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All-Female IDF Combat Unit Established for Religious Women

Many of these women have said that the events of October 7th inspired them to enroll in combat units.

The IDF announced a new combat unit designed for religious women soldiers.

In the aftermath of the decision to require the conscription of ultra-orthodox Israeli citizens, many women, including religious women, are expressing interest in joining combat units.

Of 3,500 women enlisting in the IDF, around 10%, 350, are enlisting in combat units, 20 have learned in religious seminaries.

According to Makor Rishon, many of these women have said that the events of October 7th inspired them to enroll in combat units.

Among religious women enrolling, a third focused on the Border Police, and this rising demand created a need to establish a women’s only religious combat unit.

The IDF said this combat unit was being established, and more details will be released as the process continues.

The unit will be part of the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps and the women enrolled will receive spiritual support and guidance.

Rabbi Ohad Teharlev, head of Midreshet Lindenbaum, is overseeing the establishment of the combat unit. Female halachic advisers will also meet with the soldiers and provide additional guidance.

Since the new combat unit was announced, 30 women have indicated they are interested in enrolling during the August recruitment cycle.

Before the women are enlisted, they attend a day of preparation at the induction center. They will receive a “religious assessment” from the Meitav unit, the accompanying team, and the Military Rabbinate.

Prior to the religious assessment, women can enroll by contacting Meitav and identifying as religious.

Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander, president and Rosh HaYeshiva of Ohr Torah Stone, said of the new development, “In the face of this new IDF response to the growing number of religious women who choose to enlist in combat units, we are proud … to be able to provide spiritual and halakhic guidance.”

He added, “We are here for all of our beloved soldiers and support all of the young women and men serving our country, especially in these very troubling times of war.”


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