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Five Presidents Who Need to Be Impeached Now

Now that Congressional Democrats have set the precedent that presidents who are no longer in office can be impeached, in flagrant disregard of the Constitutional provision that one of the consequences of impeachment and conviction is “removal from Office,” impeachment has become not only a weapon of partisan politics and naked vengeance, but a way to correct historical wrongs. What’s more, Trump is being tried for inciting a violent riot by telling demonstrators “to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” If that will fly, the “high crimes” don’t have to be all that high in the coming trials of former presidents, but there are plenty to go around anyway. Here are the top five presidents who, for the sake of justice and the children, must be impeached now:

  1. Barack Obama

Yes, there was the tan suit, but that would only be impeachable if Trump wore one like it. In his predecessor’s case, the “high crimes” for which he ought to be impeached are the highest of all: treason. Obama paid $1.7 billion to a regime that requires its citizens to chant “Death to America.” That regime used the money to finance jihad terrorists who want to see America’s destruction and are actively working against American interests. Treason is defined as giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Is there any reason in light of that, other than the Democrats’ hegemony in Washington, that Obama should not be charged with treason?

  1. Bill Clinton

Slick Willie can and should join Trump in the double impeachment jeopardy club for getting us into the current mess with China. After the People’s Republic stole many U.S. military secrets due to lax Clinton-era security controls, Clinton gave the Chinese even more, including advanced missile technology, allegedly in return for campaign contributions. The Washington Post noted in an editorial that “in the first three quarters of 1998 nine times as many [supercomputers] were exported [to China] as during the previous seven years.”

Yet this was three years after the Chinese spying operation had been discovered, and with no indication that China would not continue to be generally hostile to American interests. That’s a much “higher crime” than telling people to protest peacefully. It was Clinton who paved the way for Beijing Joe and his henchmen.

  1. Jimmy Carter

The senescent, sanctimonious Southerner deserves his impeachment trial for many reasons, but the Department of Education alone is enough. Along with the Department of Energy that Jimmeh also established, it was another manifestation of the assumption, by now taken for granted by nearly everyone, that if the nation faced a problem, the best way to solve it was to unleash a new army of federal bureaucrats.

Neither department has any significant accomplishments to justify their existence. The Department of Education has been a massive failure, and is ultimately responsible for the miseducation of our youth over the last forty years, such that leftist indoctrination substitutes for education nearly everywhere. The federal bureaucrats who oversee the Department of Education have created national standards and curricula that are frequently tendentious and politicized, with a pronounced leftist bias. In our own day, this has taken the form of an almost manic attention to race and diversity, at the expense of giving children a basic education.

  1. Richard Nixon

Yes, he’s dead, but what does that matter anymore? Yes, he forestalled his own impeachment by resigning, but that doesn’t matter anymore either, does it? Nixon is the most likely candidate to be America’s Pope Formosus, the ninth-century pontiff whose body was dug up by his vengeful successor so that he could be tried in what has come down to us with the honorable name of the Cadaver Synod. Today’s Congressional Democrats, who are more vengeful than any group in American history, can top that with their Cadaver Impeachment Trial of Richard Milhous Nixon.

  1. Joe Biden

It’s a bit novel and unorthodox, as Old Joe is still nominally in office, but unorthodoxy is the order of the day. Biden deserves to be impeached because for the Democrats, impeachment is now no more or less than a tactic to discredit and destroy their opponents, no matter what the facts of the case are. And it’s all happening while Old Joe, and/or his handlers, are in charge. That means that he bears the ultimate responsibility for this present travesty. For the high crime of allowing the Constitution and the republic to become a sick joke, House Republicans should stage a quick trial and do their own impeachment walk to the Senate to deliver the articles of impeachment. What’s that? They don’t have a majority? Who cares?

