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What a Christ-mess

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of the year. But, political correctness has turned Christmas into Christmess.

One way of dissecting the word is Christ-Mas, which in Spanish would be more Christ. If we had more of Christ, I am quite sure we would not have so much deviancy in our society – high divorce rates, high teenage pregnancy, or high crime rates, etc.

Some people and corporations no longer feel like they can wish a person a Merry Christmas. On the advice of lawyers, they feel compelled to say Happy Holidays. I wish I were joking, but this the truth. How is it possible to take Christ out of Christmas when the very root of Christmas is Christ?

Two weeks ago, Ralph J. Osgood Intermediate School on Long Island, N.Y., managed to do just that. Their 5th graders performed their annual Christmas carols. One of the songs they sang was “Silent Night,” but with a twist. According to radio station WCBS, “the school removed several religious references from the song; this included “holy infant” and “Christ the savior.” According to the school, this was done to avoid offending non-Christians.

This is why political correctness makes no sense. So, let me make sure I understand – you want to change the words to a Christian song in order not to offend non-Christians; thereby offending Christians! Huh?

Who is the arbiter of what is offensive? In this case, it is an arbitrary principal of a middle school. What happens if the principal is an atheist? Does he cancel the Christmas concert all together?

Why is it that we Christians have to give up our beliefs in order to make someone else feel good? How about other groups extending to us the same courtesy?

How about the homosexual community accepting the fact that we Christians believe that homosexuality is incompatible with our beliefs and values without calling us names? Should they not be required to give up their beliefs to make us heterosexuals feel good?

If their movement is truly about understanding and tolerance, as they claim, when will we see this demonstrated by their actions?

Not everyone celebrates Christmas and that’s fine; but please don’t force your beliefs on others who do celebrate Christmas. Not everyone accepts homosexuality and that should be fine also.

America must get back to its roots—of embracing God, putting Christ back in Christmas, and the continued promotion of freedom of speech.

What the political correctness police did to Phil Roberson from the TV show “Duck Dynasty” should never happen to anyone else. He called homosexuality a sin and was suspended from the TV show indefinitely, all because he was standing up for his Christian values. I think everyone should boycott A&E, the TV network that carries this show.

To all my homosexual folks, where is the understanding and tolerance for Phil’s beliefs? The Bible is in total support of his position.

If you don’t agree with his beliefs, then don’t watch his TV show. Corporate sponsors should learn to take principled stands in situations like this. If enough people stop watching the show, then the appropriate business decision would be to remove corporate support for the show. But to have 2 or 3 percent of the population (estimates of the percentage of homosexuals in the U.S.) to deny a majority of the population the option to see a TV show is political correctness gone wild.

It is inconceivable to me that Christmas has become so controversial. I don’t like the sport of figure skating, but I don’t demand for it to be taken off of TV. I despise radio shock jocks Don Imus and Howard Stern. They both have made a career out of making racially incendiary statements about Blacks. I have no problem with them being on the radio and having major corporate sponsors. I just refuse to listen to their radio shows.

So, to those who don’t believe or choose not to celebrate Christmas, that’s okay; but please don’t tread on my right to celebrate this most holy of Christian holidays.

God Responds to Lawsuit Against the Word “Sin”

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For a larger view click on image. Courtesy of The Peoples Cube.

“I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.” – Intolerant, bigoted hick, Phil Robertson

With the fires barely extinguished on their Barilla pasta boxes, GLAAD has found a new victim to harass: Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.

GLAAD’s beef with Phil is that Phil’s Bible says the gay lifestyle is “sinful.” Phil does not use the New Progressive Bible co-authored by GLAAD and other liberals, but instead chooses to study the outdated traditional Bible.

This is a big deal, because everyone in this country must have a religion that embraces gayness. New, approved Groupthink™ teaches that as long as the parties involved LOVE each other, it doesn’t matter what God says. All religions must comply to receive tax-exempt status (Muslims excluded).

Phil calmly responded, “I didn’t write the Bible. If you have a problem with the Bible, take it up with the Lord.”

GLAAD then filed an Offensive Religion lawsuit against God for the continued H8 and bigotry implied in the word “sin.” They released the following statement:

“We want God to stop smiting us and our lifestyle. We have dealt with the smiting for centuries and we are done – DONE! God’s orders are very discriminatory and do not progress with the changing times. His morals are inflexible and rigid.”

After the Colorado bakers were forced by the courts to make a cake for a gay wedding, GLAAD was hopeful that the courts could also force God to make a new Bible.

GLAAD asked to be compensated with a new kinder, gentler version of the Bible – novelized over centuries by multiple authors – with a 10% tithe going to sex-change charities.

God, a very high-tech deity, responded to GLAAD through email with an updated PDF of a form that used to circulate around the internet. The People’s Cube was able to get a copy of GLAAD’s response through the Freedom of Information Act:


Obviously, God is being non-compliant, which presents a problem. If God does not show up in court, the NSA has been authorized to track down God’s IP address through the PDF upload, and bring him in to answer for the global crime of calling gayness a “sin.”

We expect GLAAD will have their panties in a bunch, no matter what the outcome.

EDITORS NOTE: Further investigation has discovered that the PDF submitted by God contains layers that are not consistent with technology used at the time of the writing of the Bible, as well as the fact that back flaps may be the reason behind GLAAD’s panties-in-a-bunch problem. This column originally appeared on The Peoples Cube.