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George Soros: Europe Must Take in One Million Muslim Migrants a Year

We told you about the role of Hillary pal George Soros here the other day.  But, since everyone is talking about it, be sure to see Soros’ manifesto on how to bring down European borders forever.

Out of his own mouth (hat tip: Skip).  The asylum seekers are the victims!

The European Union needs to accept responsibility for the lack of a common asylum policy, which has transformed this year’s growing influx of refugees from a manageable problem into yet another political crisis. Each member state has selfishly focused on its own interests, often acting against the interests of others. This precipitated panic among asylum seekers, the general public, and the authorities responsible for law and order. Asylum seekers have been the main victims.


First, the EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future. And, to do that, it must share the burden fairly – a principle that a qualified majority finally established at last Wednesday’s summit.

Adequate financing is critical. The EU should provide €15,000 ($16,800) per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years to help cover housing, health care, and education costs – and to make accepting refugees more appealing to member states.

By the way, for those of you thinking that Soros is an old man and we don’t have to deal with him for much longer, remember he has children who I am told are ready to continue his ‘legacy.’

Go here to see a 2013 post we wrote and see Soros, son Jonathan and David Miliband (former British Foreign Secretary who heads one of our nine major resettlement contractors) at awards ceremony for Soros.  You (the American taxpayer) give over $300 million to the International Rescue Committee which honors Soros who works day and night to destroy borders around the world!

George Soros is a Hungarian-born American business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist. He is chairman of Soros Fund Management. Wikipedia:

Born: August 12, 1930 (age 85), Budapest, Hungary

Spouse: Tamiko Bolton (m. 2013), Susan Weber Soros (m. 1983–2005), Annaliese Witschak (m. 1960–1983)

Children: Alexander Soros, Andrea Soros, Jonathan Soros, Gregory Soros, Robert Soros

Organizations founded: Open Society Foundations, More


WND: 100 cities vying for immigrants (legal and illegal) expecting them to boost local economy

UNHCR estimated daily European arrivals

York County, SC resolution fails, but public gets educated!

Fake Passports Being Used by Muslim Migrants

That’s what the Wall Street Journal is reporting, thanks to Jeff for sending the story.

The ‘stars’ of the WSJ piece landed in the UK, but I wonder how many are landing at an airport near you as we speak?

ISTANBUL—Somewhere over Europe, Kassem went to the airplane’s bathroom and flushed his fake Italian passport down the toilet.

When he landed in London’s Heathrow Airport a few hours later, Kassem presented his Syrian ID to U.K. immigration officials and requested asylum. The trip wouldn’t have been possible using his actual, Syrian passport—the country’s four-year civil war has turned it into a burden for anyone fleeing the conflict.

When asked where his passport was, Kassem told the officials: “It’s in the toilet.”

While hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees make the dangerous sea voyage to Europe followed by arduous treks across the continent, some of their countrymen have used fraudulent Western passports to board planes to countries where they can request asylum. Winter’s approach, turning seas colder, stormier and more dangerous, is expected to increase the practice.

Continue reading here.

This chart shows how many successful asylum cases were processed in 2013 in the U.S.  Source: Migration Policy Institute. (I would love to know what countries are represented in that 7,776 (30%) from “other countries,” wouldn’t you?)

asylum US

For new readers the difference between refugees and asylum seekers is that we fly the refugees in after the UN selects them for us and asylum seekers get in on their own steam—either illegally across a border or come legally on another type of visa—then ask for asylum, claiming they will be persecuted if returned to their homeland. Once granted asylum however, the asylum seekers get all of the same welfare goodies that refugees receive.


Are refugees taking from federal programs for American poor and homeless, sure looks like it

Sacramento to welcome large number of Syrians says resettlement contractor

UNHCR Antonio Guterres leaving post at the end of the year, replacement?

Denmark: Sex education for wannabe refugee rapists

Hillary’s Soulmate George Soros behind Muslim invasion of Europe

I’ve thought this very same thing! We have written several stories over the last few years about Soros involvement in various countries, here, here, and here promoting the rights of Somalis as they colonize Scandinavia.

See also news about Soros’ handbook for Muslim invaders to Europe, here.

From Bloomberg Business:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused billionaire investor George Soros of being a prominent member of a circle of “activists” trying to undermine European nations by supporting refugees heading to the continent from the Middle East and beyond.

“His name is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, they support everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle,” Orban said in an interview on public radio Kossuth. “These activists who support immigrants inadvertently become part of this international human-smuggling network.”

Rights groups have criticized Orban for building a razor-wire fence on the border, tightening asylum laws and boosting his support among voters with anti-immigrant rhetoric. Soros, who was born in Hungary and is one of the biggest philanthropists in eastern Europe via his foundations and university, gives grants to organizations that provide legal assistance to asylum seekers.

Soros said in an e-mailed statement that a six-point plan published by his foundation helps “uphold European values” while Orban’s actions “undermine those values.”

Go here to read Soros’ plan.

And remember Hillary and the girls share much of the blame for the ‘Invasion of Europe’ from Libya.


Pittsburgh, PA Mayor Peduto: Bring us Syrian Muslims!

United Nations has almost 20,000 Syrians picked out for us, lists our resettlement commitment as “open-ended”

Did your state get Somalis in October? Minnesota number one destination!

Germany investigating terror suspects in refugee flow

Washington, D.C. gathering of Open Borders Activists/lawyers was revealing

U.S. Senator Lankford (R-OK) wants assurances no terrorists will get in with Syrian Muslim migrants

And, once again we have the local CAIR chapter assuring us that Syrian Muslim refugees won’t be terrorists!  However, the FBI Director testified in Congress recently that the US cannot properly screen Syrian refugees. CAIR and the Catholics (and Jews) know better!

