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VIDEO: Christian Persecution on the Temple Mount

This exclusive video expose’ of the holiest of Judeo/Christian sites where members of the Islamic Waqf force threw Danish Christian Jerusalem Jane Kiel off of the Temple Mount because she is accused of recently singing and praying FOR Israel on the Mount.

This is an extremely serious development especially as Muslims in America are running to Christian Churches and Jewish Synagogues trying to convince everyone that Islam is a religion of peace and part of the Abrahamic faith of Jews and Christians.

This incident makes it clear that Muslims despise Jews and Christians and are simply trying to gain acceptance for ulterior Islamic reasons.

Now, you see this enmity toward Jews and Christians being played out on the Temple Mount with our dear, brave, Jerusalem Jane!

Jerusalem, Israel – October 28, 2015 – At 9:30 this morning officials from the Islamic Waqf forced Danish Christian blogger “Jerusalem” Jane Kiel off the Temple Mount. During a peaceful visit, Jane was approached by a guard employed by the Jordanian-run Islamic Waqf who called her by name. “Jane, …we waited two months for you!” he announced labeling her a “born again” “believer.”

In a video of the incident (above), the Waqf guard pointed to the Hebrew inscription on her ring and claimed to be “Jordanian Police.” In an audio recording, he further produced what he claimed was a Jordanian Police identity card. The Waqf official insisted that Jane and her companion delete their video and threatened to arrest them if they did not leave the Temple Mount immediately. He then told Jane he was taking her to the Israeli police, but instead brought her to a man he referred to as the Waqf “boss” of the Temple Mount, who ordered her to leave.

This is the second time Jane was expelled from the Temple Mount; on a previous visit Waqf officials took her phone, deleting all the videos and photos.

Within the last ten months, Jane has received a series of death threats after documenting Muslim harassment of Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount. Jane’s activities have been lambasted on the “Quds” Arabic language website, which the guard pulled up on his phone during the encounter.

Here is the first video that went viral in the Arab world media, leading to Jane being targeted by Muslims and denied entrance to the Temple Mount. Jane sang Shema Yisrael On The Temple Mount: