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Video: Gaza Before and After Israel’s Disengagement Plan that Saw the 2005 Forced Removal of Thousands of Jews

In 2005, under international pressure, Jewish people were withdrawn from Gaza by Israel’s then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.  Whole communities were uprooted by force after years of building up Gaza to a level of superior agricultural production — an effort that had been called a “miracle.” The Jewish community was smeared as “settlers,” just as Jews are still maligned today for living in their tiny ancestral homeland.

When the Jewish community left Gaza, they left behind an entire infrastructure, which included sewage and water pipes, factories, greenhouses, and farmland which included animals. So the Palestinians were gifted with an entire infrastructure they could have used to continue production for their own people. But they didn’t.

In 2006, the Palestinian people in Gaza chose Hamas rule. From 2007 to 2010, the international community donated $7.7 billion to Gaza, despite the fact that it was under Hamas rule. Another $5.4 billion was pledged in 2014 to develop Gaza. Further billions kept flowing in to this very small region, ruled by a monstrous force for evil, Hamas.

Gaza was quickly transformed from a thriving economy with green, fertile lands into a dirty slum, despite the billions donated.

Watch this eye-opening video, produced by Israel MyChannel, to find out what happened to the fine infrastructure left behind by hard-working Israeli citizens, and also how international humanitarian aid money was and is still being used.

Those who insist that giving money to the Palestinians will lead to peace are misguided. Jihadists everywhere have counted on Western egocentrism to gain an advantage over the West. Westerners think that everyone globally thinks like them. This lie overwhelms the truth of what the jihad mission is all about. It makes for analyses that grossly underestimate the jihadist enemy, and for this reason, jihadists are succeeding.



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