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UK’s Home Secretary: Multiculturalism has ‘failed’ and threatens social cohesion

Suella Braverman has never wavered in telling the truth, even under severe criticism. See HERE and HERE. However, her party and country are run by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who — like his predecessor Boris Johnson — has demonstrated no will to tackle the flood of illegal migrants that have invaded Britain, and continue to do so daily via the English Channel. Nonetheless, Braverman still advances a strong anti-globalist message, which seems to be out of sync with her party’s actions. For some reason, however, Braverman is still tolerated within her party, perhaps to calm the party’s conservative base. It remains a deep mystery why the Sunak government refuses to act in the best interests of Britain, and in accordance with conservative values.

Braverman’s speech was undoubtedly praiseworthy, particularly when she notes that “multiculturalism makes no demands of the incomer to integrate. It has failed because it allowed people to come to our society and live parallel lives in it. They could be in the society but not of the society.”

Most important, however, is the question of what her party intends to do about this, if anything. In Italy, right wing/conservative Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni bemoans suicidal immigration policies and hails the importance of protecting Italy’s culture, yet she has done nothing to stop the migrant influx.

Braverman: Multiculturalism has ‘failed’ and threatens security

Sophie Wingate, Independent, September 26, 2023:

Suella Braverman has declared that multiculturalism has “failed” in Europe and threatens social cohesion in the nation state.

The Home Secretary, giving a speech on migration in the United States, said a “misguided dogma of multiculturalism” has allowed people to come to the UK with the aim of “undermining the stability and threatening the security of society”.

Setting out the “civic argument” against illegal migration, Ms Braverman said: “Uncontrolled immigration, inadequate integration and a misguided dogma of multiculturalism have proven a toxic combination for Europe over the last few decades.

“Multiculturalism makes no demands of the incomer to integrate. It has failed because it allowed people to come to our society and live parallel lives in it. They could be in the society but not of the society.

“And, in extreme cases, they could pursue lives aimed at undermining the stability and threatening the security of society.”

She said “the consequence of that failure” are evident “on the streets of cities all over Europe,” pointing to clashes in Leicester as an example….

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France: Muslim sends message to school, he’ll ‘come and exterminate all the kuffars with Kalashnikov’

Austria: Muslim migrants physically attack and injure people in random attack in front of train station

UK: In 2023, ‘Muhammad’ is once again top baby name for boys

Turkey denounces Qur’an desecration: ‘Against these provocative acts, rulers must now take the necessary measures!’

France: Trial begins of Muslim who murdered two cops at their home, in front of their three-year-old son

Sweden: Two explosions rip through Stockholm, Turkish Muslim gang implicated

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Is the Middle Class Vanishing? The Slow Death of America

“The future of this republic is in the hands of the American Voter” – Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States.

“Get involved in politics, or you will be governed by your inferiors.” — From Plato’s Republic to our American Republic.

“In order to save the planet, we must destroy capitalism.” – Maurice Strong.

So giving TAXPAYER dollars to the same people who created the problem coupled with those great economists, Cloward and Piven, the RINOS and DEMS under bipartisan measures will destroy the middle class and the American economy in an effort to redistribute your wealth and “level the playing field with a New World Order,” Joe Biden.

RINO Republicans are the gift to the Globalists that keep on giving. Today, because Affirmative Action Graduates are running the government, they will never stop until America is destroyed, and

  • 40 million+ illegals
  • Poverty is up while wages are down (except for illegals)
  • 48 Million on Food stamps, including illegals
  • $32 Trillion in debt (approx)
  • Minimal Economic Growth with massive inflation
  • Obamacare skyrocketing costs
  • Common Core – robot education
  • Fed Reserve prints more money
  • Elimination of private property and 2Amendment rights
  • Destruction of the energy and food sector
  • Corrupt elections, corrupt leaders ignoring the Law and the Constitution
  • Endless wars
  • Constant lies from the people we trusted to do the right thing
  • Covid lie
  • Climate lie.
  • J6 lie

Due to corrupt elections and getting the wrong people in office, we now face the probability of America imploding in the biggest economic disaster ever as the middle class is taxed into oblivion. Question: Federal Law says you must know English to become a citizen. So why are our ballots printed in foreign languages?

And the winner is total destruction of America, with the Dems who will never get voted out of office.

The Republicans are truly the useful idiots of the left. The entire Biden Regime is corrupt, and instead of impeachment, they still can’t determine if there is enough evidence. We still have a few brave Congressmen who get the picture and are willing to demand NO Border, No Funding, No CR. Thank you, Matt Gaetz, and the group voting with you. Call our legislature and demand NO Border, No Funding, No CR.

The UN Elite want the dollar gone. Very little is seen on the MSM, but for those of us who still can think, we know the economy is tanking as the BRICS Bank will now compete against the dollar. Socialist Brazil, Communist Russia, Socialist India, Communist China, and Socialist South Africa have determined the best way to destroy America by working together and trading for oil in a new currency. In the last few months, these countries bought Billions of gold in preparation to destroy the dollar. We can never allow digital currency (CBDC). That is the last nail and will result in total control.

Economic collapse is coming to every town and city in America. Prices will skyrocket, ATMs will close, there will be no food or fuel, and the loss of the dollar will destroy every American. Sadly, that is their goal.

The Republicans are following the path laid out to them by the Democrats using Cloward and Piven. They must have missed that class. They intend to give our money to corrupt Ukraine to donate back to the Dems and then blame the middle class. They intend to attack Social Security, which IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT. It is a benefit. We pay into SS, and if they would stop robbing it blind, there would be plenty of money. They intend to destroy the lifeless middle class.

This week, I have talked to seniors who are scared and upset as their programs (you know, the ones they pay into) are being cut so illegals can get welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid. I met a woman who can barely make it since she has cancer and can not work. She was told her only income SS is $6, which is too high for food stamps. But the illegals get $750 food stamps + housing + medical.

Look at the statistics. The last time amnesty was presented, 40% became citizens. The rest raped Americans as they sent their untaxed dollars back to their home country. Does anyone think that someone getting $ 3,000 a month doing nothing will now want to become a citizen so they can pay a fine and taxes? What drugs are they on?

The Republicans are truly the useful idiots of the left.

Is America worth saving? If not you, who? If not now, when?

Join us and learn the truth about America’s communist past and present featured in the new book by Cuban Refugee – The Revolution of Promises: Reflections of a Cuban Exile.

Chris Wright is an independent liberty activist. www.Spider-and-the-Fly.com

Erik Seligman translated the book. Stories of Communism podcast.

Ed Vidal, born in Cuba, is a grassroots liberty activist working on election integrity and other issues in Florida. Executive Producer and General Counsel of WSQF 94.5 FM Radio – Miami, Florida. Ed writes a regular column for www.miamiindependent.com

Important Messages

In 2021, Florida Statute 101.5604 was signed into law. Look at the last sentence: A county must use an electronic or electromechanical precinct-count tabulation voting system. Florida is mandated to use corrupt machines. Call your legislator and tell them to change “must” to “may.” Does your state have a similar statute?

Important Video, Lara Logan, The Rest of the Story:

Glenn Beck: Why $100 BILLION of YOUR TAX MONEY went to Ukraine

Argentina’s New Hope Javier Milei. Will he become President of Argentina, or will his election be stolen like Bolsanaro? The Biden Regime hates him. Will they use our tax dollars to interfere?

