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VIDEOS: New Yorkers Call Trump Trial ‘Outrageous!’, President Trump’s Press Conference and more

“What is on full display here is the alternate anti-American reality created when a Prosecutor and Judge are in collusion to inflict political retribution on a defendants, while neither is tethered to the Law, Legal President, or Judeo-Christian Moral Standards.” —

Here are videos of the reaction to President Donald J. Trump’s verdict in a New York City court and his full press conference.

President Donald J. Trump Holds a Press Conference Following “the Verdict” that has Fundamentally Transformed America

President Donald J. Trump held a press conference at Trump Tower in New York. President Trump said his legal team would appeal his conviction, and accused President Biden and his supporters of being responsible for the case against him. President Trump also said his campaign had raised $35 million in 10 hours following his conviction. President Trump talked extensively about the details of the case, maintaining that payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels were legal and that his conviction was unfair and unjust.

New Yorkers react to the Trump trial: ‘Outrageous!’

Sean Hannity: This is a disgrace to our system of justice

Ted Cruz: The Trump judge is saying the Constitution does not apply in New York

Alina Habba: We have to be honest about what’s going on here

The only reason why a jury would send out a request to hear instructions again: Jonathan Turley

Americans are fed up with Biden DOJ’s efforts to collapse our justice system

Missouri Attorney General, Lists the Legal Errors Made by NYC DA Bragg

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