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Michigan’s GOP 7th District Tells Rep. Walberg to Impeach [+Video]

Republican House Representative from Michigan’s 7th District Tim Walberg was once a leading “birther” not so long ago, when he was seeking a seat in the U.S. House in the 2010 election. The video below of Representative Walberg at a local town hall meeting during his bid for the U.S. House in 2010, in which Mr. Walberg acknowledges the known “birther” (Constitutional eligibility) questions surrounding Barack Hussein Obama, and mentions the word “impeachment” for the first time…

On January 26, 2016, the 7th District of the Michigan Republican Party passed a Resolution calling upon their U.S. House Representative Tim Walberg, to initiate TNALC Articles of Impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama, deemed by Mr. Walberg and many House and Senate Republicans to be the most impeachable administration in U.S. history. (HERE IS THE SIGNED RESOLUTION)

The 7th District GOP covers seven Michigan counties and is represented by twenty-five District GOP Committee members, twenty-four of whom were present for the vote last week. The 7th District Resolution for Impeachment passed by a 14-10 vote.

In a pre-meeting ahead of the official gathering, the committee was unanimous on the following issues…

  • Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of impeachable offenses
  • Barack Hussein Obama has been very destructive to the USA and continues to be
  • Impeachment is the proper constitutional solution to Obama treason, tyranny and treachery
  • Obama should be impeached

However, as indicated by the 14-10 vote on the Resolution to Impeach, members of the 7th District were not quite so united, given the opportunity to take an official stand on the record. In part, this may be due to the fact that Representative Walberg and two aides decided to show up and speak against the impeachment resolution, after the pre-meeting and before the actual vote was taken.

Even though Representative Walberg has been a very outspoken critic of Barack Obama’s since 2010, speaking about how “we are slaves of government” in this May 2014 VIDEO, and then just last November, Representative Walberg had this to say about the threat of Obama aiding and abetting known terrorists across the Middle East and importing them to the USA under the guise of “refugee resettlement” …

“Michigan has a long and rich tradition as a welcoming state, and we can provide humanitarian assistance while at the same time prioritizing the safety of our citizens. Given the recent terrorist attacks abroad and the very real threats we face, it is common sense to pause Syrian refugee admissions until a thorough review of our security processes is conducted. We need absolute certainty that rigorous vetting procedures are in place and enhanced safety measures are taken to protect the people of Michigan and all Americans. Ultimately, we need a plan to address the root cause of the refugee crisis—the President’s failed foreign policy in the region—and develop a strategy to destroy, not merely try to contain, ISIS,” said Walberg.

Last October, Walberg had this to say about Obama’s weakening of our own military…

“It’s reckless and wrong for President Obama to veto the critical funding our military needs at a time of escalating threats at home and abroad. In just the fifth veto of this entire presidency, the President has undercut our sacred constitutional responsibility to provide for a strong national defense. It’s a sad day when a bipartisan bill to ensure our troops are equipped to carry out their missions and keep America safe is vetoed purely for political gamesmanship to force an increase of deficit spending,” said Walberg.

But Walberg stopped short of saying it the way DNC Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard said it on Real Time HBO. Gabbard essentially accuses the Obama Administration of aiding and abetting known enemies of the United States, including working hand-in-hand with ISIS in the Middle East, and giving rise to the Muslim caliphate.

However, after the 7th District vote in support of Impeachment last week, Representative Walberg was singing a very different tune, while chatting it up with constituents who had just given him GOP marching orders on Impeachment from his entire District….

7th District GOP Committee member Jimmie Minnick, Jr. talked about his motivations in an interview with TNALC Radio here and here. Just like Carroll County in Tennessee and Gratiot County in Michigan a few days before, GOP Committees at the County and District level have been working to pass a resolution supporting impeachment for months now. Why?

Because House Republicans like Louie Gohmert of Texas and Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee have been stating that they know they can and should impeach, but “the people do not support impeachment.”

Yet even after the 7th District passed their Resolution, Representative Walberg told constituents that “he knows of no reason to impeach Obama…” – his memory lapse of all of his previous statements to the contrary notwithstanding…

Hillsdale County GOP Chairman Glenn Frobel was at the 7th District meeting and asked Representative Walberg if he would act on the resolution just passed by his district. In Mr. Frobel’s words…

Representative Walberg stated – “Obama has not done anything impeachable.” Mr. Frobel then asked Walberg, “what about changing the Affordable Care Act with his pen?” to which Walberg said “The Supreme Court said he (Obama) could do that.” The conversation concluded with Representative Walberg telling Mr. Frobel, “get me a list of impeachable things Obama has done…”

One of Representative Walberg’s most interesting excuses was his statement to meeting attendees that he had sought counsel with Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, who has made Hillsdale College a Tea Party favorite through their Constitutional Course.

