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Shots Fired at Rally, Trump Wounded

The Left gets what it wanted.

The left has finally gotten what it has longed for since Donald Trump announced his first candidacy for president in 2015: a bloodied Trump being led off a stage. But they didn’t get what they want most of all, for he is still alive.

Early Saturday evening, Donald Trump was speaking at a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania when shots rang out. Trump turned, grabbed his ear, and then ducked behind the podium as Secret Service agents rushed to surround him. Moments later, he stood up and was being ushered quickly off the stage when he stopped the agents, saying: “Wait!” Then, his face bloodied, he raised his fist in defiance and said to the crowd, “Fight!”

Sound advice, succinctly stated. It is clear that if we don’t fight now, the forces of evil that so desperately want to destroy Trump will destroy us as well, as he has long warned, and the nation will be enveloped in authoritarian darkness.

Unless he was wounded more seriously than he initially appeared to be, Trump should be able to continue his campaign without serious difficulty. But nothing else should go on as usual. Amid all the tumult and confusion occasioned by this shooting, there is one certainty: this will lead to no introspection among the political and media elites. There will be no consideration whatsoever of how leftist rhetoric and media propaganda contributed to a climate of hatred that led to this happening. Yet this time, they must not be allowed to blame this shooting on Trump itself, or January 6, or climate change, or whatever new idiocy they may devise.

The New York Post is saying that law enforcement authorities have identified the shooter as a 20-year-old registered Republican, Thomas Matthew Crooks. If this is accurate, it will be the only detail the establishment media ever tells us about Crooks. But it may be a psy-op. Investigative journalist Paul Sperry noted some information that could be more illuminating of Crooks’ mindset: “NEW: FEC database shows a Thomas Crooks of 2506 Milford Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa., gave $15 to the Dem fundraising platform ACTBLUE on Jan. 20, 2021. The donation was earmarked for Progressive Turnout Project, which endorsed Biden and claims ‘Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy.’” Where could anyone have gotten that idea?

Even worse, an eyewitness stated that he pointed the shooter out to Secret Service several minutes before the shots rang out and was ignored. That’s either gross negligence or collusion, but we may never know which. Beyond that, there is no doubt: this shooting was the direct and unmistakable result of the left’s nine-year-long determination to destroy Trump. The left has been working to destroy Trump since he announced his candidacy in 2015. The left hamstrung his presidency with false charges of Russian collusion that wasted tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of taxpayer money. They impeached him twice on false charges.

They even sent agents provocateurs into the crowd at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 in order to frame him for a nonexistent “insurrection.” They have made misdemeanors into felonies and multiplied one offense into 34 by charging him for each of its constituent elements in order to saddle him with bogus felony convictions so that they could howl that he was a “convicted felon.” They lied to the world that he was a rapist over the unsupported claims of a woman who couldn’t even remember what year the traumatic event supposedly took place.

Old Joe Biden has long been one of the chief offenders. He has repeated lied about Trump’s statements and positions, even in the recent debate. On September 1, 2022, Old Joe Biden notoriously warned that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” Never before had an American president ruled his principal opponent, and the supporters of that opponent, outside the bounds of acceptable political discourse. Never before had a president politicized and weaponized the Justice Department to go after his opponent.

Yet Biden, the destroyer of the republic, and his fellow Democrats have repeatedly warned that Trump will destroy “our democracy,” hoping Americans will forget that Trump was president before and left the White House voluntarily on January 20, 2021. Less than two weeks ago, Biden’s campaign team claimed yet again that Trump was on January 6, 2021 “encouraging a violent mob to attack the Capitol.” This despite the fact that Trump told protestors to proceed “peacefully and patriotically.”

