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JOIN THE FIGHT! Swords of Iron Campaign to DESTROY HAMAS in AMERICA!

Swords of Iron Campaign:

  1. Fight Israel’s Information War.
  2. Brief Elected Officials on Hamas.
  3. Mobilize Americans for Law Enforcement.
  4. Produce movie exposing Hamas.


On Saturday October 7, 2023, following a devastating surprise attack by HAMAS on the citizens of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) initiated Operation: Swords of Iron, a massive military campaign to completely obliterate every aspect of the HAMAS infrastructure, fighting capability, communication effectiveness and kill all terrorist members.

Israel will win the kinetic element of this war, but if past is prologue, Israel will lose the information battle of this war.

The United States cannot allow Israel to lose the kinetic or the information war as the national security ramifications to our Homeland are immense.

One gauge of successful support of Israel in America is whether Americans vote for pro-America, pro-Israel leaders on November 5, 2024. One strategic goal of The United West is to operate educational programs that result in a Pro-America, Pro-Israel, Pro-Border Security President in 2024.

The United West will assist with the educational goal of helping Israel win this righteous battle, particularly in communications, information management and public relations. Essentially, we can bring our many years of experience and expertise into the battleground of ideas, arguing that Israel is America’s number one national security partner, essential to stability in the Middle East.

In this context, from Saturday, October 7, 2023 to election day, Tuesday, November 5, 2024, The United West initiates our campaign, SWORDS OF IRON – The United West – USA


The United West is an all-volunteer, educational counter-terrorism organization comprised of professionals with experience in business, military, intelligence, law enforcement, media and academia. We have four mission objectives:



The United West is dedicated to defending and advancing the Judeo-Christian West against the kinetic and cultural onslaught of anti-American systems, including Islam, Marxism and Chinese communism so that America remains a land of freedom, justice, and opportunity grounded in the principles of our Constitutional Republic.


Our team’s focus is on four areas with our primary goal of organizing Americans to fight with Israel:

  1. Positive presentation of Israel/America’s superior moral position of defeating the attack of Islamic jihad against Israel and the West. Implementing a devastating expose’ of all false arguments presented against Israel/America/West.
  2. Educating elected officials to understand the threat of Islamic Jihad and mobilize these officials to support Israel and pressure the Biden Administration to continue supporting and suppling Israel, so that the Israelis fight the jihadis over there to help us avoid fighting the jihadis in our Homeland.
  3. Mobilize Americans to adopt a comprehensive “War Footing” modality that results in advancing personal, family, community and national security measures. One aspect of this critical program is the development of private citizens to assist law enforcement, as force multipliers, being the extended eyes and ears of our thin blue line. A national security briefing is being planned to our southern border in Texas for a small group of leaders.
  4. In 2022, we produced a 46-minute broadcast quality documentary about the national security disaster on our Southern border. Our movie, “Death County & the River of Broken Dreams,” featured former ICE Director, Tom Homan with his 35-years of experience on the border.

As a result of this successful production, we have been asked to make a documentary exposing the HAMAS as a terrorist organization, and their unspeakable massacre of Jews, on October 7, 2023. We are in the fundraising phase of this project.


The United West has seventeen years of frontline, research, communication and activism capabilities which includes, writing, speaking, TV, video, movie, and radio production. In addition, we have participated, organized and led untold protests, rallies, programs and very unique events. Obviously, included in our wheelhouse is the ability to operate in a legally subterfuge manner, procuring helpful information, usually backed up with video recordings.


Every so often in History, through God’s providence, good men and women are offered an opportunity to fight for the moral good, with our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor.
This is one such moment, against the combined evil forces of Islamic jihad, communist totalitarianism, and organized Marxism all joining together in a chaotic frenzy to hate America, hate Israel, hate the Jews and hate the West. How can we not fight?


Everyone, especially those holding a Judeo-Christian worldview, whether young or old, rich or poor, black or white, must take a contemplative moment and figure out how they fit into this pivotal, possible apocalyptic moment in history. The level of your commitment to the moral good is not based up your time or resources, but on that fact that when the call came to join the fight, you stepped up.


The United West relies completely on private donations. We are an IRS – approved, 501 C-3, tax-deductible, educational non-profit organization. Our budget for our one-year, Swords of Iron campaign is available upon request.


The United West has excellent relations with the citizens, military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies in Israel, but our campaign has no official relationship to anyone or any agency in Israel. We proudly stand in support of Israel in this epic battle for the survival of Western Civilization.

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