainees can provide the same information. Detainee has repeatedly expressed his desire to harm Americans. He has been repeatedly violent while in detention.”

TF Guantanamo, the detainee is of medium intelligence value to the United States. Based on the above, detainee poses a high risk, as he is likely to pose a threat to the U.S., its interests or its allies.”Ahmed Errachidi succeeded in befriending GITMO guard Terry Holdbrooks and reverting him to Islam.  Mr. Holdbrooks, with the financial help of the Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) is working in concert portraying Islamic terrorists captured on the battlefield as victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and gentle souls that should be free.

“(S//NF) Executive Summary: Detainee is a member of al-Qaida tied to the European support network. Detainee is a close associate of Usama Bin Laden (UBL) and has connections to several other senior extremist members. Detainee has traveled internationally on false documents and is associated with al-Qaida terrorist cells in the US. Detainee is a reported recruiter, financier, and facilitator with a history of participating in jihadist combat.

Detainee received advanced terrorist training, indicated his willingness to become a martyr, and served as a sub-commander of al-Qaida forces in Tora Bora. JTF-GTMO determined this detainee to be: o o o A HIGH risk, as he is likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests, and allies A HIGH threat from a detention perspective Of HIGH intelligence value.

In the summer of 1989, detainee entered the US legally under a tourist visa and traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, where he lived with his cousin until moving to Gaithersburg, Maryland. While in Atlanta, detainee applied for, and received a Social Security card. In the winter of 1989, detainee returned to Saudi Arabia, and later returned to Gaithersburg in 1990.

Detainee is extremely egotistical, has manipulated debriefers and guard staff, and will continue to attempt to do so to support his political agenda. Detainee refuses to participate in direct questioning, often citing imaginary, or assumed mistreatment of himself, or others, as justification of this refusal in a classic example of al-Qaida counter interrogation techniques.

(Source for Shaker Aamer material: The Guantanamo Docket)


Al Qaeda Manual Found In Manchester

The manual was introduced as evidence at the embassy bombing trial in New York.  The manual illustrates, in part, techniques that Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters use if they are captured and under interrogation.

The detainees at GITMO are prisoners of war detained as a threat to United States National Security.  Terry Holdbrooks, in my opinion, sees these detainees as victims based on their personal stories of innocence and non-violent behavior directly towards him.  Mr. Holdbrooks sees his fellow American guards as ignorant, racist, and brutal.  While the al-Qaeda detainees are kind, gentle, and worthy of building deep personal friendships.

Our combat soldiers are trained, if held prisoner, to manipulate their captors and not divulge important military information.  The Al Qaeda Manual presented here shows our Islamic  enemies trade craft in great detail.  Remember,  Shaker Aamer is an al Qaeda recruiter and proficient at it.  I will highlight some of tactics used by Mr. Holdbrooks friends Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Errachidi/Rashidi.   If you wish to understand the Islamic Threat Doctrine devour this manual in its entirety.  Thismanual will gift an inquisitive reader with the equivalent of a masters education in understanding The Islamic Threat Doctrine and basic spy trade craft.

Shaker Aamer, based on his docket, is a skilled recruiter.  Mr. Holdbrooks senior officers should have known he was an ‘Ideologist‘ and could be easily compromised.

The Ideologist – Someone who is in his country but against his government, is considered a valuable catch and a good candidate for turning. (Mr. Holdbrooks, in my opinion, portrays himself as having such a personality profile).

Mr. Holdbrooks describes himself as a ‘sociologist’ and is fascinated by other peoples and cultures which drove his interest in GITMO’s Al Qaeda and Taliban detainees.

Mr. Holdbrooks may not see it this way but Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Errachidi turned a GITMO non-Muslim guard into a Muslim activist speaking out against GITMO and the U.S. Military while raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the MLFA who defends Muslim terrorists on American soil.

Lesson 18

Lesson 18 of the Al Qaeda Manual is the standard mantra coming out of GITMO terrorists being detained there.  Taken from the book: Advice Taken from the book “Mothakkarat Fida’i Asir”.

