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Trump Unleashes Flurry Of Endorsements For Politicians Across The Country

Former President Donald Trump endorsed three candidates with statements from the Save America PAC on Friday evening.

Republican South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Republican Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo and Republican Arkansas Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin received Trump’s “Complete and Total Endorsement,” according to statements released by Save America PAC.

“Henry McMaster has been a great Governor for the wonderful people of South Carolina. He is Strong on the Military, our Vets, Crime, and the Second Amendment,” the statement read. “He has also been a fabulous Chief Executive for his State. Henry has my Complete and Total Endorsement as he runs for re-election!”

McMaster was one of Trump’s earliest supporters, according to PBS. Trump endorsed McMaster in his first full-term gubernatorial campaign in 2018.

Crapo, who has held his position since 1999, is up for re-election in 2022. He had voted against convicting Trump in the former president’s second impeachment trial.

“Mike is tough on Crime, Strong on the Border, and fights for our Military and our Vets,” Trump said in his statement. “He will continue to be a Champion for our Second Amendment and the great Outdoorsmen and Women of Idaho and the USA.”

Griffin previously announced his intention to run for governor of Arkansas but withdrew his nomination after Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined the race, NBC affiliate KARK reported.

“Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, who is running for Attorney General, is a highly respected Army Veteran who will always fight for the great people of Arkansas,” Trump said in his statement. “Tim will be tough on Crime, defend our Second Amendment, loves our Military and our Vets, and will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the brave Men and Women of Law Enforcement.”




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