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Don’t Trick Yourself into Buying from These Companies This Halloween

Last week, we urged you to treat yourself with Halloween necessities from H-E-B, Great Pretenders, and Spirit Halloween. These are companies which put you over politics. If you missed it, here’s the link for you to read!

Today, we’ll be asking you to say “Boo” to three companies which put politics over customers. These are companies which rank poorly on 2ndVote’s 1-5 scale for their donations and company policies.

  • Kroger (1.70) is the parent company to grocery store chains like its own name brand, Harris-Teeter, and QFC. The company ranks at just 1.70 on the 2ndVote scale as it scores a 1.00 in all categories except its 5.00 in Basic Freedoms.
  • Amazon (1.62) is the world’s largest retailer. They rank at 1.62 with 2ndVote because of their opposition to Basic Freedoms like religious liberty and speech, and their environmental radicalism. Amazon also scores a 1.00 in each category except for our 2nd Amendment category which earns a 4.70.
  • Target (2.31) is one of middle-class America’s favorite places to go for everything retail. However, the company has also endangered women’s privacy and safety through its decision to allow men to use women’s restrooms and changing rooms. With scores of 1.00 in each category except a 4.86 in Basic Freedoms and a 4.97 in Civil-Safe Society.

If you would like to see changes in these scores, use YOUR voice to call them out. Contact them through our website with these links: KrogerAmazon, and Target.

It’s important to treat – and not trick – yourself when it comes to Halloween. We encourage you to spend your hard-earned money with companies like Spirit Halloween, H-E-B, and Great Pretenders this Halloween season!

EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

DELAWARE: Citizens Hosting Hunter’s Laptop Halloween #ScaryJoeBiden Protest at Joe Biden’s Home

On Saturday, October 31, concerned citizens from Delaware and beyond will gather at the home of Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, to condemn the incriminating evidence found on his son, Hunter’s, laptop and to protest the media and big tech attempt to sway the election by silencing the truth.

Costumed protesters will enact scenes at both locations.


  • 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. – Protest at Biden’s home at 1209 Barley Mill Rd., Wilmington, DE  19807
  • 1 – 3 p.m. – Protest at Independence Hall at 520 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA


More information about the protests:

The protests/rallies scheduled for Halloween will join the forces of several local pro-life and pro-family groups fed up with the corruption and scandal that Joe Biden represents. This is our last chance before the election to draw attention to that corruption and we hope to have HUNDREDS join us, particularly in Philadelphia, but need local folks to turn up at Biden’s home in the morning.

Here are more specific details about the HALLOWEEN protests in Wilmington and Philadelphia on October 31, 2020:

  • We will gather at 10:30 a.m. in Greenville Crossing Shopping Center parking lot in Greenville, Delaware where the Janssen’s Market is. (Route 52 and Buck Rd.) From there we will carpool to Biden’s home at 1209 Barley Mill Rd.
  • We MUST enter from Route 141, per the police, who will hold traffic for the duration of our rally – approximately 15 minutes or longer, as they have done in the past.
  • Afterwards, we will return to Janssen’s so that people may get their cars, or again carpool to Philadelphia for the rally at Independence Hall (502 Chestnut St.).
  • Parking is available on the street or in a garage. Parkway Curtis Center garage is across the street on 605 Samson St and the Park America garage at 615 Chestnut Street.
  • PLEASE wear costumes, such as striped jail outfits, Biden masks, devils, and we need one Lady Liberty! There will be some available, but we need your help to be creative in drawing attention to the Biden scandals! If anyone has a discarded laptop they won’t mind getting smashed, please bring it – and a hammer!!
  • PLEASE make homemade signs for the occasion and bring them to both locations. Some ideas:
    • BLM 
    • Biden Crime Family
    • Say NO to Biden’s Laptop Matters!
    • Lock ‘Em Up!
    • Traitor Joe!
  • We will also need people to take pix and video and post to social media as it is happening.

For more information, visit www.scaryjoeprotests.com

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Walmart drops Israeli Soldier Halloween costume after Muslim pressure

This is the same strategy that Islamic supremacists and their Leftist allies employ against counter-jihad speakers and writers: manufacture a controversy over their supposedly unacceptable opinions, such that people are afraid to have them speak or feature their work, for fear of accusations of “racism” and “bigotry.” They’re trying to rule resistance to jihad outside the bounds of acceptable discourse. Getting this costume taken off the market, while the keffiyeh remains, is all part of the same motion: only one point of view, only one set of political opinions, is now acceptable in the mainstream; all others are demonized and marginalized.

idf costume

“Walmart Axes Pro-Israel Halloween Costume Under Pressure From Activist Groups,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, October 28, 2015:

Six-thousand people have joined a social media campaign opposing Walmart after it pulled a pro-Israel Halloween costume from its website following pressure from activists.

Walmart removed a children’s costume depicting an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier from its website late on Thursday due to pressure from activists who deemed it “offensive” and “problematic.”

However, Walmart continues to sell a keffiyeh head wrap that often has been used a symbol of violence and resistance against the Jewish state.

The Israel Project, a pro-Israel organization based in Washington, D.C., responded by launching a social media blitz aimed at shaming Walmart and accusing it of not supporting the Jewish state as a result of its decision to pull the IDF costume.

The organization’s campaign, which accuses the retail giant of caving “to anti-Israel hate,” has attracted 6,000 signatures to a petition urging Walmart to continue selling the costume, according to information provided by the organization.

Walmart’s decision to remove the costume comes amid a surge in Palestinian terrorism that has killed several Israelis and wounded many more over the past several weeks. Pro-Palestinian activists have accused Israel of using too much force during the effort to protect civilians from the terrorist campaign.

