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The Woke Department of Defense is Opening Up a New Avenue of Data Collection

Great news for the Communist Chinese who have flooded our Republic with over 400,000 male military age illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Navy led by the woke/Communist Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has approved a program that will allow sailors to utilize their iPhones and Androids etc. with an internet connection while out at sea in an effort to improve their living conditions as per the woke Navy leadership as per a public directive on March 12th, 2024.

In a The Conversationalist column titled “Soldiers with smartphones can be a gift to the enemy”, Maria Farrell wrote,

With security risks and data-leaks, why do some serving soldiers bring smartphones on deployment, and how do countries differ?

A few years ago, my husband deployed to Afghanistan where the British Army had categorically banned all soldiers from using their phones. He called once a week at most, and our conversations were stilted and short. It’s hard to share sweet nothings in front of a line of soldiers waiting their turn. All was well until one morning I had coffee with another army wife. Her husband was working in the US Marine Corps Camp Leatherneck, and she got to facetime him every. single. morning. What I’d thought was an iron law of deployment – no personal communications devices for anyone, anywhere, anytime – turned out to be more an evolving set of practices.

Cell phones are wildly insecure. They’re the most vulnerable node in a network designed to generate and exploit user-data and share it with a wide range of actors, from device manufacturers, operating system owners, content-creators, software and app-designers, phone companies and partner networks. And those are just the organizations officially permitted to pull down mobile device data. Many apps leak data continually, as a consequence of either poor design or the user’s failure to install updates. We also have a perennial problem of apps that access and share personal and device data they have collected unnecessarily.

These Communist Chinese illegal immigrants who, under the Biden reign of Marxist terror have been given a free pass into the USA via Mexico and even can join the U.S. Navy after they get their Social Security Numbers and then they can join the Navy and get to work uploading the sensitive information to their handlers in Beijing from our warships.

The Navy currently prohibits using cell phones with internet connectivity aboard warships due to security reasons. Well you would think right? Obviously these cell phones will also expose their users’ location data and, in turn, those of the vessels they have boarded.

Much like the CIA and the FBI illegally are tracking American citizens in the United States unconstitutionally by collecting their cell phone data now the communist Chinese will have the same opportunity on board our warships.

Boot camp is a joke and literally anyone can pass this gauntlet that used to separate the men from the boys in the past era of military training. Now Boot Camp is a free pass if you can wake up on time and don’t need assistance with wiping your own behind.

Under this so called “let’s make life easy for the lazy weak and non productive new younger generation of sailors trial program”, sailors aboard a warship which has not been identified by the weak woke Department of the Navy is actually based in Changwon, (Imagine that) 185 miles off the coast of Seoul, South Korea.

It will be easy to ID the ship once the sailors start calling their wives lol and once they will be able to use their phones connected to the internet via a taxpayer funded commercial low Earth orbit satellite, according to the woke Navy officials.

When I deployed in Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield I was allowed one radio message per week strictly controlled by Radio Central to protect the lives and security of our mission.

Now the Communist Chinese and the Iranians will be feasting at the trough of information flowing directly from the heart of one of our warships.

May God protect our republic from this current Marxist White House and Department of Defence.

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