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Gwen Berry. You ingrate, you better thank God you live in America.

I have been leaving off writing the story of this racist woman, Olympian Gwen Berry, mainly due to the fact I was so incensed at her actions I knew I couldn’t write an article that did not resort to words and language I would never usually write.

My disgust for this woman runs deep. Her history of racism is long. Her history of bringing her evil brand of activism to the world of sport is long. Her main sponsor is an organization called “ Color of Change.” This is the largest online racial justice group founded by Van Jones, a member of the Obama administration and a director of Move On. They are also a huge sponsor of the defund the police movement. The German corporation PUMA is also a sponsor of her. I suggest an immediate boycott of Puma.

She outdid herself when she came in third, grabbing the last place on the US Olympic Team in the hammer throwing team. This vile woman turned her back on the flag as the national anthem was played and then draped her head in some black power type t shirt with the words “ Activist Athlete”.

What a disgrace. I would rather we pulled out of that event that allowed her anywhere near it as a representative of the United States of America. She does not represent this country or the majority of its citizens. She is disgusting and vile. She is pushing for a race war along with all her fellow extremists.

She has doubled down on her hatred of America since that event saying that the anthem does not mean anything to her but hatred. It does not represent her or her kind! Her kind? Black racist anti America militants who blame America for everything but do not know what they are talking about. They do not know how well off they are here in America. How great they have it. They are ignorant. Filled with hatred and anger and their souls are dead as they belong to the devil.

I was listening to an interview with a North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park, when she spoke about Gwen Berry. Her words were prophetic and I only wish people like Gwen would have heard, listened and learnt. I know, however, their souls and minds are closed. They are mostly lost souls.

Miss Park was astonished that anyone could do what this Gwen woman did. Snubbing the National Anthem was unthinkable to her. These were her words copied directly.

“In North Korea, people who are actually oppressed don’t even know they’re oppressed,” Park explained. “The fact that she’s complaining about oppression and systemic racism — she does not understand that she’s so privileged.”

“If she was North Korean, not only herself will be executed, but also eight generations of her family can be sent to political prison camp and execution.”

Yeomni Parks was herself sold as a slave to China at the age of 13. She knows what slavery is. Gwen does not. She never will. She is a spoilt woman with a life style most people in socialist, communist or dictatorial countries wouldn’t even dare to dream about. They couldn’t dream of.

She and her ilk talk about white privilege but I say all Americans, of all colors, are privileged, including this evil woman with a talent for throwing a hammer that has enriched her and given her a life of privilege.

Here are more words from this North Korean brave incredible woman.

“The fact that she’s complaining about this country, the most tolerant country, she doesn’t really understand history,” she said. “I was a slave … I was sold in China in 2007 as a child at 13 years old. The people actually called slavery under Chinese Communist Party in North Korea. There is actual injustice.” Park continued saying “that while Berry is taking her freedom as an American for granted, there are “people dying to come to America at this very moment.”

When she says dying she means it literally. They lose their lives to risk it all to come to America.

She suggested Berry go live in a country such as North Korea so she could truly learn what oppression really looks like. Maybe then she could understand how great America has been to her and maybe, just maybe, understand what liberty and freedom she has here. I am not holding my breath here!

By the way her net worth is listed between $1M – 5M! She had a child out of wedlock from a relationship in high school at the age of 15. She calls herself a Christian. She has a degree from Southern Illinois University in psychology and criminal justice. The WH, by the way, supports her protest! Shocked? No, neither am I. Does she sound like she has led an oppressed life? Not to me nor most people in America. Kinda sounds like the American Dream.

As an immigrant myself, I have been constantly sickened by these so called protest groups like professional sports players, politicians, BLM, Antifa, MSM, New Black Panthers among others who have disrespected our flag, our pledge, our religion, our military, our law enforcement, our babies right to life, our constitution, our freedoms, our liberties and our Founding Fathers.

These scum make me sick.

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