Get your kids out of the indoctrination clinics masquerading as Public Schools. Check out goflca.org MicroSchools.

Remember: Everything is connected. Nothing is random. Everyone follows the same plan. ALL PLANS ARE BASED ON LIES. Globalists must control opposition. Globalists must take away our voices.

Globalists only care about MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. Don’t give them yours. Boycotts work. Stop using their services and products. Vote the RINOS out. Vote with your fingers and with your wallet. There is a lot you can do.

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Poland to Run Ad Campaign to Counteract Migrant-Friendly Propaganda Film

Poland is running an ad campaign to counter the propaganda being churned out by the refugee drama “Green Border,” which “shows a family from Syria and a woman from Afghanistan thrown back and forward across the border by brutal guards indifferent to their suffering, as activists struggle to try to bring them to safety.” Poland’s view is that the propaganda film “dishonours those who are protecting their country.”

How about a film that shows Saudi Arabia firing guns and explosive weapons, killing hundreds of Ethiopian genuine refugees at the Yemen border last month? Turkey has done the same. In 2016, Turkish authorities were also shooting at asylum seekers to keep them out. In 2018, Turkey was again shooting at refugees to keep them out. And in 2021, Turkey fortified over 600 miles of its land border with walls to keep out Afghans.

Poland and Hungary have stood apart in legally protecting their countries’ sovereignty, borders, and national security, even through years of EU bullying.

Days ago, Poland warned the EU that it must close its borders in the face of a “migrant surge,” pointing out the crisis on the Italian island of Lampedusa that saw between 5-6 thousand African migrants arrive on 100 boats.

Poland’s govt to run ad defending migrant policy before screenings of critical movie

WARSAW Reuters, September 21, 2023:

Poland’s government plans to run adverts ahead of some screenings of the prize-winning refugee drama “Green Border” to defend its treatment of migrants crossing the frontier from Belarus, a minister said on Thursday.

Directed by veteran Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, the film has drawn a furious response from conservatives in Poland ahead of its release in Polish cinemas on Friday.

The black-and-white film shows a family from Syria and a woman from Afghanistan thrown back and forward across the border by brutal guards indifferent to their suffering, as activists struggle to try to bring them to safety.

Migration has emerged as a main campaign theme ahead of the closely-contested Oct. 15 elections, with the nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) saying only its government can ensure border security.

It says the film’s depiction of what happens to migrants crossing into Poland from the east dishonours those who are protecting their country.

Deputy interior minister Blazej Pobozy called the film “disgusting slander”.

“In arthouse cinemas throughout Poland, screenings will be preceded by a special ad about elements missing in the film”, he told reporters.

“Our ads shows the context of the hybrid (border) operation and the course of this operation and what solutions we have introduced to secure the safety of Polish women and men.”….

Read more.



RFK, Jr. Blasts Biden on Immigration and Resulting Humanitarian Crisis at the Southern Border.

President Donald Trump says he will carry out the ‘largest domestic deportation operation in American history’ if re-elected in 2024

Italian Prime Minister Meloni slammed by Hungarian media and France’s Le Pen for U-turn on migration

In Germany, Migrant Muslims and the Rise In Sexual Assaults At Swimming Pools


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NYC Pays Al Qaeda Terror State $200,000,000 to Rent Hotel Rooms to Illegal Aliens

Paying for your own destruction.

The Roosevelt Hotel claims that it’s the place “where classic elegance meets contemporary luxury”. Classic elegance and luxury at the midtown Manhattan hotel looks like busloads of migrant invaders arriving and camping outside the golden doors. The scene is no better inside where 41 migrants have been arrested for beating wives, girlfriends and significant others.

There have also been assaults on employees and an arrest for child endangerment.

While the Roosevelt Hotel may have an old name, Mayor Eric Adams and New York City actually leased it from Pakistan for $220 million. That amounts to paying $210 per room for each night that an illegal alien invader uses it to smoke meth or abuse their wives and daughters.

The Roosevelt Hotel was named after Teddy. You can imagine what he would have done if thousands of foreigners had invaded a hotel and turned it into a drug den on his watch.

In a city where a quarter of young children live in poverty, that $220 million could probably be put to better use than paying the Islamic terror state linked to the September 11 attacks on New York City for the privilege of housing the hordes of invaders in “contemporary luxury”.

Mayor Adams has already jettisoned his promise of universal day care to care for the migrants.

Inside the Roosevelt from the gilt sign at the entrance to the art deco halls has been tarnished. Migrants squat under the massive crystal chandelier in the ballroom and sleep on the red carpet. Despite supposedly being poor and desperate, many are swiping and clicking through their smartphone apps while they wait for their next taxpayer-funded benefit to arrive.

Once the setting for movies like Wall Street and The French Connection, the storied hotel is now home to another kind of corrupt crime story. The black marble pillars and spacious rooms have been fully occupied by an endless invading army that continues to stream across the border. The smells and the level of filth are reflective of the three remaining working showers.

The massive influx of migrants has made the area near Grand Central Station as unsafe as it was in the 1970s. Despite the hotel being supposedly reserved for families, Central American and African male migrants in their twenties wearing blue surgical masks that cover most of their faces swarm the area and move in packs at night around nervous tourists and local businesses.

The fame of the Roosevelt Hotel appears to have traveled along the migrant pipeline and male migrants have fought, sometimes violently, to stay there instead of being relocated to homeless shelters. Local businesses, already battered by the pandemic, have been hit hard by the crisis.

The cost of housing the invaders is being paid to the Pakistani government. Even though

Pakistan International Airlines, under the control of the terror state’s government, was barred from flying directly to the United States after 9/11, it was allowed to take over the hotel and run it into the ground. The Biden administration has since allowed PIA to resume direct flights.

The Pakistani government harbored Osama bin Laden. Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had initiated negotiations with Al Qaeda and offered to “reestablish normal relations.” Former  Prime Minister Imran Khan, nicknamed ‘Taliban Khan’, had called Bin Laden a “martyr”.

Now New Yorkers are stuck paying hundreds of millions of dollars to an Islamic terror state tied to the attacks that killed so many fellow residents and citizens to provide luxury housing for the latest wave of the invaders. Osama bin Laden would be proud of what is happening here.

Beyond Pakistan, other foreign business interests are also benefiting from the foreign invasion.

Chinese developer Jubao Xie, who put up the world’s tallest Holiday Inn in Manhattan, got $190 a night, $93,000 a day and $2.8 million a month to house the invaders. The skyscraper hotel, a bafflingly ugly eyesore, was in trouble before the migrant bailout was approved by a bankruptcy judge. A number of other foreign owned hotels are also benefiting from the arrangement.

The use of high-end hotels to house the illegal invaders has not only wrecked classic storied hotels like the Roosevelt or the Paramount, but it has also ruined the surrounding areas that the Giuliani administration had struggled to drag away from the blight that had overtaken Midtown.

Where tourists are supposed to arrive by train, take in Broadway shows and go to a nice restaurant afterward, the streets swarm with migrant thieves, beggars and madmen.

Row Hotel, a classic Times Square hotel that promises  “comfort and security while away from home” turned into another migrant hellhole. That’s where Daniel Hernandez Martinez, a migrant who was arrested six times for five assaults in two months, attacked a man with a bike tire.

Martinez was responsible for a one-man crime wave in the Times Square area. The criminal migrant was apparently staying in a $500 a night hotel which a former worker described as a

‘free for all’ of drugs, sex and violence where the rooms have been trashed and defiled.

