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Las Artistas Unilluminated: An open letter to the Latin entertainers

Re: Penelope Cruz, husband Javier Bardem write open letter calling Israel’s actions ‘genocide’NY Daily News

When people step out of their sphere of familiarity and take on a cause with a background of sheer ignorance, they just can’t connect the dots!  Ay, que lastima (what a pity)! Such is the case of Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, director Pedro Almodovar and others.

These “voices of justice,” 100 Latino activists who have just awakened from a stupor, speak out for the poor Palestinian children, these “flowers” who, unbeknownst to the advocates, are killed because the jihadists intentionally place them with the rocket launchers so as to increase the body count and sway public opinion.

Gazan women and children are commanded to stay in their homes, mosques, schools and UN clinics that contain the missiles and launchers, and directed to ignore Israel’s leaflets that warn of the next reprisal. Rather than build shelters for civilians, as Israel does, Hamas uses those millions of dollars in “humanitarian aid” to construct a massive tunnel network and purchase weapons. Even CNN covered the news about the tunnels — that were built with the help of many children, resulting in the reported deaths of at least 130 – no doubt added to Israel’s total.  Aldomovar and the Bardems missed this unconscionable inhumanity.

What of the Israeli flowers, the three Jewish students who were kidnapped and murdered?  Not a whisper from these distressed entertainers.  What of the first rocket or tens of thousands of rockets fired into Israel?  Not a murmur.  What about the horrific slaughter of the Fogel family as they slept?  No outcry for the Hebraicos.   Neither will these Latinos acknowledge the post-traumatic stress syndrome of the Israeli children (Jews, Christians and Muslim), or the depression of the citizens’ living in constant terror or the increased number of miscarriages.  Their blinders are all-encompassing.

It is now time to remove the blinders, as we learn new information about the formidable enemy, Hamas, reported by Arutz Sheva:

  • Their terror tunnels, under construction for 25 years, have been excavated deep into Israel, under kibbutzim and schools, possibly hospitals, so that the jihadists could enter homes and schools and slaughter as did their 7th century ancestors – particularly the children, with the massacre set for the Jewish New Year in the fall.
  • More than 80 kilograms of explosives were built into (bobby-trapped) the walls of the UNRWA clinic, killing three IDF soldiers in Gaza and the Gazan “flowers.”
  • The cement used for the tunnels contains ball bearings that will produce the most harm when exploded.

What kind of evil must be nurtured to even plan the tunnel massacre for the Jewish New Year celebration?  Would our Latinos have cried genocide then?  The Jewish people will never fall prey to another genocide; they have every right to take preemptive action to the next planned Jewish tragedy, misguided public opinion be damned.

These misinformed signatories of the condemnation believe the lies promoted in this asymmetrical propagandist warfare, that the blockade prevents entry of foodstuffs and other goods into Gaza.  The Turkish flotilla was blocked because the ships contained not only weapons and explosives, but also unauthorized building material (which we now know was not for housing, but for terror tunnels), Gazans are not deprived of food, clothing, medical and recreational supplies; deliveries are made overland, by trucks.  The victim status of Palestinians, however, must remain constant.  If they were to acknowledge their freedom from “Israeli colonialism,” which they acquired in 2005, and achieve self-determination and statehood, they would have to give up the millions in aid and support for their cause – conquest of Israel.  It is also said that if the young Palestinians who were paid to build the tunnels instead worked to improve their infrastructure, their city would be blooming.

Jews are denied entry into Islamic lands (as are Christians into some), but Muslims demand entry into Israel (for jihad) when they are not Israeli citizens.  Would any government in its right mind accept jihadists into its country?  The French prime minister recently announced his recognition of the scourge of Islam, and vowed to fight anti-Semitism, warning of the connection between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

Odd that the Spanish, who are now marching in the streets with symbolically bloodied hands, cannot recall Spain’s conquest of 711 AD until Le Reconquista in 1492, to deal with their current invasion. They cry for the Palestinian children, but who will be left to cry for their own?  In fact, wherever there are riots, kidnappings, and bloodshed worldwide, there is Islamic immigration and a deteriorating host culture.

If Hamas were to cease fire, there would be peace.  If Israel were to cease fire, there would be Jewish bloodshed, as there has been since the beginning of Islam, and at the moment Israel was voted a sovereign state.  The Palestinians are the squatters and Hamas the occupier in the land that was designated for the Jews in the Ancient Bible and by the Balfour Declaration (1920), the League of Nations (1922), and formally by the United Nations (1948).

Did these heroes of the silver screen describe as genocide the 23,526 attacks by Muslims since 9/11, or the 2500 Syrians killed during Ramadan alone?  Where is the conscience of these artistas who cannot grasp that Islam is against them, their craft, and their children?  Islamic law does not permit their films or welcome their talents.  However, we may well also lose our taste for their talents if they advocate for tyranny and against democracy and survival of our civilization.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo of Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz is courtesy of Just Jared.

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