Richard Klinge

Richard Klinge of Catholic Charities in Oklahoma City is an attorney/advocat and here he is promoting the infamous ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bill. (Catholic charities is paid by the head to resettle Muslims in Oklahoma.)

From NewsOK:

An Oklahoma congressman [they must mean Senator—ed] is urging the federal government to maintain “rigorous security vetting” of all refugees as it prepares to increase the number of displaced individuals allowed into the U.S in response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

U.S. Sen. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, said he, along with Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., sent a letter Wednesday to Secretary of State John Kerry and Jeh Johnson, Department of Homeland Security secretary, asking them to ensure that national security is not compromised in the refugee resettlement process.

In his letter and in a telephone interview with The Oklahoman, Lankford said he is concerned that the U.S. remain vigilant in rooting out Islamic State or ISIS terrorists seeking to enter America under the guise of refugees.

Just a reminder here that it does matter when you contact your Washington representatives:

In his interview, Lankford said some of his constituents have voiced concerns, particularly after reading news reports of ISIS terrorists killing Christians in the Middle East.

Catholic Charities, which is paid by the head to resettle refugees, assures Oklahomans that every one will be safe!


Adam Soltani of CAIR: No terrorists will get in with Syrian Muslim flow to Oklahoma. Photo: New York Daily News.

Richard Klinge, senior director of advocacy and legal services for Charities of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, called the State Department’s security process for refugees “robust” with “stringent guidelines.” [WTH is “robust”—ed]

Klinge said he is very familiar with the government’s security measures because Catholic Charities has had a large refugee resettlement program in Oklahoma for many years.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations echoes Catholic Charities in assuring us there will be no terrorists getting in!  (Ditto the local Jews!)

Adam Soltani, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, shared similar sentiments, saying that the U.S. had done a good job of vetting displaced individuals seeking a new life in America.

Soltani did say that his one concern about the Oklahoma congressman’s letter to federal officials is that it is in keeping with stereotypes of Muslims and people coming from the Middle East. [Stereotypes?  Gee I wonder why—ed]

Rabbi Vered Harris, spiritual leader of Temple B’nai Israel, recently urged members of her congregation to sign a petition asking the federal government to allow more refugees into the U.S. in response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Friday, she said she trusts in the government’s procedures to ensure the safety of all Americans.

More here at NewsOK.

As we have reported previously on several occasions, across the country CAIR is weighing in on Syrian resettlement to the US which is only further confirmation that the vast majority of Syrians that the UN is choosing for us are Sunni Muslims.  Surely CAIR isn’t advocating for the persecuted Christians.  LOL! The big question is why are the Oklahoma Catholics and Jews pushing for more Muslims?

Here CAIR goes to the White House to lobby for more Syrian Muslim refugee admissions.  I don’t think they are hiding the Hijra any more!


Canada ramping-up for challenge of extensive mental health needs of Syrian refugees

Netherlands: Asylum seekers to be tested for skin disease MRSA as cases are diagnosed in three provinces

Why is Bill Kristol’s mag pimping for Hebrew refugee contractor’s lobbying campaign?

Libertarian/Muslim groups urge private sponsorship of Syrian refugees in U.S.

Washington, DC thinker: Bring Muslim Syrians to US so they will love us in the Middle East

Invasion of Europe news: Poland moves further right, opposes EU on Muslim migration/refugees

Canada: Liberal Party wants 25,000 Muslim Syrians admitted in 2015!

I’ve not posted much from north of the border recently, but Canadian readers continue to be at the top, or nearly at the top, of the list of faithful readers from around the world who visit RRW regularly, see here yesterday.

We knew as soon as we heard the news about Justin Trudeau being elected Prime Minister last week that this meant more Muslim migration to Canada.

What is interesting about this news from the National Post is that it dances around a critical issue that effects both Canada and the US and that is that we are allowing the UNITED NATIONS to almost exclusively choose our refugees.  That means that in the case of the Syrians, they will come from UN camps that house mostly Sunni Muslims.

97% of the Syrians who entered the U.S. in FY2015 were Muslims chosen by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Thus even if Canada wanted to select truly persecuted Christians and/or Yazidis, they have no system in place to do so in large numbers—neither do we in the US!  We have given that power to the UN!

From the National Post (emphasis is mine):

TORONTO — As the Liberal government gears up to meet its promise to bring 25,000 government-sponsored Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of 2015, experts say time may be too short to effectively settle refugees and navigate security concerns.

“The numbers are not difficult numbers. The timeline is a difficult timeline,” said Naomi Alboim, a Queen’s University professor and former deputy minister of citizenship in Ontario.

With more than four million Syrian refugees in need, the first order of business will be identifying those to bring to Canada. Government-sponsored refugees are typically referred to Canada by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which confirms their refugee status and passes on the most urgent cases. Canadian visa officers then review their claims, and put refugees through security checks and health screenings. The process can take months, if not years.


These alternative approaches require Canada to pick refugees and decide whether to focus on groups that have been especially brutalized by ISIS, such as Syria’s Yazidi minority, or on everyone fleeing the dangerous civil war, said Guidy Mamann, an immigration lawyer based in Toronto.

“Normally, in refugee law, we are looking to protect those who are persecuted, those who suffer the greatest,” he added.
But Canada, which relies on UNHCR for refugee referrals, has no system for picking refugees by itself. In addition, most Syrian refugees are outside of camps, making them harder to identify.

Continue reading here.


