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GOP Presidential Primary Candidates Must Focus Like A Laser On Democrat Joe ‘Benedict’ Biden’s Radical Agenda

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“Power corrupts. And, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” — Lord Acton, English Catholic historian, politician, and writer.

As we approach the 2024 primary elections it is imperative for those running as Republicans focus on Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. and his administration. This will keep the field of candidates focused on the real problem and allow a broad discussion on the current politics and policies of the incumbent and the Democrat Party.

To help every GOP primary candidate should, rather must, read R. Thompson’s “Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order.” This short 137 page book lays out in great detail the political life, policy choices and political focus of their opponent and the Democrat Party.

R. Thompson in the forward to “Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order.” wrote,

We will show that Joe Biden has been involved all his life with movements to bring about the total reconstruction of American society…In the process of exposing Biden’s agenda and his life, we will show that what we have been witnessing is not what the conservatives refer to as incompetence, frailty, or mistakes. The more accurate term—which conservatives never like to use—is treason.

R. Thompson noted, “[B]oth Democrats and Republicans, have not used the evidence of his positions against him to really expose his thinking.

Today many patriots are asking: Why are certain politicians from the school house to the White House intent on destroying American Exceptionalism and replacing it with an authoritarian government?

R. Thompson’s book exposes the truth behind this movement to bring about the deterioration of our nation by attacking our faith, families and freedoms.

Thompson writes,

“His [Biden’s] first stab at running for office resulted in his election to the New Castle County (Delaware) Council on a liberal platform. In 1972, he was elected U.S. senator from Delaware…He ran on a platform of environmentalism, withdrawal from Vietnam, civil rights, healthcare, etc.

[ … ]

He later met and married is second wife, Jill, in 1977. The location of their wedding offers an important insight into Biden’s thinking.

Both were residents of Delaware, but they married in New York City, at the United Nations Chapel. They then honeymooned behind the Iron Curtain, in the communist Hungarian People’s Republic, rather an odd place for a U.S. senator. Keep in mind that this was at the height of the Cold War with the USSR and its satellites. Not a very ‘American’ thing to do—especially for a senator.

[ … ]

The UN Chapel is just across the street from the UN building, and houses offices of Church Women United, the American Baptists, the Presbyterians, the World Council of Churches, the Methodist Division of World Peace, the United Church of Christ, and the Angelicin Observer at the UN.

It is the hub of the Christian organizations within the New World Order agenda.

The fact that Biden was married there says a great deal about his faith and what his politics were as a junior senator. (An interesting fact is the Biden’s sister, Valerie—who played a major role in all of his campaigns—was also married in the United Nations Chapel.”

According to the United Nations Chapel’s website, “Church and Society holds a non-governmental, consultative status with the United Nations. This status allows us to participate in UN meetings, consultations and conferences. Through this ministry, the church joins God in the work of social transformation.”

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and the New World Order

On April 23rd, 1992 then Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s European Affairs Subcommittee Biden published an article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “How I learned to Love the New World Order.” Biden wrote,

Why doesn’t the Journal stop the name calling, get its schools sorted out, and court an honest debate over America’s proper role in the new world order?

[ … ]

Rather than denigrating collective security, we should regularize the kind of multilateral response we assembled for the Gulf War. Why not breathe life into the U.N. Charter? It envisages a permanent commitment of forces, for use by the Security Council. That means a presumption of collective action-but with a U.S. veto.

[ … ]

If Pentagon strategists and their knee-jerk supporters could broaden their horizons, they would see how our superpower status is best assured. We must lean militarily, revitalize American economic strength, and exercise a diplomatic leadership that puts new muscle into institutions of collective security. [Emphasis added]

Thompson also reported that in 1991 Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. “[G]ave a series of speeches in the Senate, which he later compiled into a booklet and distributed, called On the Threshold of the New World Order: The Wilsonian Vision and American Foreign Policy in the 1990s and Beyond.” Biden wrote about:

  • A four part agenda that ties American interests into multilateralism rather than independence.
  • The imperative to “cementing the democratic foundation of a New World Order.”
  • And “bringing the world’s major nations into a concert of cooperating democracies.” NOTE: America is a Constitutional Republic not a democracy.
  • “A great realization has dawned worldwide that man-made changes, are profoundly perilous for Man himself.”

In fact the Biden presidential campaign slogan of “Build Back Better” was originally derived in 2015 at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Reduction. This Build Back Better slogan is now repeated in dozens of United Nations initiatives listed on its website.

Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order is a must read for every 2024 candidate and the American people.

Chinese general Sun Tzu wrote, “Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.”

In order to defeat Benedict Biden and his administrations new world order agenda we the people must understand where he came from and why he is what he is. A man on a mission to fundamentally transform America into a pawn of the United Nations, the Worlds Economic Forum, World Health Organization and numerous other world governance organizations.

R. Thompson concludes with these words,

“The extent of the Biden agenda was not well known when he was a senator or vice president, though glimpses of it had been evident over the years. Once he became president, however, the scope of that agenda—as well as where he intends to lead the country—reared its ugly head…But, where does the Biden agenda lead? There is only one place, and it is the same place that all leftist philosophy ultimately leads. The ultimate end of the Left’s extremism is the gulag.”

Benedict Biden’s gulag is here. If you don’t understand just ask those imprisoned since January 20th, 2021 by this regime.

Perhaps it’s time for the U.S. House of Representatives to create a bi-partisan J20 Select Committee on Biden and his regime? That’s a topic for our next column.

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