And on and on and on. The New Republic’s June 2024 cover features a Photoshop blend of Trump and Hitler. And all along, leftists dreamed of doing more. Just days ago, New York Times columnist John McWhorter said: “I wish somebody would kill Donald Trump.” He was just the latest in a long line. Remember Kathy Griffin holding a mockup of Trump’s severed head. Remember Madonna saying: “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.” Remember Johnny Depp asking: “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

In March 2024, longtime Democrat strategist James Carville said to Anderson Cooper: “I mean, to be candid, Anderson, President Biden is not the best attack politician I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ll leave it at that. But there are a lot of people to do what I call ‘the wet work.’” That’s a common euphemism for assassination, and so Cooper responded: “Sounds like a mob hit.” Carville conceded the point: “Well, it’s kind of, but it’s paid TV and stuff like that. But yes, that’s a CIA term. Take a guy out.”

That was just the latest example of the left’s legitimization of political violence, and most notably of the Marxist group Antifa. Antifa is a violent, insurrectionist organization, not simply an “idea,” as Biden and others have claimed. Its premise is that government can’t be trusted to protect us from Trump’s fascists and trains its members in weapons and military strategies. This is an organization that the Democratic Party protects. During the George Floyd riots of 2020, the political and media elites coddled and even applauded the rioters. On Saturday evening, the world saw what kind of climate this created.

When the assassination attempt took place, Donald Trump was leading in the polls and — Democrat cheating aside — looked as if he had a good chance to return to the White House on January 20, 2025. Totalitarians that they are, leftists knew they had one more option. On Saturday, the world saw what it was.

And so now it should be abundantly clear that for all the media and Biden regime talk of “right-wing extremists,” the real threat of violence comes from the left, and always has. In a sane political system, Joe Biden and many others would be charged with inciting people to murder Trump. Though they will face no consequences, they still bear the responsibility. America must do everything legally possible to remove the cancer of the left from the body politic, or the parasite will most assuredly kill the host.



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Every Leftist Cause Begins as Humanitarianism and Ends as Terrorism

“Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death; – the last, much the easiest to bestow, O Guillotine!” — Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.

Those who care too much will eventually care enough to kill.

Every leftist cause is founded on empathy.

The quintessential leftist, no matter how much blood eventually spatters his hands, starts off by caring a great deal about other people. His heart bleeds for the oppressed, the workers and the peasants, for racial and sexual minorities, and for all the oppressed peoples of the world.

The ideological fashions may change but the story is always told the same way.

Somewhere there is an oppressed group to be liberated. And he, she or they is the one to fight for their liberation. Along the way that exquisite sensitivity which may lead an upper class Ivy Leaguer to learn all about the customs and suffering of black transgender men in Detroit or Hamas terrorists in Gaza congeals into an equal insensitivity for the suffering of his targets.

And then people die. Sometimes it’s those he considers the oppressed or the oppressors. Usually both. The humanitarians become terrorists and their revolutions lead to tyranny.

The opposite of tyranny isn’t revolution just as the opposite of empathy isn’t a lack of caring. They are both circles. Revolutions make tyrannies and empathy leads to cruelty. While there is a small subset of humanity that genuinely lacks empathy, most of the ideological bloodshed of the last century and this one was committed by men and women who cared far too much.

Those who care too much will eventually care enough to kill.

That is the argument that has been made in defense of every murderous leftist cause and is currently being made for Hamas. If you really care about the suffering in Gaza, you too would set yourself on fire or burn Israeli families alive in their homes. If you really care, you won’t care.

Genuine humanitarians can exhaust themselves caring too much. But those are the types of people who stay up nights helping others. Some of this type can be recruited into leftist movements, but the average leftist is a deeply insincere humanitarian who cares about others only as a vehicle for developing an identity and asserting it on a public stage.

Leftists genuinely do care a lot. They care about rising oceans, polar bears, women in hijabs, men in dresses, drug dealers in the ghetto and eco-terrorists in prison, racist highways and dead terrorists, and if you think of something that they don’t care about yet, they will soon.

As long as it fits the larger agenda of asserting their will over society from a moral high ground.

That is why they also don’t care about the horrifying death toll among young black men from crime, how many Muslims are being killed by Muslim governments or the state of the gay rights movement in Marxist dictatorships. If the state of oppression does not conform to the narrative of external social oppression to be overthrown by a liberation movement it is useless to the political movement and to the individual ego of the aspiring freedom fighter.