According to Representative Walberg’s statements at the meeting, Arnn advised Walberg against impeachment, the “constitutional solution” for the most impeachable administration in U.S. history, which left Walberg constituents wondering, why did they elect Walberg if it is the unelected Larry Arnn who is going to make Walberg’s decisions, at odds with his District, I might add? Everyone’s a constitutionalist until the time comes to take a stand for the constitution… then many self-proclaimed constitutionalists scatter for cover.

This is why GOP registration and participation is going the way of the Whig party.

Republican politicians like Walberg want to be relevant to their voters, donors and committee members, especially at election campaign time, while at the same time sending a clear signal that none of them are relevant to Walberg.

In 2010, the people entrusted the national purse strings to Republicans in the House for the sole purpose of defunding Obama’s entire agenda against America. Since then, Republicans have defunded nothing of Obama’s agenda, not even Planned Parenthood, even after film of butchered baby parts for sale hit the internet. Five years later, the nation has doubled its national debt. It took America more than seventy years to arrive at $10 trillion in debt, and it took Obama and House Republicans only six years to double that number, with another estimated $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities…

But bankrupting the nation is not an “impeachable offense?” Numerous House Republicans said, if we can get control of the Senate, then we will impeach… which happened over a year ago now. Then they said, if Obama does the Iran deal, or doesn’t stop the inflow of Middle Easterners that we cannot even vet, or doesn’t comply with court orders to stop illegal immigration on our southern border, then we will impeach…. But still, nothing…

So, what are the people to do?

Tea Party and Constitution groups across America started forming State Constitution Accountability Coalitions seven months ago, in at least 29 states, for the sole purpose of pushing Republicans to impeach Obama…

The North American Law Center has proposed three Articles of Impeachment encompassing forty-eight criminal charges. GOP District Committees across the country are working to pass resolutions like the 7th District Resolution in Michigan, just to demonstrate to their elected Representatives in the House that “We the People” expect them to keep their oaths to defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, including a rogue administration which has become more of a threat to the well-being of our Constitutional Republic than any outside threat.

Clearly, unless forced to do the right thing by “the people” and GOP Committee members at the county and district levels, no one in the House intends to do the right thing.

Even the U.S. Taxpayer Party of Michigan just passed a Resolution supporting Impeachment. As long as Obama is in power, he remains a threat and it is not too late to impeach. If even treason is no longer worthy of impeachment, then nothing is…

But what kind of country will exist in the wake of Obama’s two anti-American unconstitutional terms is beyond my imagination. I can only hope and pray that there are enough real patriots left in America to join the good people of Michigan, who are leading the charge for Constitutional Accountability. If not, the future for this country is indeed frightening…

Mr. Walberg, as a Christian man, a fellow Republican, a Representative of the 7th Congressional District of Michigan and all Republicans across this country… I call upon you to grow the courage to stand with the good people of your district, for the Constitution and against the evil that currently holds our White House, while you still can… If you need a list of impeachable offenses, here they are… READ THEM!

The REAL State of the U.S.A. Today

The state of our nations’ disunity is epic. Our once great nation is in an accelerating death spiral and nobody seems to know who to blame or what to do about it, no matter how obvious the answers to those questions.

Unfortunately, most Americans have been carefully trained to focus all attention on the election process, as the sole means of holding their “public servants” accountable for their misdeeds. Before one election ends, the next election campaign season begins, and the people find themselves trapped in a constant campaign state, as they repeatedly miss the forest for the trees.

When all else fails, return to the basics… Keep it simple, because the more complex the problems, the more simple the solutions must be. Complex solutions are never carried out. Simple solutions work…

In this case, we are experiencing a period in history when everything established by our Founders is under assault, most of it already destroyed. One needs to look no further than the preamble to the U.S. Constitution to confirm it, or beyond the Declaration of Independence to know what to do about it.