  1. Prove torture was inflicted upon you.
  2. Complain of mistreatment while in prison.
  3. Name names of those who tortured you to the Judge.
  4. Go on a hunger strike.
  5. Master the art of hiding messages.
  6. Create an Islamic program for themselves inside prison.
  7. Be a role model of selflessness.
  8. Say only what was agreed upon by your commander.
  9. Pretend to be naive and ignorant while maintaining alertness and foresight.
  10. Only mention well known dates or names while under torture

Life After GITMO

The New York Daily News reports, Mr. Holdbrooks was honorably discharged from the Army in October 2005 for generalized personality disorder which helps explain his downward spiral after being discharged.

A blog interview reports, “After his release from the Army Holdbrooks began drinking again, divorced his wife, suffered a series of seizures, as well as a fall that resulted in a skull fracture and the insertion of a titanium plate in his head.”  After hitting rock bottom and forsaking his Muslim identity.  Mr. Holdbrooks embraced his Islam again by reinventing himself as the GITMO Guard who reverted to Islam.

In a interview on the Deen Show  Mr. Holdbrooks says he has been in touch with many of his GITMO detainee friends and has travelled to Saudi Arabia and other locations throughout the Middle East. Where did the travel money come from? When asked how he contacted the GITMO detainees he said the internet is an amazing thing.

Are Mr. Holdbrooks travel and overseas contacts being monitored closely by DOD and Joint Terrorism Task Force?  We just hope so.

Moazzam Begg – Al Qaeda

On February 28, 2014, Mr. Holdbrooks wrote a statement of support for former GITMO detainee Moazzam Begg.  Mr. Begg’s DOD Joint Terrorism Task Force Docket states he was incarcerated for, “affiliation with three extremist organizations including Al-Qaida.  Begg  admitted to attending training at Al-Badr training camp near Khowst 12/93, as well as the Harakat Al-Ansar terrorist training camp.  Detainee was also an instructor at Derunta training camp, another Al-Qaida supported terrorist camp.  Begg has been associated with a senior Al-Qaida financier, as well as other key suspects currently under investigation by US authorities.  Detainee is a confirmed member of Al-Qaida.”

A further study of Moazzam Begg’s ‘docket’ will yield detailed information about who and what our enemies are and more importantly the type of person(s) Mr. Terry Holdbrooks is supporting as recently as February of 2014.

Terry Holdbrooks coming to the aid and comfort of known Al-Qaeda terrorist Moazzam Begg, in 2014, removes all doubt of where his allegiance lies.


Mustafa Abdullah aka Terry Holdbrooks

The Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) sponsored Terry Holdbrooks lecture at the AMCC Mosque, Longwood Florida on 12/12/2014 raising approximately $20,000 with only 75-80 Central Floridian’s attending.

The MLFA built a lucrative cottage industry defending Muslims convicted of terrorism and support of terrorism on United States soil.  One look at their current and past cases is a who’s who of domestic Islamic terrorists (see link above).

Terry Holdbrooks, by his own statements, is sympathetic to the hard core Al-Qaida and Taliban detainees captured on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Pakistan locked up at GITMO.  Mr. Holdbrooks publicly admitted he’s reconnected with many GITMO terrorists long after he left the Army.  What did Mr. Holdbrooks discuss with these enemies of the United States?

Are any of the terrorists Terry Holdbrooks contacted, one of the 29% of released detainees who have returned to the battlefield and Jihad?

How many other soldiers have been turned at GITMO?  I hope our military leaders have addressed the issue making sure that another Terry Holdbrooks is weeded out before being put in direct contact with our enemies – regular background checks would help.

So I ask again, Is Terry Holdbrooks aka Mustafa Abdullah, a propaganda agent for the sworn enemies of the United States of America?  I’m sorry to tell you this but the answer is Yes!

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in Family Security Matters.

Obama is Bush light!