Messages at the formerly stylish hotel described everything from a 10-year-old girl drunk alone in the room to an intruder carrying a machete. “Every day, we find about ten kids alone in their hotel rooms, either drinking or doing drugs. Weapons will be in the room,” a worker described.

And while America’s enemies are laughing and profiting, we are doing this to ourselves.

Open borders is only half the story. At a local level, the other half of the story is the ‘right to shelter’ regulations like those in New York City and other epicenters of the migrant invasion that guarantee everyone a room regardless of how illegal, violent or diseased they may be.

The homeless industrial complex claimed that the only reason junkies were wandering the streets was that an unfair capitalist system had deprived them of affordable housing. They invented a ‘right to shelter’ and radical leftist politicians who came to power implemented it.

A decade ago, I wrote about the rise of “homeless by choice” in which migrants, tourists and traveling junkies showed up in New York City to claim their “three meals a day, a microwave oven, TV, free laundry, free Internet, free health care and a prepaid cell phone with 300 minutes a month.”

And I warned that it would end badly. Now instead of a few thousand junkies, there are tens of thousands of migrants. And they’re just the beginning. Each of them also wants their free phones, health care, meals and everything else they think that they’re entitled to.

Including a stay in a luxury hotel.

Back then, one in four homeless in New York listed addresses outside the city. Today it’s probably the vast majority. There’s no longer even the pretense of a homeless problem.

New York City’s homeless problem just consists of people from other countries showing up in the city and demanding a room at the Roosevelt, the Row or the Paramount. Why be a sucker and pay $300 bucks for a hotel when you can just arrive as a refugee and demand a free room.

The taxpayers will pay for it and hand over the cash to Pakistan to finance more terrorism.



‘Growing number’ of people on U.S. terrorist watchlist encountered at border, DHS says

Richard Dawkins: “‘Islamophobia’ is a deeply silly and pernicious abuse of language”

Amid high gas prices, woke lawmakers press the Federal Reserve to require ‘financial institutions to stop fossil fuel financing’

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Deported Eight Times, Migrant Sex Offender with Vast Criminal Record Enters U.S. Again

In a disturbing case that illustrates the gravity of the security lapses along the southwest border, an illegal immigrant sex offender with an extensive criminal record and previously deported eight times was caught entering the country yet again through Mexico. His name is Elvis Cristian Hernandez-Ayala and the U.S. Border Patrol recently caught him trying to bypass a checkpoint in Falfurrias, Texas. Agents arrested the 37-year-old criminal migrant and three others as they walked through a ranch not far from the border.

When Hernandez-Ayala was further vetted authorities confirmed he had been previously removed from the United States eight times following convictions for felony possession of a controlled substance, driving while intoxicated and sexual assault. A few days ago, a Trump appointed federal judge in Texas, David S. Morales, sentenced Hernandez-Ayala to 37 months in federal prison for returning to the U.S. without permission, the Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed in an announcement that says the migrant pleaded guilty. In the document the DOJ writes that Hernandez-Ayala was on supervised release for a prior illegal re-entry conviction and that he also got slapped with a 12-month prison sentence for that violation.

During the criminal migrant’s most recent court hearing, federal prosecutors presented evidence about Hernandez-Ayala’s frequent illegal re-entries and what the DOJ calls a “troubling criminal history,” that includes convictions for sexual assault involving the rape of another illegal alien in a stash house. Hernandez-Ayala is expected to be transferred to a yet to be determined federal prison to serve his sentence. As if it needs to be spelled out, the DOJ writes in its recent announcement that, because Hernandez-Ayala is “not a U.S. citizen, he is expected to face removal proceedings” following his imprisonment. Based on his history and the famously porous southern border, Hernandez-Ayala will likely return.

A growing number of illegal immigrants that enter the U.S. through Mexico have criminal records like Hernandez-Ayala. In fact, in the last few years the figure has surged dramatically. In 2021 the Border Patrol arrested twice as many criminal aliens during a six-month period alone than in all of the previous year. Among them were 982 convicted of possessing illegal drugs or trafficking, 576 convicted of assault, battery, and domestic violence, 832 guilty of driving under the influence, 381 convicted of burglary, robbery, larceny, theft, and fraud, 265 sex offenders and 162 guilty of Illegal weapons possession, transport, and trafficking. The government stats also reveal that thousands of the criminal aliens arrested in the first half of the fiscal year were previously deported after illegal entry or illegal reentry just like Hernandez-Ayala.

A few years earlier, federal authorities disclosed that over 90% of illegal aliens arrested in the U.S. had criminal convictions or pending charges. They included 56,000 assaults and thousands of sex crimes, robberies, homicides and kidnappings. Many had “extensive criminal histories with multiple convictions,” according to a report issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE). The 123,128 illegal aliens arrested by the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in 2019 had an alarming 489,063 criminal convictions and pending charges, according to agency records. That translates to an average of four crimes per alien, highlighting the “recidivist nature” of the arrested migrants, the agency points out, noting that sanctuary cities nationwide greatly impeded its public safety efforts by shielding even the most violent illegal aliens from deportation.


Karine Jean-Pierre Asserts Biden Is ‘Stopping The Flow’ Of Illegal Migrants At The Border

FBI probes Uzbek Muslim ‘asylum seekers’ who crossed border with help from ‘foreign terror group’

Biden blasted for fundraising as Trump arrested in Georgia: ‘Spikes the football’

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The Number of Migrants with Suspected Terror Ties Entering U.S. Increased 15% in One Month

What could possibly go wrong? It’s a religion of peace!

Border encounters of migrants with suspected terror ties jumped 15% last month

by Nicholas Ballasy, Just The News, August 22, 2023:

The number of migrants with suspected terror ties encountered at U.S. “land border ports of entry” increased 15% in one month, according to the latest U.S. Customs and Border Protection data.

A total amount of individuals who appear on the terrorist watchlist caught at ports of entry jumped from 382 to 442 after CBP publicly released its July 2023 operational data. So far into fiscal year 2023, 70 have been caught at the southwest border and 372 have been caught at the northern border.

This represents the highest amount for this category, formally referred to as Terrorist Screening Dataset (TSDS), since fiscal year 2020.

The number of individuals on the terrorist watchlist encountered “between ports of entry” rose from 143 to 149 so far into fiscal year 2023, according to the latest data. Of the 149 total, 146 have been encountered at the southwest border and 3 have been encountered at the northern border, which is the highest amount for this category of encounters since at least fiscal year 2017, the earliest year on the CBP data chart.

California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa pressed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the status of the suspected terrorists encountered at the U.S. border during a House Judiciary Committee hearing in July.

Issa asked Mayorkas how many suspected terrorists have been deported, put in jail or released but Mayorkas didn’t answer. Instead, he vowed to provide the information to Issa at a later date. When reached by Just the News, Issa’s office said it had not received that information yet, almost 1 month since the hearing took place….

Read more.



Milley: Islamic State’s ‘ideology is not yet dead,’ so US will be in Syria for ‘many many years and decades to come’

Pakistani Doctor Came to Work at Mayo Clinic, Two Years Later He Joined ISIS

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65 Jihadis Identified as ‘National Security Risks’ were Granted Entry into the U.S. after the Fall of Afghanistan

Is the Biden regime really just catastrophically incompetent, or did this operation go according to plan? It does so much to weaken the United States, can it be said with any certainty that this wasn’t another such operation?