To a genuine humanitarian, the oppressed are an end, but to a leftist they are a means. A leftist cares a great deal about a coal miner until he votes for Trump or a black man until he runs as a Republican. Or until, even through no fault of his own, like the coal miners and steelworkers for whom leftists once bled, he is replaced by a new pathway to the ultimate revolution.

It is not truly the workers and peasants, the transgenders and the terrorists, whom the leftist cares about. They humanize, articulate and personalize the revolutionary mandate whose purpose is not to save, but to destroy everything about a world that doesn’t care as much.

The more the leftist cares, the worse the atrocities he can justify with his boundless caring.

That the caring rarely leads to anything useful is the entire point. Empathy for the leftist is a narrative point. Really fixing anything robs him of his motivation. That is why the standard leftist position is that black people are as oppressed today as they were under segregation. If they were to admit that black people were equal and free, what would they do with their time?

Successful leftist movements seize power. They fix nothing and repair nothing because caring is a means for the individual ego and the collective one. Every leftist is a heroic freedom fighter who wants to be the king. He pretends he wants to save the world when he’s out to rule it.

Leftist violence is not the outcry of the oppressed, but the mandate of the oppressors.

That is why every leftist cause begins as humanitarianism and ends in terrorism. Humanitarianism and terrorism don’t contradict each other, they complement one another. There could be no terrorism without humanitarianism. Terrorism is not an accidental sidetrack, but the next phase of a three step process that then ends with tyranny or defeat.

When a leftist starts caring about something, it will, given enough time, end in mass murder.

It’s not because he can’t feel your pain, it’s because he’s too busy feeling someone else’s pain so he doesn’t feel yours when he comes after you. Much as the best way to drown out a signal is with noise, the best way to drown out empathy is with lots more empathy.

The leftist cares about so many people and things that he can’t feel anything when it comes to his real targets. Human suffering has become so much noise that he picks and chooses which strands to isolate and listen to based on ideological grounds. Leftist empathy doesn’t sensitize, it desensitizes by design. Given a large enough palette, the leftist can vandalize art, bomb events and assault people because he’s trying to save millions, billions and the entire planet.

But the only one he’s really trying to save is himself from his own boring mediocrity.

The upper class leftist revolutionary, unable to accomplish anything of worth or become anyone of note, sets out to subjugate the world. His empathy for people whom he has never met instantly makes him a wiser and deeper person. And before you know it, he’s cheering Hamas.

And it’s all because he cares so much.



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Oakland Mayor Raided by FBI Blames ‘Radical Right-Wing Forces’

“I was born poor in America.”

When you’re a Democrat in a Democrat city and a Democrat state whose offices get raided, whom do you blame?

“Radical right-wing forces” obviously.

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao, whose offices were raided by the FBI, whose closest ally and former chief of staff denounced her abuses, and whose lawyer abandoned her, blamed the whole thing on the “radical right wing forces” so prevalent in the city.

“I’m seeking the truth right now just as much as you all are. I will not be bullied and I will not be disparaged and I will not be threatened out of this office,” Sheng Thao said. “There are a lot of radical right-wing forces who know they will never win an election in Oakland fair and square. They know their extreme views are at odds with our Oakland values.”

“Their innocence is presumed until proven guilty. They will never face this indignity. This I know for sure because I was born poor in America. And that teaches you a lot about the world from day one,” the mayor said.

Sheng Thao is reduced to implying that “right-wing forces” somehow suborned the FBI into raiding her. The problem is that the FBI answers to the radical right wing forces of the AG Garland and the Biden administration. If Thao had pulled that stunt during the Trump administration, there would at least have been some logic to the conspiracy theory.

But leftists just know one dumb trick and it’s on display here. Thao is the victim of evil wealthy right wing forces because she grew up poor. Ignore everything else and double down on the identity politics.



