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NEWSFLASH: On the night of October 1, 2017 shots rained down on concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas Nevada killing 58 people and injuring 546. Who would do such a thing? Why?

Solving a murder mystery requires following the clues. Those familiar with guns and ammunition do not believe that Stephen Paddock, the flabby 64 year old alleged shooter, was alone or even fired the killing shots from his Mandalay Bay suite. The increasingly contradictory and phantasmagorical explanations offered by government authorities to explain the shocking mass-murder are less credible than the Parker Brothers murder mystery board game Clue.

Motive is always a good place to start. If you want to know the motive look at the result. Who benefits from mass murder at an MGM hotel in Las Vegas?

MGM Resorts International is a holding company that operates in two sections – domestic resorts and MGM China. MGM Resorts International is the parent company of the Mandalay Bay hotel and is publicly traded on the NYSE as MGM. So let’s consider the business implications of mass murder. Chaos and instability drive stock prices down. As expected, the price of MGM stock plummeted after the mass-shooting.

Most people buy stocks hoping they will increase in value and generate a profit. George Soros buys futures and bets the stock will go down (shorting a stock) – he actually wants the stock price to drop. Soros is infamously known as the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992 by shorting billions of pounds. He is also a convicted felon for insider trading in France 2002. If it can be proven that Soros is connected to the murders and profited from them he becomes a prime suspect. So what actually happened?

SEC filings in May of 2017 show no MGM stock in the Soros Fund Management. In August of 2017 Soros Fund Management shorts 1.35 million MGM shares worth $42 million dollars. The slaughter at Mandalay Bay will generate hundreds of millions of dollars for Soros. This puts Soros in the office and makes him a person of interest.

Las Vegas and Hollywood are connected by conglomerates that own studio properties and hotel properties. The parent company’s stock is affected by the successes and failures of both. Remember that chaos creates instability which causes stock prices to tumble. That is Soros’ modus operandi – he destabilizes governments for power and profit. Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been a despicable sexual predator for decades so why is he being exposed now? Why not five or ten or fifteen years ago? If you want to know the motive look at the result. The exposure of Harvey Weinstein as a serial sexual predator caused stock prices to drop and is collapsing The Weinstein Company at the same time that MGM stock is dropping. This puts Weinstein in the bedroom.

Goldman Sachs is said to be in negotiations to buy Weinstein’s company and what a surprise – Soros Fund Management increased its stake in Goldman Sachs Group (GS.N) by nearly 40% during the first quarter and then dumped them by August. Coincidence? Not likely.

MGM stock prices were falling so on September 5, 2017 MGM Resort International announced a 1 billion share buyback program that artificially inflated the stock price. On September 7, 2017 CEO and Chairman of MGM Resorts International James Murren sold 294,150 shares of his stock for $10,024,632.00. On September 6, 2017 CAO Robert Selwood sold 40,325 shares of his stock for $1,365,404.50. Could these men have prior knowledge of the catastrophe at Mandalay Bay? Insider trading is against the law but if it can be shown that Murren had prior knowledge of the shooting that makes him prime suspect number 2. His selloff places Murren in the library.

MGM has a China connection as well. China is heavily invested in MGM through its hospitality division that develops hotel and resort properties all over the world including the Middle East and China. MGM Resorts International projects in China are developed and operated by Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality a joint venture between MGM and Diaoyutai State Guesthouse of China.

Let’s review. MGM Resorts International is connected to Las Vegas hotels, Hollywood movie studios, Chinese hotels, and its stock is being shorted by currency manipulator George Soros. And then there is Wanda’s 20 million dollar donation to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to consider. Billionaire Wang Jianlin is chairman and president of Dalian Wanda Group. Interestingly it was Harvey Weinstein who sent a letter to the Beverly Hills City Council on behalf of Wanda’s development of a condo and hotel. Why did Weinstein go to bat for Wanda? What is the Weinstein connection to Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin and MGM?

The Weinstein Company (TWC) sold its library to Goldman Sachs in 2010 to save itself from bankruptcy. The library was purchased by AMC Networks (AMCX) in 2015 and then AMC Networks offered a $500 million buyback program of their stock on June 6, 2017. The library will revert back to TWC when the debt is paid but what happens if TWC goes out of business? The plot thickens.

China has been quietly buying up studios and influence in Hollywood for the last several years. Beijing based real estate conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group is central to the story. Wanda owns AMC Theaters and Legendary Entertainment. Wanda co-owns Open Road Films and Fathom Events and partners with Sony Entertainment.

Chinese control over content and distribution of movies is extremely problematic because of the unparalleled influence and platform it provides to manipulate public opinion. Media strategist Richard Berman expresses the concern in this way:

”Chinese control of movie production, radio station broadcasts, and other public channels provides the Chinese government with a platform to promote its own ideological message in the place of competing ideologies — often in an unassuming manner.”