Paul Ryan speakership campaign reveals traitors in our midst (South Carolina and Idaho pay attention)

Slovenia invaded! Prime minister warns EU is near death

A reader recommends Michael Savage’s new book: No borders, no language, no culture

Asst. Sec. of State for PRM Anne Richard is a busy beaver, gotta keep the UN happy and get those Syrians in!

Sweden: Ungrateful ‘refugees’ refuse housing in a beautiful wooded location….

Federal Propaganda: Training America’s Librarians on How to Spread Diversity

It is comforting to know that the USCIS (US Citizen and Immigration Service) has rounded up all the criminal aliens in the US and screened all of the refugees entering the country and now has time to run a program as part of OBAMA’S TASK FORCE ON NEW AMERICANS to educate librarians across America on how to promote the joys of diversity to redneck boobs (they don’t say redneck boobs, but that is the implication).

Librarians can join a conference call tomorrow to get their indoctrination training.  But please note:  Press is not invited to the propaganda training program!  Why the secrecy?

See the announcement here. Hat tip: Robin.

Overview of Task Force on New Americans

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) invites interested librarians to participate in a webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 27 from 2 to 3 p.m. (Eastern) to learn about the White House Task Force on New Americans. The Task Force is an interagency effort to develop a federal strategy to better integrate immigrants into local communities. During the presentation, representatives from the USCIS Office of Citizenship will cover the Task Force’s recent initiatives, with specific focus on the Building Welcoming Communities Campaign and the Citizenship Public Education and Awareness Campaign, and highlight ways that libraries can get involved.

To register for this session, please follow the steps below:

  • Visit our registration page to confirm your participation
  • Enter your email address and select “Submit”
  • Select “Subscriber Preferences”
  • Select the “Event Registration” tab
  • Complete the questions and select “Submit”

Once we process your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details. If you have any questions regarding the registration process, or if you have not received a confirmation email within two business days, please email us at Public.Engagement@uscis.dhs.gov.

Note to media: This webinar is not for press purposes. Please contact the USCIS Press Office at (202) 272-1200 for any media inquiries.

We look forward to engaging with you!

About the featured photo of Cecilia Munoz is Obama’s director of domestic policy and is a former leader of La Raza (The race). She wants to be sure as Obama leaves office that they have changed the DNA of government so his plan to “seed” your communities with diversity goes on without them. This librarian outreach is part of the strategy to silence any local resistance…

Just a reminder that one of Obama’s architects of his PLAN TO SEED YOUR TOWNS WITH NEW AMERICANS is Cecilia Munoz.

See Leo Hohmann, writing here at World Net Daily last April, on Obama’s Task Force plans:

Friday’s conference was titled “The New National Integration Plan: Making the Most of a Historic Opportunity.”

Muñoz, a former executive with the National Council of La Raza, said it was her job “to make sure we build this really into the DNA across the federal bureaucracy, at a leadership level, but much more importantly to make sure that when political appointees like me are no longer here this (immigration strategy) is built into what those agencies do and think about every day.”

Muñoz said it was important for the federal government to standardize, set benchmarks and “measure successes,” ensuring states and localities create the desired “welcoming communities” for immigrants and refugees.

How do you think they are going to “set benchmarks” and “measure successes” in your town?  They will determine how diverse your town is and come with a big stick—a threat to withdraw federal money from city projects—if your community is not sufficiently diverse.

By the way, I’ve noticed in my travels lately that few people know anything about Obama’s Task Force on New Americans and the plan to “seed” your towns and cities with diversity.   That is discouraging.

See our previous reports by clicking here.


Paul Ryan speakership campaign reveals traitors in our midst (South Carolina and Idaho pay attention)

Slovenia invaded! Prime minister warns EU is near death

A reader recommends Michael Savage’s new book: No borders, no language, no culture

Asst. Sec. of State for PRM Anne Richard is a busy beaver, gotta keep the UN happy and get those Syrians in!

Sweden: Ungrateful ‘refugees’ refuse housing in a beautiful wooded location….

Wasteful Spending and Sucking up to Muslims

A weakening United States dollar and drought conditions are not the only reasons for increasing food prices.  A big warning from an Australian food store franchise chain shines a bright light on the situation.  In this day and age of many chicken hearted business owners, chicken hearted governments and in certain cases, chicken hearted churches, it is encouraging when that rare company has the stones to stand up to Muslim bullies.

Dick Smith stores of Australia received some rather harsh communications from the Islamic council of Australia.  The conspired to bully Dick Smith store into gaining halal certification.  Otherwise they were to be proscribed and banned from customary Muslim acceptance.  The good folks at had a rather uncustomary response for the Muslim bullies.  “We at Dick Smiths have received a number of letters from people asking if we will be putting the Muslim halal logo on our food.”  The Australian food seller went on to point out that basically, they would be paying high prices for Muslim inspectors who will simply make sure they comply with certain Muslim conditions of halal certification.

In addition, halal certification does not reflect upon or improve the quality of food.  So far, major food producers such as Kraft and Cadbury have already cow towed to the Muslim extortionist bullies and pay huge halal fees which are passed on to customers through higher food prices.  The halal demands are not even religious based, but rather commercial in nature only.  Another reason, Dick Smith foods decided against caving in to the Muslim extortionists because the money that would be wasted to try and please Muslim bullies is being better utilized in the aid of worthy charities that help those in need.

It must be clearly pointed out that no corporation has been bullied by Christian organizations in Australia, the United States, or any nation into slapping a religious symbol on food products and requiring extortion payments to keep them happy.

Now in case you do not know this, it is a dangerous proposition to simply give large sums of money to any Muslim organization on earth for any reason.  Muslims are among the most crafty and organized people on earth.  They know how to make monetary transactions look legitimate while passing the cash to dedicated Muslim terrorists who are hell bent on destroying infidel nations like the United States of America and Australia.