Dems Condemn LA Synagogue Attack, But Not Those Behind It

New White House Associate Communications Director Called for End to Capitalism, Police, Israel

A Hamas Mob Roamed an LA Neighborhood Attacking Jews with the Complicity of Local Authorities

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UK: 74% of Transgender Prisoners Found to be Sex Offenders or Violent Criminals

Last year, the UK government-staffed organization — the Pride in Prison & Probation (PIPP) group — which advances an aggressive LGBTQ agenda, called it “transphobic” to discuss the issue of protecting women in prisons from biological males. Now comes the news that “nearly three-quarters of all transgender prison inmates in Britain were convicted of sexual offences or other violent crimes.” It should go without saying that women should not be put in harm’s way for the sake of political correctness; but this is not clear to those who value “gender affirmation” more than the safety of women.

Former prison governor Rhona Hotchkiss states below that “the vast majority of men who identify as transgender in prison did not do so before they came into contact with the justice system.” In other words, these biological males are perverts with nefarious intentions, which should have been obvious.

Last year, after many unfortunate assaults, the UK finally stopped allowing “transgender women with male genitalia…to be held in mainstream women’s prisons.” But of course it wasn’t the trans activists from the Pride in Prison & Probation (PIPP) group and their ilk who suffered the consequences of their own destructive activism.

74 Per Cent of UK Trans Prisoners Are Sex Offenders or Violent Criminals

by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, February 28, 2024:

Nearly three-quarters of all transgender prison inmates in Britain were convicted of sexual offences or other violent crimes, which campaigners say demonstrates the dangers of housing biological males in female prisons.

According to Ministry of Justice figures, 74 per cent of British transgender prisoners, or 181 out of 244, were convicted of sex offences including rape and child sexual assaults. The data, reported by The Telegraph, goes on to say that currently 144 biologically male transgender prisoners are being housed in male prisons in Britain compared to five being housed in female jails.

The figures were revealed after a whistleblower complained of a violent male claiming to be transgender was put in a female prison. “She was not huge but very athletic and very strong and had all the physical features of a man. She was a bully and was very threatening and intimidating,” the insider said.

“The belief that she should have been housed in a male prison was unanimous, not just among the prisoners but also the staff,” she added.

Commenting on the need for prisoners to be separated by sex, former prison governor Rhona Hotchkiss said: “It is always an issue to have males who identify as women in women’s prisons. It’s not necessarily always the physical threat that they experience but the re-traumatisation because many women in prison are already traumatised at the hands of men. They are also faced with constant gaslighting when they are forced to call these men ‘she’.

“The vast majority of men who identify as transgender in prison did not do so before they came into contact with the justice system.”…

Continue reading.



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Fetterman: I Didn’t Leave the Left, It Left Me

“I don’t feel like I’ve left the label; it’s just more that it’s left me.”

An interesting line with a lot of history to it from Sen. Jon Fetterman on dumping the “progressive” label he used to use.

“I don’t feel like I’ve left the label; it’s just more that it’s left me.”

President Reagan would often quip, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic Party left me.” Similar lines have been used by everyone from Bill Maher, “It’s not me who’s changed, it is the left” to Elon Musk.

It’s hard to say exactly what’s going on with Fetterman after his medical issues, but a dividing line seems to have been the Left’s support for Hamas, but he’s also embraced a species of economic populism, fighting against land sales to China, and Japan’s takeover of U.S. Steel.

While Fetterman had never been a foreign policy guy, he did explicitly break with the far left on Israel during his campaign.

“I would also respectfully say that I’m not really a progressive in that sense,” he added. “Our campaign is based on core Democratic values and principles, and always has been, and there is no daylight between myself and these kinds of unwavering commitments to Israel’s security.”

Still, Fetterman said he was “eager to affirm” his positions on the record, lest there be any uncertainty among supporters of Israel who have similar questions. “I want to go out of my way to make sure that it’s absolutely clear,” he told JI, “that the views that I hold in no way go along the lines of some of the more fringe or extreme wings of our party.”

The Left did not take that seriously and assumed he was just pandering. Now they’re finding out that he really meant it.

So this did not come out of nowhere. And it’s not just about Israel.

He has also publicly encouraged Democrats in recent days to engage in border negotiations with Republicans, talks that have outraged progressives who object to efforts to clamp down on migration through the United States border with Mexico.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have a secured border,” Mr. Fetterman said in the interview, conducted over Zoom. “I would never put Dreamers in harm’s way, or support any kind of cruelty or mass expulsion of hundreds of thousands of people. But it’s a reasonable conversation to talk about the border.”