EXCLUSIVE – 65 Afghan terrorists were let into the U.S. after Biden’s chaotic withdrawal: Prisoner freed by the Taliban and men who planted IEDs got through dire vetting processes

by Wills Robinson, DailyMail.com, August 13, 2023

Militants who left fingerprints on IEDs meant to kill Americans in Afghanistan and a prisoner freed by the Taliban were among more than 65 terrorists allowed into the United States after the catastrophic withdrawal.

Most of them could still be roaming the country, and the government cannot track them down.

The damning revelations made in a new book add to the laundry list of blunders from the Biden administration during and after the disastrous evacuation of Kabul in August 2021.

It has been two years since the two weeks of carnage at Hamid Karzai International Airport that led to the deaths of 13 American service members, hundreds of Afghans, and thousands left behind.

Yet the evidence of the U.S. government’s disastrous handling of the departure of troops after 20 years and the evacuation of allies is still coming to light.

Sixty-five individuals identified as ‘national security risks’ were granted entry into the U.S. in the 12 months after the withdrawal, Jerry Dunleavy and James Hasson write in Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco and the American Warriors Who Fought to the End.

The book also reveals how the Biden administration missed two chances to prevent the Kabul suicide attack and the dire impact of putting the Taliban in charge of security.

The dangerous individuals let into the U.S. included multiple men whose DNA was found on explosives defused by American forces.

Another was a prisoner ‘liberated’ by the Taliban while they were running riot across the war-torn country on the way to Kabul.

Despite assurances the Taliban wouldn’t surge to power and the US-backed Afghan government would hold, the capital toppled as the Western military left.

An Afghan-American interpreter even identified many Taliban fighters on the tarmac, ready to board flights bound for the U.S….

Read full article.



Afghanistan cable warned Biden Kabul would fall after US withdrawal: Rep. Michael McCaul

Dem senator accuses Trump of leaving Biden with ‘bad options’ for disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal

A Final Word On Barack Obama

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Let me try again: They are NOT in danger; they are EXTREMELY dangerous

The process of transformation into Islam begins the moment the first Muslims land in your country, because they will observe at least some of the laws of Islam, in which case, “areas where Muslims reside and there is a remnant of Islam’s rules are considered Muslim lands.”

Natural disasters, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, cyclones and the like, all tend to bring out the best in us as human beings. If we cannot physically help, we donate money, clothes or blood. If none of these, we at least feel very deeply for the suffering. Governments and emergency services do what they can to prepare, including alert and educate the public and prohibit and punish conduct that can set off or worsen such disasters. When these unwelcome events do occur, we forget our differences, regardless of race, colour or creed …almost.

Consider seasonal wildfires, for instance, generally well-prepared for and attended with high social awareness and appropriate conduct. Every year, despite everyone’s best efforts, people and animals somewhere in Australia, California, the Western Cape and the Mediterranean basin still lose their lives and property, and natural habitats are destroyed. After each such disaster, naturally, lessons are learnt and best practice improved. These lessons include dealing with careless and negligent citizens, thankfully, a manageable minority, and  arsonists, usually no more than isolated malicious individuals. It would not cross the civilised person’s mind that they might also have to take account of a substantial minority in their midst that would welcome the infernos and celebrate them; the more fatal the fires, the more extravagant their celebrations. This summer, Greece found herself in just such a situation.

Facing the hottest July in over half a century, the Greek government set up a crisis management unit to deal with the extreme fires that broke out from mid-July, some say from June. In one area alone, Greek City Times reports,

A force of five firefighting aircraft, 85 fire engines, eight teams of firefighters on foot and tens of water trucks from the municipality of Volos, as well as many private water trucks and hundreds of volunteers, took part in the firefighting effort.

As usual, international help was well-represented, and the disaster sometimes claims them, too, as this time, it did two Canadian firefighters. On 25 July, Reuters reports:

A Canadian-built plane fighting wildfires in Greece crashed on Tuesday, as Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis warned of tough days ahead, with blazes destroying homes and forcing the evacuation of thousands of tourists from the island of Rhodes. Two pilots were killed when their Canadair CL-215 plane crashed on the island of Evia, east of Athens, the air force said. It gave their ages as 34 and 27.”

Two days later, 27 July, we read of Pakistanis in Greece taking to the streets in jubilant celebration. These Muslim invaders (thankfully, no longer called “refugees,” but still erroneously called “migrants,” as if they were there to improve their lives) rejoiced in “Allah’s revenge” upon the Greeks. We saw ummah-wide celebration of “Allah’s revenge” in the early days of the Covid pandemic, when Muslims still boasted that they are protected from the disease. We saw the same ummah-wide celebrations of “Allah’s revenge” when an earthquake struck Italy a few years ago, destroying several churches, the same when a Muslim beheaded French schoolteacher Samuel Pati in the street, and when the Notre Dame in Paris caught fire. The Greeks, it hardly needs stating, were more than a little upset. As always, such Muslim behaviour inspires the ummah everywhere. A Twitter example will suffice.

Balkan Memes asked readers to, “Pray for Rhodes,” one of the worst-affected islands. In response to this tweet, Hamad Ali mocked, “Karma hits back…” and “Good to see that our overseas Pakistani brothers taking revenge from an Islamophobe Nation.” Syed igrar hassan added, “They killed our 300 young brothers… Allah is taking revenge against greeks. More and more pakistanis are migrating to Europe succesfully.”

Appalled, Harry Theocharous tweeted: “Pakistanis celebrating the fires.. ‘Allah is taking revenge on Greeks’. Disgusting!! These people are given shelter after running away from their country.”

We all share Mr Theocharous’s pain and revulsion. Unfortunately, Mr Theocharous and his fellow kindhearted Greeks still think that these poor Pakistanis were in need of shelter and were running away from their country. They, and all so-called Muslim “migrants,” are part of an Islamic invasion of non-Muslim lands that has been going on since the very beginning of Islam. They call it making hijra, that is, invading places that are not Muslim and turning them into Muslim places with Islamic laws and mores. It is what their religion and its holy texts command them to do. The local population, in this case the Greeks, they will wear down, which is what they’re doing now, until their society crumbles and they can take it over. At that point, the Greeks who refuse to become Muslims either are made dhimmis (people whose lives and property are forfeit; not protected people) or are killed. All of this is high Islamic virtue, most pleasing to their Allah.

The problem Greece now faces goes way deeper than a few barbarian Pakistanis and their repulsive celebrations. The process of transformation into Islam begins the moment the first Muslims land in your country, because they will observe at least some of the laws of Islam, in which case, “areas where Muslims reside and there is a remnant of Islam’s rules – even if this is limited to marriages and what pertains to them, for example – are considered Muslim lands.” Therefore, “there is virtually no country on the face of the earth where a Muslim has an excuse to behave differently than he would in an Islamic country.” (See Reliance of the Traveller, Appendix W43.5). By the time the people that the kind Mr Theocharous gave shelter to constructed their first mosque in Greece, the country was already on an inexorable slide into Islam. That slide began when the first Muslim in Greece was allowed to do the first Islamic thing.

