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Hate Mail: “People will rise up and make sure that your kids are raped”

I received this wise missive from a “Seana Fenner,” Odinia@outlook.com. Once again we see how magnanimous and perceptive our moral superiors really are — as if it were Jews, and not Leftist multiculturalists, who were presiding over the migrant influx that hails the demise of free societies in Europe.

Note also the unconscious racism, as if it is somehow worse to be raped to death by blacks than by anyone else. In any case, for a certain kind of Leftist, and a certain kind of Islamic supremacist, everything is the Jews’ fault. Everything.

Dear Robert,

As a student of history, I am curious. You and I both know Jews have been expelled for committing monstrous crimes many times, but in this case Jews are preying upon practically ever country with central banking fraud, and on European heritage countries in particular with mass non European immigration and the like, and one wonders, in the sense of parallels of history, what might happen. How long do you think it will be until Jews like you are expelled, not just from one country but from all countries, for your crimes? Do you figure you have 10-20 years, 5 years, more or less? Do you think you will just be expelled or do you suppose that people will rise up and make sure that your kids are raped to death by blacks or otherwise tortured and killed in front of you, in other words, that all of you will meet the same sort of fate as your victims at Dresden, Holodomor, or Palestine? Just curious… Do you actually think you will get away with it or do you plan to flee?

S. Fenner

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