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REPORT: Apple Initiates First Major Post-Pandemic Layoffs

Apple is laying off over 600 employees in California, ABC News reported Friday.

Apple is initiating its first significant job reduction since the pandemic, letting go of over 600 employees in California, according to ABC News. This move is part of a wider trend of downsizing within the tech sector. The tech giant reportedly informed 614 workers across several locations March 28 that they would be laid off by May 27, as disclosed in documents filed with regional authorities, ABC News stated.

These layoffs impact eight offices in Santa Clara Valley, although specific departments or projects affected remain unspecified. Apple’s headquarters is located in California, and had previously avoided the workforce reductions seen by its competitors over the last two years, the outlet reported. Despite a hiring boom during the COVID-19 pandemic driven by increased online activity, the slowdown in growth has led many in the tech industry, including Apple, to reassess and trim their operational costs. 

A report shows Apple has about 161,000 employees, even with the job cuts, according to ABC News. This move by Apple follows a trend of layoffs at other big tech firms. Amazon announced more layoffs in its AWS cloud division. Companies like Electronic Arts, Sony’s PlayStation, Cisco Systems, and Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, also reported significant job reductions, ABC News reported.




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