It is not a question of whether this or that particular Muslim believes it or not, wants it or not, whether they think their behaviour is good or bad, or how devout or lax they are. There is an unbreakable bond between those who wield the sword and those who do not; between those who invade non-Muslims lands, and those who find themselves already there. According to Qur’an 8:72,

Indeed, those who believed and left their homes and waged jihad with their wealth and their lives for the sake of Allah, and those who took them in and helped them, these people are protecting friends one of another. And those who believed but did not leave their homes, you have no duty to protect them until they leave their homes, but if they seek help from you in the matter of religion, then it is your duty to help, except against a people between whom and you there is a treaty. Allah is the seer of what you do.

This is what makes nonsense of the supposed distinction between “moderate Muslims” and “radical Muslims.” For jihad and hijra to succeed, each needs the other and Islam needs both. They all, wherever in the world they may be, in the past, present or future, play a clearly-defined role integrated with all other roles, whether they are aware of it or not.

Allah has been taking revenge on the Greeks – and on all non-Muslims – for well over a thousand years. For all the shelter that Mr Theocharous thinks he is giving these Muslims, they have nothing to be thankful for, because Mr Theocharous and his fellow Greeks are non-Muslims in a Muslim land. For that Allah will take revenge. Pakistani hijra invaders have been “the best of people” in Greece for years and doing everything to make sure that their intended future dhimmis get used to the idea. It is well past time that the Greeks took revenge on Allah…

Greek City Times reports:

Greece has reportedly cancelled the visas of hundreds of Pakistanis, and those who migrate or work in the Mediterranean country will be subjected to more stringent checks.

Directus quoted Pakistani media as saying: “The Greek embassy in Islamabad has so far cancelled the visas of hundreds of poor Pakistanis. These Pakistanis get Greek visas by paying 2 to 5 million rupees. When a visa is issued from Greece, the Greek Embassy cancels it. A big injustice to those innocent poor who pay money to get a visa first for work. And the Greek embassy in Islamabad cancels visas.”

Please don’t stop there.

Cross-posted with the author’s permission from Murtadd to Human.



Hamas-linked CAIR applauds as American Bar Association adopts resolution against ‘Islamophobia’

UK: Muslim NHS chaplain praises Taliban’s rule as ‘role model’ and ‘Sharia-based system’

Deported Jihad Mastermind Reveals What the Palestinian Cause is Really All About

Will Princeton Remove An Antisemitic Blood-Libel Text From A Syllabus?

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Maine Governor Wants 75,000 More Migrants to Commit Crimes Americans Won’t

30-year-old Mohammed Sheik and 23-year-old Keyt Hussein were both shot to death.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills has a plan.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed an executive order Wednesday intended to establish a new migrant resettlement office, telling the Portland newspaper the administration’s goal is to attract 75,000 new workers to Maine.

The governor announced the goal as part of the press strategy for rolling out an executive order that will eventually create the “Office of New Americans,” a state office that will assist with migrant resettlement and integration throughout the state.

Mills told the liberal Portland Press Herald newspaper that the goal of attracting 75,000 migrant workers to Maine is part of her plan to supply businesses in Maine with “New Mainers” to fill job vacancies.

New Mainers from Somalia have a very important role to play in segments of the Maine economy. Like joining ISIS.

Lewiston woman discovers her ex-husband joined ISIS and was killed in Syria. She’s angry that some are blaming her, labeling her and her children terrorists

Or gang violence.

The Maine State Police Department have identified the two men killed in Lewiston over the weekend. 30-year-old Mohammed Sheik of Auburn and 23-year-old Keyt Hussein were both shot to death.

75,000 more inbound.

You just can’t count on ‘Old Mainers’ to join ISIS or commit random street crime. That’s what the ‘New Mainers’ are for.



Planned Parenthood’s Fight for Child Marriage

Washington Post Writes Entire Article About Middle Eastern Opposition to Gays Without Mentioning ‘Islam’

Texas: Muslima migrant who stabbed man in revenge for Soleimani killing gets probation because she is mentally ill

Three Years After Beirut Blast, Still No Justice for the Victims

Denmark: Iranian artist shreds Qur’an outside embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran

How the Iranian threat has spread inside the UK

RELATED VIDEO: What a Fatherless Society Looks Like

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In France, Support For Mass Immigration Has Plummeted

The French have been mugged by reality — the reality of mass immigration by Muslims, chiefly from North Africa, who are economic migrants posing as asylum seekers. These immigrants come not to work, but to batten on the many benefits that the generous French state provides – free or greatly subsidized housing, free medical care, free education, unemployment benefits even for those without a work history in France, and more. These maghrebins – the Muslims from North Africa, especially from Algeria and Morocco — are responsible for a steep rise in street robberies, home burglaries, and violence of every kind, including rape and murder; more than half of the crimes committed in Paris, President Macron has admitted, are now committed by the “foreign born,” as he prefers to call the migrants, carefully not specifying their Muslim countries of origin. Muslims make up 8-10% of the population in France, but they constitute 70% of the prisoners. Among the recent rioters, Muslim Arabs were represented far beyond their percentage of the population.

The French government spends billions of euros every year to provide millions of Muslim immigrants with government support of every kind. Those billions spent on these migrants – who are in no hurry to find gainful employment – is money that the French government does not have available to spend on its retirees, which is the main reason, though no politician has pointed it out, why President Macron felt compelled to lower the retirement age from 64 to 62. The result of all this expense, mayhem, crime, and general insecurity has led to a precipitous drop in support for immigration, including among those on the left. This was true even before the recent riots, as is clear from this story from April: “Support for mass immigration among French left has plummeted in last 5 years,” by Thomas Brooke, Remix News, April 11, 2023:

A recent national study revealed that almost 1 in 2 people who affiliate with French left-leaning parties think there are now too many immigrants in the country.

The number of those on the left of French politics who believe the level of immigration into the country is too high has almost doubled in the last four years, according to a new study.

An in-depth survey, conducted by French research and consulting group, BVA France, observed a hardening on the topic of immigration across the French public when compared with the same study conducted in 2018.

Nearly seven out of 10 French people (69 percent) believe “there are too many immigrants in France today,” a view that has seen an increase in support of six points compared to the 2018 study. However, when analyzing the attitude of those who affiliate with left-leaning political parties, this statement is supported by 48 percent, up 21 points in just five years.

Adélaïde Zulfikarpasic, general manager of BVA France, discussed the results with Fondation Jean-Jaurès, a French think tank associated with the Socialist Party, in a bid to ascertain why politically left-leaning French nationals have become disillusioned with the country’s liberal migration policy, and to analyze the extent to which the topic of immigration has now become an issue of concern across the French political divide.

The notion that France now welcomes too many immigrants is naturally one that receives majority support from voters for the National Rally (95 percent) and Reconquête! (93 percent). However, even within Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s left-wing populist La France Insoumise party, a majority of supporters (51 percent) agree with the statement, and one in two (50 percent) supporters of Europe Écologie Les Verts (“The Greens”) agree with the statement. This is an increase of 20 percent and 22 percent, respectively, in support of the statement among those who affiliate themselves with the two left-wing parties when compared to the 2018 study.