In addition, per instructions in their quran,’ dedicated Muslims are instructed to not tell the truth to non-Muslims.  So most likely if a Muslim says that halal extortion money is not passed on to terrorist he is stating a big fat lie.  It is a shame that Scweppes, Nestle’s, Kraft and Cadbury all pay enormous sums of money to the self-anointed Muslim inspector bullies and then simply pass the cost increase to their valued customers.

Throughout this country, Muslim bullies are utilizing progressive leaning attorneys to try and force several state jurisdictions to adopt or at least permit sharia law in family, property and marriage matters.  Also, by the way, sharia law is the ultimate war on women.  Several cities in what used to be jolly old England are lamenting their delusional decision to allow sharia law into their charming locales.

How long, oh ye foolish ones who endanger our republic by bowing to Muslim demands like halal? Such efforts are only designed to fatten the coffers of Muslim terrorists who have vowed to kill us and eliminate the nation of Israel from off the face of the earth.  I for one will never, ever purchase any food products with the dreaded halal symbol on them.

For the good of America, as well as the general well-being of our children and future generations, it only makes sense for all well-meaning sovereign citizens of this republic to stand up against those who long to destroy our exceptional nation way of life.  To begin, no well-meaning American should ever purchase halal designated food products.  It wouldn’t hurt for “We the People” to unite and demand that the federal government carry out its constitutionally mandated duty to protect our republic from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

We must no longer allow those voted into office to hold the United Nations agenda 21 mission of destroying our rights and American sovereignty in higher regard than the will of those of us who truly care about this land of the free and home of the brave.  It is time to remind government officials that it is a free and prosperous population of Americans blessed by God who is the source of the economic resources they have taken for granted and wasted for much too long.  It is most insulting that the government steals through legal edict far too much of our money.  Government officials even have the nerve it to aid our enemies in their effort to invade this land in order to “fundamentally change America,” which president Obama proudly announced during his campaign for the oval office.

This final note: the government treasury hauled in a record 3,248.723.000.000 dollars in tax revenues for fiscal 2015.  Yet the federal government still ran a deficit of $438.899.000.000 for the fiscal year. Unfortunately, the quality of life for Americans in general continues to decline as more and more dollars are wasted on entitlements and taking care of millions illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense. Enough of the problems already. In my next column, nothing but real solutions to all the madness.

Justin Trudeau: Canada’s Obama

In FrontPage today I explain why the next Prime Minister of Canada will get along fine with the President:

For years, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has served as a welcome counterpoint to Barack Obama, and the object of wistful musings about what a fine President of the United States he would have been, if only he had been born south of the border: generally realistic about the jihad threat, determined to do what was necessary to meet that threat, and a strong supporter of Israel.

But now Canada at last has its own Obama: Justin Trudeau. And that means that Canada, like the United States, faces deep trouble ahead.

The new Prime Minister of Canada, like Obama, has consistently downplayed the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat and ascribed it to other causes. Christine Williams, a Canadian journalist and a Federally appointed Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, has noted that in the wake of the Boston Marathon jihad bombing, Trudeau issued a bizarre statement: “There is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, someone who feels completely at war with innocence, at war with society.”

At war with innocence. That rivals the Obama Administration’s ascribing the Fort Hood jihad massacre to “workplace violence.” In reality, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev explained after the bombing that he and his brother committed murder at the Marathon because they wanted to defend Islam. Tamerlan Tsarnaev had vowed to die for Islam.

But – also like Obama – as far as Justin Trudeau is concerned, if you’re looking into Islam as having anything to do with jihad terror attacks, you’re looking in the wrong place. Williams notes that Trudeau in 2013 “came under fire for his participation in Canada’s largest Islamic Conference, held in Toronto, and entitled, ‘Reviving the Islamic Spirit.’ The criticism was over the conference’s sponsor, IRFAN [International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy], which was stripped of its federal charity status because of its ties to the terrorist group, Hamas. Even the moderate Muslim Canadian Congress advised Trudeau not to attend.”

Did the Hamas links put Trudeau off? Not any more than the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ ties to Hamas stop American politicians – at least those on the Left – from appearing and glad-handing at its conferences. Trudeau,” Williams reports, “according to a report, smothered the Islamic conference in platitudes. He apparently went so far as to imply a totally inapt comparison in trying to liken the fierce division between English and French Canada, under Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier, to that of the current divisions between mainstream Canada and Islam.”

Trudeau has been behaving this way for years. In 2011, he visited the Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque in Montreal, which was identified by U.S. intelligence officials as a site where “known al-Qaeda members were recruited, facilitated or trained.”

What is a man like Justin Trudeau, with the kind of record that he has, likely to do as Prime Minister? Pamela Geller points out that he is already on record with some very specific intentions that should be disquieting to anyone interested in defending the West: “Canada,” Trudeau said in September, “must immediately accept 25,000 Syrian refugees We can expect the following from Justin Trudeau in the short term.” He didn’t say anything about trying to screen out jihadis from among them – if that were even possible.

Trudeau will also restore Canada’s diplomatic relations with Iran and end his country’s involvement in military operations against the Islamic State. He will doubtless aid Obama in pressuring Israel at the G8 summit, where Harper had stood in the President’s way. At home, Trudeau will scrap a bill that strips convicted terrorists of their Canadian citizenship, along with part of Canada’s counter-terror legislation.

In sum, Justin Trudeau, young, handsome, born to the scepter courtesy his father, will fit right in with Barack Obama, David Cameron and the other leaders of the Western world today. And that’s why we’re in the fix we’re in.


