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VIDEO: Kari Lake Announces Ballot Chasing Campaign—Big Tech to Influence Arizona’s Elections 

UPDATE: FULL Testimony on Katie Hobbs & Stephen Richer’s Collusion with Big Tech to Influence Arizona’s Elections

Trying to beat the criminals at their own game.

Ballot chasing must be embraced in every state, or the Republican Party will continue to lose winnable elections. It’s too bad RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel does not seem to understand that.

Kari Lake announces ballot chasing campaign

By ABC KGUN, May 24th, 2023

Just one day after a judge struck down her challenge of the 2022 election results, Kari Lake announced a new ballot chasing campaign in Arizona.

“We are going to start chasing ballots like you’ve never seen,” Lake told media on Tuesday.

The initiative is an effort to not only keep track of registered Republicans and Independents in the state, but also encourage voters to cast their ballots and ensure they are registered.

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EXCLUSIVE: Katie Hobbs’ Office Threatened County Board With Arrest, Indictment If They Didn’t Certify Results

  • Katie Hobbs’ office threatened Mohave County Supervisors with arrest and prosecution if they failed to certify the results of their elections before the state deadline.
  • Kori Lorick, the State Elections Director and Hobbs’ top deputy, sent multiple emails to the Board warning them of consequences, including the “disenfranchisement of voters.”
  • Mohave was one of several GOP-led counties in Arizona that asked for more time before certifying results to examine election integrity issues.

Democratic Arizona Secretary of State and Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs’ top deputy threatened the Mohave County Board of Supervisors with prosecution if it didn’t certify her election results before a Monday deadline, according to emails and documents reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Arizona State Elections Director Kori Lorick wrote several letters and emails to members of the board, warning them of criminal charges if the refused to certify the results in time. The letters included threats of lawsuits against the members for “nonfeasance,” as well, per the emails.

“The Secretary of State did contact our County and cited A.R.S. Section 16-1010 as a statute that could be used to prosecute [the board] if they did not certify the election,” said Matt Smith, the Mohave County Attorney, to the DCNF. The statute is an Arizona felony statute regarding election officials who “fail to perform their duties” under the law; as a Class 6 felony, upon conviction, it could result in up to two years’ imprisonment.

“The threat of legal action, including personally, came from the Arizona State Elections Director [Kori Lorick],” said the board’s chair-elect, Supervisor Travis Linginfelter. While previous reporting noted that the board’s members were warned of prosecution by their counsel, the board’s members have now stated that the threats came from Lorick, who reports to Hobbs, as well.

“Our office will take all legal action necessary to ensure that Arizona’s voters have their votes counted, including referring the individual supervisors who vote not to certify for criminal enforcement under A.R.S. 16-1010,” Lorick wrote in an email to the board obtained by the DCNF. Governor-elect Hobbs has neither resigned as Secretary of State nor recused herself from election oversight and certification.

Hobbs was elected governor of Arizona on Nov. 8 to succeed term-limited Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, defeating the Republican candidate Kari Lake, who has now sought to contest the election results. Republicans also lost Arizona’s U.S. Senate race, where Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly defeated Republican investor Blake Masters to win a full six-year term.

Lorick’s threat of prosecution was one of several efforts made by Hobbs’ team to force Mohave County to certify its election results before the Nov. 28 state deadline. Republican members of the board, like in other counties in the state, had sought to hold public hearings regarding the validity of voting machines used in their precincts, over concerns that they were not properly approved by the Secretary of State’s office.

Lorick also sent a letter to the board warning that their voters could be “disenfranchised” if they did not certify by the deadline. The letter, obtained exclusively by the DCNF from Lingenfelter, states that the board “has a non-discretionary duty to canvass the returns of the election,” and that a failure to do so “will only serve to disenfranchise that county’s voters,” mirroring her warnings to other GOP-led counties that their votes “may be excluded” from the final tallies, thereby affecting results.

Mohave County was one of several counties seeking more time to review election integrity issues, though it is the only county whose elected representatives are known to have been threatened with arrest. Cochise County, another GOP-led county in the state that has not certified its results, is currently the subject of a lawsuit by Hobbs’ office, though none of their members have reported criminal prosecution.

The Mohave County board eventually certified the results of the election on Monday, Nov. 28, before the deadline expired, though the threat of individual legal consequences for members may have altered their willingness to delay certification, like Cochise. During the video broadcast of the canvas meeting of the board, Supervisor and Chair Ron Gould mentioned that the actions were “under duress.”

The legislative certification of election results is a routine process that occurs in jurisdictions across the country, with legislators mostly having the ability to raise objections to results during the certification process. The most notable such challenge occurred in the U.S. Congress on Jan. 6, 2021, when Republican lawmakers and supporters of then-President Donald Trump raised objections to returns of Electoral College votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, Luzerne County’s Board of Elections has declined to certify the returns of ballots. The county faced widespread paper shortage issues on Election Day and was the subject of a court case, which was covered exclusively by the DCNF.

Unlike Mohave’s board, however, members of Congress are constitutionally protected from arrest for political actions made in session under the “speech and debate clause” of the Constitution, which has analogous provisions in most state constitutions for their legislators. Smith told the DCNF that no such provision exists under Arizona law for the board.