More and more French are heeding the warnings about “the Great Replacement,” that refers to the demograpic change when the indigenous Europeans are replaced by non-European Muslim migrants, almost all of them Muslims. It is this Great Replacement that, according to the celebrated writer Michel Houllebecq, is already underway. Both the Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi and the Algerian leader Houari Boumedienne long ago predicted that “in the wombs of our women,” Muslims would take over Europe. While millions of Muslim migrants continue to flow into Europe every year, even more worrisome are the increasing numbers of Muslim babies now being born in Europe. The fertility rate for Muslim women in France is three times higher than that for the indigenous French, who are not reproducing themselvesAssuming no changes in the immigration policy, and no changes in the fertility rates of the French and of the Muslim migrants in France, the French population will inexorably be islamized through a kind of demographic jihadEric Zemmour recently pointed out that many Muslims from North Africa seem to think that France, as a kind of reparations for colonialism, is obliged to take in their demographic surplus. Other Muslims describe the many benefits they receive from the French government as a justified exaction of the JIzyah from the Infidels, even in the absence of a Muslim state.

Although a minority (43 percent) still agree that France has too much immigration, among supporters of the Socialist Party, this figure has also increased by 18 percentage points in five years.

In other words, five years ago, only 25% of far-left people in France, supporters of the Socialist Party, agreed that there were too many immigrants in France, but that figure has now nearly doubled, to 43%. That is still a minority of those voters, but if the trend of the last five years continues, by 2026, a majority of Socialist Party supporters, too, will have concluded that France has too many (Muslim) immigrants. And the obvious solution to that to call a complete halt to Muslim immigration into France.

On a second statement regarding the extent to which French people believe immigrants are “well integrated in France,” just 39 percent of respondents agreed, compared to 60 percent who do not agree.

Again, typically a majority of National Rally, Les Républicains, and Reconquête! supporters strongly disagreed with the statement, but those among the French left did as well. La France Insoumise was the only party that had a majority of supporters agreeing with the statement, with 53 percent, while just 43 percent of the Greens and 42 percent of Socialist Party supporters believe immigrants have integrated well into French society.

Not even a majority of the Greens (the Environmental Party) and of the Socialists agree that immigrants are “well integrated in France.” Only by a the slimmest of majorities – 53% — do the members of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s far-left party, La France insoumise, agree that migrants are “well-integrated.” And perhaps they are thinking not of the Muslim migrants, but of all those other immigrants – Poles, Romanians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindus – who have also come as migrants to France but, unlike the Muslim migrants, promptly set to work. And unlike Muslims, they are ideologically capable of integrating into French society. Muslims hold back from attempts at integrating into societies run by Infidels, who are “the most vile of created beings” (98:6), while Muslims are “the best of peoples” (Qur’an 3:110). It would make no sense, given those Qur’anic descriptions, for Muslims to want to integrate into such a society. They will pocket all the benefits offered by the French state, but remain firmly aloof from the Infidels who pay for them.

Upon analysis of the wider results of the study, Adélaïde Zulfikarpasic noted that the French population can be divided into three main categories. “The open (are) individuals who do not agree with the idea that there are too many immigrants in France today. They represent 31 percent of the population compared to 35 percent in 2018.”

Fewer than one-third of the French disagree with the statement that “there are too many immigrants in France today.” And since among those polled there were a considerable number of Muslims living in France, all of whom would have disagreed with the statement that there are too many immigrants in France, one can conclude that among the non-Muslim French, far fewer than 31% would disagree with that statement that there are too many immigrants in France today. Those indigenous French who still refuse to admit that there are too many immigrants in France may actually be as low as 25% of the French population, and their numbers continue to plummet.

Second is “the reserved,” which is comprised of individuals “who feel that there are too many immigrants in France today but who, at the same time, think that France should welcome refugees who seek asylum. These represent 35 percent of the population,” Zulfikarpasic said.

I think we can read between the lines of this response. The French are capable of distinguishing the Muslim economic migrants, who they think “are already too many,” from the non-Muslim migrants who are genuine asylum seekers, fleeing war or despotism – such as Ukrainians, or Cubans, or Venezuelans.

And lastly, “the refractors,” who believe that there are too many immigrants in France today and who do not agree with the idea that France should welcome refugees who seek asylum. Zulfikarpasic noted that this category has strengthened in the past few years and now constitute 69% of the French population.

Nearly 70% of the total population of France don’t want to accept any more immigrants, even if they are genuine asylum seekers. Of the 30% who would be willing, one-third are Muslim migrants themselves. Their experience with Muslim immigrants has been so unpleasant in every way, that 70% of the French no longer want to accept any more immigrants, period, and that includes asylum seekers. Perhaps they have lost faith in their own government’s ability to distinguish the genuine asylum seekers from the Muslim economic migrants who have been draining the French treasury

“We therefore measure it quite clearly: The opinions of the French on the subject of immigration have hardened. However, this development is not the prerogative of the right. And now, nearly one in two supporters of the left, as we have seen, believe that there are too many immigrants in France,” Zulfikarpasic told Fondation Jean-Jaurès. “And barely one in two consider that, in general, immigrants are well integrated in our country.”

The study results are published at a time when the French government is proposing a new immigration bill — one that has been pushed back on the government agenda after being deemed too politically explosive at a time when French society is already highly charged over President Emmanuel Macron’s controversial pension reforms.

Moreover, 83 percent of French people consider it difficult to talk about immigration today,” Zulfikarpasic concluded. “The upcoming review of the immigration bill will be an opportunity to put it at the center of the table.”

The conclusion is clear. Whatever questions about immigration that were posed, the answers show that the French public’s support for immigration has plummeted among all political parties. The French have seen how the Muslim economic migrants have behaved, living on the government dole, and making sure they can take advantage of every benefit that is offered – free or subsidized housing, free medical care, free education, unemployment benefits even without a work history — and more. They have seen, and suffered from, the high rates of Muslim criminality — street muggings and holdups, smash-and-grab robberies from shops, house burglaries, rapes, and murders. This all takes its toll, and changes the minds of those unwary French who just a decade or two ago were naively welcoming Muslims into their midst.

Will the political leaders in France do as the French clearly want them to do, and call a halt to these Muslim economic migrants, or will they, with the exceptions of Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, continue their whistling in the dark, and avoid adopting the only immigration policies that make sense if France is to remain France?



FBI Got a Tip About Fargo Muslim Terrorist in 2021 and Ignored It

Biden administration condemns Ben Gvir Temple Mount visit, Saudis call it ‘provocation to all Muslims’

Hamas fires rocket at Israel, says it is enraged by Israeli minister visiting Temple Mount

Iran’s Quds Force leader: Man in Sweden ‘who disrespected the Quran should fear for his life’

Taliban Destroys What Is Left of Afghanistan’s Universities

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THE ISLAMIZATION OF NORTH DAKOTA: The Islamic Attack in Fargo Shows the Impact of Refugee Settlement

Three blocks from where Mohamad Barakat opened fire on police officers and firefighters, the Islamic Society of Fargo-Moorhead squats across from a school bus company. Nearby are other elements of the new enclave like the Somali Community Development group which offers English and citizenship classes and the Al Hamdi Restaurant from whose vicinity an eyewitness reported hearing the shots that took the life of one police officer and wounded two others.

Officially authorities claim to be baffled by Mohamad’s decision to open fire on cops and firefighters, but the decision by the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service and the bomb squad to search Mohamad’s apartment suggests that they privately have an explosive motive in mind.

“The first thing we always want to know in a situation like this is, ‘Why?” Why would somebody do this?’” Chief David Zibolski wondered. Perhaps he should ask in Fargo’s own Little Mogadishu and inquire of the politicians who turned Fargo into a refugee camp.

If Mohamad acted in the name of Islam, it would not be the first terror attack from Fargo.