At Our Foundation

The people, through the consent of the colonies, created the Federal Government in the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and the people, stated for what purposes they created that system of self-governance in the preamble itself.

  • In order to form a more perfect union;
  • To establish Justice;
  • To insure domestic tranquility;
  • To provide for the common defense;
  • To promote a general welfare;
  • All of which is to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

Everything that follows in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is erected for the sole purposes stated in the preamble, those six simple reasons for all of it. All six of those purposes have been violated by the Federal Government since, and so long as the people allow it to continue, they have no Representative Constitutional Republic and they never will have it again.

The Violations are Obvious and Many

To form a more perfect union? – Our country is divided more than at any previous time in our history. No matter whom we elect or who controls the chambers of Congress, the approval rating of the people remains in the single digits, indicating 90% disapproval, which might be the only thing Americans are actually united on today, although they will disagree on the reasons for that disapproval.

The current Administration is bouncing between 36-50% approval, depending upon which poll you believe and what day you look at the poll. At best, half of the people support the perceived direction of this administration and half stand totally opposed to the reality.

Nearly every Supreme Court opinion, unrestrained by the Supreme Law of our Land, is divided in a 5-4 “social justice” ruling, leaning slightly left or right of center depending on the issue at hand. No matter which branch of the Federal government we look at, the nation is totally divided on each, as are the branches themselves.

We are no longer even trying to form a more perfect union. Our disunity has almost reached perfection…

To establish Justice? –  Which justice are we talking about? Constitutional Justice, equal protection under the law, and equal application of our laws, governed by the Supreme Law of the Land? The solemn Oath to “faithfully execute the laws of the United States and to at all times protect and preserve the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of this land?” – Or, social justice, the misuse and common law subversion of Constitutional law, allegedly for the “greater social good?”

What we have at the moment is worse than a totally lawless society. In a totally lawless society, anarchy, no one follows the laws and the will of the people can eventually prevail, just as it did following the anarchy leading up to the American Revolution.

What we have today is tyranny, wherein the common law-makers, interpreters and enforcers can operate completely outside of the law and beyond any constitutional authority with impunity. They make, interpret and enforce laws “unequally” between their loyal subjects and their dissenters, who think they are free to dissent in the open, until the I.R.S. seizes their assets, or until DHS labels them a “potential domestic terrorist,” or until they are lynched in public opinion by the complicit propaganda media.

There is NO honest effort to provide any form of Justice in America today. People are sitting in prison right now, without ever having broken any laws, some of them, without even a legitimate Grand Jury indictment for or legitimate prosecution of their alleged crimes, in direct violation of the Bill of Rights. The courts are no longer restrained by the written laws of Congress. They are free to make up their common law on a whim, to suit the political agenda of the Federal Government, of which they are a part.

To insure the Domestic Tranquility? – Are you kidding me? Race crimes are on the rise, most of it black on black crime, the rest a result of intentional race-baiting by this administration, its minions in congress, and the press, or fueled by an increasing sense of futility reaching from sea to sea. Islamic terror all over the globe has exploded on Obama’s watch, as the threat of new Islamic terrorist strikes on U.S. soil increases hourly.

Our kids are not safe… Our senior citizens are not safe… Our neighborhoods are becoming increasingly unsafe… Inner cities are not safe… Areas of our country are “no go zones” due to Islamic enclaves, Hispanic gang activity, black riots and looting, or Mexican drug cartels controlling the border areas. College campuses are becoming less and less safe, as are many churches and public K-12 schools. St. Louis, Detroit, San Diego, Chicago and numerous Southern border towns are not fit to live in.

The open borders and illegal amnesty policies of the current lawless administration insures that there can be no domestic tranquility in America, maybe ever again. The administrations tyrannical rule by “Executive Order or Action,” without any regard for “faithfully executing the laws of this land,” further guarantees that there can be no peace or tranquility in America, until these violations have been remedied.

