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Marxist Obama and his Communist Ideology Helping British Politicians

The British people apparently became sick and tired of 14 years of the former conservative government led by an Indian prime minister Rishi Sunak (a politician pretending to be a conservative).

So they have decided instead to flip to the far left and give socialism a try trusting the sweet words and fake promises of the Communist British Labor Party.

The British Labour Party have apparently crushed the Conservatives In Name Only (CINO’s) by winning over 400 seats out of the possible 650 seats in the historic House of Commons.

The consequence of this win means Comrade Keir Starmer a good friend of atheist Marxist Barack Hussein Obama is now the British prime minister.

The good news is the British get to keep the Indian curry recipes shared by the former British Prime Minister Rushi Sunak’s family.

After his big win Starmer declared, “Change begins now,” he did not mention the “Hope” part.

Don’t forget Marxist United Nations embracing globalist Obama has been coaching the new British prime minister Starmer via numerous zoom calls.

Obama also had a personal face to face dinner meeting in March 2024 in London with David Lammy, one of Starmer’s key lieutenants. Comrade David Lammy will become Starmer’s foreign secretary representing the Communist Labour Party.

Comrade Obama has been interfering with British elections with Starmer since 2021. David Lammy also said he and Obama had known each other for 20 years since meeting at an event for black only alumni at Harvard University. (A racist exclusion of white people no doubt at Harvard)

Starmer and his key lieutenants have engaged in private meetings with Obama leading up to the election with Obama guiding the inner workings of the Labor party’s political operatives.

Obama also participated in two hours’ worth of private talks with his friend Lammy about how the Communist Labor Party and US Democrat Communists party could return to and or retain power.

The new British prime minister Keir Starmer is also fully committed in backing installed Marxist Joe Biden hoping he gets reinstalled as President of the United States in January 2025.

Speaking to Politico last September, Starmer said his team had been in talks with Biden, adding, “It’s clear what my desired outcome would be.” I’m not sure why Starmer though would communicating with senile Biden as far back as September 2023.

Donald Trump will be elected President of our republic this November 2024 and then in January 2025 he will have to contend with the British Communist Labor Party.

Perhaps the British government will be open to accepting a few hundred thousand illegal immigrants that will be part of Trumps mass deportation plan of removing these criminals that broke our immigration laws and are helping to try to collapse the security blanket of our fellow Americans.

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