The Dark Winter of the Great Reset

As we enter the last month of the year, the geopolitical tectonic plates continue to shift and roll, transforming the world as we once know it. The struggle for freedom to express its voice amid the din of propaganda or share its ideas under blanket censorship becomes increasingly difficult. Now, with the U.S. Presidential Election corrupted and thrown into doubt, who can the people trust? What institutions can they believe in?

In 2020, the Architects of the Plandemic plunged societies from one crisis to another, with the COVID-19 outbreak enabling them to launch Phase One of their plan: The demolition of global economies—the gateway to one world governance. The lockdowns wiped out the middle class with razor efficiency, shuttering businesses, and, more strategically, eliminating competitors on behalf of the big corporate gatekeepers.

The campaign carried out under the cover of “saving lives,” the temporary shelter-in-place orders, at first, launched the global coup on freedom followed by the rollout of the Great Reset agenda from its conspiracy shadow.

If the globalists’ plan for the 9/11 attacks were to unite people, then they created COVID-19 as a wedge to divide the masses.

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The World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab, co-creator of the Great Reset plan—renamed the United Nations’ stigmatized Agenda 21/2030 programs—has taken the lead of the alliance of the UN, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and other key partners. They include nations in Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, among others.

In 2015, the alliance countries pledged their support of and sovereignty to the UN’s one world governance, behind the mask of the climate change agenda. By doing so, they discarded the safeguards of their citizens and oaths to their charters and constitutions.

Last May, 191 member nations pledged billions of dollars to support the global fight against COVID-19. While diverting billions of dollars in taxpayers’ money to the new order, they imposed curfews and lockdowns, while financing surveillance of people’s behavior, state of mind, and online anti-vaccine rhetoric. All of the national leaders pledged on camera reading from the same script.

All except the United States, which under President Trump promised the sovereignty of the United States, with firm borders, clear paths to citizenship, and no room for socialism. His tact to launch Operation Warp Speed, in order to procure COVID vaccines in record time for a coronavirus vaccine that had failed four times in the past, never reaching human trials, confounded many of his supporters.

The counterintuitive strategy, however, put vaccine safety and development on center stage. The clarion call aroused scores of scientists and medical doctors to question the data and validity of the vaccine trials, and whether immunizations are needed today amid a crumbling COVID second wave narrative. Under close scrutiny, “cases” from the misleading PCR tests and less “excess” deaths compared to 2019 are puncturing all pretenses of a raging pandemic.

As a result of Operation Warp Speed, public sentiment in obediently taking vaccines has cratered. In the 60 Minutes episode on the vaccine ‘Manhattan Project,’ in which registered nurse, Judith Persichilli, the Commissioner of New Jersey Department of Health, admitted a statewide survey that produced 40 percent of the doctors and 60 percent of the nurses and medical staff won’t take the COVID-19 vaccine when made available. The damage of vaccines as a cure-all has been done.

WATCH: At the 10-minute mark.

The coup to remove President Trump from office began on January 15, 2020. That fateful Wednesday, three events emerged to deprive the president of victory and saddle him in a legal battle, diverting his administration’s focus on the impending pandemic coming to America.

On the 15th, President Trump signed Phase One of the China trade deal. In no coincidence, the first case of COVID in the United States flew from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak, and landed in Seattle. That same day, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, along with other Democrats, walked the Impeachment papers over to the White House to serve President Trump and gum up his time and energy defending himself and not the country from the novel virus. That cruel act neutered the opportunity to celebrate the economic victory of the China trade deal with the American people.

In the military, they call such a three-prong attack a SIOP: Single Integrated Operational Plan. This type of foreign and domestic coordinated attack would be relaunched with the color revolution riots over the summer, and again in October leading up to the U.S. Presidential Election.

With the full onslaught of mainstream media pushing a Biden victory and Big Tech “fact checkers” labeling any claims to the contrary as “false,” the SIOP planners came to believe that U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden won the election, by any means necessary. In doing so, they emboldened the World Economic Forum and its allies to promote the Great Reset as a forgone conclusion that will transform societies and lead to transhumanism via the DNA-altering vaccines and synthetic foods to come in 2021.

