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AP Wins Award For Photo Of Naked, Mutilated Woman Shani Louk Murdered By Hamas

A freelance photographer for The Associated Press (AP) won an award for his photo of a naked, mutilated woman who was murdered by Islamic terror group Hamas.

The AP and Ali Mahmud received first place in the “Team Picture Story of the Year” contest for his photo of the deceased Shani Louk, according to the contest’s website. Louk was shown half-naked in the hands of Hamas terrorists on the back of a truck before they drove away with her body during the Oct. 7, 2023 attacks against Israel.

The category Mahmud won in the “Pictures of the Year” program “recognizes the collaborative effort of a photography staff covering a single topic or news story,” according to the contest’s website. Winning photos capture “a narrative picture story that consists of images taken as part of a team effort to cover a single issue or news story.” Shani Louk’s name is included in the caption on the website.

“Pictures of the Year” also posted the winning photo on Instagram, according to The Jerusalem Post. They reportedly received criticism online for doing so. The account appears to have deleted the post.

Photographers for the AP have already been rebuked for their alleged ties to Hamas, Ynet reported. The National Jewish Advocacy Center (NJAC) reportedly sued the AP on behalf of survivors of the terror attack, saying the outlet “knew, or at the very least should have known” that some of its freelance photographers allegedly “participated in the October 7 massacre.”

The Israeli government confirmed Louk’s death on Oct. 30, three weeks following the kidnapping of the German-Israeli. Louk’s mother, Ricarda, also confirmed her daughter’s death to German media after previously expressing hope that she was still alive, the BBC reported.





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