To provide for the common defense? – The Obama Administration has spit in the face of every U.S. ally and made friends with every known terrorist group in the world, all of them in some way affiliated with The Muslim Brotherhood, which Obama has made part of his administrative cabinet.

The enemy is not at the gate, they are in the White House, and all branches of our Military, as well as all National Security agencies and again, congress. Instead of providing for the common defense of the United States, our Federal Government has turned all National Security assets on the American people, and infiltrated the highest levels of our Government. They are protecting known illegal invaders, instead of keeping their oath to prevent any illegal invasion of our country from foreign influences.

Instead of enforcing the Uniform Rules of Naturalization established by Congress, they have thrown them all out the window via “Executive Action” without any such constitutional Executive authority. They have become entirely destructive of all reasonable efforts to provide for the common defense of the United States, both here and abroad.

To promote a general welfare? – Not to provide welfare to all, but to promote things that are in the best interest, or the general welfare of all American citizens. Our government threatens the general welfare of all Americans by using taxpayer funds to pick winners and losers, including providing “general welfare benefits” to people who have no right to be in our country at all.

During the Great Depression, 30% of Americans were out of work and dependent upon some form of government assistance for their very existence. Those soup and bread lines were quite visible to all, and there was no mistaking the poor state of our economy. Today, more than 40% of Americans depend upon some form of government assistance, while the government and their press tell you how great the Obama economy is doing. The American Dream is no longer the freedom to work, earn and own, but rather to see how many free gifts one can rob from the taxpayer’s treasury.

Freedom and Liberty have been traded for free cell phones and ObamaCare… all of it at the expense of the general welfare of all Americans and the future of freedom and liberty.

To secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves? – This is the entire purpose of everything our Founders created. If the actions of our Federal government result in the loss of individual freedom and liberty, for any or all decent, honest self-reliant productive members of society, it has become destructive to the purposes of the people and the nation as a whole.

Without true constitutional justice, domestic tranquility, an adequate common defense of our nation, our heritage, our fundamental reverence for freedom, our language and traditions, or the general welfare of all who were endowed by our Creator with the inalienable Right to Life, and the Pursuit of happiness under our own steam, there is no Liberty.

Not only can there be no Liberty for ourselves, we have doomed all posterity to a substandard life of poverty under tyrannical governments focused only upon its own wealth and power.

What Americans have allowed to happen to themselves, out of ignorance, apathy and cowardice is bad enough. But the life we are dooming our children, our grandchildren and their children to, is inexcusable and unforgiveable.

I challenge every reader to go examine the Bill of Rights, and discover that there is nothing in those Ten Amendments that our Federal Government has not already violated, repeatedly. Still, it is allowed to continue.

Every Politician is to Blame

Without exception, every member of congress that fails to hold the Executive Branch fully accountable for its misdeeds is complicit by that failure. Every member of the Obama Administration who is knowingly and wantonly undermining the will and freedom of the people is guilty of treason. And every member of the U.S. Supreme Court who fails to uphold and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights is also guilty of treason and misprision of treason. There can be no social justice where there is no respect for Constitutional Law.

But who is to blame for these politicians?

Every American citizen who sits idly by, allowing these politicians to destroy our Constitutional Republic without rising up in defense, is responsible. Every American who votes only on what their government can do for them, ignoring what their government is doing to them, is responsible.

Every American who through ignorance or apathy just stumbles through life as though none of this will ever affect them personally, or can see the threat we all face from within, but lacks the courage to stand in outrage, to stop the destruction of our once great nation, is responsible.

Every American more focused upon their own individual pet agendas than the best interest of our Republic, the freedom and liberty of all Americans, is responsible.

Every American who thinks they can solve these problems in a few more elections, without ever holding any elected servants accountable, is responsible.

Every American waiting for someone else to solve the problem, or refusing to set aside their own pride or ego in order to band together in a formidable force, is responsible.

Freedom is not for fools or cowards…. The reason our Federal Government is getting away with all of this, is our nation is full of fools and cowards, today.

If you are looking for a solution, find a mirror. Enforcing every letter of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is the only solution, and if you are waiting for anyone else to do it, it will never get done.

