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GO WOKE, GO BROKE: Washington Post in Dire Straits After Losing Half Their Readers Since 2020

I can’t believe they still have half (!)

Onanism at the Washington Post


Over the past 3 years, The Washington Post has lost half its audience (!!!!), and last year alone the so-called “newspaper” lost $77 million.

An observer might look at those facts and conclude that, perhaps, unless things change the publication will cease to be a going concern. You would think that the reporters, needing their paychecks and with few places to land in a contracting media environment, would want to help keep the place alive.

You would be wrong. Not because they don’t care or even that they are stupid. It’s that they are as blind to reality when thinking about their own jobs and futures as they are about how the rest of the world works. They have other concerns, and reality doesn’t interest them.

As I wrote yesterday, the Post has fired its editor Sally Buzbee and is hiring a new team to right the ship—if righting the ship is even possible.  The publisher met with the newsroom and was quite blunt about why the former editor departed and announced the changes he was making.

Reporters” didn’t like the changes.”

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