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Irony: Funeral of Garland, Texas AFDI Assailant will be held at KC Mosque that Sought to Ban Free Speech

The funeral for assailant Nadir Hamid Soofi of the Garland, Texas AFDI Muhammad Art Contest event   will be held Thursday, May 7, 2015 at The Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City (ICGKC) in Missouri.  The ICGKC is controlled by the Muslim American Society, an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. A  former leader  at the ICGKC, Mohammed Soltan,  who  led a national  blasphemy  petition campaign in 2012 denying free speech under  our First Amendment critical of a religion,  is currently on trial in Egypt  for his role in fomenting Muslim Brotherhood  riots in 2013.  Soofi, 34, and his Phoenix, Arizona roommate Elton Simpson, 30, were killed Sunday evening, May 3, 2015, in an apparent Jihad assault at an American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) sponsored event held at the Curtis Culwell Education Center in Garland, Texas. They were endeavoring to commit a mass shooting at the Garland AFDI event as punishment for the AFDI’s “blasphemous” sponsorship of Muhammad art event.  The causingfitna (CF) blog posted today on the Soofi funeral and the irony of ICGKC sponsorship of a blasphemy petition against free speech. The ICGKC petition was disclosed by noted counterterrorism expert Patrick Poole in 2012.

CF reported:

KCTV5 is reporting that the funeral for one of the Garland, Texas jihadists will be held this Thursday at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City. The text of the story does not mention the location, but a video report does mention the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City at the end of the video…….

While Nadir Soofi never lived in the metro his father lives in an Overland Park neighborhood near 158th Place with his wife, Nadir’s stepmother. A woman who came to the door at the home told KCTV5 that the family didn’t want to talk about what happened to Soofi.

Police say the 34-year-old and 30-year-old Elton Simpson opened fire at a Dallas area conference center on Sunday. An art exhibit and contest depicting the Prophet Mohammad was being held there.

They wounded a security guard before police shot back, killing both.

Sharon Soofi said her son was a devoted Muslim, but never thought he could hurt someone.

CF noted this about the ICGKC blasphemy petition:

Knowing that the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City put out a petition asking for President Obama to put a ban on Free Speech is an outrage. The ISGKC leadership [apparently espoused] the same end goal as the jihadists who attacked the cartoonists in Garland, Texas……. Infidels who should know their place, and be quiet. The petition asking for the ban on free speech was found.. first by CF and picked up by Patrick Poole who made clear the seriousness of the petition.

Kansas City media also reported on the blasphemy petition with opposing comments by a local ACLU attorney:

Watch this Channel 41 reported edited by CF:

Mohammed Solton seen in the Channel 41 report extolling the ICGKC Blasphemy petition against free speech  is currently on trial in Egypt for his involvement in organizing Muslim Brotherhood riots.  Patrick Poole in a March 9 2015, PJ Media  report wrote:

Egyptian-American Mohamed Soltan is currently on trial in Egypt for his role in organizing and directing the violent Muslim Brotherhood protests in 2013. The protests wracked Egypt following the massive June 30 protests that led to the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi.

Soltan is the oldest son of senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Salah Soltan, also in prison in Egypt on charges of inciting violence.

He is charged with being part of the operations cell that ran the main Muslim Brotherhood protest at the Raba’a Al Adeyawa mosque in Cairo. His cause has been touted by major U.S. media outlets, including the New York Times, as well as by prominent U.S. Islamic organizations. It was also highlighted on Twitter with the #FreeSoltan hashtag.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review.