But I will tell you this right now… there is no solution to the condition of our Federal Government that does not begin with Impeachment of the entire Obama regime. If you are going to run away from this one, nothing else you do is going to fix anything today.

If you think you can defend freedom and liberty without a fight, you have already lost. Freedom is not easy, it never was. Freedom has always come at a very high price indeed. But it is worth every penny, every drop of blood, for without freedom, there is no peace, no tranquility, no prosperity, no liberty and eventually, no life. The United States will be saved by the American people, or it will be lost forever. No politician is the solution… Every politician is part of the problem.

The End-around Impeachment? GOP now Controls 30 State Legislatures

Everyone knows there’s a huge difference between presidential and midterm election cycles — but not everyone knows how big a difference. Presidential election cycles are starting to resemble episodes of American Idol — what season, I have no idea.

The midterm election cycles are where those who understand legislative process and policy rise to the top — and why in the last midterm cycle of 2014 the Democrats pulled out all the stops to monger fear, coerce, and intimidate their way into a victory. They failed, but the question is just how bad have the Democrats failed under President Obama in the crucial midterm elections in a comparative analysis?

As reported by the Washington Post, “Everyone knows by now that 2010 and 2014 were very good to the Republican Party. What they don’t understand (or understand well enough) is just how good. Yes, Republicans now control the Senate and have their largest majority in the House since World War II.”

“But it’s downballot (way downballot) where the depth of the Republican victories over the past three elections truly reveal themselves — and where the impact will be felt over the long term. In the past three elections, Republicans have gained 913 state legislative seats, according to calculations made by Larry Sabato at the University of Virginia. Here are Sabato’s figures in chart form — and with historical comparisons — via GOP lobbyist Bruce Mehlman.”

public office seats won and lost

The Post further asserts, “Now, there are more 7,000 state legislative seats in the country, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, which makes that 913 number slightly less eye-popping. Still, the Democratic losses between 2010 and 2014 amount to 12 percent of all state legislative seats nationwide. As NCSL notes, Republicans now control more than 4,100 seats — their highest number since 1920. After taking over 11 legislative chambers from Democrats in 2014, Republicans now control 30 state legislatures completely — and have full control of state government (state legislature and governorship) in 23 states. Democrats, by contrast, have full control of 11 state legislatures and total control of state government in just seven states.”

This also relates to the story we reported on the recent Gallup Poll, which showed only 24 percent of Americans identify themselves as liberal. Of course control of these state legislatures still doesn’t reflect a critical statistic — liberal progressive control of major urban population centers.

In any event, the seismic shift in this chart shows that the policies of President Obama are horrifically unpopular — and his own 2009 chart-topping popularity is waning. The data also reflects how toxic it has been for Democrats across the country associated with Barack Obama and his policies. As a matter of fact, nearly 50% of the Senators who voted for the Affordable Care Act have been retired (2010-2014).

Regardless of what happens in Washington DC, we the people still have power at the state level, which is why these midterm election results are so important.

As the Post points out:

1. Policy is made at the state legislative level.
2. State legislatures and governors redraw congressional lines, and the next redistricting is in 2020 — but trust me that’s no guarantee if you don’t play the good ol’ boy game.
3. State legislatures are the minor leagues – it’s where the next generation is groomed, as we saw in the case of Obama.

But here’s the secret weapon: the Convention of States (COS) movement needs 34 state legislatures to present an amendment to the Constitution for approval. At 38 states, well, guess what? States don’t need Congressional approval for a Constitutional Amendment. Right now the GOP controls 30 state legislatures – that’s why it matters. Who needs impeachment when you have the power to amend the Constitution? With enough states, we’d have the power to stop another tyrannical power grab.

Therefore, I do support the Article V Convention of States, because the federal government just doesn’t seem serious about fiscal responsibility — or national security, or the treatment of our veterans for that matter. Sure, we all paid attention to the 2014 House and Senate races — but something happened on the road to Utopia — the contest for state legislatures was happening, and in that contest, there is no contest: Republicans are winning in a landslide — something that’s certainly not going to make ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or PBS.

You can make your voice heard with your state legislator and learn more about The Convention of States here.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on AllenBWest.com.