In 2016, Dahir Adan, a Somali refugee who penetrated the country along with a massive family that was tragically resettled in Fargo, went on a stabbing spree in a St. Cloud, MN mall. The Somali refugee had gone around the mall shouting “Allahu Akbar” dedicating the violence to his Islamic deity, and demanding to know if potential targets were Muslims before stabbing them.

ISIS claimed credit for the attack after Adam, like Mohamad, was fatally shot and killed, but not until after he stabbed 10 Americans. Fargo Muslims however quickly rushed to play the victim.

“Somali mall workers are afraid to go to their jobs today. I was even afraid to use public restrooms,” Hukun Abdullahi, a local nonprofit leader, had claimed.

Moorhead Mayor Del Rae Williams admitted that her biggest concern from the Muslim terrorist attack was that, “the more we make, you know, these kind of things an issue, the more people are abusive to (refugees) publicly.”

Police Chief David Todd denied, “I don’t have any indication that radicalization is occurring here in Fargo.” Seven years later, Officer Jake Wallin, who had survived Afghanistan and Iraq, was murdered by a Muslim attacker in Fargo. There’s never any indication until someone dies.

The violent attacks by Mohamad Barakat and Dahir Adan may surprise people who still think of Fargo, North Dakota as quintessentially American. Refugee resettlement has changed that.

8% of Fargo is foreign born. Much of that population comes from the Middle East and Islamic areas in Africa like Sudan and Somalia. Even much of the European refugee contingent is Bosnian. The massive influx of refugee resettlement allowed local politicians to boast that Fargo was growing much faster than the rest of the state or the country.

Fargo’s population shot up from 74,000 in 1990 to 90,000 in 2000 to 128,000 today. Somalis flooded Fargo, as did Iraqis, Bosnians and Bangladeshis. Amid the pure snows rose mosques, ethnic welfare nonprofits, Halal markets and other outposts of the new population.

By 2000, six hundred Somali families occupied Fargo, by 2004, Somalis outnumbered Hispanics in the Fargo public school system. Refugee resettlement, led by Lutheran Social Services, continued bombarding the state with foreign migrants, 70% of them embedded into the Fargo area.

“Millennials who are increasingly working in these jobs like to have a multicultural area that has differences in people,” Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney contended. “We really need a diverse population to be more like a normal American city.”

When Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn had warned that millions of taxpayer dollars were being spent on refugee resettlement and that the area was becoming more dangerous, Somalis launched a recall campaign. Piepkorn has since been stripped of Deputy Mayor status.

Little wonder that few elected officials have had the courage to speak out against what is being done to Fargo and North Dakota.

Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, its coffers swollen by dumping migrants from Islamic terror states on the area, suddenly faced a dieback under the Trump administration. The organization filed for bankruptcy and shut down in 2021, but rather than offering any relief, things actually got worse for Fargo and North Dakota.

Under Republican Gov. Doug Burgum, the former head of Lutheran Social Services, became the Executive Policy Director at the state’s Department of Human Services. Burgum, who is now running for president, announced that the state would take over refugee resettlement from Lutheran Social Services. Burgum had previously turned down an offer from the Trump administration to allow governors to end the practice of refugee dumping.

While Gov. Burgum claimed that the state would handle the invasion more responsibly than Lutheran Social Services had, bringing in the head of LSS put the lie to any such notion. Gov. Burgum had proclaimed that April would be Arab American Heritage Month, not to honor the Christian Lebanese, actual refugees who had first fled Islamic terror to move to North Dakota, but those Muslims who “built the first mosque in the United States of America.”

By 2022, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service North Dakota had taken over for the LSS and 78 Afghans, along with Syrians, Somalis and Iraqis were being resettled in the state.

That same year Rep. Hamida Dakane, who wears a hijab, became the first Somali legislator in the state House of Representatives from a district in Fargo. Dakane had found fame after an alleged vandalism incident at the Moorhead Fargo Islamic Center, holding up a “Hate Has No Home in Moorhead” sign as representatives of “Lutheran, Catholic, Presbyterian and Satanism” movements gathered to help. Then she joined Fargo’s Human Rights Commission.

“I am not representing a Muslim state,” Dakane, who entered this country on a student visa, noted. “There is a lot of things in Islam that doesn’t align with Democrats, but that doesn’t apply to the community.”

Mohamad Barakat may have had less patience waiting for North Dakota to become Islamic.

Fargo is slowly getting there. Somali restaurants, halal markets and ethnic associations are dotting the map. Especially around the area where Mohamad Barkat murdered a police officer. School districts are spending a fortune dealing with non-English speakers, primarily Somalis and Kurds, and a great deal of money goes to subsidize Headstart and food stamps.

Gangs proliferate trafficking in drugs and prostitution. And worse crimes appear and disappear.

Omar Mohamed Kalmio, a Somali refugee who shot and killed his American Sioux girlfriend, her mother, brother and another family member in nearby Minot, is still fighting his life sentence. Kalmio should have been in ICE custody after he and a group of Somalis had previously stabbed a man in the back with a knife.

In Grand Forks, Hawo Osman Ahmed, had allegedly threatened women with a knife. “Come over here I’m going to cut you,” she had warned, “I’m going to slice your neck.”

“I feel like I’m a Muslim woman who’s being attacked because I am a Muslim woman living in Grand Forks,” she later complained.

Authorities generally steer clear of such cases if they know what’s good for them. The prosecution of a sex trafficking ring by the Somali Outlaws gang across the country which allegedly involved girls as young as twelve was shut down by federal authorities, advocates and political pressure amid claims of racism, Islamophobia and cultural differences .

“We are heartbroken by this tragic loss,” Gov. Burgum said in response to the Somali act of violence that killed one police officer and wounded two others. “We also pray for the full recovery of the officers and civilian who were wounded in this horrible incident.”

‘Horrible incidents’ like these could be averted by ending refugee resettlement.

Gov. Burgum refused to end refugee resettlement when he had the opportunity to do so. The blood of the victims of refugee resettlement are on the hands of those who enable it.



FARGO “AMBUSH”: Muslim Migrant Who Who Shot 4 Cops Had 1,800 Rounds of Ammo, “Absolute Arsenal,” Was Planning a Jihad Massacre at Street Fair

Fargo: Muslim shooter had 1,800 rounds of ammo, was apparently planning a jihad massacre at street fair

Over 541,000 migrants welcomed into America through its parole pipeline

UK: Man converted to Islam in jail, plotted assault rifle jihad attack on Queen’s funeral 

Iraq: Muslims storm Swedish embassy and set it on fire in protest against Qur’an burning

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NEW YORK: Muslim migrant helped supply ‘thousands’ of recruits from Western countries to the Islamic State

Why did all these Western Muslims fall for the supposedly twisted and hijacked version of Islam that the Islamic State offers? Why didn’t the peaceful, benign Islam that they supposedly learned in their local mosques prevail?

U.S. Islamic State recruiter sentenced to life in New York court

 The New Arab, July 15, 2023 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A Kosovo-born US man who helped supply “thousands” of recruits to the Islamic State group was sentenced to life in prison Friday for helping the extremist group, the Justice Department announced.

Mirsad Kandic, 40, was a high-ranking member of the jihadist group between 2013 and 2017, when it controlled large swathes of Iraq and Syria, the Justice Department said.

In 2013 he left his home in New York and traveled to Syria, where he joined IS, becoming a fighter in Haritan outside of Aleppo.

