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Mapping Hamas’s Lethal New Rockets [VIDEO]

Nothing explains the situation the Israeli government faces than an understanding the geography of the area. Mark Langfan does important work showing how an ever greater portion of Israel’s population is now under attack by Hamas using larger, more power, extended range rockets provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This video explains is simple terms why destroying Hamas is so critical to the national security of the Israeli people and necessary to protect the free world from the existential threats from the Islamic State (IS).

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This video is courtesy of CBN News TV Erick Stakelbeck’s The Watchman. To view some of the graphics used in this video go to: http://marklangfan.com/gazagraphics.html. For additional supporting materials visit www.marklangfan.com. To view all of Mark Langfan’s videos go here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvhu2GC49GCkgMO1im_zxpA. The featured image is of long-range M-302 rockets supplied from Iran and meant for insurgent fighters on the Gaza Strip. REUTERS/Amir Cohen.