Pro-Islamic State Activists React Joyously On Twitter To Canada’s Elections

Germany: Muslim gang stole from churches to fund the Islamic State

Clock boy Ahmed Mohamed meets Obama, decides to move to Qatar

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Justin Trudeau praying at a mosque.

Since October 1st, over 50 Muslim Syrians arrived in U.S. — Kentucky ‘welcomed’ the most

As we know, the Obama Administration is aiming to resettle 10,000 Syrians this year.  The resettlement contractors, including the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, are pushing for 100,000 (by the way, this post on the Bishops and 100,000 took off on social media in the last few days).

From the U.S. State Department’s Refugee Processing Center for October 1-October 15 (hat tip: Diane).

KY 12 Syrians

As we previously reported, 97% of the Syrians resettled to the U.S. in FY 2015 are Muslims.  Make no mistake, this is not about saving the persecuted Christians or Yazidis.

Related:  Have a look at this AP article about Syrians going to Michigan where the Republican governor is welcoming them (and wants many more).  It was only posted yesterday and has 2,786 comments already (as of this writing) with the vast majority opposed to what Governor Snyder is doing.


Uruguay: Syrian refugees have (already) worn out their welcome

Sweden: so much for socialism as capitalists use the system in refugee crisis to rake in the bucks

Big pow-wow of the refugee pushers and the no-borders gang coming up in December

Nashville World Relief office to give tour of local mosque/Islamic center

Widespread Fraud in U.S. Somali Muslim Family Reunification Program

In an otherwise whining piece about how the feds are too slow to admit family members of refugees, at least this Frontline ‘news’ story admits that thousands of Somalis entered the U.S. fraudulently resulting in a 4-year closure (in 2008) of the so-called P-3 family reunification program of the US State Department.

You should read the whole long article, but here (below) is the segment on Somali fraud (btw, none of those who got in here by lying were ever deported).

For our thousands of new readers:  We covered the discovery and aftermath extensively, here.  The fraud was originally reported at the Wall Street Journal in August of 2008.

The nine major federal resettlement contractors fought tooth and nail to keep the State Department from requiring DNA testing.

Frontline on DNA testing:

Even if those restrictions are loosened, refugees applying for family reunification will face another hurdle to clear: DNA testing.

The inspiration for this requirement was born in East Africa, where more than 1 million Somalians have been displaced from their country by civil war and famine. In the mid-2000s, the U.S. was providing refuge to about 10,000 Somalians a year*** — many of whom went on to apply to the family reunification program to bring over relatives.

Immigration officials suspected that some were inventing “ghost children,” and filling out applications for children not related to them. There had even been some reports of brokers who sold the ghost children’s slots for profit, according to a U.S. Department of State official who spoke to FRONTLINE but asked not to be named.

So in early 2008, the State Department launched a pilot program to determine the extent of fraud by testing relationships using DNA.

In the initial pilot of 476 applicants in Nairobi, Kenya, only 16 percent were genetically related to every person they said was in their family. Another 39 percent tested false for at least one family member. In the remaining 45 percent of cases, applicants either refused to participate or didn’t show up for the test.

Officials interpreted these results as proof of widespread fraud. The P-3 program was suspended, and did not reopen for more than four years.

This stunned refugees around the world, many of whom had spent years waiting for P-3 applications to be approved. Most were told to apply for an alternate visa, but it was even more restrictive than P-3 and soon had a multi-year waiting list.

There is much more, read on.

We admitted 8,858 this past fiscal year, (9,000 the year before that!):

As the UNHCR is sending Somalis back to Somalia from its Kenyan camps we admitted 8,858 Somalis to the US in FY2015, here (many from the Kenyan camps!).  Somalis are the third largest ethnic group admitted to the US this past year.

Go here to see how many Somalis entered the U.S. through the Refugee Admissions Program since its inception.  Notice some of the biggest years are in the George W. Bush Administration.

Why are we still admitting Somali refugees after three decades?


Lutheran lobbyist says 100,000 Syrians is a responsible number for FY 2016

Think Progress has Rep. Brian Babin in its crosshairs….

Erie PA: Impoverished refugees to get special federal savings plan (you pay for it)

Colonizers on Greek island of Lesbos: Do you have wifi?

Gatestone: Sweden close to collapse

Is Europe being colonized? Yes! Let’s call it what it is!

As colonization of Europe continues, thousands of Germans take to the streets to fight the Islamic tide

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Somali refugees in Dadaab, a massive UN camp in Kenya. Photo courtesy of The Guardian. According to the FBI here is no way to thoroughly screen the refugees we accept from the UN any better here, than those we are accepting from UN camps in the Middle East.

Why the Refugees of Syria and other Middle East Nations are NOT Welcome in The United States

The Western World is in turmoil due to the Middle East wars.  Millions of citizens of various Middle Eastern nations are being displaced and are fleeing the region for the possibility of a better life. These folks are risking life and limb by walking, boating, biking, or driving thousands of miles in order to get to somewhere they think will allow them a better and safer life. Now, I want people to understand where these people are going and where they are not going.

Notice, these “refugees” are not heading to other nations with similar religious beliefs such as Pakistan.  They are not heading to nations that are openly hostile to their religious beliefs such as India and China.

However, they are heading to nations that seem to want them to come in such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, and the United States. But are they really welcome? The governments of these and other Western nations seem to make one believe that their citizens are welcoming these refugees with open arms.

But recent protests in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Serbia, and in other places show that the citizens of these nations have had enough of being invaded by a people who have nothing in common with the native population. They are sick and tired of being targets of terrorism in their own cities and towns.  They are tired of their religions and laws being attacked by a group of people bent on total world domination.

