Iraq warns jihad terror ‘spillover’ will affect entire world

This is why Hillary Clinton is wrong when she says, “This has to be fought by and won by the Iraqis.” This is not an Iraqi civil war. It is a much larger conflict than that — but that is something that the likes of Hillary Clinton are not disposed to admit.

Al Mutlaq is obviously correct when he says, “Terrorism is not plaguing Iraq alone but is spilling over. If it does, it will affect the stability and security of the whole world.” But in the West, our governments are pretending that the ever-increasing number of Muslims plotting jihad attacks in accord with calls from the Islamic State, and the also increasing number of Muslims trying to join the Islamic State, do not collectively constitute any manner of challenge that need be met with anything other than “outreach” and assurances that they’re aware that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam.

“Iraq warns terror ‘spillover’ will affect entire world,” by Dan Perry, Times of Israel, May 24, 2015:

SOUTHERN SHUNEH, Jordan (AP) — Mideast-weary though it may be, the international community has a duty and an interest in helping the countries of the region both rebuff violent extremists and fix the refugee crisis that in part has resulted from the fight with them — that was the message coming from the regional World Economic Forum Saturday.

“In Iraq and the region as a whole, the biggest challenge we face is extremism and terrorism, but this has repercussions at the international level,” said Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi.

“Terrorism is not plaguing Iraq alone but is spilling over,” agreed Saleh Muhammed Al Mutlaq, Iraq’s deputy prime minister. “If it does, it will affect the stability and security of the whole world. We cannot expect that any Arab country can fight terrorism without the help of the international community.”…


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