Confident of the SIOP victory, the World Health Organization has begun to speak more openly and authoritatively, unconcerned by any backlash about its global plans.

Dr. Michael Ryan, Director of Global Alert and Response at the WHO, urged all nations to probe and surveil “all forms of gatherings that lead to people congregating are moving en masse and how they are going to de-risk those processes.”

In other words, the WHO has signaled to its member nations and blue cities and states in America to crack down hard in December through the start of a dark winter, the Christmas holiday, and deep into the New Year. The second round of lockdowns in Europe, however, have started to backfire. Recently, Protesters in Paris set fire to the central bank of France. In London, mass crowds clashed with police leading to 150 arrests while dividing political parties in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s post-lockdown tier system of government. In Germany, the protests have grown more vocal and radicalized as more restrictions were placed on people and businesses.

The second hard lockdown in Canada have produced two trends that will likely spread to other Western nations. The first, a depressed 90-year-old woman, trapped in her apartment alone, asked to be euthanized and Canadian authorities obliged by doing the deed. Even more insidious, knowing the lockdowns will ruin businesses, the Canadian government ruled that for “bridge” loans to keep companies afloat, they demand equity stakes in the entities. Not a loan and investment. And not an investment a theft knowing that future waves of lockdowns would kill those businesses. The transfer of asset would go to the IMF, in a new dark model of financial engineering.

In Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom the Great Reset plan all along was to strip people and businesses of their assets, relieve them of their debt, and empower the IMF to reclaim the homes and properties. The final phase of the plan would be to move the downtrodden people into empty office and apartment buildings in cities across the country, with many of those gleaming structures being built in the last decade.

Beyond launching the Great Reset, the unleashing of COVID-19 Plandemic in 2020 served another purpose: To cover up the financial crimes of the IMF, World Bank, and central bank systems, while insulating the criminals of the parasitic, global, fiat banking system that have burden people, businesses, and nations with unsurmountable debt.

Exceptional at detonating markets every five to ten years, the global banking system has stolen trillions of dollars from people through inflation, decades-old short-selling scheme, and other mass wealth transfers offshore, with intellectual property theft given rise to Communist China.

Today, the one world alliance is on the cusp of a global coup. A coup that will come down the outcome of the United States Election.

Seeing through the COVID lies and masking of the financial crimes, bankrupting heavily in debt nations, more scientists, doctors, and professionals have had enough and began to risk their livelihoods and reputations by speaking out against the false narratives. In the year-long awakening of the general public, they understood COVID cases are a sham. The misused PCR tests are neither clinical nor diagnostic. In a Portuguese court, a judge ruled the PCR tests are “unreliable” and “unlawful.”

Former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon took it a step further, stating, “The pandemic ended back in April. There’s no need for a vaccine.”

Today, the world is suffering from is a “testing epidemic.” Other long-planned cons by the Architects included the people’s submission to masks, mandatory social distancing, while using the COVID “umbrella” term to inflate the number of infections and spread of the virus, as well as deploy the press and social media platforms to pump fear daily.

You see, the sleight of hand testing is an illusion. The PCR tests don’t identify the specific virus: SARS-CoV-2. No, the tests cloud the results of all nanoscopic RNA fragments that come from seasonal flu, SARS-CoV-2, if present, other coronaviruses, 5G/EMF cell breakage, cancer and chemo therapy cell excretion, and more. They don’t tell viral loads or whether anyone is sick from the virus. By increasing the amplification cycles of the PCR tests, they can guarantee 100 percent false positives, allowing them to toggle the “case” numbers up or down against public sentiment

The outbreak has been a con—a charade to usher in the Great Reset, with all its population reductionist goals, while cover up their century-old financial crimes and ignition of wars and regime change.

Like the COVID-19 narrative that is collapsing, the “no fraud” U.S. Election narrative is imploding as well. It is being exposed everyday under the avalanche of evidence spilling forth, from foreign servers flipping votes and the “dead” voting, to truckloads of Biden ballots being shipped across state lines after the election ended and the Dominion Voting Systems company being sold to China one month before the election.

With the COVID and election narratives collapsing, the false ideals and dark models of the Great Reset will collapse next.