They are tired of supporting these people as they flood their borders and they are sick and tired of allowing young men of the military fighting age be given free rein on their local streets. Let’s face it if you are young, healthy, and able, why is it you are not willing to fight for your own way of life and your own version of freedom?

The citizens of the Western nations understand that these men are not refugees, but many are indeed insurgents sent by terrorist groups with one thing on their minds and that is the death and destruction of Western Nations and a complete takeover of their governments, laws, and religions.

This is something that these citizens have come to realize yet their own governments do not care to listen to the people they say they represent. The United States is no different than those European nations because our government officials continue to accept these refugees from the Middle East despite the outcry from the America people.

Instead, the elected officials of The United States will call the American people racists and bigots for daring to object to the very notion of allowing these so called refugees in our nation. However, we have seen an increase in terrorist activity within our nation.  But some, especially the left, only wish to blame those on the right because we want to cling to our Bibles and our Guns.   Frankly, it is the Bibles and Guns that will be called upon to save this nation and indeed the entire Western World.

Make no mistake, the citizens of Europe realize they are in big trouble but in many of those nations, the citizens are either banned from owning a firearm or are severely restricted.  In other words, the people of Europe, because of the government that they elected, have left them defenseless and helpless to the onslaught.

Here in the United States, we have a call from the left to make us equally defenseless and helpless but the American people realize that this plan is a disaster in the making.  Yet we still continue to vote for these idiots to represent us.

Make no mistake about it, if we keep electing the kinds of people who act more and more like anti-American activists than pro-American defenders, we also shall end up defenseless, helpless, and more Americans will die in our streets.

Now I ask you, is that the society you want?  Do you want to be like Europe or do you wish to remain free, safe, and exceptional?

I choose the latter.

American Immigration Crisis: One Vote, One Man, One Time

Manchester, NH: On Saturday, July 25th, the Center for Security Policy, in partnership with First Principles and High Frontier, hosted The New Hampshire National Security Action Summit. A number of America’s most influential national security leaders addressed the current state of U.S. foreign and defense policies in an increasingly dangerous world. Its purpose was to ensure that the common defense receives the priority attention it requires from elected officials and their constituents, at both the federal and state levels.

Specifically, the event covered four key topics of interest to both our nation and the state of New Hampshire:

  • The threat from Iran, shariah and the Global Jihad Movement
  • The hollowing-out of the U.S. military
  • The border insecurity and immigration crises
  • America’s electrical power grid and threats to critical infrastructure

Here is the 18-minute video on border security and the immigration crisis given by James Simpson:

To view the full video of the action summit click here.

Human Cockroaches on the Move

Never in our lifetime, not even during World War II, have the people of Planet Earth seen the potential for more human misery than they are now witness to.  In Europe, the black peoples of Africa and the Muslims of the Middle East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan… many of them escaping war and starvation, others brutal savages intent upon spreading Islamic extremism… stream across the international frontiers of Britain, France, Germany, and other European countries.

All across the Middle East and Africa, we see daily reports of what passes for justice in their brutal primitive cultures.  We see gang rapes administered as punishment; we see ritual beheadings of enemy captives; we see women, some as young as eight or nine years of age, kidnapped and sold into sex slavery; we see rape victims buried up to their necks and stoned to death; we see captured soldiers doused with gasoline and publicly burned to death; and we see prisoners locked in steel cages and submerged in tanks of water.  In short, we are now witness to the most unimaginable variety of human cruelty and depravity at the hands of radical Islamists.

In Israel, we see young Palestinian Arabs roaming the streets of Jerusalem, attacking and stabbing Israeli pedestrians at random.  We see Palestinians driving automobiles onto sidewalks, running down Israelis waiting at bus stops.  And when Israeli police are attacked with knives and are shot to death, Obama administration officials charge the Israelis with “overreacting.”

Even here, in the streets of America, we see riots, looting, and senseless murder.  We see police officers targeted for assassination, for no other reason than that they wear a badge and a gun and they represent civil authority.  Gangs of young black men select victims at random and draw lots to see who will be given the opportunity to knock the victim unconscious with a single punch.  In major cities across the country dozens of young black men are senselessly murdered each week by other young black men.  Meanwhile, school administrators are sued because they refuse to provide prayer facilities for Muslims, even though school policy prohibits any and all religious activity by Christians, Jews, and others.  In our military, field grade officers by the hundreds are driven into retirement because they disagree with the military decisions of a commander in chief who himself refused to wear the uniform of the U.S. military.

In short, the human cockroaches of the world are on the move.  They want what we have, they want to live where we live, and they’re not about to take “no” for an answer.  Unfortunately, most European heads of state are still convinced that multiculturalism is a long term positive development for their economies.  Millions of refugees abandon the refugee camps of Syria, Iraq, Gaza, and Turkey, straggling westward toward Germany and Austria, while hundreds of thousands more sail from North Africa across the Mediterranean to Spain, Italy, Austria, and Germany.  Some are families seeking safety from the ravages of ISIS and the Islamic caliphate; some are terrorist’s intent upon destabilizing the nations of Europe and subjugating their people; while many more seek nothing more than to live off the generous social welfare programs of America and the European socialist states.

On September 3, 2011, Oskar Freysinger, of the Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland, a member of the Swiss parliament, addressed some very important thoughts to a Berlin audience… thoughts that Germans and other Europeans should have heeded when they still had a chance to do so.  Freysinger said:

“The dhimmi (a non-Muslim living as a second-class citizen in an Islamic state) attitude of Europeans sustained a wound which must not heal over if the millennia-old European civilization is to survive, for Europe is more than a plot of land, more than a continent, more than the sum of its countries.  Europe is an idea, a cultural landscape, an intellectual space shaped by history.  Europe is the cradle of the modern constitutional state, the treasure-house of human rights, of freedom of opinion and expression.