Now this may be a canny rebranding.

A moderate Democrat who emphasizes economic populism, border security and steers clear of crazier leftist stuff, has much better odds of holding on to a Pennsylvania Senate seat.

Fetterman would never have taken office if Republicans hadn’t run a Turkish Muslim leftist trainwreck like Mehmet Oz who appealed to no one except Oprah viewers (and they mostly vote Democrat anyway). Next time, Republicans may actually find a candidate that people might actually vote for. But next time around is a long time away and Fetterman doesn’t need to be picking fights with the Left.

The short version seems to be that he may be a leftist, but he’s an old-school leftist who actually doesn’t much like the Left.

The media castigates him for associating with Bernie Sanders, but Bernie was actually an old-school leftist who used to be against identity politics, culture wars and open borders. Under pressure, he jettisoned all of his views and became a generic woke. (At which point most people lost interest in him. Eventually so did the Left.)

Fetterman has pushed back against the pressure. Unlike Bernie, he refuses to be intimidated by people screaming at him.

Despite the headline, he hasn’t left the Left, but he’s not interested in the progressive label which tends to signify upper class wokeness.

The Pennsylvania senator said he still aligns with many progressive goals, including a $15 minimum wage, universal health care, legalizing marijuana and abolishing the Senate filibuster.

But he said he no longer relates to the overarching label of “progressive” — especially as the left has become more interested in demanding what he described as “purity tests.”

“It’s just a place where I’m not,” he said. “I don’t feel like I’ve left the label; it’s just more that it’s left me.

“I’m not critical if someone is a progressive,” he added. “I believe different things.”

Fetterman is currently for fracking, and also for lots of social welfare. That is old-school leftism. It’s also fairly popular.

There’s a whole lot more support for social welfare than there is for culture wars, drag queens and Islamic terrorism. Not to mention radical environmentalism.

The old progressives used to argue (not even all that long ago) that they should run on a straight class warfare platform while shedding all the other garbage. This used to be the main argument for a Bernie Sanders campaign. Except that garbage is hard to shed. Just ask Bernie.

Fetterman is shedding a lot of the garbage. This doesn’t make him an ex-leftist or a friend to conservatives, but it makes him something worse: a serious threat to the Left as it currently is.


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The ‘LGBT Pride’ Flag’s True Colors are Blood Red with a Splash of Gold



  1. a feeling of great satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements.




It might be news to some, especially to the left’s useful idiots on the left and the right, but the “LGBT Pride movement” is a communist movement. Same with the “Black Lives Matter movement,” the “Feminist movement,” etc. Because a naked communist movement might wake up too many Americans, and leftists know that, they hide behind race, sex and sexuality to push communism.

And we really need to stop calling leftists “liberals,” as even so-called conservative pundits continue to do. Leftists aren’t “old school classical liberals”; they’re fire-breathing anti-American commies looking to do us in from within, and if the last few years didn’t convince you of that, nothing will. As for the “old school classical liberals” who still exist, however few of them there are, some of them are under the delusion that the answer to leftism is liberalism, when it was liberalism that was subsumed by leftism, which showed its Achilles heel.

With the left now openly communizing and sexualizing children, through “entertainment” and government schools, and no doubt even some private schools, Americans who are known for their tolerance and acceptance, no matter what intolerant leftists claim, have had about enough of the left. We can tolerate a lot, we can accept a lot, and adults are free to do what they want, so long as they don’t hurt others, but once leftists went after children in such an obvious way that no one can deny, an actual resistance to leftist madness began to take place, and is growing stronger. The left’s response to this resistance, particularly the resistance by fed up parents, is for our leftist government and its now KGB-like FBI to identify parents who object to gay pornography in children’s books, etc., as “terrorists.” “Terrorists.”

And then you have the left’s useful idiots on the left and the right who celebrate “Pride” as if were a celebration of actual pride, which isn’t the case, as pride is a personal thing for individuals, for their achievements, not one’s sexuality. Then there are also the “Pride” celebrations at churches, held by Christians who are also the left’s useful idiots.

