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“Lost In Space” Transgender Colonel Pushes Pronouns To Win Wars

Why do we wonder why there is a recruiting crisis in our military?

It’s simple, our military is no longer focused on winning wars, like Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Bree Fram, it is focused on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity — DIEing not fighting.


Transgenders are mentally ill and should not serve in our Armed Forces—period.

“Lost In Space” Transgender Colonel Pushes Pronouns To Win Wars

It is sad to think that a nation once as strong as ours could fall so quickly under such a ridiculous agenda

By Milt Harris

This isn’t the first time I have written about the current state of our military, or about Space Force Colonel Bree Fram. Fram is transgender, a man pretending to be a woman that has somehow managed to get into this position of power. By promoting someone like Fram up the chain of command, the military is disregarding that this is form of delusionary mental illness. This is condoning the denial of both biology and science for no other reason other than to be politically correct. The result has been a softening of our forces and low recruitment rates in at least three out of four military branches.

The military has not only errored in accepting this farce as normal behavior, but they have also promoted it as though it is customary. The U.S. Armed Forces has used everything from animated cartoons to an enlisted drag queen in recruitment videos. Then they bemoan the fact of low recruitment, acting stupefied as to what the problem is.

This isn’t a mystery. Combine a society that is becoming more and more divided by liberal leftists teaching hatred of country and moral debauchery at every turn, with a military command that has swallowed the Kool-Aid, and you have a disaster forming in the shadows of what used to be the Greatest fighting force in the world.

Wrong beliefs can become a societal virus and the LGBTQ movement has become one. The left now demands that you not only accept the lifestyle of these deluded individuals they expect active participation, otherwise you will be labeled as homophobic and bigoted.

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Can Harvard Be Saved From DEI and a Debased Curriculum?

Harry Lewis has been at Harvard, man and boy, for fifty years. He’s a professor of computer science, and formerly Dean of Harvard. He has long been a Cassandra, a vox clamantis in deserto, alarmed about the state of education at Harvard, where he has registered the decline brought about by the madness of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and by self-indulgent faculty members who teach what they want — their niche subjects — rather than what the students need. More on Professor Lewis’s analysis of Harvard’s “debased curriculum,” and comments on it by Professor Peter Berkowitz of the Hoover Institution, can be found here: “Harvard’s Crisis Stems From Debased Curriculum,” by Peter Berkowitz, Real Clear PoliticsFebruary 18, 2024:

Last month, Harry Lewis published a Harvard Crimson column that squarely laid the blame on Harvard for the crisis that has engulfed the great university. Fifty years of experience on the banks of the Charles River inform Lewis’ severe judgment: He is a longtime Harvard computer science professor, a 1968 Harvard College graduate, and, from 1995 to 2003, he served as dean of Harvard College. Nevertheless, while illuminating Harvard’s damaging politicization over the last 20 years of its undergraduate curriculum – and despite his half century at Harvard – Lewis overlooks the full extent of the crisis.

In “Reaping What We Have Taught,” Lewis maintained that the surge of antisemitism on campus following Hamas’ perpetration of mass atrocities in Israel on Oct. 7 was not the fault of Claudine Gay, who resigned as Harvard’s president in early January. Nor, he asserted, had Harvard admitted antisemitic students or hired antisemitic faculty. The problem, rather, lies in Harvard’s curriculum: “Unapologetic antisemitism – whether the incidents are few or numerous – is a college phenomenon because of what we teach, and how our teachings are exploited by malign actors.”

Lewis performed a simple experiment. He typed into the Harvard online course catalog search box key words associated with fashionable progressive ideology. The word “decolonize,” he found, “is in the titles of seven courses and the descriptions of 18 more” – more than triple its appearance before 2000. The words “oppression” and “liberation” are each “in the descriptions of more than 80 courses,” while “‘Social justice’ is in over 100.” Lewis also searched for “white supremacy” and “Enlightenment” – these days, it is often said, the latter arises out of and perpetuates the former. He discovered that the terms’ appearances in the online course catalog run “neck and neck, both ahead of ‘scientific revolution’ but behind ‘intersectionality,’” which barely registered before 2000…..

Consider the Ethics & Civics category. The 2024 spring semester offerings feature such options as “Ethics of Climate Change,”; “Evolving Morality: From Primordial Soup to Superintelligent Machines,” and “Ignorance, Lies, Hogwash, and Humbug” (which deals with fake news and other forms of deceit that mark “the post-truth era”). With one of these courses, students can check the ethics and civics requirement at Harvard without ever studying Western civilization’s biblical and classical foundations, the synthesis of faith and reason in the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Middle Ages, the modern tradition of freedom’s emergence in the 17th and 18th centuries, and, not least, America’s founding principles and constitutional traditions.

