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Former ‘Teacher Of The Year’ Facing 150-Year Sentence For Allegedly Grooming Student

A second victim has been identified in additional sexual misconduct charges against former 2022 San Diego “Teacher of the Year,” Jacqueline Ma, according to a recently amended complaint.

Police initially arrested and charged the 34-year-old teacher from Lincoln Acres Elementary School in March after engaging in sexual misconduct with a 12-year-old student, according to the Times of San Diego. Now, Ma is accused of performing and attempting a lewd act upon yet another minor under the age of 14, identified as John Doe 2, in early 2020, the outlet noted.

At the moment, it is unclear whether John Doe 2 was a former student of Ma’s or not, but it is confirmed that one of the charged offenses allegedly occurred in a classroom, per the Times.

Ma was initially accused of grooming a student, identified as John Doe 1, through sexual acts and the exchange of illicit photographs, the outlet reported. Prosecutors described Ma’s behavior toward the teen as “obsessive, possessive, controlling and dangerous,” per the Times.

Leading to her arrest, a concerned parent suspected that her son was “possibly having an inappropriate relationship with a former teacher,” the National City Police Department stated.

When she was apprehended in March, authorities also discovered a photograph of the victim in her wallet, along with jewelry bearing his initials and love letters addressed to him in her classroom, Deputy District Attorney Drew Hart reported.

Ma is now held in custody without bail on a total of 19 felony counts. If found guilty, the former teacher could face over 150 years to life in state prison, the Times reported.




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UK VIDEO: Muslim Rape Gang Survivor Reveals At Least 500,000 Non-Muslim Girls Have Been Raped by Muslims

Ella Hill is a survivor of a Rotherham Muslim rape gang. Recently she was interviewed on Triggernometry, a British interview and discussion program run by two comedians, Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster. During the interview, she revealed that Muslim rape gangs had sexually abused at least 500,000 non-Muslim girls. The victims were particularly white girls, but there have been many other victims as well, such as Sikh girls.

This is unbelievable. It is a national scandal which politicians still fail to mention. Many argue that the number of victims abused by Muslim rape gangs actually exceeds one million, but even if Ella Hill is correct and there have been only half a million victims, that is bad enough. Many more survivors of these “grooming gangs” are now speaking out. Their cases are unbelievable, as they explain how the Muslim gangs tortured and intimidated young non-Muslim girls.

The UK Home office has still failed to publish its report on the “grooming gangs.” Its reason for keeping the report under wraps most likely involve the fact that the rape gangs were made up of the wrong perpetrators, and targeted the wrong victims, for the mainstream narrative.

Furthermore, Ella also emphasised the fact that when she was abused by the Muslim rape gang, authorities and police did not even care in the slightest, because they feared being called ‘racist’ for doing their job. The scandals that have been exposed in numerous cities are horrific. The failure of the police is horrendous. Another survivor, Sammy Woodhouse, stated that when she was raped by Muslims, the police arrested her while she was in bed with the rapist, instead of arresting the rapist. That is how shocking this rape jihad is.

In this interview, Ella also mentioned that her rapists were ‘religiously motivated’. This is a key fact which many people, particularly Britain’s corrupt MPs and police continue to ignore.

The Koran advocates the rape of infidel women and girls numerous times; see verses 4:3, 4:24, 23:6, and 33:50. It also emphasises that Muslims can have sex with underage girls; see surah 65:4. These Muslim rape gangs have proliferated in numerous cities is because of Islamic ideology. This fact has been concealed by the elites, such as the Muslim former prosecutor Nazir Afzal. He denies that the perpetrators were committing their evil deeds because of Islam. He must know that this is a complete lie.

White non-Muslim girls that have been predominantly the targets because of another belief which originates from Islam, that white sex slaves bring a higher reward to their owners. Mohammed had a white sex slave called Miriam a Coptic Christian. This practice has been emulated all over the Islamic world through fourteen centuries of jihad. Even the supposed Islamic Golden Age in Spain included Muslims taking sex slaves, because they were emulating Mohammed.

It is absolutely disgusting how the authorities have allowed this to happen for decades.



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