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ERASING GIRLS: Male crowned homecoming queen, beating out four other girls in Missouri school

TERRIBLE. The left hates women.

BREAKING: Male crowned homecoming queen, beating out four other girls in Missouri school

By: Libs of TikTok, Sep 18, 2023:

Oak Park High School students in Kansas City, Missouri just got sent a message loud and clear: boys are just better at things than girls are. Even at being a girl. Tristan Young, a male student who identifies as a female, was crowned the homecoming queen this week. He beat out four lovely female candidates because actually identifying as the gender that you are is like, sooo 2010.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a transgender student was named Homecoming Queen at Oak Park High School. Back in 2015, a different boy who identified as a girl snagged the title.

We spoke with a parent in the district who asked to remain anonymous and she was disgusted by the district’s actions. She told us, “I’m appalled by NKC Schools’ continued support of the LGBT agenda. NKC Schools says they are “Champions for All Students” yet by embracing radical political statements like this they not only indoctrinate children, but they are placing certain student populations over others. Having two homecoming “queens” that are boys is a disgrace to the NKC Schools community. I hope more parents, community members and district employees start speaking out and start protecting children.”

This insane gender rhetoric not only teaches women and girls that men do things better, but also that a man who identifies as a woman is somehow more deserving of recognition and accomplishments in women’s spaces.

Another parent told us, “As a woman, it breaks my heart to see these girls get passed over and a man stealing what is rightfully theirs. As a parent I’m enraged that the school district is celebrating this on all of their social media accounts (conveniently locking down comments). On the other hand I’m broken-hearted because I know the students voted for him. Although Kansas City is a liberal leaning area of Missouri it is still more conservative than most cities. I don’t know how we’ve reached this point or how to turn it around.“

Imagine a little girl who dreams of being crowned homecoming queen one day when she’s older. Fast forward to high school, she gets nominated. Yay! She knows that she might not win, but to lose to a guy? Seriously? What could be more insulting? And even worse, confusing.

Predictably, the district limited replies and hid comments. If they’re so proud of embracing this radical gender ideology, why are they trying to hide?

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