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Jim Jones’ Deadly ‘Religious Socialism’ Gospel

Jim Jones’ “sect was doomed to failure for it was founded on the lie that religious Socialism can save men,” wrote late Catholic priest and commentator Vincent P. Miceli in his 1981 bookThe Antichrist: The Final Campaign Against the SaviorRecently republished by Sophia Institute Press, this volume’s previously examined incisive analysis of leftist evils contains provocative thoughts about Jones’ cult, which shocked the world in 1978 with a mass suicide.

With mad conspiracy theories, Jones incited his Peoples Temple cult members to kill themselves and each other on November 18, 1978, in the cult’s self-contained community of Jonestown, deep in the South American backcountry of Guyana. While he and some other cultists met their ends through gunshots, most of Jonestown’s inhabitants drank cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. This beverage has since become a byword for fanaticism, and exemplified for Miceli another example of modern tyranny, what he termed a “Moloch state.” “When they had all drained the chalice of cyanide, the Peoples’ Temple became a Church of the dead. The modern Moloch state was left a city of suicides-murders, a city of 911 rotting corpses,” he wrote.

Leftists commonly ascribe rationality to themselves and dismiss conservatives as fanatics, but Miceli, writing so soon after Jones’ demise, noted that this crazed man was thoroughly of the Left. Often forgotten in the intervening decades, Jones’ utopian and socialist obsessions found expression in his advocacy of what he called “Apostolic Socialism.” As Miceli wrote,

Jones himself was always a liberal, or rather, a zealous Communist posing as a liberal; to keep up appearances he preached the gospel of social salvation camouflaging it with a thin veneer of Christianity; his faith was a false and cruel caricature of Christianity.

Jones exhibited the pitfalls of the Social Gospel, a collectivistsecularist distortion of Christianity that megachurch pastor Rick Warrenhimself no conservative, has denounced as “Marxism in Christian clothing.” As Miceli wrote, ultimately a “church of naïve, hoodwinked, simple folk was led astray by an evil, militant Communist, posing as a God-man liberal do-gooder.” Indeed, after the Jonestown slaughter letters appeared “testifying that the cult leaders were planning to bequeath more than 7 million dollars to the Communist Party that rules the Moloch state known as the Soviet Union.”

Yet Jones, “while doling out liberally social goodies…claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus,” Miceli astonishingly observed. In Guyana’s jungles, this false prophet to the last “demanded the service of adoration from his faithful,” Miceli added. “Jonestown, the Marxist-liberal-socialist caricature of a Christian Church, conferred on its faithful but one sacrament—the sacrament of death, of suicide.”

Over four decades after Jonestown’s horrors, Miceli’s reflections remain pertinent for an age of rising atheism:

What were the spiritual influences that unleashed the floodgates and fostered the mass suicides and murders in Jonestown? By way of preparing the social milieu for the creation of the Peoples’ Temple, one of the most basic causes must be the massive apostasy by Christians in the West from faith in the Judeo-Christian God of revelation.

With words no less relevant today, Miceli concluded with a

warning and somber lesson to be learned from the carnage exacted by the modern Moloch state, whether that takes place in the jungle of Jonestown or in the abortion mills of Western cities. The warning is that established forms of Christian religions have lost their hold on and power to attract most people—especially the educated middle class and even the masses of the poor. Why is this so? Because such religions have secularized the Christian message. They teach in favor of the Christ of Karl Marx instead of the Christ of the Gospels.

Thus, Jones stands on a smaller scale amidst history’s Marxist mass murderers such as Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong, who counted victims in the millions. Jones is yet another precedent of how ruthless wolves in sheep’s clothing exploit the vain search for salvation in this world, or even the next, in socialism. However, this ideology does not exhaust modern madness, as Miceli studied, for interrelated with this fanatical fool’s errand is also a distorted understanding of the male and female sexes, as a forthcoming article will examine.


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Hillary mimics cult leader Jim Jones to get minority vote

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Jason McKay has made a living for himself by assisting criminologists and psychologists in creating psychological cases of some of the world’s most dangerous and high profile criminals, cult leaders, and killers in recent history. In the past twenty years, McKay has also been called on by FBI investigators to help with their investigation of serial killers, such as Jeffrey Dahmer or the BTK killer, which resulted in him creating extensive and invaluable case files that have since become gold standard in criminology.But it wasn’t until February of 2016 that McKay has also caused a political stir with some extremely unsettling observations he made while watching Hillary Clinton give a speech in front of minority audiences.According to McKay, Hillary Clinton has been clearly mimicking the body language and speech structure of the cult leader James Warren “Jim” Jones, the leader of the People’s Temple, who on November 18, 1978 organized a mass suicide with cyanide-laced Kool-Aid, taking the lives of 918 people at Jonestown, Guyana.

Hillary-Jones3.jpg“I don’t usually watch politics,” said McKay while pulling up a video clip of Jim Jones to make his point. “I was just flipping through channels when I stopped on Hillary Clinton giving a speech and talking about racial issues in the United States. Something seemed disturbingly familiar about how she was presenting herself to those people. So I’d been watching her very intently for a few weeks after that, until I figured out just who she reminded me of.”

It wasn’t until McKay observed the crowds around her that it finally clicked:

“Once I made that connection everything started to fall into place effortlessly. It wasn’t only Mrs. Clinton’s body language. It was also the people around her – they all seemed under some kind of spell. She was consciously manipulating the crowd of minority voters to get them to follow her unconditionally, without question.”

“There really is a science to what she’s doing here,” said McKay.

“Every charismatic leader you can think of – from presidents to dictators to cult leaders – all have a unique way of presenting themselves to the public,” continued McKay. “What they say and how they say it is always calculated and practiced for countless hours in front of the mirror, as they hone their skills in the art of public persuasion. Hillary Clinton is no exception; I just find it curious that she is borrowing her techniques directly from Jim Jones. There’s no doubt about it.”

McKay spent weeks analyzing every word, speech pattern, and body movement made by Hillary Clinton as he painstakingly compiled a psychological case file on the Democratic front-runner. He discovered that Clinton deployed distinctly different combinations of language and demeanor. These combinations, or “sets,” remain tucked away in her head like the various pantsuits in her closet, until she decides which one she should put on depending on who the audience is.

“For example, when Hillary presents herself to African-Americans, she uses a lot more hand gestures, while her sentence structure and timing are identical to those used by Jim Jones. She doesn’t speak or move that way in front of any other demographic. It may be almost undetectable to the untrained eye, but it’s unmistakable once you learn to identify the patterns. This isn’t by accident; this is a choreographed and rehearsed display.”

Hillary-Jones2.jpgJim Jones was known for building his following by preying on victimized minority groups. He depended on them for social and financial support, over time luring thousands of people into his fold. Jones’s deception relied heavily on politics of social justice and redistribution of wealth, which he used to hypnotize and brainwash his followers.

According to McKay, those same hypnotic techniques used by Jim Jones can be clearly observed in Hillary Clinton’s speeches designed to secure the minority vote.

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire originally appeared on The Peoples Cube.