“This is ever more strongly endangered by the possibility that our political elite will bend their necks before a (Muslim) religious dogma that is alien to our intellectual history, our values, and our constitutional state.  This dogma is gnawing away at the pillars of our system of laws, wherever it is allowed some space.  This dogma demands total obedience from its followers…

“They are in no case to integrate into our value system.  That would be like treason and can even be punished with death.  They are expected to conquer our intellectual home, make the Western world subject.  My dear friends… we are not fighting against people, we are fighting for people! We are fighting against a dogma that is anathema to every aspect of humanity…  If we lose this battle, there will be no second chance, for Islam does not give back what it has conquered.”

In a statement published on the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) website, Khudayr Taher, an Iraqi Shiite living in the United States, suggests that, “Countries have the right to protect themselves and assure their citizens’ safety from terrorism.  Likewise, it is clear that the source of the terrorist crimes in Europe and America is the Muslims who live in those countries…”  Taher argues that, since it is impossible to sort out the good Muslims from the bad, those countries should “deport all Muslims, of all races, from Europe and America… ”

Some European countries are beginning to deport Muslims on a selective basis.  Across Europe, where multiculturalism has for years been seen as a laudable goal, Muslim immigrants see themselves as a “conquering army,” for which European women are simply the “spoils of war.”  For Muslims, it makes perfect sense because that attitude is in full accordance with Islamic law.  Western women are not regarded as individuals, but as “their women,” the women who belong to hostile infidels.  They see western women as “cheap and offensive.”

Aleteia, the worldwide Catholic network, reports that, “Over the past three years, France has

deported 40 foreign imams for “preaching hatred.”  The news service quotes French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve as saying, “We cannot lose this war because it’s fundamentally a war of civilization.  It’s our society, our civilization that we are defending.”  Cazeneuve has made it clear that any “foreign preacher of hate will be deported,” and that any mosque found to be inciting terrorism “will be shut down.”  Since January 2015, the French have investigated 22 reported cases of radical preaching.  In 10 of those cases imams have been deported.

In short, it is time for western democracies, particularly Great Britain and the United States, to conclude that Islam is incompatible with cultures built on Judeo-Christian principles and that, as such, it is not possible for Islamists to ever integrate into western cultures.  Instead, they must be banished/quarantined forever to majority Muslim nations.  As the French Interior Minister has made clear, we cannot afford to lose this war because nothing less than civilization is at stake.

Most of the outrages committed by Muslims can be managed if only political leaders will abandon political correctness and act with a firm hand.  A video now circulating on the Internet, set to the tune of the John Denver song, “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” is a thought-provoking hint of things to come.  The video first informs us that the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, can seat up to 830 passengers in economy class configuration.  The video goes on to explain that, with an average of ten flights per day for an entire year, the British could deport every one of their 2.87 million Muslims, sending them off with one-way tickets to destinations of their choice in the Muslim world.

As the video explains, European countries such as Great Britain and Germany, countries that have opened their doors to unfettered Muslim immigration, are now facing a catch-22 situation.  They will one day be forced to choose between the ultimate civil war that all nations with large and expanding Muslim populations eventually face, or they must give serious consideration to ridding themselves of their Muslim populations while it is still possible to do so.  It is a solution that more and more leaders western leaders are beginning to embrace.

We are told that only 5% of the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims are radicalized.  But before we sit back and say, “Whew!! I’m sure glad to hear that,” let’s first do a bit of arithmetic.  Five percent of 1.4 billion comes to roughly 70 million suicide bombers, child rapists, wife-beaters, and other types of Islamist murderers.  Since it is impossible for radical Islamists to ever live in a civilized world, and since non-radicalized Muslims are not anxious to see their families butchered and otherwise brutalized before their very eyes, they say nothing; they do nothing.  Because of their cowardice they are just as undesirable as their religion-crazed friends, families, and neighbors.

Americans and Europeans will do whatever is necessary to deal with the humanitarian crisis that is now flowing across our borders.  But we are not obligated by our humanity to submit to the total desecration of our western cultures and religious traditions.  Instead, we have not only a right, but a solemn obligation to see to it that our people are protected from the horrors of radical Islam.  We must resolve that the problems that drive masses of illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers out of Africa, the Middle East, Mexico, and Central America into Europe and North America are their problems… not ours.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the indigenous populations of those troubled nations to solve their own problems.  When the present dangers are past, they must pack up and return to their home countries.

Islamists will never willingly assimilate into our western cultures.  Hence, as Khudayr Taher has suggested, it’s time we started deporting all Muslims… men, women, and chidren… to the Islamic destination of their choice.  The deportation of radical Islamist preachers is now beginning in some of the most unlikely places and it’s never too early for the United States and Great Britain to join the parade.  The human cockroaches of the world are on the move and it’s time we called in the exterminators.  Let the exodus begin.

U.S. Muslim Migrant Resettlement: How to follow the money

So many of our readers are eager to start researching the resettlement contractors working near you, so here are a few places to start to learn about how they are financed (this is in no way meant to be an all inclusive list, because I don’t know every place to research myself!).

But, first, although off-topic, I want you to see what a one-woman blogger accomplished in Chicago (not a refugee issue, but one involving fraud in the Chicago school system!).  See here (hat tip: Judy).  It can be done!

I’m tech-impaired, but if I can find stuff, so can you.  It just takes a little patience!