Only the corrupt self-serving Hollywood elite who protected Harvey Weinstein for decades could actually say that Chinese influence in American film content will be minimal or benign. Twenty million dollars buys a lot of influence – remember Wanda’s gift to AMPAS. China is one of the usual suspects in this murder mystery because China seeks geopolitical primacy. Predators come in all forms – there are sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein, political predators like China, financial predators like James Murren, and the mother of all predators profiteer George Soros.

Predators succeed because of the participation of their enablers who benefit in some way from the actions of the predator. Solving murder mysteries often hinges on identifying those who enabled the crime.

So, who is the enabler in our WHODUNIT?

Let’s consider the absurd phantasmagorical accounts of the Las Vegas shooting provided by the authorities and echoed by the mainstream media (that has suddenly gone silent on the subject) as enablers. Let’s also consider the multiple eyewitness accounts contradicting every point of the official version. What could possibly account for such diametrically opposed versions of what happened in Las Vegas that night?

One theory of the crime is that the entire event was a deep state/government psychological operation (PsyOps) designed to create chaos to drive stock prices down. In this scenario the government enabled prime suspects Soros, Murren, and China to profit enormously. Why? All three are enemies of the state and enriching them enriches the coffers of the leftist/globalist agenda that seeks to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism. The predictable cries for gun control furthers the leftist/globalist cause because an unarmed American public cannot defend itself.

But what about Weinstein? Who wanted to bring down Weinstein? He is, after all the premier spokesman for the culture war against America – his films destructively portraying an increasingly violent and out of control society. The exposure of Weinstein seems personal – perhaps Weinstein was exposed to destroy him and devalue his company for the scavengers waiting to buy it. Time will tell.

Before anyone rejects these possibilities as impossibilities – remember that the enemies of America intend to destroy us from the inside out. Chaos is the goal of the enemy because chaos is necessary for seismic social change. It is the chaos that produces economic instability, cultural instability, political instability, and makes people afraid. When people are fearful enough they will willingly surrender their civil liberties for the promise of safety. Surrender is the tipping point that awards the government excessive control.

Frightened citizens being duped into believing that gun control makes them safer have not considered the implications of a disarmed America. Surrendering guns renders citizens defenseless against excessive government control. If the deep state/government are the enablers in our WHODUNIT then their benefit is the hysterical cry for gun control to disarm America.

The predators and their enablers can exploit the chaos of Las Vegas by demanding the surrender of all guns leaving America-First patriots without the means to defend the country against tyranny. The predators will have devoured their prey.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Goudsmit Pundicity.

FBI offers $5,000 reward after bacon found on mosque door

What is noteworthy about this story is not — horror of horrors! — the bacon at the mosque. That is obnoxious and stupid, but that’s all it is: no one was hurt, no one was intimidated, no one was threatened.

What is noteworthy here is the furious dhimmi overreaction of the FBI. $5,000? For some bacon?

Watch for Obama get involved in this. He could intone, “The future must not belong to those who leave bacon at mosques.” He could appoint a bacon-protection task force. They could be outfitted in grand uniforms featuring brown-and-beige stripes, to resemble a slice of bacon. Obama could name them The National Bacon Mosque Guards and commission them in an elaborate ceremony at the White House, after which they would march in formation to the nation’s mosques and take up watch against the greasy Islamophobic bacon bearers.

This story shows the lengths to which authorities in the U.S. will go to perpetuate their victimhood myth. Instead of just throwing the bacon away and dismissing it as a silly prank, it becomes part of the “climate of hate” against Muslims. You want a real “climate of hate,” check out the Christians who have been driven from their homes, exiled, killed, etc. in Iraq and Syria. No one is putting up $5,000 rewards for those who are persecuting them.

bacon mosque

Bacon on door of the Masjid-e-Tawheed mosque in Las Vegas.

“FBI offers $5,000 reward after bacon found at Vegas mosque,” by Sally Ho, Associated Press, December 31, 2015:

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information that helps them find the person who put raw bacon on the door handles of a Las Vegas mosque.

The FBI said in a statement Wednesday that agents are trying to find the man seen in a surveillance video putting the meat on the entrances of the Masjid-e-Tawheed mosque. Authorities call it a desecration of the Islamic worship center.

The Quran, the holy book of Islam, prohibits Muslims from eating pork, and pigs have been used to taunt or offend Muslims.

Both the FBI and Las Vegas police say they’re investigating the case as a possible hate crime.

Las Vegas police spokesman Larry Hadfield said the bacon was wrapped on the door knobs, and was also found on the ground and fences.

Officials at the mosque couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

The FBI said the incident happened about 3:15 a.m. Dec. 27. The culprit is described as a white man wearing a dark blue hat, jacket and black-framed glasses. He had black or dark brown hair with long, thin sideburns.

The site west of the Las Vegas Strip wasn’t damaged, and no one was hurt. The mosque was empty at the time, and the case was reported by members who came to worship later that morning….


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