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WORLD HAPPINESS REPORT: The U.S. Happiness Ranking in 2020 was #18 ― In 2024 it is #23. Why?

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” ― Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

The 2024 World Happiness Report has been released and it contains some very useful, informative and very shocking scientific outcomes.

First, please watch this short video explaining the background of the World Happiness Report:

After reading the results of the 2024 World Happiness Report (2021-2023) we decided to compare it with the last report the 2020 World Happiness Report (2018-2020).

Living in America we of course focused at the ranking of America in both reports.

What we found was sad but understandable.

Here are the rankings of America for the last two World Happiness Reports:


The 2024 World Happiness Report found:

  • [I]n North America happiness has fallen so sharply for the young that they are now less happy than the old. 
  • Happiness fell significantly in the country group including the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, by twice as much for the young as for the old.
  • In 2021-2023 negative emotions were in every region more prevalent for females than males. Almost everywhere the gender gap is larger at older ages.
  • The frequency of positive emotions in every region is highest for those under 30, thereafter steadily declining with age in every region except North America, where positive emotions are least frequent for those in the middle age groups.
  • In most countries life satisfaction drops gradually from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood. Globally, young people aged 15-24 still report higher life satisfaction than older adults. But this gap is narrowing in Western Europe and recently reversed in North America due to falling life satisfaction among the young.
  • As between generations, those born before 1965 (Boomers and their predecessors) have life evaluations about one-quarter of a point higher than those born after 1980 (Millennials and Gen Z). Within each generation, life evaluations rise with age for those in the older generations and fall with age for the younger ones, with little age effect for those in between.
  • Figure 2.2: Ranking of Happiness – the Young (Age below 30): 2021-2023 shows the United states ranked 62nd.

America’s youth and America’s females, in particular, are less happy.

According to Tufts Tisch College

In 2024, Gen Z youth alone will make up over 40 million potential voters—including 8 million youth who will have newly reached voting age since 2022—making up nearly one fifth of the American electorate. Together with the youngest Millennials, young people ages 18-34 are poised to be a potential force in the next presidential election.

The Tufts Tisch College poll found that half of of America’s youth are struggling mentally. The poll found that close to half of young people say they’re struggling with mental health issues like loneliness or lack of confidence, and those who do are less likely to vote.

America’s youth are most worried about:

  1. Key Issues: Economy, Climate, Guns. Young people’s top issues are inflation/cost of living, jobs that pay a living wage, gun violence, and climate change.

America’s youth are confused because they have been indoctrinated by their teachers from K-12-20.

Here’s why:

  • America’s youth believe that the world is ending because of their own actions. They feel responsible for the climate changing when in fact there is nothing they, or mankind, can do to impact the weather, let alone the climate. They are now the children of the religion of climate change.
  • Boys and girls have both been brainwashed to believe that they can not only choose their personal pronoun but that gender affirming surgery is safe and necessary.
  • America’s youth aren’t being taught how to think, rather they are being taught what to think. Instead of learning the three R’s they are taught how not to think for themselves. How to create new knowledge, new wisdom and new understanding of themselves and the world.
  • Today’s youth believe that Communism is good and Capitalism is bad. They aren’t being taught the failed history of Communism.
  • Today’s white youth are being told that they are racists and evil. That they must pay reparations even thought they never owned a slave.
  • Today’s Jewish students are being attacked by their teachers, professors and physically to the point of being in fear if their lives.
  • Today’s Christian youth are being bombarded with devil worship and evil everywhere that they look. Be it pornography on social media sites like TikTok to films like “Poor Things.”
  • Today’s youth are not being hired because of their qualifications but by their race or gender. Diversity, equity and inclusion is more important and replaced the standards of knowledge, hard work and professionalism.
  • Today’s American youth have increasing debt, both personal and national, are more unsure that ever about their futures.
  • Today’s young men and women are not thinking about marriage and having children. Rather they have become more and more self-centered and frivolous.

America’s youth are in a downward spiral and they are depressed, lonely and lack confidence because they have been lied to, and subjected to myths rather than the truth.

Abraham Lincoln wrote, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

America’s youth can’t make up their minds because big government, social media, Hollywood, corporations and colleges and universities don’t want them to. They just want them to obey.

America’s youth are suffering from “The Seven Social Sins”:

  1. Wealth without work.
  2. Pleasure without conscience.
  3. Knowledge without character.
  4. Commerce without morality.
  5. Science without humanity.
  6. Worship without sacrifice.
  7. Politics without principle.

Parents and grandparents must take back our youth and return to them the one and only thing that will cure them — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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