Here We Go Again: The GOP’s All Talk No Action Campaign

Another ground hog just climbed out of his cave and made the following statement. I refer to the statement made by Representative Lou Barletta (R-PA) which was ignored by the press in the United States but reported on by the British Daily Mail:

‘He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution’: Republican Representative says there’s ‘probably’ enough votes in the House to impeach Obama!

Republican Rep. Lou Barletta said Monday that President Barack Obama would ‘probably’ lose an impeachment vote in the House of Representatives.

‘He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the laws and ignoring the checks and balances,’ the Pennsylvania lawmaker told a local radio host.

I just called Rep. Barletta’s office in Washington D.C., the number is 202-225-6511, and asked him to put up or shut up. I am sick and tired of these all talk no action Grand Old Party members of Congress running their mouths about the maybes regarding impeachment of President Obama.

Either draw up the charges Mr. Barletta or close the hole under your nose and go back to stapling your memo’s to Mr. Boehner about the next cookie baking contest in your district. Shut up with all this “maybe” talk and actually lead and do something useful.

The next time a Republican makes a statement like this call him on it. Put him on the pad. Body slam them metaphorically speaking to the floor until he submits and does what he says he is going to do. Most of these Republicans just lay back in their easy chairs in their Congressional office dreaming about sugar plum fairies, raising money for their campaigns and their next golf game, much like President Obama.

Mr. Barletta. Draw up the paperwork dude. Write it up and submit it to the Congressional record. Get as many co-sponsors as you can and then vote on Obama’s impeachment. Otherwise SHUT UP!


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Hollywood Plots Are ‘More Believable’ Than IRS, White House on Missing Emails

Time to impeach?!

Matthew Burke Delivers the National Weekly Tea Party Address 2-2-2014 and calls for the impeachment of President Obama.


Below is an article written by Patriot and Tea Party supporter Stephen Schimmel. Each of us has the responsibility to do everything we can to educate and inform those we can on the fundamental issues facing our nation and we are grateful for submissions such as this in that effort.

Dear Tea Party and Citizens of America:

We are very concerned citizens,  who have a deep respect for our founding fathers and what they tried to structure back in 1789.

We have seen since 1932 an attempt to violate and stress the structure of our founding fathers, forces of ideologist who have professed to know better than our founding fathers and tamper with the very words and procedures of their product.

We now see what can happen  when we violate such a Godly document and the wisdom to protect the freedom that was envisioned  by what we have today, a Government and economic system totally in Chaos and the arrogance and selfishness of its leaders, not serving us but taking advantage of us. It is wisdom to put into place a plan to overcome not just our Demagogic President Obama, but to put the whole nation back in order:

“Wake up America” should be the TEA PARTY theme 

Facts and Premise:

  1. Money does not grow on trees and never did; The Tea Party needs to teach lessons in basic Economics to the citizens in TV Ads and on the internet.
  2. Wealth needs to be created not printed as proven by our history of our success of inventors.
  3. Environments need to encourage Wealth Creation; articulate what this means and what specifically has discouraged wealth creation, not just regulations the worst of a all.
  4. Environments need to encourage freedom for all of us; articulate  how our Constitution was designed to do so and what has become of our Freedoms since Roosevelt in 1932.
  5. Government cannot produce wealth nor allow to be self serving; articulate why and how the culture has produced  this in Washington.  As Kings went bankrupt for lack of wealth, so can the US Government.
  6. Governments need to set the example for its citizens and not spend more than what they have nor what do not have, using the Assets vs Debt formula= true spending power. Notice we are not talking about balancing a budget.  We are talking about a bankrupt ability to spend anymore.
  7. Governments need to have a service mentality, not a providing mentality; articulate how this has not been the case since 1932
  8. Governments need to be defined as to what they are expected to do defined by our Constitution; articulate to the people what those definitions are and how our present Government has violated all this.
  9. Government need to be fully accountable to its citizens  and expected to tell the truth in all cases What keeps any man honest and on tract to what he swore to do is exposure. What a Man says needs to be the truth and nothing but the truth. What a man says, he needs to be accountable for, every one of his words in speeches to its citizens.  Obama has not been held accountable for any of his promises and words found to be untrue in 98% of the cases.  He has become an outright liar and taken on demagogue deceitful , manipulative conniving image with no referencing to his purpose and duty in Office of the President
  10. Governments  require trust and integrity and service to be any good to a society


