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‘Light Them On Fire’: Bernie Sanders Organizer Wants Political Violence

Imagine if a staffer of a conservative presidential candidate welcomed political violence and called for mainstream media to be dragged “out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets.”

Field organizer for Bernie Sanders Kyle Jurek was caught on an undercover video threatening that “Cities will burn” if Sanders doesn’t win the Democratic nomination. Jurek was also caught telling undercover journalists, “There is a reason why Stalin had gulags,” justifying forced re-education camps to ensure that Trump supporters are taught not to be a “Nazi.”

Jurek was exposed by Project Veritas. Here are a couple of the shocking clips:


Jurek might not be alone. According to the Washington Examiner, “Two Iowa field directors for Bernie Sanders’s 2020 presidential campaign locked their Twitter accounts” after Jurek was outed. At least one of those organizers has worked with Jurek in some capacity in the past, identifying Jurek as a top-tier organizer.

Jurek deleted his Twitter account yesterday afternoon.

As journalist Andy Ngo discovered, 38-year-old Jurek was also arrested last week in Iowa and charged with drunk driving and possessing drug paraphernalia. Jurek has a history of advocating for Antifa-like political violence. He was recorded in a separate occasion justifying political violence.

Antifa, a domestic terrorist group, uses street violence as a means to an end. We’re in a climate where “social justice” activists (and increasingly, political operatives) are comfortable flirting with violence and anarchy as a means to achieve their end goals.

While the behavior of one person doesn’t reflect the whole party nor the presidential candidate, the trend in favor of open violence as a consequence for not getting one’s political way is dangerous for any republic.

For longtime civil rights activist Jeffrey Imm, the normalization of political violence as a rational response is a mirror reflection of how terrorists think. Imm spoke with Clarion Project on the disturbing trend of political violence.

“There are thousands if not millions of pro-violence troubled individuals using politics a a medium to express their hate and rage against others with impunity, [and] gaining approval from fellow troubled individuals. They believe hate gives their lives meaning.”

For conservatives, it’s increasingly frustrating to see the media ignore the open embrace of political violence by some members of society. After the 2016 elections, mainstream media predicted the conservative Right would turn to political violence but in fact the opposite has happened.

The lack of accountability to people taking to the streets and turning to brutality to achieve a political goal has been encouraged by the same media factory that is now on the target list of violent extremists like Jurek.

For Americans on the front lines working to challenge the Antifa-inspired political violence, the threat doesn’t just stop with the violence itself. Antifa also is very comfortable doxxing people it decides to single out, releasing personal information and targeting families.

If Antifa’s political violence is becoming the new norm for political operatives, the question is, what comes next and where will it stop?


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2014 Project Veritas Action Year in Review

In October 2014 James O’Keefe started Project Veritas Action (PVA), a new group that allows his team to dig deeper into elections, campaigns and the legislation that impacts all Americans.

O’Keefe in an email notes, “As you can imagine, it’s tough getting a new organization off of the ground. It’s really no different from starting a small business. But only days after forming Project Veritas Action, we were generating real results.”

Here’s a six-minute video that recaps Project Veritas Action’s work for 2014:

The following are Project Veritas Action’s achievements:

  • In Texas, PVA uncovered violations of election laws by the group, Battleground Texas, which was founded by an Obama campaign operative.
  • Moving on to Kentucky, PVA exposed the hypocrisy of Senate Candidate Alison Grimes who appeared to cater to the coal industry but behind the scenes, left her top supporters with the clear impression that as soon as she was elected, she would be the working hard to shutdown the lifeblood of the state.
  • Next, PVA focused on the campaign of Mark Pryor who was running for Senate in Arkansas. One important issue to Arkansas votes was gay marriage, which we found Pryor, much like Grimes, presented multiple faces dependent upon the audience. Pryor’s hypocrisy was on display when the chairwoman of the state’s gay caucus disclosed his personal support for gay marriage with no ambiguity.
  • In Colorado, PVA found campaign operatives who enthusiastically pointed us in the right direction in committing massive vote fraud.
  • Heading down South, PVA focused heavily on North Carolina where multiple campaign workers were all too willing to help illegal immigrants cast a ballot in the election.
  • PVA’s final stop was Louisiana, a state whose government needs constant sunlight. There PVA uncovered the ties between corrupt government attorneys and the work they now do for Holder’s Justice Department. Bar complaints were filed and shocked a local democratic official who literally ran for cover.

O’Keefe states, “Conducting our investigations and delivering the results to the public is primarily what we do. It’s up to the media and governments to follow through on what we disclose. That’s the true impact of our work. We could conduct a thousand investigations a year, but if our work does not result in action, I would argue our work is in vain. Thankfully, that’s not the case.”

Here’s a short list of what happened after PVA’s investigations were released:

  • The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, pulled television spending for Senate Candidate Alison Grimes days after our report in Kentucky.
  • A Greenpeace official was terminated after she was caught on camera advising our undercover reporter on how to commit voter fraud.
  • Pryor polled behind by seven points. After PVA’s investigation in Arkansas, the candidate lost by 17 points.
  • Grimes went from a four-point lead to a 16-point loss!
  • After PVA’s report in Colorado, Udall polled behind before PVA’s investigation by two points but lost by four points.
  • And in North Carolina, Hagan went from a 2 point lead to a 2 point loss.

“I’ve done my best to launch Project Veritas Action as strongly as possible, and I hope you are impressed by the accomplishments of the last few months. But make no mistake, our brand new group will continue operations into 2015 . . . and our plans are big,” writes O’Keefe.