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Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Communist Daughter, Who Cheered Oct 7, Suspended

And she’s playing the victim.

While messed up kids can go from any background, when you’re the child of whatever weird incestuous, adulterous Islamist-Socialist grift, Rep. Ilhan Omar has going on, the odds are against you.

So whether it’s nature or nurture, Isra Hirsi, Omar’s daughter, has a sickle and hammer in her profile and evil in her heart.

Yes, that’s what she was doing on Oct 7.

Now, Isra Hirsi was suspended as part of the pro-Hamas events at Columbia University as an organizer with the SJP hate group.

The media and the Left are full of claims that “peaceful students” were arrested in a peaceful protest. Here’s what some of those peaceful students looked like.

Hirsi is playing the victim and so is Rep. Ilhan Omar and Squaddies who keep claiming falsely that Columbia suspended Omar’s daughter because of something the pro-terrorist antisemitic congresswoman asked the university’s president.

But playing the victim while celebrating murder is all that they know.



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