  1. Our Currency is threatened by the US debt and no plan has been in place since 1993 to pay off the debt.
  2. Our mindset has been most irresponsible, thinking of what the Government can do for you, but not what you can do for the Country. This has generated a mentality of selfishness and unproductive citizens who have hindered Wealth Creation and threatened the very integrity of our Financial System.
  3. Our Political System is threatened by confusion, lies and selfishness and unrealistic burdens put on its citizens.
  4. Our Government is no longer working for the people but for the ideologies of a few and the interests of those who have the authority over its people.
  5. Our Laws are so over regulated as to stifle wealth creation, and imprison needless citizens to a Nation of Criminals.  See the CBN story on this and pick it up on their website under the 700 club.
  6. Our Nation is being threatened by a Health Care law it cannot afford nor is consistent with the freedoms offered or envisioned by the US Constitution.  Romney needs to make this a campaign issue for his vote
  7. Our Lobbyist System needs to be fixed, so that those in Congress cannot become Lobbyist and have a conflict of interest.  Our laws through the years have been manipulated by a System of Lobbyists that threaten even the security of our Nation and compromise the Governments ability to serve Rich and Poor.
  8. Our Constitutional right to free speech and religious liberty has been muzzled by Political Correctness and bad rulings from the Supreme Court.  This needs to be fixed. Example there is no such thing as Separation of Church and State in the Constitution.  It is a big lie and no one seems to have the courage to challenge this lie.
  9. A balanced budget Amendment prohibiting any Congressional Spending over 20% of GDP in any one year using Assets minus Debt as a formula of the 20% GDP spending limit.  No loop holes allowed.  No laws valid that violate this rule.
  10. A plan to pay off the debt needs to be a priority and cuts to the Government needs to be as dramatic as needed to meet this plan to pay off the debt in a 15 year limit.   A plan to pay off the debt  is to create a trust fund from all energy reserves,  and use all proceeds from these reserves, gas or oil to exclusively pay off the existing debt.  Congress could not raise the debt limit ever without a vote of their citizens. Nor could Congress take any of the funds from the Trust to use for self serving purposes.
  11. .We have to put laws in place that will protect the people from future political timidity in the Congress. We need a system for the States to pass Amendments or laws on their own to get around the timidity and self serving behavior of our politicians, give the citizens more power over their politicians to be accountable. Notice how difficult it is to get our Politicians to Act on Amendments.

Article 5 of the Constitution provides a vehicle to allow the States to Act on their own with 2/3rds of the applications of the  States to act on their own, much like the California proposition system presently in place. Again this will allow the citizens of the State to over rule or make accountable their politicians.

For those who have ears let them hear.

God Bless all of my fellow Citizens

Stephen H. Schimmel
Newport Coast, Ca.

BREAKING: “Impeach Obama” ad to appear in Washington Times

The Florida based National Black Republican Association has sent Articles of Impeachment to the Judiciary Committee in the US House of Representatives. The NBRA has decided to publish an advertisement in the Washington Times and provide a copy of the ad to every member of Congress as they return to work on Tuesday.

Frances Rice, Chair of NBRA stated, “Anyone may download and use the ad, which is camera ready, and pay for it to be in their local newspaper or magazine. The PDF was created by the Washington Times for their use in publishing it in their paper.”

To view and download the full size ad click here.

Congress is dealing with multiple scandals (IRS, NSA, DOJ, Benghazi, Extortion 17, etc.) that raise questions about Executive Branch overreach. Congress will also be debating going to war with Syria over its use of chemical weapons against its own citizen. The ad states, “Congress: Wake up and do your job!”

Below is the Impeach Obama ad that will appear in the Washington Times and be delivered to each Senator and Representative this week.

impeach obama ad

To read the Articles of Impeachment please click here.