Call or write the non-profit group:

Start with contacting the resettlement agency near you (a handy list is here).  As IRS designated 501(c)3 organizations they are NOT allowed to keep their financial documents from you—they are required to give anyone who calls a copy of their financial statement and their Form 990 (if they have one).  Legitimate churches are not required to file Form 990’s so some of the contractors are doing this federal work (resettling refugees) pretending to be churches only.

Go to Guidestar:

Find their IRS Form 990’s on Guidestar by going here and registering to use Guidestar.  It can get tricky because you have to use their exact name as they filed on their Form 990.  For example, you won’t find the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, but you will find its Form 990 by typing in HIAS, Inc.

USA Spending.gov:

USA Spending.gov is a very handy site as long as you know the exact name of the entity you are searching for.  It also has the advantage of tracking across federal agencies and will give you grants and contracts!  Enter the name of the non-profit in the search window in upper right.

For example, you might find that a resettlement contractor is getting cashola, not just from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (in HHS), but from the US Justice Department from some voter registration grants.  If you don’t find the non-profit group listed, don’t give up right away, try to find the exact name it is using. I looked up a specific Catholic Charities this morning under its diocese name and nothing came up, but then I saw on their website that they had a slightly different name and found what I was looking for under that name.

Annual reports to Congress:

These are a treasure trove of information on grants and statistics on welfare use (among other things). I see here that they are late again.  FY2014 should have been released months ago.

Office of Refugee Resettlement:

Go here to programs and click on those of your choice to see who is getting all of the (your!) money!

Non-Profit Facts. com:

A reader sent me this website, which I have never used until today, so try it too by clicking here.  I did test it on the specific Catholic non-profit I searched at USA Spending.gov and was disappointed to see that this website did not mention the $140,000 HUD grant they had received in the last year.  However, there are still some useful bits of information here.  For example, I learned that this “church” group was not required to file a Form 990.

And, finally, you will need to check with your state and local governments about funding these ‘non-profit’ groups receive from you at that level.  This post is meant to address only federal money flowing to them.  You may have to use state public information laws to extract information from them.

Other suggestions that have worked for you?  Send them my way!


Iranian eBay founder having hissy fit over refugee resettlement backlash

Female genital mutilation in Minnesota Somali population not disappearing

Iranian eBay Founder having Hissy Fit over Muslim Resettlement Backlash

Pierre Morad Omidyar is the billionaire founder of eBay (an Iranian) and ‘The Intercept’ is his creation. Don’t you just love it when Leftwing wealthy funders of political causes have hissy fits when they find there are big money people on the right. OT! He is wearing a Nature Conservancy hat here—the TNC operates very similarly to the wealthy refugee resettlement contractors as it too harms unsuspecting citizens in small town America (I know from vast past experience!).

The reporter (Lee Fang) for ‘The Intercept’ singles out a wealthy California man as its target in his piece in which he is literally freaking-out over all of us.  The implication here is that without this one man, there would be no backlash against the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program.

I love to read stories like this one because it means you are having a huge impact!

By the way, he (Fang) is using Alinsky Rule 13 (we discussed Rule 13 here in 2009). Alinsky taught his followers in ‘Rules for Radicals’ to target individuals because they hurt more quickly than institutions.

It won’t work because the movement to hold back the tide of third world migration to America is much much larger than this one California man.

And, what Fang and eBay founder Omidyar don’t want their readers to know is that there are thousands of citizens working on this issue who are paid by no one and fueled only by a desire to save America—economically and culturally!  If Mr. Shillman went away today, it wouldn’t matter because we are fed by passion and patriotism, not cash.

The Intercept:

Strident calls to reject Syrian refugees fueled by wealthy California donor

While humanitarian groups and religious charities across the country are urging the U.S. to open its arms to refugees fleeing the bloody conflicts in Syria and Iraq, a number of bloggers and political pundits are beating the drums of intolerance, using conspiracy theories and anti-Muslim rhetoric to mobilize the American public against accepting migrants escaping war.

Several of the leading voices in this effort are sponsored by Robert Shillman, a wealthy donor to conservative causes who lives in Rancho Santa Fe, a suburb of San Diego.

Shillman, who did not respond to a request for comment, is the founder and chairman of Cognex Corp., a company that produces manufacturing technology.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at FrontPage Magazine, has argued that the only “genuine refugees” are “Christian and non-Muslim” and that the U.S. should not accept any Muslims from the conflict in Syria because those fleeing the region “are not victims, they are perpetrators.”

This is what makes me laugh: the reporter would like his readers to think that Shillman had something to do with Spartanburg and St. Cloud.  I bet the majority of those demanding answers in those cities have never even heard of Shillman.

Shillman Journalism Fellow articles about the dangers of accepting Syrian refugees have gone viral over the last two months, with versions reposted on conservative blogs and news hubs. Fear of Syrian migrants has fueled anger in small towns that fear they will become hosts for Islamic terrorists. Residents in cities such as Spartanburg, South Carolina, and St. Cloud, Minnesota, have organized opposition to the possibility of refugee resettlement efforts.

Asked earlier this year by Reuters about his support for David Horowitz and Pamella Geller, two well-known anti-Muslim activists, Shillman explained that he is not anti-Muslim, but rather simply more outspoken than most business leaders. “Most CEOs are hired guns and their future depends on what their boards think of them. I don’t give a fuck,” he said.

Best antidote to Rule 13—Rule 5!  Laugh at them!

There is lots of amusing stuff in here, continue reading.


Female genital mutilation in Minnesota Somali population not disappearing

Group rallies against refugee resettlement in Twin Falls, ID

Syrians safe in Russia are taking the “opportunity” to slip into Norway to seek asylum

Allentown, PA a “first tier” city to get mostly Muslim Syrian refugees