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ENOUGH!  The Great State of Arizona has fallen far from what the pioneers of my state desired, worked to create, and then shepherded from Statehood on February 14, 1912, to at least the late 1970’s.  My State of Arizona is in a free fall into socialism the likes of California, Chicago, New York, et.al, are experiencing.  ENOUGH!

The troubling article below from the NATIONAL FILE has brought to light what many have known but afraid or too embarrassed to discuss; namely, a supposed conservative Republican with long tenure in state politics and proud to shout how he and his family are almost pioneers in Arizona, is really a liberal wrapped in Republican cloth pretending to defend the conservative principles of a Barry Goldwater, John Rhodes, a Sam Steiger and a host of others that made Arizona nationally known for its conservative ways.  The NATIONAL FILE has even presented how this supposed conservative supports transgenderism and Satanism.  While it is possible some misleading and sensational words are incorporated into the NATIONAL FILE article, what is profusely clear with redundant examples of this supposedly conservative State Senator frequently supporting in a myriad of ways, Democrat and socialist agendas and legislation.  ENOUGH!

Ken Bennett has learned to smile, promote his hometown boyhood and continued residency in Yavapai County persona, and shrug off any suggestions that he is anything but a conservative representing one of the most conservative counties in the country, not just in Arizona.  ENOUGH KEN…ENOUGH!

America is in serious trouble verging on a total collapse of the Republic given to us by our founders, “if we can keep it.”  Arizona is quickly heading down the same path with a fraud for a Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General, coupled with a one vote majority in the State Senate Bennett in which he is a member.  Bennett loves to brag at public gatherings how he crosses the political aisle to help Democrats feel so included and to maintain the status quo.  Our Ship of State, both nationally and here in Arizona has hit the iceberg, and we are taking on water.  Where are the leaders who might still make a positive difference in this diabolical crisis now underway?  Where are the leaders who will help keep our Ship of State afloat a while longer if not completely deliver us from certain disaster.

On the first day of the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Election, Ken Bennett was holding a press conference informing all that he was in charge of the audit.  That was a lie put forth by a person seriously wanting to be someone special, someone considered important, someone who needed to be recognized.  He was NOT in charge or the Director of the Forensic Audit.  He was to serve as the liaison to the President of the Arizona Senate, period.  The NATIONAL FILE article points out a couple of additional massive deceptions and acts of sabotage during the forensic audit the national was watching most closely as if each county and state’s future depended on the outcome…and for very, very good reason.  The delegations from 26 states that arrived at the forensic audit were soberly concerned for their future and election security and integrity.  Ken Bennett was concerned for his future, also but as in seeking public office.

The NATIONAL FILE and Frankie Stockes who authored this article, have brought to the public what those behind the political curtain have known for some time about Ken Bennett. Mr. Bennett is a liberal in Republican sheep’s clothing more interested in serving himself and moving ahead rather than serving the people who placed trust in him to serve them.  I pray many across Yavapai County, Arizona will read this article and seriously consider what has been stated, and the iceberg our state has hit when it comes time to fill out their voting ballot.

GOP State Senator Ken Bennett Sabotages Election Integrity in Arizona – National File.

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