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NOT SATIRE: LAPD Swears in Police Officers Who are DACA Recipients and Entered the U.S. Illegally

What could possibly go wrong? How long before they are swearing in convicts?

Not satire: LAPD swears in police officers who are DACA recipients and entered US illegally

by: Pat Droney, Law Enforcement TODAY, December 15, 2023;

LOS ANGELES, CA – If you set out to destroy a country, you couldn’t do any worse than what they’ve done in Los Angeles, where the first group of illegal aliens in the country are set to graduate from the Los Angeles Police Academy.

You read that correctly–people who entered the country illegally will be on the streets of LA enforcing the law. No, this is not satire from the Babylon Bee.

Worse yet, the group of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) LAPD recruits are not, by virtue of their undocumented status, permitted to carry their city-issued firearms when they are off-duty, NBC Los Angeles reports.

Under federal law, DACA aliens are prohibited from possessing either guns or ammunition, but the LAPD has found a workaround for that little problem. They will simply consider off-duty hours part of the definition of “performance of their official duties or other law enforcement purpose,” which will allow these individuals to carry their issued firearms off-duty, a new police policy memo reads.

“We’ve sought information from our federal and state and City attorney to understand what does the policy needs [sic] to discuss to articulate the basis of which a DACA individual, now a police officer, can lawfully carry and possess a firearm and ammunition,” Chief Michel Moore told the outlet, channeling his best Kamala Harris word salad.

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