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It’s Not Hypocrisy & It Isn’t Corruption

At this point its past undeniable that a communist revolution has taken place in North America, and frankly over a great deal of what was Western Civilization overall.

It has become so obvious that the word communism as an adjective for various events and policies, which mere months to a few years ago caused grimacing and smirks in all listeners, has now become a common descriptor, even among the less aware commenters out there. (No offence meant to the linked hosts. They point out important aspects of the revolution and show clips of Trudeau that all need to see)

A large part of this revolution has been the imposition of pseudo-realities, and forcing people to play along with them. This strategy has been applied to everything from immigration to covid to the created Trans-issue and the created climate ‘crisis’.

Governments across the world are rapidly criminalizing expressing opposing views to government dialectics on things like Global Warming using the ‘hate-speech’ catch-all.

Opposing one of these efforts is what made Jordan Peterson famous and influential. He came on the scene because as a Prof. at U of T, he objected to being forced to use pronouns that people chose for themselves. He referred to this as compelled speech. A much more severe form of communist control than mere censorship. And of course he was entirely correct, even if he himself could not see through the same strategy as it applied to Covid and the Vaxx.

As a commenter said below this excellent example of the captured institution, Scientific American under its article on Gender:

“If a man wants to pretend he’s a woman, that’s up to him.

If that man wants me to pretend he’s a woman, that’s up to me.

No actually it isn’t. It is now up to the state. This is an excellent juxtaposition of Socratic thinking Vs. Hegelian. Anyone who likely reads this site would find what he said to be a pithy and accurate description of the nature of free thought. One actually worth fighting over. Which it certainly is. But in order to do that and win, we need to understand where we actually are now on a political map. And where we are on that map is well demonstrated on the Scientific American article to which the tweet above is a Response:

One of the complains quite often made on this site is when people confuse hypocrisy with dialectics. The difference is subtle, and yet it isn’t.

Here is a fumbly attempt to explain the difference:

Hypocrisy, like corruption, all exist within a single overarching system. Corruption is when a person or group takes advantage of a position, or weakness within the system to advantage themselves in some way.

Hypocrisy is similar. A person speaks or even leads people in a way that indicates self sacrifice, or claims to behave in a way that results in delayed gratification, or advocates for other morally superior behaviours, while in secret they behave in exactly the way they advise others not to do. In both examples, the hypocrites and the corrupt require our Western system to be intact, in order to take advantage of it.

But the system we all knew and grew up with has been replaced with another one.

Therefore, the advocates of that system are not corrupt. They are in fact ideologically pure, but of another system altogether.  They may, and usually do, speak in a way that lets their fellow travellers know what they really mean and intend, (with Trudeau being an excellent example), while knowing full well how the uninitiated will understand their words.

For example, when Trudeau says that those who will not take the mRNA gene therapy shots are racist, misogynists who take up space, he is really saying they are counter-revolutionaries and must be eliminated, or at least their views must be, with the people who refuse government directives being marginalized and disenfranchised. No travel, no leaving or entering Canada, no restaurant access etc.

As an example of what corruption actually is or better, corruption Vs. revolution, The MAFIA requires that the banks and other institutions work as they always have as they need a place to store their own wealth. They need to know that they can build their own homes with cement that will not fall apart after 6 months. They need to know that the cancer that they often are on civilization, does not fully metastasize. Because organized crime, even regular crime for that matter needs a healthy host.

I read a story recently about gangs of people in the US robbing stores, and opening their own sidewalk stores to sell the goods they just stole. I couldn’t help but wonder when gangs will rob those sidewalk shops and set up their own shops with that same merch another block away.

Now while that would make for a decent comedy sketch, we all know why it won’t happen.

The initial robbers who stole the merch from the legal owners, are unencumbered by the rules that stop actual legal merchants from using force against thieves.

In other words, you can rob from the stores with total impunity in many places in the US. Leftist places. Blue cities and states. But try and steal from the thieves and you will be hurt badly or killed.

The following Tweet by president Trump is a powerful indicator of how the courts and justice overall is now dialect as opposed to, well justice based.

The trial isn’t rigged. Trials no longer do what we all thought they did.

Courts, like the CPSO hearings, like the Helen Grus hearings, like many many processes in the Western World which have been captured have re-tuned their entire process to create a pre-determined political outcome, and no longer exist to determine what is true, or lawful or in the interests of society as a whole.

It is no longer using evidence and reason to a rational outcome, but a needed outcome that determines what reasoning and evidence will be allowed.

Looking at the take-over of the Columbia U campus, and other campuses by leftists and Muslims:

We all know that if anything even 10% as antisocial as this happened by Trump supporters what would happen. Or people opposed to Trudeau mandates in Ottawa. What is being permitted on campuses, like what was permitted in 2020 in Seattle and in many cities where the Marxist revolutionary group wearing a beard of Black victimhood called BLM is not hypocrisy.

It is the product of a fundamentally changed system. We need to understand this going forward.

This means there is no changing things back to individual rights and a truth based system by using the system, even if there are partial and occasional victories in the courts.

We need to see first how those victories translate into policy that actually is put into effect to know if our institutions still have any meaning as we thought, and many still think they do.

We, as freedom minded people, as classical liberals perhaps, as believers in the rights of the individual including the right to private property, and raise our children according to our own values, cannot develop effective tactics if we cannot understand the enemy strategy, and more importantly or at least more immediately, know where we are on the game board and what stage of the game is being played.

Senator Babet in Australia does a decent job of listing some of the dialectic attacks for which their system is being re-tuned. Censorship is the new normal now. It has been for decades really, but its enforcement is now overt and exponentially more common. The focus is the same though. Again, David Suzuki and Nuclear Winter as a stunning example of how dozens if not hundreds of hours of TV appearances by Canada’s Fruit Fly Scientist who was banging a drum daily about how Western industry would block out the sun and cause an ice age, are impossible to find. Al Jolson videos from the 1920s. But nothing from Suzuki’s Nuclear Winter narrative attacks from the 1970s. There was video tape by then. Two kinds.

Read the full text by clicking here.

Canada does an excellent job of demonstrating dialectical enforcement of protests for or against narrative positions:

Gender identity protestors face arrest in BC if law bans demonstrating at schools

British Columbia’s NDP government is considering new legislation that makes it illegal to demonstrate within 20 metres of school grounds to block gender identity curriculum protests.

Premier David Eby said that the Ministry of Education “has documented 18 major disruptions” of protests at schools in the province since the start of the 2023-24 school year, which he claims disrupt educational activities and intimidate students. 

“We’ve had people banging on school windows in British Columbia,” he said.

“It never crossed my mind to be worried that a grown adult would be waiting on the school perimeter to yell at my child about pornographic books or about puberty blockers,” added Eby.

In fact, the Government of BC is passing a law creating bubble zones around schools in the same way the Fed Guv did around abortion clinics.

Laws which are enforced strictly enough that a man who stood with a sign which merely read: “Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our civilization” was arrested for holding it across the street and yards down the block from an abortion facility. And now, you won’t be able to protest the state sterilizing your own children near a school. Interestingly, both policies have the same outcome. No babies. Quell Coincidence non?

Meanwhile, at NYU:

Columbia U:

Not Hypocrisy.



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