We’re halfway through “LGBT Pride Month,” and have yet to see MAGA hat-wearing homosexuals being celebrated by the “LGBT community,” furthering my point that this is a leftist movement, through and through. We’re told that it is an “inclusive” movement, but can you think of any non-Democrat/non-leftist/non-communist gays being celebrated during “LGBT Pride Month”? But we did see trans boobs being flopped around on the White House lawn, with the boob-in-chief saying about “LGBT” people, that they’re “the bravest and most inspiring people I’ve ever known.” He doesn’t know them, but he does know his son, Hunter, and he’s called him “the smartest man I know.” And the YouTube video of trans boobs being flashed on the White House lawn was slapped with age restrictions by YouTube, even though the leftists at YouTube are all in on sexualizing and communizing children.

As for those who still think they can get away with saying that they have no clue as to why decent Americans are objecting to the “LBGT” movement, they need to be reminded that most Americans didn’t give a damn about gay people, trans, and drag queens until they targeted children. Americans truly have a live and let live attitude, but leftists in America, who’ve embraced the foreign idea, leftism, don’t have that live and let live attitude. They not only want to drive electric cars, but they want to force all of us to do that. They don’t only want to take covid “vaccines,” they want to force all of us to take them. And so on. Leftists crossed the line when they explicitly went after children, and they can’t now pretend that they haven’t done that. That was the flashpoint for Americans. And I see that even some gays, notably the group, Gays Against Groomers, understand that the communist gays simply cannot resist crossing the line and upending years good will from average Americans.

In sum, the LGBT movement is a gay communist movement that now expresses a triumphalist attitude about their position in 2023, where they moan about how “marginalized” they are, while shoving their lifestyle in our children’s faces. As one of these gay supremacists put it the other day, “Straight sex is just not natural. Those are biological facts.” I would tell this gay supremacist that without natural straight sex, he and billions of people wouldn’t exist.



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172,202 Murdered by Muslims Since Marvel’s Muslim Superhero Debuted

Marvel Wants Us to Mourn Her Fictional Death.

After ten years of failing to make their Muslim superhero popular, during which they’ve tried everything except making her compelling, Disney/Marvel just killed off Ms. Marvel in the comic books, likely in an attempt to try to make her relevant through sympathy as she will appear in an all-female movie that no one asked for, The Marvels, this November. The Ms. Marvel live action streaming show on Disney Plus is their lowest-viewed show. And Disney/Marvel only allows Muslims to write her adventures (unlike with Captain America, where they only allow anti-American leftists to write the patriot’s exploits), and dishonest Muslims at that, who are as leftist as they are Muslim. I attempted to become a watchdog for the comic book when it debuted, but I tapped out after only four issues, as it was mind-numbingly boring, and underhandedly propagandistic: Islam is good, Muslims are good, and there’s no such thing as jihad. The only reason we began to talk about Islam was jihad, and so of course the leftists at Disney/Marvel kept jihad out of their comic book, streaming series, and upcoming movie.

Marvel often boasts that their fictional world is “the world outside your window.” Well, the world outside of Marvel’s New York windows saw the atrocity of 9/11 take place, and Marvel mainly responded with crying fireman and crying cops, as if that’s what was needed in the face of evil. And they had their superheroes helping do the clean-up after the attacks, but didn’t have any of them hunt down the jihadists. If you’re going to allow the reality of 9/11 into your comic books, then you better allow at least one of your superheroes, one of the ruthless ones, to do what needs to be done, even if only in fiction.

So back to Ms. Marvel and her death, which Marvel is trying its best to create a buzz over, but the problem is that most people don’t even know about her. Also, she’s not being killed off in her own comic book, because she currently doesn’t have her own comic book. She’s being killed off in the pages of Marvel’s most popular superhero, Spider-Man, in order to try to make her appear important by association. And in a cover for an upcoming unearned tribute to Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man is on his knees, with his hands over his face, hysterically crying over the death of someone he barely knows. It’s embarrassing, but Marvel’s entire attempt to try to make her appear as a worthwhile character has been embarrassing. Based on her words and actions, no one would ever assume that she’s a Muslim. She’s Muslim the way Biden is president.

