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Hope and Change, Yikes!

When president Obama was running for office, he promised hope and change.  Since I was well aware of his philosophical bent, a number of questions came to mind.  The first was, hope for what?  After all, this is the United States of America.  The greatest nation in history.  Not many years ago, she was the number one nation in the world for economic opportunities. America symbolizes hope, for those who desired to utilize sweat equity and their brains to work and achieve their dreams.  America was the beacon of hope to the world and a place where one could change their lot in life.

So I could not help but wonder what kind of hope and change was Obama referring to?  Was he hoping to change America into a giant progressive inspired downtrodden version of Detroit, Michigan or Camden, New Jersey?  Was the president giving hope to the muslims who for many years have Been striving to take over America?  Was he hoping to facilitate a rapid overall decline in our international stature as a nation? (Something he has achieved by the way)  Was Mr. Obama in his own unique way offering hope and change to enemy nations who once feared and respected the United States, but now view her as a paper tiger?

President Obama did say to the world that the United States was not a Christian nation.  So I wonder if he was giving hope to atheists and muslims who are seeking to wipe Christianity off the map throughout our republic?  When it comes to hope and change Obama style, one has to wonder what hope is there for the medical industry in America unless government healthcare is overturned?

When one observes the various conditions present throughout America and the world, they cannot overlook how president Obama has acted on his promise of hope and change.  Now I did not mean hope and positive change for America, mind you.  But when since the Revolutionary war have so many enemies of our republic have so much hope?  Iran had hoped to have nuclear missiles for many years.  But now, thanks or no thanks to the Obama changes in United States foreign policy Iran will very soon have nuclear missiles that can reach U. S. cities with ease.

Because of the president’s hope and change, there were recent midnight police raids on conservative Wisconsin homeowners who support the policies of Governor Scott Walker.  After the police ransacked their abodes a liberal judge threatened to hold them in contempt of court if the dared to tell the media about the incidents.  Wisconsin prosecutor, John Chisholm ordered the raids according to Fox News.  I am in no way saying that the Obama administration ordered or supported the raids.  But the atmosphere the regime has orchestrated over the past six years has emboldened progressives who only believe in liberty for those that agree with them.

Since the hope and change Obama era began, it is the thugs and other dregs of society who in much greater numbers are encouraged to either kill or steal from fellow Americans.  Locations like New York City and Chicago are becoming more difficult to live in, due to mayors who reflect the progressive philosophy of Mr. hope and change.

In recent months, more Christians have been beheaded, burned, raped, and enslaved than during the persecution the early church under the Roman Empire.  I believe that the overall increase or change in such activities is a direct result of the attitude against the Christianity displayed by the Obama regime.  Thus giving the dedicated muslim bigots hope that they can get away with tremendous brutality of historic proportions against non-muslims, especially Christians, Blacks and Jews.  The hope and change Obama has espoused only gives hope to the enemies of America, freedom, Christianity, women, children, Israel, our military, the American economy, healthcare, etc.

If the United States is to be rescued from the firm grip of destruction within the Obama interpretation of hope and change then his hope and change will have to be reversed.  Meaning: Rather than providing hope to our enemies like illegal immigrants, dedicated muslims, American street thugs and more, we must regain hope for ourselves and our nation through Christ Jesus.  The same one who gave hope to our founding fathers, including George Washington and his brave soldiers at Valley Forge.

Then “We the People” will make the right change to reestablish America as what Ronald Reagan called, the last best hope for mankind.