Then he was directed to move to Turkey to help smuggle foreign fighters and weapons for the group into Syria, it said.

He was also an emir for IS media, the department said, disseminating the group’s propaganda and recruitment messages online, including via more than 120 Twitter accounts.

As recruiter, “he sent thousands of radicalized ISIS volunteer fighters from Western countries into ISIS-controlled territories in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East,” the Justice Department said, using another acronym for IS….

Read more



Canada: Trudeau claims Muslims are being influenced to oppose the trans agenda by the ‘far right’

Poland: Teen converts to Islam, plots jihad bombing of government building

Biden Regime Lied to Senators About Iran Envoy Under FBI Investigation

Catherine Philp of the Times of London Tries to Turn a Terrorist Into an Innocent Civilian

Germany: Muslim migrant stabs his wife to death, gets twelve years in prison

Eight-year old Palestinian child congratulates 15-year-old cousin on her ‘martyrdom-death’

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U.S. officials warn of ‘another 9/11’ after Biden regime releases illegal migrant on terror watchlist into the country

“Bungled release”? Maybe. Or maybe it went just the way the political elites wanted it to go.

Law enforcement experts warn of ‘another 9-11’ after bungled release of migrant tied to terrorism

by Natalia Mittelstadt, Just the News, July 5, 2023:

Former law enforcement officials are warning of potential terrorist attacks and a repeat of 9/11 following a Homeland Security Department watchdog report that exposed government bungling that allowed an illegal immigrant on the terrorist watchlist to be released into the U.S. and roam free for two weeks before he was apprehended.

According to a report released by the DHS’s Office of Inspector General, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released an illegal immigrant on the terrorist watchlist last year, and due to a lack of coordination, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took more than two weeks to arrest the individual.

The report, which was completed last week, found that after apprehending the illegal immigrant in Arizona in April 2022, the CBP released them “without providing information requested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) that would have confirmed the migrant was a positive match with the Terrorist Screening Data Set (Terrorist Watchlist).”

The illegal immigrant wasn’t arrested by ICE until May 6, 2022 due to “challenges transferring documentation while planning to arrest the migrant and obtaining GPS data while conducting the arrest,” the DHS watchdog wrote.

Former CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan told the John Solomon Reports podcast in an episode to be aired Thursday that the OIG report “is a huge black eye” for U.S. counterterrorism officials.

However, he noted that under the Biden administration, the job of Border Patrol agents “is not to secure the border, your job is to process and release illegal aliens as fast as possible.”

Morgan speculated that many possible terrorists already could be in the U.S. among the estimated 1.7 million illegal immigrants who entered the country under the Biden administration without being apprehended by law enforcement.

“[W]e know they’ve encountered an unprecedented number, hundreds of illegal aliens that are on the terrorist screening database,” Morgan said. “Think about how many potential, would-be illegal aliens that could serve as a potential national security threat are among the 1.7 million. We literally could have the next terrorist sleeper cell in United States planning the next terrorist attack, and we would have no idea. That’s fact, it’s not hyperbole.”

According to the most recent CBP numbers, the agency has apprehended 464 known or suspected terrorists during fiscal year 2023, which ends on Sept. 30. Last fiscal year, CBP apprehended 478 known or suspected terrorists. During the prior fiscal year, which was partly under the Trump administration, there were 173….

Read more.



US and Israel Pressure Palestinian Authority to Crack Down on Terrorists

Jihad group says it will attack Christians and churches in Pakistan in revenge for Qur’an-burning in Sweden

We Can’t See Full Report on Afghanistan Withdrawal to Protect It From ‘Adversaries’

Stories from Israel Not Covered in the Mainstream Media

Afghanistan: Taliban kills farmer for not paying zakat


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New Jersey: Judge says Muslim with ‘jihad’ journal accused of stealing school bus not competent to stand trial

Of course. Judge Mike Hammer doesn’t have the first foggiest idea of what jihad is, so he ascribes Bader Alzahrani’s words and actions to mental illness. In this, he stands firmly within the contemporary mainstream.

Man with ‘jihad’ journal accused of stealing school bus not competent to stand trial, judge says

by Sarah Cassi, Lehigh Valley Live, June 8, 2023:

A Saudi national accused of stealing a school bus in New Jersey and driving it to Pennsylvania before getting caught in the Poconos is not mentally competent to stand trial, a U.S. federal judge has ruled.

Bader Alzahrani, 22, is facing charges from incidents in January, including receipt of a stolen vehicle transportation of a stolen vehicle in federal court, and motor vehicle theft, burglary, theft of moveable property, criminal damage and criminal trespass in New Jersey court.

In an order signed March 27, federal Judge Michael Hammer said based on a psychiatric report sealed by the court, Alzahrani has a mental disease or defect that makes him unable to understand the court proceedings and properly participate in his defense….

Alzahrani was in the U.S. on a student visa and was attending an unidentified university, but he left the school in October and was reported missing, an FBI agent wrote in court papers.

On Jan. 15, a home break-in was reported in Livingston, New Jersey, and a backpack found inside with Alzahrani’s Saudi Arabian passport and a journal with writings about jihad and threats against Jews and police officers, prosecutors said.

The journal, with entries in Arab and English, had phrases including, “Why didn’t you slaughter the police officer who threw the Quran?,” “Blood, blood, destruction, destruction. Allah,” and “Destruction of the new world and the earth will be destroyed from all sides,” according to court records.

There were also derogatory remarks about Jews and white people and other violent references, records state.

Read more.



Antony Blinken At AIPAC Deeply Disappoints

Canada: Edmonton teacher lambastes Muslim student for eschewing school Pride celebrations

Sweden: Muslim migrants beat Swede, threaten to kill him, force him to dance naked, sentenced to youth supervision

Obama Judge Says 14th Amendment Gives Muslim Migrants the Right to Invade America

Homesh and the ‘Two-State Solution’

France: Muslim soccer player tries to strangle his 15-year-old sister to death

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‘Invasion’: Trump Vows To End Birthright Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Immigrants

Former president and 2024 presidential contender Donald Trump pledged to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants in a video posted to Twitter Tuesday.

Trump vowed that on his first day in office, if he’s elected president, he will sign an executive order that the children of illegal immigrants won’t be eligible for citizenship, according to his social media video. A wave of illegal immigration began at the U.S.-Mexico border soon after Biden assumed the presidency, where federal authorities have recorded more than 5.3 million migrant encounters since January 2021.

“It’s things like this that bring millions of people to our country, and they enter our country illegally. My policy will choke off a major incentive for continued illegal immigration, deter more migrants from coming and encourage many of the aliens Joe Biden has unlawfully let into our country to go back to their home countries, they must go back, nobody could afford this, nobody could do this and even morally it’s so wrong,” Trump said.

Trump also seeks to end “birth tourism” where pregnant women wait out the end of their pregnancies on U.S. soil to “jump the line” for green cards and bring other family members to the U.S., Trump said, adding that he will require at least one parent to be a citizen or lawful resident.

“Joe Biden has launched an illegal foreign invasion of our country allowing a record number of illegal aliens to storm across our borders. From all over the world they came,” Trump said. “Under Biden’s current policies, even though these millions of illegal border crossers have entered the country unlawfully, all of their future children will become automatic U.S. citizens, can you imagine? They’ll be eligible for welfare, taxpayer-funded health care, the right to vote, chain migration and countless other government benefits, many of which will also profit the illegal alien parents.”



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