“Israeli soldiers are heroes. They fight every day to protect innocents from terror,” the Israel Project wrote on its Facebook page. “But Walmart removed an Israeli army costume from their website. Why? They surrendered to a vicious hate campaign—a campaign to demonize Israel. If you support Israel, you must take action now.”

“Tell Walmart: Stand up against anti-Israel hate,” the petition states.

Walmart and other retailers have also removed a costume depicting an Arab individual with an exaggerated long nose.

Both that outfit and the IDF costume were removed after pro-Palestinian activists launched a pressure campaign online and elsewhere.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, an anti-Israel organization that has come under fire from human rights organizations, described the IDF outfit as “problematic” and claimed that the costume promotes “fear” and “violence.”

“The costumes are very problematic, and offensive to many people,” said Samer Khalaf, the committe’s [sic] president, in a statement. “The Israeli forces are responsible for the continued death and occupation of the Palestinian people. Such a symbol of fear, violence and a long history of dispossession should not be used for entertainment purposes.”

Omri Ceren, the group’s managing director, criticized Walmart for caving to pressure while continuing to sell other items that some might consider offensive.

“Palestinian and Arab terrorists have spent the last month stabbing Israelis and Americans in the streets,” Ceren said. “Walmart is choosing to feature terrorist costumes but deny Americans the ability to side with Israel. It’s disgraceful.”


Sweden: Journalist stoned while trying to film in no-go zone

Muslim rapist to victim: “Islam allows it and we will do it”

Trick or Treat? Florida Medical and Law Enforcement Officials Highlight Dangers of Edible Marijuana Products

States where marijuana has been legalized grappling with danger of marijuana around children.

Florida children who go door to door for candy on Halloween may one day be at risk of receiving edible marijuana products if Amendment 2 comes to pass. This scary scenario isn’t the plot of an upcoming horror movie. According to medical and law enforcement officials, it’s a very real scenario playing out in states like California, Washington State and Colorado, where marijuana has been legalized.

“Allowing edible marijuana products to fall into the hands of kids is an unintended consequence of not only legalized marijuana use but also highly unregulated marijuana use,” said Dr. Alexander Garrard, Clinical Managing Director of the Washington Poison Control Center. “One of the major factors why we’ve had a spike in exposures is due to the lack of tight regulation in Washington State.”

VIDEO: Halloween Marijuana Edibles Warning

Florida’s proposed Amendment 2 could create the same dangers. It mandates that marijuana treatment centers be allowed to deal in food products containing marijuana, so lawmakers could not ban the sale of marijuana edibles that are attractive to children such as candies, cookies, and brownies. Any attempt by lawmakers to restrict marketing and sales of marijuana edibles is likely to be attacked and invalidated in court as unreasonable or not consistent with the right that Amendment 2 expressly creates.

“Edible marijuana products pose substantial challenges for law enforcement officers as we have seen in states where voters have legalized marijuana,” said Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger, a member of the Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot Coalition. “While parents should always be vigilant about the candy their children receive on Halloween, dealing with edible marijuana adds a new level of concern in states where it is legal. Florida parents do not need one more issue to cause concern.”

According to data presented by Dr. Garrard from the Washington Poison Center’s Toxic Trends Report, state officials have seen an increase in adult and pediatric marijuana exposures in 2014 that has surpassed all reported exposures in 2013 alone. Washington State legalized marijuana as “medicine” in 1998 and for so-called recreational purposes in 2012. Dr. Garrard has warned, “The increasing availability of marijuana edibles and lack of child-resistant packaging may ultimately contribute to a further increasing trend in pediatric exposures.”

Of the reported cases of pediatric marijuana exposures in Washington State, an alarming 27 percent were cases involving children from 1 to 3 years old. Fifty-three percent were teens aged 13 to 19 years old. The cases reported by the Washington Poison Center are only those reported voluntarily.

Like in Washington State, officials in Colorado are urging caution over the use of edible marijuana products. Recent published reports have detailed an explosion of marijuana edibles that look like harmless candy treats flooding markets and unfortunately kitchen pantries. A May report in USA Today detailed the account of one individual, who consumed a marijuana edible and became “intensely sick and lost control of his body. By 90 minutes, he was hyperventilating, freaking out and heading to the emergency room.” The report also notes that Colorado lawmakers have been rushing to tighten state regulations. In the absence of these regulations, there have been two deaths and reported instances of “bizarre behavior as consumers eat powerful pot-infused food.”

“Drug dependency and addiction can begin as individuals are exposed to substances early in life,” said Ben Cort, Director of Professional Relations at the University of Colorado Hospital Center for Dependency, Addiction, and Rehabilitation. “Allowing these drugs to end up within reach of children is simply a disaster waiting to happen.”

To prepare for the first Halloween since marijuana has been made widely available in Colorado, Denver police officials have issued a warning as parents are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate between real candy and candy laced with pot. Edible marijuana products are known to use similar names as name brand products such as “Krondike Bars,” “Kif Kat bars,” “Jolly Jems,” and others.

“The challenges presented by legalizing marijuana have been widely noted across the country,” said drug policy expert and Drug Free America Foundation Executive Director Calvina Fay. “If you are a parent of a child, you should be aware that Amendment 2 will open the floodgates and expose our children to an enormous risk in the form of edible marijuana.”

dont let florida go to pot logoABOUT DON’T LET FLORIDA GO TO POT

The Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot coalition is a statewide public information campaign including elected officials such as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, House Speaker Will Weatherford and organizations such as the Florida Medical Association, Florida Sheriffs Association, Florida Chamber of Commerce, Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida, and the Florida Trucking Association. The coalition is a collective effort of local and state organizations working together to educate Floridians on the dangers of marijuana and efforts to allow marijuana for supposed medical uses in Florida. It is conducting an educational campaign on problems it sees with Amendment 2 which will be on the Florida ballot in November.