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OBAMA: Je ne suis pas Charlie!

dnOBAMA: Je ne suis pas Charlie…means, OBAMA: I am NOT Charlie!

Though he claims to be a “Christian” is President Obama really a Muslim? This question has been asked a zillion times and still people are confused about his true beliefs. On today’s show we raise the question once again this time in light of the President’s very bizarre behavior related to the Muslim attacks in France.

Whereas the whole world, including many Muslim leaders are calling these Muslim attacks, President Obama still refuses to attribute any Islamic behavior to the jihadi’s who gave allegiance to Al Qaeda and the Islamic State and claimed to kill in the name of Islam! Moreover, on Sunday, during a historic rally in Paris of world solidarity against Muslim jihad attacks, with over 40 world leaders arm-in-arm, President Obama did not send a representative and did not himself attend.

The logical conclusion to this avoidance of participation against Islamic jihad speaks volumes…as you will see in this episode of Enemies of the State.