Hillary’s General and the ’email sex scandal’ that led to his resignation

Birds of the feather flock together and so is the case of Hillary Clinton and former Marine General John Allen. They are birds of a feather.

We previously reported that John Allen, a former Commander in Afghanistan, was heckled by Democrats during his speech at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia. Democrats began yelling ‘No more war! No more war!” as Allen, with other military veterans, were on stage to speak and endorse Hillary Clinton for president.

What many do not know is that Allen has a shady past involving an email scandal involving phone sex with a 37-year old socialite from Tampa, Florida.

Brietbart’s  Warner Todd Huston in his column Flashback: General John Allen’s ‘Phone Sex Email’ Scandal reported:

Back in November 2012, news broke that General Allen, then serving as the American commander in Afghanistan, was embroiled in controversy for having sent “inappropriate communications” with a close friend of the David Petraeus family. When first reported, the contents of these emails were so racy they were deemed little different than “phone sex.”

The emails amounted to several hundred messages spanning two and a half years of time, starting in 2010, right around the same time period as the sex scandal that took down General Petraeus was roiling.

An investigation was launched that year into the ribald emails between Allen and Petraeus family friend Jill Kelley, a 37-year-old socialite. Ultimately, Obama’s Pentagon decided that Allen’s emails didn’t rise to conduct unbecoming an officer, but they were so flirtatious that the damage was done. The investigation was such an embarrassment that Allen resigned his commission and bowed out of the hunt to be named the supreme allied commander in Europe early in 2013.

Emails showed the pair calling each other “sweetheart,” some playfully saying “you rock” to each other, and others discussing “doggy style.” All were discovered among the hundreds of messages which were reportedly exploited by Petraeus biographer Paul Broadwell, according to the investigation.

The Conservative Tribune noted in a column titled General Attacks Trump, Then Bombshell Truth on His Real Identity Explodes:

As Erik Prince at Breitbart pointed out, Gen. Allen is far from a dispassionate retired general, merely weighing in on an unspeakable crisis (one might even call it a coup) that might foment itself in the military should Trump be elected.

Allen was, at one point, the White House coordinator for anti-Islamic State group efforts. Along with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and the whole sick crew, he was responsible for the policy of treating the Islamic State as the “JV team” — a bunch of angry, stupid teens who had somehow found Kalashnikovs and were taking their angst out on the world.

He’s the one who helped construct a policy where a group with ultramodern weaponry and a Bronze Age ideology were considered to be no threat whatsoever.

That’s not all. He was also responsible for the funding and arming of so-called “moderate” Islamic rebels in Syria. Lo and behold, these were the rebel groups who often decided that their allegiance — as well as their funds and weaponry — belonged to the Islamic State group. Others merely surrendered their weapons.

Would a president Clinton put Allen in a key national security position should she be elected? If so then we could see the same behaviors in a Clinton White House, and we are not talking about Bill’s sexual exploits. John Allen would be deja vu all over again.