And in the ten years of her appearances across comic books, video games, cartoons, streaming shows and movies, Marvel kept her clear from doing what they now routinely do with their characters, that is, making them lock lips with someone of the same sex. I guess they thought twice about doing that because Muslims aren’t as permissive as most are about such matters.

Also, there’s another factor that may be behind this unexpected killing of a Muslim character. The Muslim Marvel editor who’s to blame for this relentlessly unpopular character is named Sana Amanat. She wears an Arafat scarf at comic book conventions. Amanat saw the gutless leftists at Marvel and made her move by pitching a Muslim superhero that she knew would not be denied, and once in, they’d never dare cancel the comic book. And so “Marvel’s First Muslim Superhero!” was born, which isn’t even true, as a British comic book writer, Grant Morrison, who tellingly declared himself a pacifist right after 9/11, created a Muslim mutant character, Dust, for the X-Men. And there likely were others before that. But since no one remembers those characters, Marvel touted its first Muslim superhero, as if having one were somehow a badge of honor. As for Amanat, as is often the case these days, whenever a non-white, non-straight employee of major companies such as Disney/Marvel acts in ways that are either scandalous or criminal, these companies never outright fire them, but quietly remove them from their positions. And that appears to be the case with Sana Amanat, who was once a reliable media whore, but who hasn’t been seen for a long time. And despite Disney/Marvel’s silence on the matter, some who claim to be insiders have said that she  violated company policies in some damning way. So maybe getting rid of the character has something to do with getting rid of Amanat.

And while I mock Disney/Marvel and its Islamophilia, and it should be mocked, there really is something sinister about what it has done here. The comic book and streaming series is enemy propaganda produced by a domestic enemy for a foreign enemy. Even though innocent people continue to be murdered around the world by Islam’s true believers, a major American entertainment company has promoted a character who shares the same ideology as the Islamic enemy.

Superheroes were once a way for cartoonists during World War II to smash our enemies, to give themselves and their readers a much-needed taste of victory over them. Can you imagine Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, instead of creating Captain America in order to fight Nazis during World War II, creating a German superhero, while completely ignoring Nazis and the Holocaust? That’s what was going on with Disney/Marvel’s ten-year run of Islamic propaganda in wartime.


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A Trans Mohammad Trading Card is Unacceptable to Leftists Who Often Write of a Trans Jesus

I just created my eighth Mohammad trading card, a Trans Mohammad trading card, in the face of the trans madness that the left has unleashed on the world. And trans madness it is, as even in the face of one trans terrorist after another murdering innocents, leftists skip right over the dead bodies and push trans as if nothing happened. And Biden, right after the latest trans terrorist murdered innocents, including children, declared a “Transgender Day of Visibility” at a time where there’s nothing more visible than trans. And it’s been going on for years, with The Huffington Post publishing an article in 2016 titled Jesus: The First Transgender Man, because they know that the pleasure they get from mocking Christianity is as deep as the fear they would have over publishing an article titled Mohammad: The First Transgender Man.

And I’ve been told by leftists who hate religion that I “shouldn’t mock religion,” which is their gutless way of saying that I shouldn’t mock Islam. And then I’m told by both leftists and Muslims, in a world where Muslims have murdered human beings over cartoons, that I shouldn’t be “insulting a religion”. Those who tell me that I should refrain from drawing Mohammad in order to show respect to Islam, in the face of savages who’ve murdered over Mohammad cartoons, are savages.

And I’m sure that the Ottawa school board’s “gender consultant” who calls Jesus a “drag queen” for wearing a “dress,” a.k.a. religious robes, would say the same about Mohammad, who wore religious robes. No, she never would. Leftists exclusively attack a religion whose followers don’t attack them, when the religion that most deserves criticism and condemnation is allowed to get away with mass murder without a word from them. It’s to be expected, but it doesn’t make it any less repugnant.

If you’re interested in my Trans Mohammad trading card, you can order it at my new website here.



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