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Historic: Israel promotes Arab Police Officer to Major General

Apartheid, what apartheid? This week Israel promoted Jamal Hakrush, an Arab police officer, to deputy commissioner. This event is historic in that Hakrush now holds the highest rank obtained by a Muslim in Israel in its 68 year history.

Watch the short video of Deputy Commissioner Major General Hakrush’s promotion:

Michael Schwartz and Ian Lee from CNN report:

Israel promoted an Arab police officer to deputy commissioner, the highest rank obtained by a Muslim in the nation.

Jamal Hakrush will be in charge of improving the policing services in Arab neighborhoods and towns in Israel.

He will be responsible for establishing police stations in new Arab towns while strengthening the existing stations.

Israeli Arabs make up roughly a quarter of the country’s population.

Internal security minister Gilad Erdan presented the officer with his rank, calling it a historic occasion.

“If we are honest with ourselves and I refer to all the governments in Israel through the generations … we cannot look at the Arab society in Israel with the violence and crime in its midst, with a clear conscience,” Erdan said.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of the promotion to Deputy Commissioner of Major General Hakrush is courtesy of the Israeli Police.