James Grundvig

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Warp Speed vs. The Great Reset

Hello friends and fellow patriots, this is John Michael Chambers. The following is an exclusive special report which will premiere on “Making Sense of the Madness” daily broadcast. This is part of an ongoing series of reports researched and submitted by independent investigative journalists and contributors. What you are about to view, may be considered to be a disruptive uncomfortable truth. Information that is not typically addressed in the main stream media but we consider the information to be not only timely, but of great importance. The following is a transcript of the special report featured on Making Sens of The Madness and was written and submitted by investigative journalist, James Grundvivg. Welcome to your life. Welcome to the great awakening. Be sure to share this far and wide.

Warp Speed vs. The Great Reset

The source of the 2020 coronavirus can be found in the human genetic code, animating from the elites’ CRISPR snips of greed, control, and tyranny inserted into their DNA. At first, they talked about “flattening the curve” to reopen economies. Then, Bill Gates warned that only a vaccine would return society to normal. By September, the United Nations’ secretary-general and the World Health Organization’s Director Tedros held press conferences, stating the world “can’t go back to the way things were” since it needs to “limit global warning and ensure sustainable post-pandemic recovery plans. ”And yet, seven months into the global outbreak in the West, the Architects of the Plandemic continue to push fear on thousands of new daily cases and propagandize Lockdown 2.0. To the public at large, none of the media blitz or government admonishments make any sense. There is no data to support a second wave of the coronavirus; no trend for governments to impose hard, more draconian lockdowns as a result of “hot spots.”

With COVID deaths and hospitalizations flatlining for months, the testing kits are the only magic trick they have left. The PCR tests amplify low viral or non-existent loads, whether from a coronavirus or flu strain. Thus, second attempts at lockdowns are based on the hyperinflation of bogus numbers—not due to an increase in the virus spreading. Those in power still seek to close down the world by deploying the ruse of a testing epidemic. It’s not just the United States, parts of Europe have lost their minds over the COVID Hoax. In Birmingham, England, the city council directed the army to go door-to-door and force residents to comply in taking the faulty tests. Home to the 19th century eugenics pioneer Francis Galton, Birmingham intends to “swab” every resident, not only to “cook” the testing data, but also to collect people’s DNA. At the end of September, mass protests in London produced the public arrests of German Doctors Heiko Schoning and Sucharit Bhakdi. They were never charged. The authorities confiscated their laptops, smartphones, and Bhakdi’s book, Coronavirus False Alarm, instead. Once freed from jail, Dr. Schoning stated they had been arrested for telling the truth about the COVID lies and that the World Bank ginned up the pandemic to hide its own corruption from the 2008 financial crash.

In New York State, Governor Cuomo came out challenging the U.S. federal government’s authority on reviewing and approving COVID-19 vaccines from HHS’ Operation Warp Speed. Suffering from the effects of “absolute power” during the national epidemic, Cuomo doesn’t trust the CDC and FDA-approved vaccines. No, he will rely on Merck and pharma consultant McKinsey & Company to provide advice. Promising to buy two doses of a future unnamed COVID vaccine for each New Yorker will cost the near-bankrupt state hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire 40 million doses on its own. Earlier in the year, Governor Cuomo and his pharma advisors were responsible for the thousands of nursing home deaths of the elderly across the state. Are the people of New York going to trust industry over science on COVID vaccines?

On the other end of the political spectrum, President Trump continues to cheer on Operation Warp Speed. That despite the crowd, at a recent Trump rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, chanting: “No vaccines… No vaccines… No vaccines…”Over the summer, pharma-controlled media publicized the narrative of Operation Warp Speed, aiming to deliver four to five COVID vaccines by year end. While President Trump jumped on the pro-vaccine bandwagon, cheering on the fight against the “invisible enemy,” UN General-Secretary Antonio Guterres championed defeating the “common enemy.” One enemy is invisible—the virus. The other enemy is common—global warming. When one dissects what Guterres’ meant, the socialist wasn’t focused on the deadly virus, but climate change. Why, when, and how did the shift in narrative happen?

