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Harvey Weinstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein: These People Are Sick

Yes, I will get to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein in a moment but first this. Pedophilia is the Achilles Heel of the Deep State. I encourage you to click on the link and read the article and the resources within. This may be a good place to start.

The President is well aware of the pedophilia and child sex trafficking and you should be too. And if you are, excellent, then pass this on to inform others. This brief article does not dive down deep. It’s purpose is to raise the awareness of one of the biggest scars of humanity. Perhaps it may inspire you to dig deeper. No worries, it’s all beginning to come out. Watch what happens over the next few years.

So what does President Trump know and what is he doing about this? You must watch the video link below dating back to 2016 and read about HR1865, Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017. President Trump’s bill HR1865 was passed into law which will grant powers to facilitate the tracking of these offenders as well as measures to prevent such acts. This law most famously shut down sections of both Craigslist and Back Page but in fact accomplishes much more than this.

WATCH: Trump on Clinton & Epstein Island

To gain a more in depth understanding on the subject of child sex trafficking you must become familiar with Jaco Booyens. I had an in depth, powerfully moving and informative discussion with Jaco and you can listen to this by clicking on the link below.


These People Are Sick

Those that follow the President as closely as I do,know that he has stated numerous times that these people are sick. Well they are. Below is an image of those excerpted from the Epstein flight log. Yes, these people are sick and they are now being exposed. This is the exposure stage on this and many other deep state related fronts. We are now at steps 6-11 on the Scale of Discovery and Action.

Yes this is hard to read. I covered this one of my recent live news broadcasts and you can see the image there on the screen. You can also find it here at QMap.Pub. Here are but a few names on the list. Alan Dershowitz, Alec Baldwin and Anderson Cooper. Barak Obama, Ben Affleck and Beyonce Knowles. Bill Clinton, Bill Murray and Charlie Sheen. Chelsie Handler, Chrissy Teigen and Courtney Love, (I will get to Teigen in a moment). Demi Morre, Gwen Stefani and Jim Carrey. Jimmy Kimmel, John Cusack and John Legend. Kathy Griffin, Katy Perry and Kevin Spacey. Larry Summers, Naomi Campbell and Oprah Winfrey. Quentin Tarantino, Pharrel Williams and Robert Downy Jr. Steven Spielberg, Steven Tyler and Steven Colbert. Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and Wanda Sykes. Will Ferrell, Will Smith and no surprise here, Woody Allen. Oh and Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, who have been to the island, have not come forward to assist in anyway shape or form. AG Barr has stated that in this ongoing investigation, that anyone complicit should not rest well at night. Well there are a lot of collective hours of sleepless nights.

Watch this clip – no joke

Chrissy Teiegen American model and TV personality made the flight log list. She is also the wife of singer, Trump hater, John Legend who also made the flight list. It’s been reported that Chrissy Teigen deleted 28,000 tweets and blocked 1 million accounts. She had far too many reference to eating human flesh and pedophilia related comments. Check out this clip of her below at time marker 8:30.

Must See

“Ask Prince Andrew About It”: Trump Warned Epstein’s Island Was “Absolute Cesspool” In 2015.


What’s Next?

And with the apparent “suiciding” of Jeffery Epstein, this brings us to Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell’s alleged victims are coming out of the woodwork. Alleged victims of the longtime associate of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein testified at the defendant’s arraignment and bail hearing. Two of the alleged victims had not spoken to law enforcement until 2019. Their stories, according to the prosecutors, share remarkably similar details about Maxwell. “The powerful testimony of these victims, who had strikingly similar experiences with Maxwell, together with documentary evidence and witness testimony, will conclusively establish that the defendant groomed the victims for sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein,” the prosecutors’ memo states.

When you do the deeper dive research, you begin to understand that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were part of a Mossad and CIA op. One of the reasons the Epstein Island existed besides satisfying their sick appetites, was to keep everyone in check as blackmail in order to control the powerful elite. Well now, the video footage, photos and surveillance tapes are in the hands of the justice department. This story has just begun and remember Pedophilia is the Achilles heel of the deep state. So what’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next. Stay tuned.

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Under Totalitarian Islamic Sharia Law, Weinstein Could Walk

The Harvey Weinstein exposé has opened a can of worms. The news is filled on a daily basis about sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace. If the West were ruled by Sharia, however, it would likely not be in the news. First, under strict Sharia, women would not be in the workplace if men were there. No women, no groping.

Furthermore, there would be no rape to report. Why? Under Sharia, rape can only be proven if there are four male witnesses. If a man rapes a women in private, no witnesses, no problem. But wait.  Can’t the woman report the crime? Yes she can, but in a Sharia court, her testimony has only half the value of a male witness. Result? No conviction.

There is another reason that there would be no news about sexual abuse in the workplace. Under Sharia, a woman is seen as the cause of the molestation. She is so attractive to a man that he can’t control himself. She is the perpetrator. The man is the victim.

Conclusion? Sharia could solve the problem of these news headlines, but at the cost of inhumanity towards women.

Totalitarian Islam

Mohammed practiced totalitarianism. All people around him had to submit to his demands. After Arabia submitted, Mohammed left Arabia and began his mission to have Sharia rule the world. Just as in the year 632, after Islam enters a society, over time, the society becomes totally Islamic. This is totalitarianism.


Political Islam, a totalitarian doctrine

The True History of Muslim Conquests