Hobbs’ office did not respond to a request for comment.





Arizona County Refuses To Certify Election Results, Threatening A GOP House Win

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Kari Lake Lawyers Ordered to Pay Fees Months After Unsuccessful Election Lawsuit

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Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Kari Lake For Governor Of Arizona

Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who recently left the party, endorsed Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake late Tuesday.

Gabbard made the endorsement just days after announcing her departure from the Democratic Party and praised the Trump-backed candidate for her stance on border security, energy and public safety. Gabbard participated as a featured guest speaker at an Arizona Young Republicans event on Monday in support of Lake’s campaign.

“For too long, establishment leaders from both parties have sought to enrich themselves, play games, and build up their power while ignoring and even enabling the suffering of millions of hard-working Americans,” Gabbard said in a press release. “Kari Lake is a leader who puts people first, fighting for border security, energy independence, public safety, and other policies that actually make life better and more affordable for the American people.”

Gabbard credited Lake for standing against the “elite cabal” of “propagandists” in Washington and the media. This language mirrored her announcement of her departure from the Democratic Party, in which she tore into the party for being an “elitist cabal of warmongers” who divide the U.S. by race and “anti-white wokeism.”

“Kari Lake isn’t afraid to call out the elite cabal of permanent Washington and the Military Industrial Complex and their propagandists in the mainstream media. I look forward to supporting Kari Lake ahead of these critical midterm elections,” the statement concluded.

Lake received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement in early August during the tight primary against fellow Republican Karrin Taylor Robson. Lake is a strong Trump supporter who centered her campaign around the results of the 2020 presidential election, which she claimed were fraudulent, and security at the U.S.-Mexico border. A previous CNN segment called Lake a “rising star of the right-wing” and “proud spreader of lies” about the 2020 election.

A recent Arizona Public Opinion Pulse poll found that Lake is narrowly leading her opponent, Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, 47%-44%. The poll was conducted on October 4th – October 6th, 2022 and surveyed 674 Arizona likely voters with a 3.77% margin of error.



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‘Elitist Cabal’: Tulsi Gabbard Announces She’s Leaving The Democratic Party

The Italian right turns against anti-Semitism: The right has faced up to its unmentionable past, while Jew-hatred spreads like wildfire on the left.

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Trump-Endorsed Candidate Kari Lake Wins GOP Arizona Gubernatorial Primary

Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake won her state’s primary Thursday in a tight race against opponent Karrin Taylor Robson.

Her victory was delayed due to the race remaining too close to call. Lake garnered 46.8% of the vote, while Taylor Robson narrowly tied her with 44 percent, The New York Times reported Thursday night.

Lake prematurely declared victory early Wednesday while addressing a crowd of supporters. She suggested that election officials were delaying the race as they did not want her to win.

A strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, she ran a large portion of her platform on the results of the 2020 presidential election, which she claimed to be fraudulent. She claimed the so-called “rigged election” is the “biggest story out there.”

Taylor Robson has been vague in her response about the 2020 election results, stating they were “not fair” and highlighting changes in election laws, Ballotpedia reported. She recently refused to directly answer whether she accepts the results of the election in an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar, saying President Joe Biden is the “wrong guy in the White House.”

Lakes’ claims contradict the findings of federal election security officials, who said the 2020 election was the “most secure in American history,” and there was no evidence of widespread election fraud after recounts.

previous CNN segment called Lake a “rising star of the right-wing” and “proud spreader of lies” about the 2020 election, before turning to an interview between her and CNN senior national reporter Kyung Lah, where the candidate accused Lah of not “giving a damn” about election integrity.

Tensions also arose between the two leading candidates, as Lake said she “detect[ed] some stealing going on” in the weeks ahead of the primary election. Taylor Robson called her statements “meritless” in a July 26 tweet.

“The more Kari Lake panics she is going to lose this #AZgov election, the more she attempts to sow doubt about its results,” she wrote in the tweet. “Her allegations are meritless, reckless and disqualifying in someone who seeks the will of the governed in leading our state.”

Lake’s accusations arose as an OH Predictive Insights poll found Lake and Taylor Robson in a tight race, with Lake garnering 39% support and Taylor Robson gaining 31% favorability in early July. Those numbers changed to largely favor Lake by the end of the month, standing at 51%-33% in favor of Lake. The poll surveyed 502 likely Republican voters on July 27 with a 4.37% margin of error.

The Republican nominee has vowed to strengthen border security, declare the influx of migrants an “invasion” and deploy National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border on day one. During an interview with Just The News, she said the federal government is not upholding its responsibilities listed in Article IV of the Constitution, which guarantees the federal government’s role to “protect” American citizens from invasion.

“We’re going to finish President Trump’s wall. On Day One, I will issue a declaration of invasion, we’re going to send our troops down to the border, Arizona National Guard troops, and we’re going to arm them and allow them to arrest and detain people until we process them and send them back over the border,” she said.

Lake received the endorsements of Trump, Republican Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn, and Republican Reps. Paul Gosar of Arizona and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. She received additional endorsements from the Conservative Political Action Coalition and the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, according to Ballotpedia.

Lake led the polls by an average of 8.5 percentage points, according to RealClear Politics.



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