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The Great Reset

Looking beneath the surface on the planning for the pandemic, one can see another parallel Warp Speed project shadow the true Operation Warp Speed. The latter Warp Speed, provided unlimited resources to combat the coronavirus outbreak. The shadow Warp Speed aims to reset the world in a globalist, top-down socialist agenda. At the core of the shadow project sits on the Davos throne the World Economic Forum, with its partners in the UN, the WHO, and the Gates Foundation spearheading the rapid change through the virus-vaccine hoax. They acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic represented a “narrow window of opportunity” to impose their vision over humanity. To complete the transformation, the globalists need another six more months of hard lockdowns. Why? That is the time they calculated they need to break the backs of small to medium size businesses, make hundreds of millions homeless and unemployed, while control every aspect of their lives afterwards. Called The Great Reset, all critical data will flow from industries and technology gatekeepers back to the Global New Order and its big data platform. That will empower the top-level masters to surveil all people, to control all resources, and to influence the fate of all individuals, families, and businesses.

Under Trump, Operation Warp Speed has exposed vaccine risks and the invasive, genetically-altering technology. It has revealed COVID vaccine adverse events, including temporary polio-like paralysis and neurological symptoms aimed at stripping empathy and the human soul from the mind. Instead of “anti-vaxxers” crying foul, for the first time in memory, doctors and scientists began to question and challenge the legitimacy of vaccine making at “warp speed.” The president revealed medical fault lines, while weaponized fast-track vaccine making to attack his political opponents as “anti-vaxxed.” Suddenly, they are calling out for HHS and the FDA to tap the brakes on the vaccine race. But the true race was always about Operation Warp Speed versus The Great Reset. That sprint started when the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic emergency on March 11. Two days later on Friday the 13th, President Trump wrote an executive order declaring a national emergency.

The emergency declaration gave the president special powers. But it infused the Dept. of Health & Human Services extraordinary powers to super fast-track a coronavirus vaccine. The executive order also automatically triggered a cascade of events, activating the 2004 BioShield Act, among other laws, that delivered to the Food and Drug Administration Emergency Use Authorization. The FDA is the ultimate authority on approving a safe and effective COVID vaccine—not renegade New York Governor Cuomo.

HHS Warp Speed

What many fear in the coming second lockdowns is that the real motives are all tied to the November 3rd U.S. Presidential Election, and not protecting the public from a runaway virus. While President Trump fights many of the Blue States over unconstitutional and illegal lockdowns, other states such as South Dakota, which never shutdown, and Florida’s Governor DeSantis just lifted all restrictions. This vaccine/reset tug-of-war is more than political. It represents the global fight between freedom and tyranny. And while many worry about President Trump pushing the pro- vaccine agenda on COVID, the good news is there will be no such vaccine ready at scale until next year, or well after the election.

2004 – BioShield Act

2020 FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)


Operation Warp Speed is exposing The Great Reset’s virus as a smokescreen, and its climate change agenda as a Trojan horse ready to usher in the New World Order. There is far more at stake than the geopolitical balance of the world. At risk for humans around the world is losing their way of life, their survival and well-being. With blinders off, people will awaken and see the globalists’ real goal for what it is: To instill a police state and then crash economies for full totalitarian control. The way out of the 2020 disaster is the same way President Trump led United States into the pandemic. Post-election, Trump can write a new executive order declaring the national pandemic emergency over. That would automatically remove HHS’ special powers, defund the CDC, and neuter the FDA by removing its Emergency Use Authority. Game over. Such an executive order could defund and stop Operation Warp Speed in its tracks. Then a new executive order could be written to completely end the pandemic: Make the FDA-approved hydroxychloroquine over the counter and available to all Americans. President Trump can further lift the veil on vaccine manufacturing secrecy by creating a Vaccine Safety Commission. Such moves would be game, set, match for the COVID pandemic hoax.

What’s Next?

What will the masters of the NWO do then? The Deep State and Shadow Government will stop at nothing. We are at a crossroads for humanity. It’s either us-or them. This one is for all the marbles and this story is not yet over. We have an awesome responsibility to expose the lies and crimes and to reveal the truth. Freedom? It’s up to us. This is John Michael Chambers. Thank you for viewing this special report be sure to share it far and wide. And remember, stay the course, trust the plan,  heed the call for WWG1WGA. God Bless.

Buckle down. Pray. Stay safe. Stay the course and trust the plan. Freedom? It’s up to us!


©John Michael Chambers. All rights reserved.