He’s launched airstrikes and is threatening ground troops but IT’S NOT WAR. He took a victory lap for Osama bin Laden but opposed the means that got his location. He’s broken every Progressive policy and gospel on the books, and he’s doing the same things for the same reasons his predecessor did, only he’s doing them late, doing them badly and blaming everyone else.

In his latest Firewall Bill Whittle shows why Barack Obama is nothing more than Bush Lite.

Connecting the Red Dots: Where convicted illegal alien murderers were released

I grew up believing you people in Washington took your oaths seriously to protect the citizens yet ICE released 169 convicted killers and a total of 35,000 other criminals back into our society because their home countries won’t take them back. Together, they committed nearly 88,000 crimes, according to recently released report.

Question: A total of 36,000 illegal aliens involved whose countries won’t take them back must be a large number of countries. So how many are there?

Do you in Congress have the names of the countries refusing to back their citizens? Do you know which of those countries we currently give financial aid? Do you plan on stopping all aid immediately to any country that won’t take back their citizens? If not, why not?

What about transferring them all to Guantanamo Bay so they won’t be a threat to U.S. citizens?

unnamed (12)

Click on the map for a larger view.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of 100PercentFedUp.com.

Most top Islamic State [IS] jihadis were once held by U.S.

But “incarceration was a school for jihad, and they emerged tougher, better connected and more dedicated” — so why were there no effort made during their incarceration to challenge their jihadist beliefs? Because to have done that would have been “Islamophobic.” And why were they released at all, since any fool would have known that they would return to the jihad?

“The Islamic State’s potential weakness,” by David Ignatius,Washington Post, August 14, 2014 (thanks to Ou Tis):

The Obama administration’s Iraq policy seems premised on the idea that the terrorist Islamic State is so toxic that it will be self-limiting and ultimately self-defeating. But that’s not the view of U.S. intelligence officials.

In a briefing for journalists Thursday, a panel of five U.S. intelligence officials summed up their assessment of an organization that has shown a remarkable durability because it is “patient,” “well-organized,” “opportunistic” and “flexible.” Under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group has rebounded from about 1,500 fighters in 2010 to more than 10,000 today — becoming a global jihadist organization that communicates in many languages.

“We don’t assess this as something that will collapse on its own,” said one of the officials, who commented based on an agreement that their remarks would not be attributed. “But with pressure and alternatives [that might draw away its Sunni supporters], it could collapse over time.” The intelligence experts cautioned that counterterrorist tools, such as drone strikes and other air attacks, wouldn’t be sufficient “to defeat it rather than just ratchet it back.”

The officials expressed skepticism that Baghdadi could be deterred from striking the United States by the threat of pulverizing attacks. “We assess that the group sees conflict with the U.S. as inevitable,” said one official. Although the group is preoccupied with its battles in Iraq and Syria, another official noted a chilling Internet statement several months ago: “America, we have not turned our gaze away from you.”

The briefing was a rare example of intelligence officials sharing information about a problem that policymakers are still debating. The group skirted direct policy questions but not their context. Asked, for example, whether the Islamic State can be contained if its bases in Syria aren’t bombed, one official said that such cross-border havens have been “a perennial challenge” in fighting insurgencies since 1945.

The portrait of Baghdadi and his Islamic State was chilling. Under its original name, al-Qaeda in Iraq, the group ferociously battled U.S. forces. Most of its leading fighters were imprisoned by U.S. occupation troops, but incarceration was a school for jihad, and they emerged tougher, better connected and more dedicated….


Islamic State has forced 1,500 Yazidis and Christians into sex slavery
Islamic State jihadis imprisoned in Iran threaten to kill Christian in same prison
Dozens of Yazidis murdered as deadline to convert to Islam passes
Syria because Allah “has commanded for the Muslims to go and fight jihad”
Threatening anti-Semitic flyers placed at Jewish-owned business near UCLA
Thousands of supporters of “Palestinian” jihad sign petition to ban Joan Rivers from UK for being pro-Israel

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of a man about to be executed in a propaganda video released by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The image is courtesy of the New York Daily News.