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PODCAST: Great Reset Menu—GMO Food, Bugs and Solar Panels

I am the expert. You will believe me and support me. If you disagree, you will go to jail. Do I tell the truth? NO!  Do I get to make up my own facts regardless. Yes! After all I am from the government and we will now decide your future. You will now get rid of all fossil fuels and all of their products. You will eat what I tell you. Everything I decide you want will be in a 15 minute walk from your home.  Say hello to your new police force of illegal aliens who will make sure you stay in your zone, your new prison.  Are you hungry? You may have to move to Afghanistan where the Taliban converted the heroin producing poppy fields to food while in America we convert our food to solar farms.

Our Marxist Affirmative Action graduates of experts have worked hard to develop your new menu: GMO Food, Bugs and Solar Panels.

You will eat as you are told or face the consequences. Welcome to the new Marxist/Communist/Globalist America.

Think this won’t happen?  Think again.

Florida used to be in the top 5 states producing a variety of food products. Today as I travel through Florida where I used to see corn, peanuts, tomatoes and citrus, I now see solar and wind farms.  So I ask you Gov DeSantis, what do solar panels and wind blades taste like?  Today when all we hear is, there will be food shortages, I want to know, why are you cutting food production? We need more food not less? Why are you cutting CO2 when you know it is needed for plants aka our food? Oh I forgot, “Less people, less problems.”

As I was investigating the stupidity of cutting food production when more food is needed I discovered:

The OBiden administration with the help of the RINOS is subsidizing energy companies guaranteeing them a 10% profit while hamstringing them with regulations and insane permitting so they are forced to turn to inefficient, ineffective expensive renewables.  By outlawing or over regulating appliances and vehicles that rely on natural gas and fossil fuel Globalists insure the fact that their donors who have invested in Green will recoup their investment. We the people will be overcharged.  We will receive overly expensive, inefficient, ineffective electricity and products made with slave labor. (Think Sound of Freedom). Some of those children depending on the country they wind up in, go to the cobalt mines so the Globalists can get their expensive EV batteries.

Of course they tell you this must be done to save the planet and protect Mother Earth (GAIA) You must sacrifice for the common good. You must do your part to make up for all the destruction HUMANS caused Mother Earth.  Wait a minute, No one asks, What harm? I didn’t cause hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, etc. I guess Affirmative action graduates never learned fossil fuel is necessary to produce about 1000 products including solar panels and wind turbines.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) Globalists, Humans are users. Their addiction is to CO2.  WEF will tell the school children that use of CO2 will cause the destruction of Mother Earth (GAIA). Students will force their parent to abstain from fossil fuel or pay a fine.  OBiden even said he didn’t know why the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was named that when it was really all about funding Green projects.

Globalists will either bankrupt corporations or regulate them out of business or will pay them a subsidy for Green. Globalists will make up new categories to restrict humans and business.  Social Credits aka Personal Carbon Allowance (PCA) for humans and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) scores will give credits or take credits.  Not enough credits, too bad no food or gas for you. As long as we allow the WEF to think they  are the experts the humans will be forced to listen and obey. WEF messages in elementary school so by the time students are adults, they will believe CO2 is destroying the planet, while wind and solar are reliable.

WEF/Globalists/DNC/RINOS know batteries, wind and solar won’t work in extreme cold or heat? WEF doesn’t care. I haven’t figured out how to get solar panels on a jet so they will still have their gas vehicles, jets and ships run on fossil fuel..  Bottom line: Globalists do not want us mobile or talking. Mobility and free speech are freedom and that is out of the question.

Why would you want to make this country dependent on what’s going on in China? In Florida seems as though our absentee, part time Governor taking a full time salary,  DeSantis, would rather hand Florida to China than feed the Florida taxpayer.  Under his public service commission, Florida has no real common sense energy policy. The plan brought to you by the Affirmative Action graduates will give you the inefficient, part time  renewable wind and solar. According to Mike Davis,  $8.6 billion, in the last 3 years spent on solar farms with about $6 billion going to China Chico for solar panels and for battery storage. 16 years of solar plant conversions by the State will cost about $600Billion+ to China instead of American inexpensive reliable natural gas.

Floridians are already stretched with a 29% increase.  By the target of 2045  energy will be  4 times what you pay now. As for Ron’s donors Nextera, PSE, etc. they are covered with a 8 to 10% guaranteed return on that Capital spend to destroy Florida’s current sensible energy plan. The only guarantee Floridians have is all of the energy policies in Florida are pro China. and we will have 70% unreliable energy guaranteeing brownouts, blackouts and higher rates. Why would anyone vote for this policy for America?

Florida rate payers have seen approximately 29% rate hikes in their existing electric bill. Florida currently has 74% of usage of natural gas to generate electricity and natural gas is at record lows. But instead of rates going down or remaining the same they have gone up 29% in order to fund this extremely expensive program of renewables that only comprise less than 4% of our energy today. By 2045 we will be down to less than 30% of stable energy. Instead Floridians will be using 70% of unstable renewable energy. Imagine how lovely it will be during a Heat Alert , or dangerous thunderstorm both which we in Florida have been experiencing for the last 3 months. Do solar panels work when the sun doesn’t shine?

Since I am not an affirmative action graduate I know nothing will work. So we will go back in time when we had NO air conditioning in Florida. Better buy your fans and generators now.

We already have energy shortages today. So we are replacing inexpensive American natural gas with expensive Chinese solar panels and wind blades and lithium-ion batteries. Who is DeSantis paying off with this stupid policy which is harming Floridians? Nextera is one of his largest donors, why are we not surprised?  Florida is only the Sunshine State 80% of the time what happens when it’s cloudy? Florida is only windy part time what happens when there’s no wind? OBiden wants to use Bill Gates’ technology to block the sun. Will solar panels work?

Look at your electric bill times it by 4. Still want to vote for DeSantis?

How much land will be lost to solar farms instead of food? Not to worry, since there is no place to dispose of those useless panels that stopped working, they will be on the menu. Ketchup anyone?

Please read and share Mike Davis article…

Is America Worth Saving?  Its up to you.

Get your kids out of the indoctrination clinics masquerading as Public Schools. Check out goflca.org  MicroSchools.

Remember: Everything is connected. Nothing is random, Everyone follows the same plan. ALL PLANS ARE BASED ON LIES. Globalists must control opposition. Globalists must take away our voice.

Globalists only care about MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. Don’t give them yours. Boycotts work. Stop using their services and products.  Vote the RINOS out. Vote with your fingers and with your wallet. There is a lot you can do.

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