The post-Oct. 7 educational crisis at Harvard, entwined with antisemitism, has been several decades in the making. Effective reform must replace the current curriculum, which advances professors’ interests in niche scholarship and partisan politics, with one that serves students’ interests in acquiring an organized introduction to the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and in undertaking a reasoned exploration of the United States, the West, and the world.

Can the curriculum be changed at Harvard, removing niche subjects offered by self-indulgent professors, so that again requiring that students be provided with what they need to know: the “general education” that demands basic instruction in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences? And who will remove the modish madness of DEI from the campus, so that it no longer the deciding factor in determining the courses that are taught, the faculty who are hired, and the students who are admitted? What Dean or future President of Harvard would take on the twin tasks of DEI removal and curriculum reform? Perhaps, despite his age, the Harvard Corporation will offer the job of President to Harry Lewis himself. That would be a welcome sign from the Corporation that it’s willing to break with the past. Harvard could not do better.


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The Illusion of Inclusion in the Republican Party

I want my readers to fully understand why I criticize my party when it comes to their total lack of engagement with the Black community.  I have stated ad nauseam that Blacks are begging Republicans to give them a reason to vote for them; but so far the party has failed to even acknowledge the existence of the Black community.

Fifty two years ago, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King made a profound statement that was just as true then as it is now, unfortunately.  On December 18, 1963 he was invited to speak to the students at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.  He was asked, “Don’t you feel that integration can only be started and realized in the Christian church, not in schools or by other means?”

King’s response in part was, “We must face the fact that in America, the church is still the most segregated major institution in America.  At 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning when we stand and sing and Christ has no east or west, we stand at the most segregated hour in this nation.”

Borrowing from King, I would say the most segregated major institution in America is the Republican Party.  Republicans often confuse diversity and inclusion with having a Black on staff.

Blacks are nowhere to be found when policies and direction of the party or a presidential campaign is concerned.

During the work week, I literally spend half of my day fielding calls and meetings from prominent Black Republicans asking for my assistance in helping them navigate issues within the party as it pertains to them and the lack of diversity within the party.  They praise me for my columns challenging the party; but for various reasons, they are totally afraid to join me publically in this fight to make our party more representative of America.

Many of these people are fearful of being blacklisted (pun intended) from jobs or consulting opportunities within the party so they much rather someone like me remain the point person for pushing my party to do what’s in its own best interest.  Mind you that Blacks are not getting any work from the party anyway, so the fear of being blacklisted is a bit ridiculous—we are already blacklisted de facto.

I am a businessman and yes, I am always interested in more business; but not at the expense of my integrity.  I can always get more money; but I can’t get more integrity.

Last week I had lunch with a major leader within our party (he is white).  To my astonishment, he actually encouraged me to continue challenging the party.  He indicated that people at the highest levels of the party follow and read my columns, but they don’t quite know how to respond to my writings.  I interrupted this person and told him that was total BS.  I told this person to allow me to interpret what his colleagues were saying to him.

“Republicans want Blacks that make them feel good, Blacks they are “comfortable” with, or Blacks that will just do what they are told.  There is a difference between hiring Blacks and hiring Blacks with credibility who know what the hell they are doing.”

There are fewer than ten Black Republicans in the country that has the skill set to get the party where it needs to be within the Black community.

I am referring to Blacks who have “earned” credibility within our community, not those deemed by the party to be credible; Blacks who have the professional competence in PR and communications; Blacks that have the political instincts and experience to engage with the Black community; and most importantly, Blacks who understand that all of the above skills must be brought together simultaneously.

Republicans confuse hiring a Black(s) with having the right Black(s).  Rarely have I seen Republicans hire the right Black(s) for a job and then empower them to get the job done.  Far too many in our leadership still believe if they focus too much on the Black community, they will alienate those on the far right of our party.  I ran into this roadblock as recently as last month.

Just last week, I had another in a lifelong series of bizarre experiences within my party.  I am frequently asked by Roland Martin to host his national radio show.  Between his radio and TV shows, many Blacks get their news from Martin.

So when I was asked to host for Roland last week, I sent an email to one of the top tiered presidential campaigns asking if they wanted to have their candidate call into the show for an interview with me.  None of the Republican campaigns has engaged with Black media to this point.  Here is his response, “Hey Raynard – Fully booked on hurricane [Katrina] stuff tomorrow. Thanks for reaching out though. “

Please tell me this is a joke.  This is what happens when you have an all-white staff—they are totally incapable of connecting the dots.  You are doing Hurricane Katrina related media, which disproportionately impacted the Black community; you have a chance to speak directly to the Black community on Roland’s show; you have a “friendly” doing the hosting; but yet they were unable to connect the dots.  This is exhibit A in how to continue to lose elections.

EDITORS NOTE: Please watch the below video of Raynard Jackson debating the Voting Rights Act. Raynard shows how you can’t have a logical conversation with liberals on this issue (notice how Raynard’s name was conveniently left off of the closing credits when they listed the guests for the show):